Indian hot chubby girl boobs and pussy selfie in washroom

Indian hot chubby girl boobs and pussy selfie in washroom
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Amanda had turned around on the bed and was leaning against the headboard and said "Did you enjoy the DVD?" I looked at the TV and saw to wearing only short plaid skirts doing a sixty nine and I laughed and said "Naw stuff like that never happens in real life." Amanda got off the bed and standing next to Alissa, together they unfastened their little plaid skirts and let them fall to the floor. Then they turned away from me and bent at the waist to take off their bobby sox.

When they turned back around I had them step closer and spread their legs. I ran a finger thru each of their slits. I had to have one more taste of their flavored girl cum. It was delicious. We crawled in to bed and snuggled together. I was laying on my back Amanda laying on my right side with her head on my shoulder, one leg over mine an her hand on possessively on my dick. Alissa was on the other side in the same position except she had a gentle grip around the top of my ball sack. As I lay there waiting to go to sleep, listening to their soft breathing and feeling their breath on my neck, two thoughts went thru my head.

5:30 will come too soon and Damn I hope they don't dream about having a tug-o-war. The Girls Next Door 7 CJ's Birthday Surprise The week and a half since my amazing weekend with 21 year old Amanda, 18 year old Alissa, 17 year old CJ and 15 year old Anna had flown by.

Amanda moved in with me and Alissa spend the first week with us. That Saturday and Sunday Amanda and Alissa spent most of the weekend getting ready for the pool party they were throwing for CJ's 18th birthday. Anna and CJ's parents stayed home that weekend so we had not seen them since the weekend we had spent together.

I was coming home from work the Wednesday after our fabulous weekend and their father Roland was outside. When he saw me he waved me over and I pulled in to his driveway. After I turned my bike off and removed my helmet, he said "Amanda and Alissa were here earlier asking about a pool party Saturday after Catherina's birthday. I wanted to talk to you about it before deciding." I said "They asked me about using my pool, deck and backyard from noon until dusk. They want to put up a volley ball net and they are cooking hamburgers and hot dogs on my grill.

I told them no alcohol and no drugs and if it starts getting out of hand I'll shut I down. He asked if there were any other adults going to be there and I told him "I have been getting calls from parents asking the same question and I have been telling them that so far the only adults are Amanda and I but I would welcome any parent that wanted to stop by." Rolando said he appreciated me volunteering my pool and I told him "I didn't volunteer they wore me down." I didn't tell him how though.

He went on to say "Mara and I are going to the valley to do some ac work again this weekend and we won't be back until late Monday night or Tuesday morning would you see if Amanda will make sure the girls get off to school Monday morning." "I think we can make that happen". I pulled out of the driveway and went home. I went thru the front door on cloud nine. As happy as I was to see Amanda and Alissa walking towards me in their lace boy short panties and matching lace demi-cup bra's they were even happier when I told them that the 1st week in march when they had CJ's pool party we would have all five members of our new family together.

When they asked why I told them that CJ and Anna's father had just told me that he and Anna would be gone all weekend and wouldn't be back until late Monday or even Tuesday. Oh, he asked us to make sure the girls get to school on time." Amanda's reply was "I guess I'll have to make sure we have plenty of clean bedding." That night when we decided to go to bed as Amanda and I started towards my bedroom Alissa went the other direction.

I asked where she was going and Amanda told me we would talk about it in bed. We entered the bedroom and she closed the door behind us. I couldn't remember the last time it had been closed. Amanda undressed me and ran her hands all over my body and then got down eye level with my cock. She placed one hand on my hip and with the other began gently stroking it. Soon pre-cum started to drip out of the tip and she flicked her tongue out to catch.

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Then she planted a kiss on the head and said "See you later big fella." She stood, smiled and said "That's a down payment on later. Now up on the bed." I got on the bed and watched her slowly and teasingly remove the little cloth she still had on. She turned away from me and I was admiring the way her perfect ass cheeks showed beneath the bottom of her lace boy shorts as she reached back and released the bra that was containing her 36D breasts.

She let the lacy garment fall to the floor and turned back to face me with one hand over each breast. She was staring in my eyes as she rubbed her breasts with her palms and then she pinched the nipples and pulled them as far as she could before letting them snap back.

She turned away once more and slid her thumbs into the lace band at the top of her panties. She bent at the waist as she lowered them to her ankles giving me a perfect view of her little brown pucker and her love slot below it. She removed the lace, remaining bent at the waist. She took a step sideways with one foot to spread her legs.

I saw her looking between her legs at me with a smile on her face as she took one hand and slid two fingers thru her slit to moisten them. She took the fingers to her mouth and sucked them as if she was giving a blowjob to a small dick. She rubbed them thru her slit once again but this time stopped and buried them deep into her tunnel coating them with her sweet girl nectar. She removed them from her tunnel and stood up. Being careful not to wipe her fingers on the bed she crawled to me and wiped them across my lips.

I ran my tongue across my lips and said "Wonderful tart." I took her hand and sucked her juice from them, pulled her to me and kissed her. She pulled away and said "Yes, I am." She snuggled into me with one leg over my thigh, her breasts pressing into my side and her head on my shoulder.

After we had lain there several minutes she said to me softly "I think I could get used to this." I asked if Alissa was coming to bed and she said "No this is my night." "What do you mean, you're night?" "We kinda have a schedule. Monday thru Thursday belong to Alissa and me and if they are here Friday thru Sunday are for CJ and Anna. We decide who gets each night.

This is my night." "Don't I get a say in this?" "You have the final say. You can change the schedule any way you want. You can ask someone else to be the one or ask two, three or all of us to join you." "When did this get decided?" "Sunday right after we left here we had a family meeting." "Aren't I family?" "We had a majority and you know majority rules." "That sucks." She smiled up at me and said "All four of us do and you love it but that had nothing to do with the meeting." Amanda reminded me that Alissa's last night would be Sunday until the next weekend when they had CJ's birth day pool party.

We talked about taking my truck Saturday and moving the last of her stuff and then it got quiet. Finally Amanda said "I wanted to talk to you about something very personal and I hope it won't harm our relationship." Now I got nervous. "What is it?' "You asked me to move in with you and I started bringing some of my clothes here but…well I mean&hellip.damn I guess there no easy way to say this. Your wife died almost six months ago and the closets are still full of her clothes and so are the dressers and wardrobes.

We were afraid to move anything and upset you." She felt me tense and said "I'm sorry, please don't be mad." "I'm not mad, just a little sad. That's why I haven't done anything with her stuff. Whenever I started I'd get depressed and walk away." After a moment she straddled me, took my head in her hands and pulled me into a long, deep, passionate kiss. When she broke the kiss she sat up and said "Do you trust me?" "With all my heart." "Then let Alissa and I sort thru thing her things.

We won't take anything to goodwill or dispose of anything until you say ok." "It took a minute but I managed to say "Will you do it while I'm not here?" "Yes lover, I will." Then she lay down on my chest and we just held each other.

The alarm startled me awake and before I could move to turn it off I had to roll Amanda off me onto her back. After I hit the shutoff button I sat up looking at her laying there peacefully asleep. Her hair spread around her head like a red halo. Her luscious 36D breasts with nickel size nipples centered on four inch pinkish brown areolas firmly pointing at the ceiling and the slit that ran thru her mound with its tell tale glistening of moisture.

I wanted to make love to her, not just fuck like we had been doing for days. I leaned down and gently kissed her lips and then moved down to her breasts, carefully and slowly kissing around her areolas. I ran the tip of my tongue around her nipples carefully wanting to excite her and not bring her fully awakened.

As I continued working on her nipples I gently squeezed and massaged her breasts and she moved slightly raising them closer to my lips. I thought I could hear her purring. I kissed my way down across her smooth, taut stomach to her recently shaved bare mound.

My tongue found her slit and I sampled more of the wonderfully tart juice she had brought to my lips last night. I separated her lips with my fingers and saw her already swollen nub peeking out from its hood. I used my fingers to free it from it hiding place so I could suck it between my lips and flick my tongue over it. As I did her body gave a spasm and she hunched her hips up to me. Her wonderfully tart cream flowed from her love tunnel. She yelled "Oh god" and lurched up to a sitting position.

She looked at me thru blurry eyes with my mouth attached to her clit and out came "Oh shit, what&hellip." then as she got her eyes focused she said "Well good morning to you to." I moved one hand up to massage a breast and push her back down so I would have better access to her sex. She understood and put her head back on the pillow. Now I was able to insert a finger into her hole and stroke it in her.

As I continued to work on her clit with my lips and tongue I took my hand from her breast drew circles around her little puckered ass. All of that and my stroking her hole with a finger had her moaning and bucking her hips. When I added another finger to her hole she bucked faster as her body started shaking and she grabbed my head pulling me tighter to her mound. When I suddenly added a third finger and began stroking as fast as I could she clamped her thighs on my head so tight I thought she would crush me, her back arched up off the bed and she started screaming.

Girl cum covered the fingers in her hole and ran into the cupped palm of my hand. When she relaxed I started to get up and just then Alissa opened the bedroom door and asked if we were ok.

I said "I was just waking your sister with some tender lovin." "It didn't sound so tender in my room." "Well the lovin was but I think the orgasms got a bit out of hand." Alissa looked at the seriously satisfied look on Amanda's face gave me a hug and said can I have some to?" "Not this morning. I have to hit the showers." Amanda said I'm right behind you." "Alissa pleaded is there room for a third?" I grabbed her hand, dragging her to the shower with me.

I didn't even give her time to remove her bra and panties. The next thing she knew we were standing under the rain shower head with water pouring down over us. A few seconds later Amanda joined us in a group hug. The next twenty minutes or so were consumed with me taking Alissa' little bit of clothes off then soaping and scrubbing every inch of their body's.

Both of them did the same to me. We got out of the shower and dried each other off and I started getting dressed to go to work. Just like every morning before and since, my girls walked out with me to where my bike was parked under the carport and waited for me to get on. Just before I put my helmet on each would kiss my lips, pull me dome to kiss a breast and tell me to ride safe and be careful, I had a lot to come home to. Then I would put on my helmet, start my bike and take off.

Happiness is two naked nymphs in your rear view mirrors and knowing they will be waiting for you when you return. The rest of the week passed relatively quietly.

Thursday I visited my family doctor and explained part of my situation and he provided me with a prescription for the little blue pill.

Oh the wonders of modern pharmacology. Saturday we finished moving Amanda out of her apartment and she turned in the keys. It was official now. She lives with me. Sunday we slept late and spend the day enjoying the pool and each other. Amanda took her sister Alissa home because their mom said a week was long enough. Alissa was feeling put out and talking about moving out so she could live here but Amanda convinced her that waiting 3 months for school to end was the smart way. Monday thru Thursday flew by with Amanda getting ready for the pool party and sending me on 'get this for me on your way home missions'.

A lot like being married except the sex and looking at Amanda everyday were much better than I remembered. All week I continued to get phone calls from mothers asking about the party. They were asking who was going to be there who was keeping things in line even what kind of food and drinks there would be. Some even offered to bring food. I answered all their questions and told them they were welcome to drop in and check on their kids.

Some said they didn't want to go that far and embarrass them. Friday I left work a little late and did not get home until a little after 6pm. As I passed my neighbors place I saw Anna and CJ getting in their suburban to go to the family birthday party that their parents were throwing for CJ.

And all I could think was how beautiful they looked and how much I had missed having them with me for the last two weeks. Tonight we would correct that.

When I went in the house I found Alissa with Amanda in the kitchen. After Alissa hugged and hissed me enough to make up for the five days she had been away I added Amanda to the hug and asked if she had picked up the cake for our family celebration tonight. She said she picked it up after she picked up Alissa from school.

We finished dinner about 7:30 and sat on the couch for a while. I was having a beer and they were drinking wine. I reminded them that was tonight was a celebration for CJ's birthday and we would do whatever made her happy. They giggled and said they knew there was only one thing she really wanted and they couldn't give it to her. I said "Ok enough. I'm going to take a shower and wash work off me before our family get together." I got up and headed towards the shower and Alissa and Amanda were right behind me.

"Where do you two think you're going?" "You haven't showered alone since we met you. Don't think your starting now." All I could do was smile and say "Yes ma'am". I lost the race to the shower. It took me longer to get my uniform, shoes and socks off than it took them to shed bras and panties.

We stood in the warm water soaping each other and making sure no spot went un-scrubbed. Once we had rinsed Alissa stood behind me with her arms around me rubbing my stomach and chest as Amanda dropped to her knees and took my dick in one hand, my balls in the other. As she gently stroked my dick she sucked by balls into her warm mouth and massaged them with her tongue. When she was finished she kissed the head of my rock hard dick and sucked it into her mouth.

She was stroking it all the way down her throat when I said "Oh damn that feels good. At this rate I won't last long." "Alissa behind me, now rubbing her breasts against my back, said "Then you sure won't like this" as she reached down and pushed Amanda back off my dick. "Hey what's going on" was what Amanda wanted to know.

Alissa told her "He's getting close." Amanda stood up licking her lips and just said "Oh". I wanted to know what was happening and Amanda kissed me and said "You're the one that said it was CJ's night and we don't want to ruin it for her." I turned the water to cold and just stood there a few minutes cooling down. When I finally decided to get out, I dried off, took one of my new blue pills, put on a pair of silk boxers and headed to the living room.

Amanda and Alissa were lounging on the couch wearing sheer baby doll nighty's and watching American Idol from the dvr. They left just enough room for me in the middle of the couch. Once I sat down they turned around and lay down on their sides facing the TV with their heads on my lap. They laid that way for the 2hr episode occasionally rubbing my thighs and driving me crazy. Just after it ended Amanda's phone rang and she jumped up to answer it. I heard her say 'Uh huh' a couple of times then she said "Gotta go", grabbed her purse and keys and went out the door in her baby doll.

Alissa saw the stunned look on my face and before I asked she said "That was probably Anna and CJ calling they didn't want to walk over her in the dark." When the driveway alarm said she was back, about 10 minutes later, we got up to open the door for them. As soon as Alissa opened the door Anna came flying thru in a pale blue see thru baby doll and jumped on me. I managed to stay upright as she locked her legs around my waist, put her arms around my neck and started kissing me all over my face as I hugged her back.

When she stopped she said "I have wanted to do this for so long but I know this is CJ's party so I'll be good and not rape you until tomorrow. Then she put her feet on the floor, kissed me again and stepped away. Then I saw CJ. She was a vision. She had on a white lace corset with a white choker, white g-string, white mesh thigh hi's and 4" white heels.

She was a dream bride come true. She did what looked like a slow motion runway walk to me, draped her arms around my neck and gave me the most sensuous kiss I think I have ever experienced. As she started to step back she said "I won't wait much longer." I said "You won't have to. "We sat down in the living room, CJ claimed my lap. Alissa brought out wine for everyone. Before she sat down she said "I would like to make a toast.

"May the love and happiness that is in this house now last forever." There was a chorus of 'Yes' and then we all tapped our glasses together and drank. I said they all looked fabulous tonight and Anna said they had all ditched on Wednesday afternoon and Amanda took them to Victoria's Secret.

I looked at Amanda and she just grinned and drank some more wine. When everyone had finished their wine Amanda said "It's time to start the party." She had everyone stand up and pulled out a scarf she used to blindfold CJ. Alissa had left towards the family room and after a couple of minutes she hollered "It's ready." Amanda walked CJ to the family room and when we entered I saw more lit candles than in a church.

In the middle of the floor there were 5 cushions in a circle with a box in the middle, five champagne flutes and an ice bucket with the bottle of champagne. Amanda helped CJ sit on one of the cushions and everyone else picked one, being real obvious to leave the one on her right side vacant for me.

CJ still had her blindfold on as Alissa lifted the box and Anna poured the champagne. Under the box was a cake shaped like a large penis complete with balls. There were 18 candles and it had 'HAPPY WOMANHOOD' written on it.

Alissa lit the candles then Amanda told CJ to take off her blindfold. We all hollered "HAPPY BIRTHDAY."When she saw the cake she laughed and said "That is so awesome." Everyone was telling her to make a wish and blow out the candles.

She bent over and blew out all the candles in one breath. She turned to me and said "That means my wish will come true, right?" "That's right." "Tonight" she asked? "Yes tonight". With that she jumped at me knocking me over backwards landing on top of me. She took my head in her hands, kissed me and said "I love you." She did that three more times before she at sat back up.

When I got up she pulled my cushion right up against hers and patted it for me to sit there. When I sat down she put her arm around me and hugged me close.

She gave the other girls a look that said mine. Anna asked who wanted cake and Amanda and Alissa said they did but CJ just say there holding me. Anna smiled at her and said "What about you?" she looked at me and then told everyone that she wanted a different dick in her but she would try theirs.

That got a big laugh from all of them. Anna looked at me and said and you love?" I replied I'll pass. I just want to see all of you sharing one giant cock. Soon they were all eating the cake and sucking down champagne. Amanda held up her glass and said "Happy Birthday sister."Next Anna and Alissa did the same thing. Then CJ held up hers and said "I want to thank my sisters and our lover for making this the best birthday I could hope for. She turned back to me pulled my hard dick out of my boxers, stood up and removed her G-string then sat down on my lap facing me and started rubbing her slit on my dick.

She turned to the others and said "I want him to fuck me right here, right now, take my virginity and make me a woman like all of you. I want you all to stay her and join us after." Amanda said this is you night, you can have anything you want." She looked back at me and said "Dearest fuck me now and make me a woman." You don't want me to taste you and make you wet?" "I've been wet all evening.

The panties I wore to dinner were so wet from thinking about this I had a wet spot in the back of my dress when we got home." Anna said "Yes she did, I had to walk behind her to hide it from daddy." CJ looked into my eyes with pure lust and said "Now shut up and fuck me. She grabbed my shoulders to steady her and rose up enough for me to slide the head of my dick thru her slit to get it wet.

I started to easy the head of my dick into her hole but in her state of mind she dropped into my lap forcing my cock all the way into her tunnel.

She threw her head back and cried out in pain Anna moved over next to her, took her face in her hands, started kissing her face and whispering to her "Relax sister and soon the pain will be replaced with the most exquisite feeling you have ever known." As she continued to comfort CJ I sat there reveling in the tight, silk glove that was clinching the length of my dick. The feel of a virgin pussy strangling your dick is something you never forget and I had felt it twice in two weeks.

I was a fortunate man. I wanted to help ease her discomfort so I pulled down the cups of her corset and took her firm, perfectly rounded C-cup breasts in my hands. I massaged her breasts as my eyes feasted on her swollen, rock hard, dime sized nipples. They were centered on 2" areolas that were only a shade darker than the all over tan on her body.

I took the nipples between my fingers and rolled them as I gently squeezed. She moaned softly thru her sister's kisses and I felt her contractions on my dick soften. Her sister was whispering to her to take slow short strokes when the pain eased and soon I felt her tight tunnel rise about an inch and ease back down. I sucked a nipple into my mouth as she continued her slow deliberate stroke, each feeling a little longer. Each time she pushed back down into my lap I could feel the tip of my dick making contact with the deepest part of her vagina.

As I started nibbling on her nipples she continued her slow strokes until she was rising up until only the head remained before returning to my lap and moaning loudly. Suddenly she stopped, gently pushed her sister away and stood up pulling her breasts from me. She smiled down at me and then lay down on the cushions we had been sitting on and held her arms out to me saying "Please sweetheart, come make love to me deep and hard.

Give me my first orgasm as a woman." As I move to her I caught the scent of her juices leaking from her slit. As I bent to dip my tongue in for a taste she put her hands on my head and pulled me up her body saying "Not now.

Put your dick in me and fill me with you seed." I took her legs, pushed them back and told her to put them behind her shoulders. When she did I moved to up and she reached down and slid my dick thru her slit, stopping with the tip at her hole and said "Push, I want it all now." I pushed all the way in and in this position it went deeper.

I could tell because instead of the tip just making contact it felt like a battering ram hitting a wall. When the first stroke hit bottom in her tight, silky hole she inhaled sharply and began gasping. When she caught her breath she said "Did it grow? I'm so full I can hardly breath." Then she added "Don't stop now." I started stroking and every time I pushed in she would gasp. I asked if she was ok and she told me to shut up and fuck her. Soon she was saying "Faster" between gasps.

I grabbed her breasts and used them to hold her in place so I could piston into her harder. I was stroking so hard and fast I thought the friction would start a fire when she pulled me to her, kissed me and then her back arched, she screamed and her hole started flowing juices. She convulsed on my dick and that was all it took.

With my dick buried to the hilt I her vagina I blasted ropes of come. I could feel our mixed cum flowing over my balls as her contractions pushed them out. She opened her eyes, smiled and said "You made me wait so long but it was worth it." I pulled my still hard dick from her and pulled her up to sit next to me and cuddle.

Amanda brought us flutes of champagne, raised her glass and said "To our sister and the newest member of womanhood." When CJ finished her glass she asked "You said this was my night and I could have anything I want, correct?" We all said "Yes" at the same time. CJ got up and left the room. When she came back she had something in her left hand and was holding her right hand over her slit.

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She giggled and said "I think I dribbled." She held out her right hand with my cum and her juices all over it and said "Who wants some?" Alissa was the first to say "Me" and licked her lips as she walked to CJ. After Alissa licked her fingers clean CJ told her and the others to lose their panties then she told Alissa to lie on her back with her head towards her. She looked at the other two and said someone want to eat Alissa's pussy to get her off?" Anna jumped at the chance, and got down between Alissa's legs.

Before she could start CJ told Amanda to take care of Anna. As Amanda laid on her back and slid under Anna, CJ got on her knees over Alissa' face.

She looked at me and said "I have one virgin hole left and I want you to have it. Then she held out her open left hand. It had a small tube of K-Y lube in it. "Please take my ass cherry.

I want you to have it tonight." The site before me would have made even gay men hard and horny. Alissa was lying on her back with CJ's pussy on her face. Anna was between her legs with her fingers in Alissa's pussy. Amanda was under Anna between her legs.

I don't know what she was doing but I could hear a lot of sucking and slurping. And I had just been asked by CJ to put my dick in her virgin ass hole. I stood up, dropped my boxers and got on my knees behind CJ. I put some of the lube on my hand and started rubbing it over her little brown puckered asshole causing her to shiver. I put my finger on her pucker and just as I started to push it in, Alissa sucked my dick into her mouth.

I jerked from the surprise and this caused me to push my finger in all the way in. CJ yelped, rose up straight and said "Hey take it easy back there." "You want me to stop?" "No just take it a little easier." She laid back down on Alissa and started playing with her clit as Amanda licked and sucked her hole.

Whenever either of them touched the right spot Alissa would shudder and suck me farther into her mouth. It was making it difficult to concentrate on stroking a finger into CJ's ass. I added another finger but Alissa seemed bent on breaking my concentration. I fit a third finger to CJ's ass, as soon it felt looser I pulled my dick from Alissa's mouth and rubbed lube on it. I moved the head next to her asshole, removed my fingers and pushed in about four inches.

The surprise caused CJ to bite Alissa's clit and Alissa tried to yell but CJ had clamped her thighs on her head holding Alissa's mouth tight to her slit, muffling her yell.

I waited a minute and slowly removed my dick until only the head was inside. Whenever I stopped it felt like her sphincter was cutting off the blood supply to my dick. No more stopping then. I began sawing in and out of her tight ass, gaining a little distance with each stroke.

When I felt my balls slap against her slit and felt Alissa tongue lick them I knew I was all the way in her bowels. I began taking full eight inch strokes. Pulling out until the tip was barely inside then plunging all the way back into the depths of her ass.

I was fucking her ass like a mad man. She was shaking and moaning as she sucked Alissa's clit which was driving her close to orgasm. I had reached my point of no return and once again was shooting loads of cum, this time deep into CJ's bowels. CJ was on the brink, this was all she needed. Her orgasm came fast and hard.

Her body tensed and then started shaking as her girl cum ran into Alissa's waiting mouth. This started a domino effect. Alissa came pouring here juices out to Amanda as she sucked Alissa's slit dry. When Amanda had her orgasm Anna was trying to swallow all the nectar that was running out and down into her waiting mouth as she finished rubbing herself to her orgasm and left a puddle on the floor. When I felt Anna relax and release Alissa from her thighs I pulled my dick from the depths of her bowels and placed it by Alissa's mouth and she greedily sucked it in and cleaned it with her tongue.

CJ caught her breath and rose up off of Alissa and as the others started sitting up she looked around the room and said "Is there a gentleman available to see that Anna's pussy is cleaned." "I smiled and said "With pleasure m'lady. I spent the next five minutes making sure all of her nectar was cleaned out, giving her a second orgasm in the process.

All the while CJ, Amanda and Alissa were sipping champagne and cheering us on. When we finished and sat up Anna brought us glasses of champagne and I raised my glass and said "To the woman we are celebrating and the fine tasting pussy she gifted me." I turned to Anna and continued "May you always have a pussy that tastes like Honeyed nectar and freely share it with those you love." I hear glasses clinking behind me and everyone including me hollering "YES, YES, YES." After that everyone started laughing.

We filled our glasses with the last of the champagne and sat on our cushions as all of my young women ate some more of the penis cake. I saw them keep glancing at me and asked what was up. Alissa said "You mean the fact that we all think this cake doesn't taste as good as the original or that you are still hard?" "Well ladies I guess in the future you should stay with the original.

As to me still being hard most men go thru life never experiencing a virgin, let alone two virgin holes in one night. So yes I am still excited.

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Well birthday girl what's next." CJ replied "Since it's after 1am and we have a lot of partying to do today I think we should go to bed, you and me alone and them to their own rooms." She did not mean it in a mean way. I had found out that not only had they worked out a scheduled to share me (that I could override) but each pair of sisters had claimed one of the other three bedrooms as their own personal areas. As we started hugging, kissing and saying good night I realized that I was the only one naked.

Anna, Amanda and Alissa still had the tops of their baby dolls, even though they were now a bit rumpled and CJ was till wearing her thigh-highs, corset and choker. Before we started to our room CJ wanted to put her heels back on. With them on we were the same height.


I could look straight into her dreamy brown eyes. We kissed one more time and started to the bedroom with CJ holding my hand tight. As we got to the door CJ stopped. I thought something was wrong so I asked if she was ok.

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She looked at me with a serious expression and said "I want to be with you forever, we all do and I know that means I will probably not get a fancy wedding." Before I could say anything she continued "That's ok with all of us but tonight has been special and I was wondering……if you would…&hellip.maybe…&hellip.I know it's not real" and then she blurted out "Would you carry me over the threshold?" she stood there looking down at the floor like she had done something wrong and was waiting to be yelled at.

I raised her faced to mine and said tonight you're my bride then I picked her up and carried her into the bedroom. I stood her next to the bed, turned and locked the door so we would not be disturbed. I moved back in front of her and slowly began unhooking the fasteners on the front of the corset. When I was done I threw it to a corner and started to remove her stockings but she stopped me and said "In my dreams I still have my stocking and heels on." We moved onto the bed as I moved to a position where I could sample the nectar I saw on her mound she rolled to her side and pulled my hips to her.

We were lying so that my head was resting on her right thigh and her left foot was behind my head holding her legs open. She had her head on the bed and she had pulled my left leg where she could have it under her left arm. I slid my right arm under her leg so my hand could spread her lips and my other hand would be free to rub and tease her clit. I felt her start slowly stroking my dick with one hand as she used the other to hold my balls where she could run her tongue around them.

As I held her outer lips apart I sucked on her inner lips. She was moaning and hunching to my mouth. I moved my tongue gently thru her slit and her moans increased. I was enjoying this fine feast when she quickly sucked my dick into her throat. It was my turn to moan even though it was muffled by the sweet tasting pussy attached to my mouth. She took me out of her mouth and tried to laugh but started coughing instead.

I pushed my tongue into her honey tunnel and as she coughed I felt it clamp down on my tongue. Every time that happened her cute little asshole would squeeze tight and then relax. The next time she coughed I pushed my index finger all the way into that cute little ass.

All I heard was "AAAAAAGGGGGGGGHHHHH", she closed her thighs on my head and as she shuddered she took me back into her throat. Just seconds later her juices flowed into my mouth as I shot my third, though smaller load, down her throat.

We laid there sucking up each other juice until there was nothing left to suck out. I turned around and pulled her to me. She put one leg over me and snuggled into me as we kissed. She pulled her head back, looked at me dreamily and whispered "You filled all of me tonight and made me a very happy woman. Can we just lay her for a while and enjoy the moment." Then she kissed my cheek and put her head on my shoulder.

I love penetrate in her bushy ass

We lay that way for several minutes and then she……snored??? CJ was sound asleep. I shifted slightly and in her sleep she went 'MMMM' and snuggled in tighter and no more sound came out.

I was dreaming about CJ giving me her virginity and just as I was blasting my first shot of cum into her I felt a finger pushed deep into my ass. My eyes popped open and when I looked down CJ between my legs with the head of my dick in her mouth stroking it with one hand and pumping her finger in my ass with the other. I was blasting cum in her mouth and she was smiling. When she had milked ever last drop from me she removed her finger from me, released my dick and said "That's payback for last night." "I replied you can pay me back anytime you want." I pulled her up to me and kissed her tasting my salty cum still on her lips.

She said let's take a shower and get some breakfast. I smell food." All I could smell was her sex. We headed to the shower and stood under the warm water coming out of the rain shower head lathering each other's bodies. As I rubbed the soap from every part of her I gave special attention to her hole I had penetrated last night.

She started breathing faster and moving against my fingers. I turned her to face the tile wall told her to bend over a little. She did that and placed her hands on the wall to brace her. I lifted her left leg off the floor and holding it high with my left hand I used my right hand to place the tip of my dick at her hole.

When it touched her she gasped and gave a little shiver. When I forced my shaft all the way into her, her tunnel gripped my shaft so tight it almost hurt to pull out.

She was gasping and her body was shaking. All she could get out was "OH GOD" over and over as I pounded into her. I felt my load reaching the boiling point as she screamed "Fill me, I'm cccuuummmiiinnggg". That was all I needed as I slammed one last time into her.

Feeling my dick bottom in her hole I basted her insides with cum as her pussy clenched my dick trying to hold me in her. When her pussy relaxed its grip on me I pulled out and lowered her leg. She was wobbling like her legs were rubber. I helped her sit down on the tile bench in the shower and saw globs of our cum running down her thighs.

I grabbed the hand held shower head and started cleaning her legs. When it got near her mound she said "Stop, it's too sensitive right now." I put the hand held away, turned back to her, got on my knees and gently kissed her mound. I put my tongue I her slit and licked from the top to the bottom and back up. When I got back to the top I sucked her clit between my lips, she grabbed my head and pulled me so tight to her I couldn't breath.

Just as I thought I would have jerk away she relaxed and pulled my face to hers for a passionate kiss. When we parted she said "Now I'm hungry for food. Let's go eat." We dried off and headed for the kitchen. When we got there Anna was in the kitchen cooking.


All she was wearing was a pair of lace boy shorts that were cut high and showed off her beautiful ass. When she saw us she came and gave us hugs. "You're just in time to eat.

Let me call the others." She went to the back door and yelled for Amanda and Alissa. When they came in they were wearing string bikinis that only made them look hotter.

We started for the table and when I sat down CJ sat in my lap with her left arm around my neck. "How am I supposed to eat?" "Let me take care of that. I just want to be close to you a little longer." Anna brought waffles, eggs and sausage to the table and everyone but me dug in. CJ made a plate for us wiggling her checks on my shaft as she did. I was getting hard again and I reached down to rearrange myself but CJ slapped my hand away.

Amanda asked if I was trying to get fresh and CJ told everyone she was stopping me from playing with myself. When I protested that I was just trying to get comfortable they all laughed. CJ said she would handle it. She did, but not until several more minutes of wiggling her ass on it. She finally moved on my lap enough to place my shaft between her thigh and me. She started feeding me bites of food but instead of putting her arm back around my neck she reached down and placed her hand on my shaft.

After several minutes Amanda asked how I liked breakfast. When I said it was the best I could remember she smiled and said "I bet "as Anna was obviously stroking my shaft. Anna raised her left hand up with my pre-cum on her fingers and said "Yep, he's enjoying it" then licked her fingers and said "Me too." Just then my phone chimed indicating I had a text. As Alissa went to get if for me Anna said "It rang just before you love birds came out. I figure if it was important they would call back." Alissa handed me the phone and I looked at the text.

It read "911 warehouse. Please call ASAP" "Oh shit what went wrong?" I called the warehouse to find out what was going on. I had to have them repeat a couple of things because CJ got off my lap and deep throated me while I was on the phone. One of my workers, Dave, was on the phone with me when she did and he heard my sharp intake of breath and laughter in the background and asked what I was doing and I said "Just getting a quick breakfast.

See you in about 45 minutes and hung up." Amanda was laughing like crazy and stopped long enough to say "You should have seen the look on your face when CJ went down on you during that call. It was priceless." I pulled CJ up and said "Angel as much as I really would like to stay here and let you drain me again, you have already done it twice this morning and this one might take a while and I have to take care of a problem at work." She stuck out her lower lip like she was pouting and said "Promise me I'm first when you get back and we finish this." "I promise".

She gave me a hug and said "Get going so you can get back sooner." I got dressed and came back out of the bedroom to get my jacket and helmet.

There stood all four of my women in their bikinis with their make and hair done make up holding them ready for me. They said it was 11am and guests might start arriving early.

They followed me out to my bike and following a ritual they started, once I was on they each kissed me, bared a breast for me to kiss and said "Ride safe you have a lot to come back to." Then I would start my bike and take off watching four beauties in my mirrors. It may sound corny but every time I thought about doing something stupid or dangerous on the bike I thought of them and didn't.

After inspecting the damaged contents of a 40' container we had received and getting pictures as it was unloaded I sent a couple of emails and headed home. It was 1pm when I left the warehouse and I got home about 1:30. Boy was I surprised, the cul-de-sac at the end of my road probably had 20 cars parked in it and there was at least 20 more parked in the field across the driveway from the house. They had left the driveway empty for me so I put my bike back under my carport.

When I took my helmet off I heard all kinds of laughing, yelling and cheering coming from in back of the house.

They must be having one hell of a party. I went inside and changed into shorts and a t-shirt. I grabbed a beer and stepped over to a window to look out at the party.

What a shock I got, my back yard, deck and pool were full of young women wearing bathing suits or shorts and tank tops. There was not one male in site. Amanda was on the deck, saw me at the window and waved. I went back into the living room and sat down in my recliner still thinking about all the young female flesh in my back yard. A few minutes later Amanda came in and walked towards me. I had to admire her darkly tanned body and how it contrasted with the white bikini she was wearing and her fiery red hair.

She sat in my lap and we hugged. She asked how long I had been home and I told her I had just got here. When I asked why there were no guys she told me they didn't invite any and told the girls they invited it was girls only. "And they were alright with it?" "They thought it was a great idea. They could let loose and have a good time with no boys there to start a fights and ruin it." "What about me?" "As far as they know your mine and if you want to join us, it's good.

So come on out if you want. Besides you have to start cooking burgers and dogs about 5:30." "What." "Oh did I forget to tell you you're the cook tonight." With that she got up gave me a little wiggle with her ass and headed back outside. I turned the big screen on and sat there trying to watch a race but kept thinking "I have to go out there and cook?" I had been sitting there about 30 minutes watching the race when my driveway alarm started beeping.

Thinking it was a late arrival I headed to the door so I could tell them to go around back. What I saw was a silver S550 Mercedes in my drive. While I was admiring this expensive sedan sitting there a woman stepped out of the driver's side and took my breath away.

She was elegant. Perfectly coiffed auburn hair, a tailored tan pantsuit and she walked towards me like a runway model. Whose mother is this? She walked up to the front door where I was standing and said to me "I'm here to check on my daughters. "Please come in." I held the door for her as she entered. I told her everyone was out back and offered to show her the way.

She said "In a moment, I want to talk to you about them first." I had the feeling I should already know the answer when I asked "Who are your daughters?" "Amanda and Alissa Moore, I'm Caitlin Moore." My heart stopped for a moment and I felt a pang of fear. How much trouble was there going to be.

I hoped she didn't sense the fear in me. She started the conversation with "Are you and Amanda sleeping together?" Right to the point. "Are you sleeping with your boyfriend?" "She snapped that's none of your business." "Precisely." "Does Alissa stay with you?" "She has a room on the other side of the house. She likes to spend time with Amanda when she can." This was treading on dangerous ground but the next statement stunned me. "I'm not happy with your arraignment with Amanda.

I will not let you take advantage of her or her money." "What money are you talking about?" "Don't pretend you don't know." "When I met Amanda she told me she was working as a bartender on 6th street to save money for fall classes." Caitlin said "Amanda has never worked a day in her life.

Her college is paid for and she lives on a stipend from a trust fund her father set up before his death." "She has never told me any of this and I prefer to pay for everything. By the way if you are judging me by the fact that I don't live in a pricey home in a snooty neighborhood and that I prefer trucks and motorcycles to luxury sedans, maybe you should come down of your high horse and ask about me.

Amanda has helped me find happiness, to fill a void from my wife's death in a car accident. Also if you check you will find my net worth is probably equal to yours. I don't need any more money. I have enough of my own. Now if the interrogation is over would you like to go see your daughters?" "No, I don't want them to know I was here. Please don't tell them I was here." "You sound a little embarrassed." "I need some time to think." Then she got up and I walked her to the door.

When she got to her car she looked back at me like she was at a loss for words. I went back inside and plopped in my recliner and was trying to figure out what all this meant when CJ came in.

"You look sad". I put a smile on my face and said "I was just missing you, angel." She smiled at me and said "Your back home now and we have unfinished business" as she took my hands and pulled me from my chair. We went into the bedroom and CJ locked the door behind us. I turned to give her a hug but she pushed me backwards onto the bed. She gave me a wicked grin and said "We did all the touch feely stuff this morning. I'm here to finish what I started." With that she unfastened my shorts and slid them off my legs.

She pushed my legs apart, dropped to her knees and grabbed my dick and balls in her hands. She started stroking my shaft as she smiled again and said just lie back big boy and enjoy, this one is on me." She would lick and kiss from my balls up one side of my dick and down the other back to my balls all the while continuing to stroke the shaft. She continued by starting under my balls licking up thru the middle of the sack, up the underside of my shaft to the head. She sucked the head into her mouth and flicked her tongue at my pee hole as she sucked my dick like a straw.

She stopped teasing my pee hole and put her tongue under my shaft and dropped down engulfing all eight inches of my dick in one stroke. She held me deep in her as she rolled my balls like worry balls in her hand. She pulled my shaft from her throat and kissed back down to my balls. She was stroking my shaft again as she took both of my balls in her mouth and rolled them with her tongue.

She was stroking faster as she moved her mouth lower until with her nose in my sack she circled my asshole with her tongue. That was the first time I had ever had a woman give me a rim job and it made me feel that my balls were about to explode. When she put her mouth over my ass and forced her tongue in I yelled "Oh crap I can't take much of this in need to cum." CJ rose up and said "If you need to come do it now" and she took my shaft all the way into her throat and began fucking her throat with my dick I grabbed two handfuls of hair and forced her down and held her there as I blasted for the second time today down her throat and felt it pulsing around my shaft.

I did know how long I held her there but as soon as she painfully squeezed my balls I let her up. She took a deep breath, smiled and said "Hey big boy I can only hold my breath so long." I tried to say I was sorry but she giggled and asked if that was how I felt when she clamped her thighs on me and held me to her pussy.

When I said yes she just grinned and said "Cool". I pulled my shorts back on and we opened the door to leave and there stood CJ's sister Anna. She didn't look happy at first and she said "Everybody has been looking for the birthday girl but it looks like you were just getting an early present." CJ licked her lips and said "It was delicious."Anna took CJ's hand and they headed towards the back door and the party.

I grabbed a beer and headed for my recliner. Just before 5:30pm all four of my women came into the living room where I was Alissa said "You have been hiding in here all afternoon." Anna quipped "Except when he was locked in the bedroom." CJ gave her an 'I'll get you' look. I replied "It was safer for me in here." Amanda said well now you have to go into the lioness' den.

Just remember who will be waiting in your bed tonight. We all went out back together and I was pleasantly surprised to find there must have been 45 young women out there. Most were gathered around the make shift volleyball net cheering on a three on three volley ball game.

There were probably 10 lying on the deck sunning or in the pool playing around. Amanda took me around like I was a trophy introducing me to most of the women. When we got back to the pool and deck several of them seemed to think nothing of rolling from their stomach to their side without a top to wave as we said hello. I went over to my grill and lit the burners. This thing could cook for a lot of people at the same time.

I had put it in when I had the deck built because I was planning on me and my wife doing a lot of entertaining out here. That did not work out and this was only the second time the burners had been lit.

The first time was just to test them. My four women brought out coolers full of hamburgers and hot dogs and boxes of buns for both. I loaded the rotisserie with dogs, the grill with patties and filled the warmer with buns. While I waited for everything to cook I surveyed the sea of femininity around me.

The largest group was at the volleyball game. Most were wearing skimpy bikinis or shorts with tank tops. Some of the tank tops had been cut off so short they barely covered their breast when the stood still and they weren't doing that much.

The ten girls lying on the deck or in the loungers had their tops untied and were just laying on them. Most of them had the bottom pulled into a tiny strip that was pulled into their butt crack.

There were a few of girl in the pool playing water basketball, jumping up and down and slashing back and forth the length of the pool. Two of them had lost their tops and did not seem too concerned about it. I turned back to the grilled, flipped the fifty or so patties on the grill and check the dogs. If would be a little longer.

I turned back to watching the girls. A couple of times I was caught staring at one of the topless ones.

They just smiled and waved at me. I waved back, looking a little sheepish at being caught, but they just laughed and went back to what they were doing. I checked the grill again.

The burgers and dogs were ready. I turned the burner at the end of the grill down and pilled them into pans I put there to keep them warm. I saw Alissa close by and told her to let everyone know the food was ready. They all lined up to fill their plates with all the regular picnic foods, potato salad baked beans, chips, dip and anything else you find at a cook out. Then they came to the grill to get burger patties and dogs. Several of the girls that had been at the pool or deck, came thru topless.

Not totally unexpected but when girls who had been playing volleyball started coming thru without bikini tops or tank tops I thought something was up. When they all started giving me hugs, kisses and saying thank you, I knew it was. Towards the end of the line several of the girls, after the hug and kiss, rubbed my crotch, licked their lips and said "Later big boy." I looked around and saw my four women standing on the other side of the deck, watching and laughing.

Five can play that game. The next girl that came thru and said "Later" I took her plate from her sat it on my side table and said "How about now?" She was a pretty brunette about 5'8" in her bare feet. Her breasts firm, about a 34D. She had an athletic build and was wearing a very small bikini bottom. I pulled her to me, wrapped my arms around her and kissed her deeply as I hugged her breasts against my chest.

I felt her arms go around me and return my hug as she pushed her tongue into my mouth. As I kissed her and held her with my left arm I moved my right hand that was on the side away from the crowd, down and cupped her mound. She slid her feet apart, opening her sex to me. I moved her bottom aside any pushed two fingers into her wet, slick opening, she let out an audible gasp and my fingers became wet with her nectar.

Her legs had gone weak and I was all that kept her from falling down. I picked her up and carried her to one of the empty loungers and laid her on it. She smiled at me thru half open eyes and whispered "That was so totally awesome." As I looked down at her before I walked away I could see that her bottom was still pulled aside and moisture was dripping from her slit.

Before I left I said "Let me know when you're ready to eat." I meant the food that was on her plate on my table but from the smiles and winks I got, that's not what they thought I meant. I walked back over to the grill and looked for my four women. They were still standing across the deck, they weren't laughing but they were smiling. Amanda looked at me and gave me a thumbs up.

I had won their little game. I motioned Amanda over to me and told her 'Family meeting in my bedroom in 20 minutes. She was still smiling but said "Yes dear" and walked back to the other three.

They stood there glancing at me as they talked. Every time they saw me look at them they looked away. I think they were worried. I finished the second batch of dogs and burgers and put them in the warming pans.

I still got a lot of hugs, thanks and knowing looks but no more crotch grabbing. As soon as everything was in the pans I went inside. I went in and sat on the bed and waited. I didn't have to wait long. They showed up just a minute or so later and walked into the bedroom. I said "Someone close and lock the door." As Anna locked the locked the door Alissa blurted out "We're sorry." "For what." For getting all those girls to tease you." "Whose idea was it?" "Mine" they all replied.

"Why?" "We wanted to find out if you wanted someone besides us." "Didn't I tell you that you were all I wanted and all I needed?" "Yes, but all the guys we have known just tell us what they think will get them in our pants." "Have I lied to you?" "No." Have you lied to me, when you ladies said you loved me, wanted to stay with me, when you told me who you are and what you wanted?" "Anna and CJ quickly said "No" but Amanda and Alissa just looked at each other and then the floor.

I waited a minute and said "Well". Amanda looked up with tears in her eyes and said "Don't be mad at Alissa, she just did what I told her. I didn't tell you the truth because people have tried to take advantage of us before." "Why". When just she stood there trying to decide what to say I said "Because you have money?" her jaw dropped, "You know?" "Did you think I would just let two young women move into my house after a couple of nights of fabulous sex without knowing who they were?" she softly said "We didn't think of that." "You also didn't think to check on me or you would know I'm worth more than both of you." "Just then CJ blurted out "You guys are rich?" I said "I don't know about rich but very comfortable." I let them stand there and sweat a few minutes before I said "I forgive you for lying about who you are because I understand.

I found out who my friends weren't when I got my money." Amanda and Alissa looked up smiling and started to say something but I held up my hand to stop them. "First, no lies, half truths or omissions from this point forward." They both nodded their heads yes.

"Second I'm still mad about what you did to those poor girls and me" Alissa said "Poor girls my ass. More than half of them asked if Alissa would get mad if they teased you enough to have sex with them later.

That tease you fingered was one of them." "If you ladies had not put them up to teasing they would not have asked, would they?" "I think you all deserve to get your butts whipped." CJ said "We're not little kids." "You've been acting like it. How many girls were there, twenty?" Alissa said "There were only ten." "Ok ten swats each and that's my final offer." Anna asked "What if we say no?" "Then when the party is over you can take your things and go home.

I need to know I can trust you and you won't do something like this again." CJ smiled and said "Ok if you can do it, I can take it." Soon Anna, Alissa and Amanda also agreed. "Ok here are the rules. You take off your bottom lay across my lap. You get 5 on each cheek and you have to count them out load.

If you don't count they don't count. Whose first." Anna stepped up and said "I'll count this as my birthday spanking." She dropped her bottoms and lay down across my lap. The first swat landed and she said "Ow, one" the "Ow, two" and on until she had received her ten and both her cheeks were red. She got up kissed me and said "I do love you and that is the truth." Alissa was next. She counted her ten, got up, hugged me and said I'm sorry.

Amanda was third and like Alissa she counted her ten without saying anything else and got up. She bent over and whispered in my ear "Tonight you get to kiss it and make it better." CJ walked up smiling.

She dropped her bottom then removed her top. She rubbed and pinched her nipples before lying on my lap. She turned her head to look at me and said "Do me." My hand landed on her right cheek with a load slap. She jerked but said nothing. The next landed on her left cheek and she jerked again but all she said was "One". I put another on her right cheek and again she said nothing.

When I put the next one on her left cheek she smiled at me and said two. This continued until I placed 'number eight' on her left cheek.

She shuddered and when she spoke it was "UUUMMM, eight. As I put the next one on her right cheek I felt wetness on my right leg where her mound was. I spread her legs and saw where juices were leaking from her pussy onto my leg. I looked at her face and she was smiling and said "two more please." I gave her the remaining swats and each time she shuddered and my leg got wetter. When I was done I spread her legs once more and put two fingers into her soaking wet hole. I pulled them out and put them in my mouth and tasted the sweet nectar on them.

I asked the other three if they wanted a taste. They each put their fingers in her hole and after fucking them into her several times pulled them out and liked them clean. Alissa wanted to know if we could bottle it and get rich. They were all laughing now including CJ as she stood up. She pulled my head to her breasts and as I sucked on one of her nipples said "You and I need to do this again." I told them to put their bikinis back on so we could rejoin the party.

CJ said she needed to cleanup first. I told her no and she said it would leave a wet spot in her white bikini and how would she explain it. I told her to tell the truth. When we walked out the door almost everyone looked our way.

I just smiled and asked if they needed more burgers and everyone said no they were full. I made me up a couple of burgers and loaded a plate with potato salad and beans and stood there eating.

I heard one of the girls say "You can sit here with me." I turned around and it was the girl I had fingered to orgasm. She was still topless but she had fixed the bottom of her little bikini. She got up and held my plates as I slid back against the back of the lounger. She handed me my plates and asked if I wanted a soda. I told her she didn't have to wait on me. She said that was alright she just wanted to make sure I had everything so she could talk to me without interruption.

I said a coke would be good. She went and grabbed two, came back and sat down with her legs crossed, between my legs, on the lounger, facing me.

How do you want it

She opened one of the cokes and gave it to me. I put the coke down and looked around. There were ten teen girls, all topless, sitting on the lounges or on the deck around me. Most looked like the girls my four women put up to teasing me. Before anyone could say anything I asked "Were any of you put up to going topless to tease me by Amanda and her friends." When no one answered I said "I'm not mad at you, in fact I kind of enjoyed it, just like I'm enjoying sitting here looking at all of you now.

Now which ones were you?" all but one girl raised their hand, I looked at her and she blushed a little and said "Hey I'm an exhibitionist. I would go nude if I thought no one would mind" and then she blushed again. I was still looking at her and said "I think you look beautiful and you want to be nude on my property go for it.

She said "Really, you don't mind?" "I may be older than you but I'm not crazy enough to tell a beautiful woman see has to wear clothes if she doesn't want to. That goes for the rest of you also. The next thing I knew she stood up, untied the stings on her bottom and it fell to the floor. She did a sensual little dance as she turned all the way around for me to look at her body and then sat back down. "I wanted to apologize for what they talked you into doing.

I have talked with them and it won't happen again." One of the girls said "I saw their red asses. That must have been one tough talk." And then she laughed. Another one said "CJ's bikini bottom was soaking wet. Is it true what she said, that she had an orgasm from you spanking her.

I chuckled and said "If she said it, it must be true." I took a couple of bites out of my burger before I asked the brunette sitting between my legs what here name was.

Filem Blue Awek Indon Sakit Kena Tutuh LucahBlue malay

She told me her name was Kathy. I said well Ms Kathy you wanted to ask questions. If you will allow me to eat as we talk I will answer the best I can. She said that was ok with her. While I was shoveling food in my face she said "What you did to me earlier was amazing. How did you learn to do it?" "I pay attention to what the woman I am making love to wants.

I mean after all who knows where to touch you better than you." I ate a few more bite before Kathy asked her next question. How many women have you made love to? "Wow, right to the point. I think there have been ten, five before my wife and four since." "Why did you and your wife separate?" "We didn't. She was killed in a car accident. A drunk driver hit her." "I'm sorry, I didn't know." "That's ok I finally moved past it." I asked them to save my seat and told them I needed to do use the rest room.

As Kathy moved back so I could get up she smiled and asked if I needed any help. I told her I didn't think so but I would keep her in mind. That set off a spate of giggling in the other girls sitting there. When I came back out I realized that a lot of the girls had left. During the week it appears that Amanda and Alissa had raided my stash of Christmas lights in my storeroom.

They had placed them all around the deck and they were now on. There were lights everywhere. It made it easy to see what was happening but a lot less bright than my white deck lights.

That mixed with the light shimmering on the house from the pool lights gave the area an exotic feel. My four women were standing, talking with the 15 or so girls that were still here.

As I walked up to the group I smiled and gave Amanda a light slap on her butt check. She hollered and glared at me as she said "That's not funny" as she punched me in the shoulder. Then she rubbed her butt as some of the other girls giggled. She smiled at them and asked if any of them wanted some.

Surprisingly the girl who had claimed to be an exhibitionist earlier raised her hand as she placed the tip of one finger to her lips and tried to look at me shyly. The girls around her started chanting 'Spank her, Spank her, Spank her.' Amanda looked at me and I shrugged my shoulders. She looked back to the girl and asked her name. She said "I'm Lorraine. I'm in classes with CJ." Amanda looked at CJ with a big grin and said "Do you know her, has she been a bad girl." CJ looked at Lorraine, who was trying unsuccessfully to suppress a grin, and said yes she's been very bad and deserves to be spanked like I was." Amanda told her to talk to Lorraine and see if she wanted to change her mind.

CJ went over and whispered in her ear and her eyes went wide. She turned around so Lorraine could get a close look at her still red ass and the whispered in her ear again.

CJ walked back to where she had been standing and Amanda said again asked if any of them wanted some. This time Lorraine's hand we up and there was no shy look on her face only lust. Among chants of 'Spank her, Spank her, Spank her' Amanda looked at me and just said "OK". I had Alissa go get one of the armless chairs from the dining room and bring it out. I sat down in the chair, looked at Lorraine and patted my lap.

When she hesitated getting up from the deck I asked if she wanted to change her mind. She got up, said "No" and walked over to me. I told her to lie down on my lap and spread her feet shoulder width apart and then told CJ to tell her the rules.

As CJ gave her the rules I had given them earlier and added that she could only count the ones on her left cheek, I slid my right hand between her legs and slid it up her thigh until the side of my hand touched her slit. Lorraine moaned and gave a little shiver at the touch. I slowly slid the edge my hand up and down her slit spreading her lips until I was rubbing across her hole and bumping her clit. I stopped when CJ finished and I withdrew my hand. Her scent was intoxicating.

I barely heard her whisper "nnnooooo." "Do you want to quit?" "No&hellip. Please." As the first slap landed on her right cheek she yelled "OOOOWWWW." When the next one landed on her left cheek she said "OOOOWWWW One."I looked around and all of the girls that were still there were whispering to themselves but none of them were looking away.

This continued until she said five. She turned and looked at me with tears in her eyes so I asked if she wanted a break.

Holding back a sob she said "No". As number eight landed on her left cheek she gave a shudder but only said "Eight." I looked at her as she again turned her head to face me. There were no tears and only a smile.

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I looked at my four women and all but CJ were gingerly rubbing their butts. CJ had her hand down the front of her bikini fingering her clit. When I looked at the other girls, some were staring at me and Lorraine. Some, like CJ had their hands down their bikinis, if they still had them on, frantically fingering themselves. But even more surprising, there were two pairs of girls that were kissing and playing with each other.

As the next swat landed on her right cheek she started shaking and I felt a wetness form on my leg under her pussy. When number nine landed on her left cheek I felt her reach up between my legs and grab my dick as she moaned and barely got "Nine" out.

I waited a moment before the next swat so I could enjoy the feeling of her hand clinching on me. When I swatted her right cheek, she moaned "Oh damn" as she squeezed my dick tight and her body stiffened.

I waited a little bit to prolong the last swat and she began rubbing my dick thru my shorts. When the last swat struck her left cheek her head came up as she started yelling "Oh GOD" over and over while her body stiffened and she squeezed ne harder. I immediately pushed two fingers into her hole and pumped them in and out. Her body relaxed but she continued to orgasm and stroke my shaft thru my pants as I pumped my fingers in her love hole.

I stopped fingering her and pulled them out of her hole. When I did she just moaned and went limp across my lap. I brought the fingers to my nose and then tasted them. I thought "Does every teenage girl use honey to douche? That's sure what it smells and tastes like. I looked around and normalcy was returning to the girls on the deck. Loraine started to stir and I helped her to stand. Her legs were a little rubbery so I held on to her hips as I turned her back to me.

Both of her ass cheek were almost glowing they were so red. I pulled her close and softly kissed one of her cheeks. She winced and I kissed it again, this time she leaned back towards me. They always say 'Turn the other cheek' so I kissed the other cheek several times also. She turned to face me then sat straddling my lap and pulled me into a hug with my face between her breasts. As she held me she rubbed her mound on my crotch and shuddered again.

Amanda was standing next to us when Lorraine said "I can't believe I just had the two best orgasms of my life while I was nude being spanked in front of a crowd." I said you said you were an exhibitionist." She whispered to me "Thank you.

I have never felt so good. Now I'm going to get in the pool want to join me?" then she started to the pool getting hugs and kisses from the other girls as she went. Amanda leaned over and said the girls all wanted to know if you were going to get in the pool with them, they also asked if you were going nude." I turned and looked at my four women standing there smiling like 'We dare you'.

Anna said we have already talked about it and if you want to, we will give you a hall pass for tonight." I looked at them and said "I will if you do." Before you could count to ten they had pulled off their bikinis and two of them were pulling my shirt over my head while the other two pulled down my shorts leaving me standing there wearing a smile with my dick pointing skyward.

I heard whistles coming from the direction of the pool and someone was hollering turn around. I turned toward the voice and heard one of them say "Damn Amanda that fits?" Amanda said "Everywhere I want it to." Then I got into the pool followed by my four nude women.

There were splashes everywhere as all the girls that were still here jumped into the pool. The deck was littered with bathing suits and there were none in the pool. They were all splashing, laughing and trying to push each other under the water.

Soon it boiled my way and I had, I don't know how many naked bodies, trying to push me underwater. I kept fighting my way back up grabbing breasts and pussy to push them away. When I would surface it would start again. It seemed one of their favorites was for one of them to jump up, hug my head between their breasts and try to force me over backwards.

While I was being held down someone was always groping my dick and balls. Almost being drowned never felt so good. When they got tired of trying to drown me everyone took a break in the pool and Kathy used the time to come over to my women and me and tell us they were really having a good time, especially since there weren't any boys around to cramp their style. I said "Hey, what about me?" "You're not trying to control us.

You haven't said 'You have to do this or you can't do that. You tried to talk Loraine out of the spanking but when she wanted it any way you gave it to her, by the way watching that, made me wish I had someone here to fuck me. Then she hugged each of us and said thanks for a safe place to play." The peace ended when someone yelled 'Chicken fights'. CJ grabbed me and said "Pick me up." As soon as everyone had paired up and had their partner on their shoulders the melee began.

CJ was trying to pull girls off their partners as I was distracting the partners by grabbing their tits, pinching their nipples and rubbing their pussy. It didn't work when we came up against Amanda with Alissa on her shoulders. I was kissing Amanda while I put two fingers in her pussy as CJ and Alissa were kissing and groping each other's breasts. We were so distracted two other teams pushed us over. We came up sputtering and Alissa said "That was fun.

We'll have to try that again when the pool is not so crowded." I added "And I need to be facing the other way." We kept swapping partners and playing grabass for about another hour.

It was about 10pm and some of the girls said they needed to be leaving but they were looking forward to another special pool party. Amanda cautioned them not to talk to anyone that was not here or we probably would not have another get together. While everyone but us was drying off and getting dressed to go home my family pulled me to the side and said it was a family meeting.

What they said next really surprised me. "You said if we talked to anyone about our family we had to get family permission first." "Correct." "Well we want to invite Lorraine and Kathy to spend the night." "You're sure you want to do this?" "Yes." Well, all those in favor?" five hands went up.

"Approved." Alissa and CJ ran off to talk to Kathy and Lorraine. They came back with them in tow and I asked if they wanted to stay and they both were excited and jumping up and down with Alissa and CJ as they said "Yes more than anything." All of the others were leaving so we walked them to their cars. We made sure each of us gave everyone of them a hug and kiss and a quick feel before they left. The girls walked around to the backyard and I went thru the house to lock the front door.

I made a side trip to my bedroom and got a little blue pill. This looked like it was going to be a long night.