Gorgeous and sexy asian ladyboy masturbates POV style

Gorgeous and sexy asian ladyboy masturbates POV style
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this told in a direct form, as in one to one. its late on a wednesday evening and i'm veggitating in front of the tv when my phone rings. its you, saying you're in germany and on your way home. you say you're landing in MA as a diversion for bad weather and, knowing i live in the state, am i close to the base where you're landing?

i say 'yeah, it's a few miles away. why? do you need a ride when you land?' you say you dont wanna impose, but yes, you'd like to see me and if it's ok, will i pick you up? 'sure baby, no prob, tell me when you're landing and i'll be there.' i say, feeling the urge to surprise you when i get you.

you tell me the time and i agree to be there. we say goodbye and see you soon then hang up. my mind races, ooooo he's comming here and wants to see me, i'm thinking. i look at the clock and realize i don't have much time so i go to bed and set the alarm. in the morning, i eat and run out to the car, not cuz i'm late, but cuz i can't wait to see you. as we discussed, i'm wearing a red sweater.

i pull up to the front gate and i'm told i need to park in lot A and take a guest bus to the hangar where your plane will offload. when i get off the bus, i find about 100 people there, like me, they're waiting for your plane. we're told to wait behind a line on the floor, the skycops know once all of you start walking in, all hell will break loose, but we cooperate, for now.

the plane lands and starts leting guys off about 20 minuets later. i wait paitently while others meet and hug. i'm standing there, waiting for you to walk up and know my name. you're the only one here that will and i'm starting to get concerned, almost everybody is off and meeting somebody. three guys walk by, staring at me like they'd like to hire me (i've had those looks before when i escorted, usually creepy, but not here) but they just stare and keep walking.

after a second or two, i realize they were staring at my huge nipples, in the cold, they're pretty pronounced and i notice others getting a good look too. while distracted, i see a huge, monster of a guy walk in.

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he's like 6'3 and built like a tank! i see him stop inside the door and look around slowly. he's searching for someone, but who? then my eyes lock on his, he smiles and walks over. i think, oh shit, whats forest gump gonna want? it's only when he calls out 'hi jen' do i figure out its you.

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you see my stunned look and ask if my name is jen? i say y-y-yes it is, are you danny? we laugh and you bend down and kiss me HARD!!! i just stand there and take it all in. your arms wrap around my waist and i jump into you, while we kiss longer. two guys come over and ask 'hey danny, you gonna introduce us to the girlfriend you never shut up about?' you stop the kiss, and with your back to them, i see the pained expression on your face.

you feel you've embarrassed me and try, in the look, to appologize. i wink at you and stand on my own. i step around you as you turn to them and i say 'are you the guys that watched my man's back?' they say yes and i thank them. giving each a kiss and a hug. each guy blushes at my friendliness and from the feel of my tits and hard nipples they got when i hugged them. they back off a little, not wanting to piss you off by spoiling your homecomming or getting too 'friendly' with your girl.

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you introduce them as steve and jake. we shake hands this time as i say thanks again. you say you need to check in and tell them where you're gonna stay before you report in on monday. in front of them, i tell them 'the house is all set and waiting for you.' all three of you look at me with child-like, stunned expressions on your faces. you recover first and say you're sorry to put me out like this, but thank me for the hospitality. jake and steve say they've only been able to arrainge a room to share at a motel 6.

i dont take the bait and wish them well as we walk off. i hear jake say to steve, 'got the house ready for you.' in a mocking tone. too bad for him, but you're all mine this weekend, and you don't even know it yet.

we take the bus to my car and i drive out the gate.

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as we head to my place, i feel your hand slide up inside my sweater. you ask if i really had to excite every guy there by not wearing a coat. i say 'yes, i did!' and you say 'ok, if you HAD to.' as i drive, your hand climbs up to my nipple, still rock hard and waiting for a warm hand to find it. you ask how far and i say not long, 5-10 minuets at most. again you thank me for the ride and say it's not nessecary to let you stay at my place. i say 'you're comming to my place and i'll take you to a bus or kissing hard and recklessly.

i feel my sweater comming up and stop only long enough to let it come over my head. then we kiss more. when we stop for air so i can unbutton your shirt, you see my nipples for the first time. ' my god jen, they're as big as golfballs!!! ' i hear you say 'just for you now, baby, just for you.' train station sunday night. END OF STORY!' you reply by saying 'ok, danny shuts up now.' and we both laugh.

as we pull up, you've pinched my nipple pretty good, i almost drove through a red light from it. we get out and you say what a nice place i have. 'it's small, but in a quiet town and good neighborhood.' i respond. you're carrying a big bag with you. as i think how big it is, i also think i'd fit in it with room to spare! once inside, the bag gets dropped at the door. i take you by the hand and lead you to the living room. in the middle of the room, i pull your head down to my face and we start kissing hard and recklessly.

i feel my sweater comming up and stop only long enough to let it come over my head. then we kiss more. when we stop for air so i can unbutton your shirt, you see my nipples for the first time. 'my god jen, they're as big as golfballs!!!

' i hear you say 'just for you now, baby, just for you.' you suck on them as i undo your pants and they they fall. my hands explore every inch of you.

chest, back, even rubbing your neck. as you you moan and say you could go on like this forever. i say 'i hope not, theres more than huge nipples!!' you stop, feeling you hurt my feelings, you say sorry, and ask me to forgive you. i smile and point out there's three more days of this ahead.

after you step out of your pants and boots, you lay me down on the rug. you unbutton my jeans and slide them down to expose my red silk panties.

pulling off my sneakers and then pants, you kneel over me, looking at my body with wonder in your eyes. 'how did i ever find a friend like her' you think. your hands caress my legs apart and your mouth goes down to my ankles. starting there, you kiss my legs and move upward to the lower edge of the panties. then you do the same on the other leg. i moan a little and ask you to hurry, but you say 'no, you told me we had three days, and im gonna take my time.' when you reach my panty line on the 2nd leg, i feel your hands on my waist.

then 1 finger goes into the waist on each side as you slowly pull them down. as then they pass my knees, i feel your breath on my folds, im wet already and you know it, you smell it and thats when i feel you poke me with a finger, finding the right place. next your tounge dives in, wanting a good taste of my juices.

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i moan louder and reach for your head to hold there. i get a grip on some hair and tug you into me, forcing you to stay right there for now. i feel your lips mumble against mine as you try to speak, but i cant make out any words.

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thats when you push your tounge into me, deeply and with force. i bolt at the suddeness of it and let my grip on your hair go slightly.

faster and faster you go, wanting all of me. i let you work, im loving it all and want you as happy as i am, so i move my hips in rythm with your face. you work long and very well, it takes a little time, but i finally cum all over your face as you continue to make me happy.

i scream 'yes danny, i want more of you' and you dont stop til im out of breath and start to relax a little. body tired from this, i lay there, letting you finish as you want. in a few minuets im all clean and rested.

you climb up my body with kisses, stoping at my navel to blow a raspberry and get me to giggle. as you climb further up, i feel your red hot cock, growing like a tree trunk against my leg.

i tell you 'i want it in me now, ill hide it from the cold.' you say yes and continue up my body, stopping at my tits. i pull them to the side and let you pass up to my neck. its now that i feel that cast iron rod touching my pussy and try to trap it with my legs. i wanna hold it there to feel it grow more before you impale me with it.

you start kissing my neck and i growl, saying 'now danny, enter that dragon.' you just keep kissing my neck as i try to move my hips to line you up just right. then, in an instant, your cockhead burys itself into me. its so wide i cry out. you try to back away and i say stay, let me grow to fit it. you go back to kissing me and wait before going deeper.

when im ready, i tell you 'more, go slowly.' and thats exactly what you do. you inch your way inside, letting me cry out in both ecstacy and pain. i wrap my arms around your body, holding as close to me as if you were my own skin. you keep going in, inch by inch, not wanting to ruin a wonderful time, or friendship. you are concerned about me, but you trust that if i say i can handle it, i can. so you keep kissing me as your hot steel pipe fills me. i feel it bulging as it climbs to the top of me.

its like it knows what its doing on its own. 'climb inside and explore everywhere i can.' is what it seems to be thinking on its own. i kiss you now, thanking you for that fateful call and for the pleasure you've created for me today. finally, after what seems like an hour, our hips touch and i know i have all of you. body and soul now. i must treat them right and never abuse the gift you're giving me. i look into your eyes, seeing that look, you know im all set.


you start off slow at first, not wanting me in pain, but knowing in that pain is extreme pleasure that i want us both to share. as you move, i too, shift my body with yours, in synch now, we move faster and faster. starting to pant, we both know whats next, and we work together to make eachother happy. you come first, but only seconds ahead of me. i feel your pulsating cock driving cum into me by the bucketful.

and i return the favor by cumming all over you hot rod and then onto your legs as it falls out onto the rug. were both screaming yeses and more's egging eachother on to cum harder and longer. finally, when were both spent, we slow and then you come out of me to lay beside me on the rug. panting hard, we rest, holding eachother as we catch our breaths. you ask if you hurt me. i say 'a little at first, but im feeling great now.' i didnt wanna lie, so i didnt.

you say sorry and that 'even im surprised how big i got. it must be you jen.' we kiss and rest a few more minutes. when im under control, i ask 'you ready for part 2?' in a nervou voice, you ask 'part 2?

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you mean theres more to this??' i see the look of concern on your face and laugh. 'yep danny, ill be right back.' your stunned to see me jump up and watch with a smile as i walk fast, away from you, to go get something. when i return, you recognize the can of redi whip and the bottle of hershey's syrup, but you also see a silver bowl and wonder whats in there?

you ask what did i bring and i tell you to get up and start drawing.


puzzled by this, you figure it out when i lay back down next to the coffee table where i put the items. i smile and say 'do it right.' as you take the chocolate syrup and remove the cap. you ask me 'do anyhing?, or is there something you have in mind jen?' i say 'draw a line.' giving you no more clues to what i want, you tip the bottle over and start at the top of my pussy and go upward. i shiver at the cold, but i like that you see what to do.

i again pull my big 42DD's aside as you go up to my neck and stop. i say 'continue to my lips' and you do. 'now the whipped cream' i say, following the line of syrup right up to my lips.

thats when you look at the bowl and find strawberries. as i breathe, my chest heaves a little and you take one strawberry and scrape the syrup and redi whip line onto it. then you feed me half the strawberry and you eat the other half. this goes on til you run out and then ask 'now what, im out of strawberries?' i purr at you and say 'finish with you tounge, clean up the mess you made on me.' your tounge goes to the end of the line and starts to lick off the leftovers on my clit, still swollen from our sex earlier.

as you move upward, i purr and moan more, wanting you to take your time. you do just that too, every inch of the line is gone as you reach my neck. as you come upp my chin, we kiss fiercly and i grab you and pull you down on top of me. when we come up for air, you roll on your back and thank me for all that fun.

'its something i've never done before.' you tell me. i say your welcome and that you did well. and that its now my turn. you see the devilish grin and get concerned that you might miss your bus in 3 days. 'oh well,' you think 'fuck it, id stay here fucking her forever if shed let me.' as you rest some more, i get up again and go back out into the kitchen.

i come back with a small plate and all you see is that theres something yellow on it. you try to tip your head up to see, but i say its a surprise and to lay back. i put the plate down and grab your less than full cock and start stroking it, massaging it and squeezing it til you let out a cry.

i stop, and in a mocking tone ask, 'what honey, did i hurt you?' i giggle more as the pain on your face says yes as your mouth says 'no, just a very good feeling.' when i you get rock solid again in a couple minuets, you again try to lift your head to see what im gonna do. i catch you and threaten injury if you spoil my gift. again you moan and give up, laying your head back down, knowing i'll never do anything to deliberatly hurt you, but the surprise is something you're unsure of.

i take one of the yellow pineapple slices off the plate and you feel it go around your shaft as i slide it down. now you are really curious and ask wtf? i tell you 'you'll enjoy it, or im your slave for the rest of the night.' mmmmm, u think.


'ok jen, make me happy.' i hear you say. 'i will, i certainly will.' i reply. then you hear the redi whip squirting as you feel it go around your shaft. mmmmmm you moan, you now know, at least you think you do, what im gonna do here and you relax and let me entertain you this time. slice after slice goes on, redi whip in between each one. when i get to the top, im out of slices, so i use the syrup to cover the head.

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i ask if you're ready for it and you say yes. i start at the top and lick and suck my down. eating each slice and licking off the syrup and whipped cream as i go. your cock bulges as it hits the back of my throat and i love it! when i get to the bottom, i go faster, now gnawing on your thick sausage, wanting it more and more. i go faster now that the food is gone, chewed and swallowed, like this sausage will soon be. my tounge curls around your shaft as i climb and drop on you. my teeth bite in to make you know whos in charge right now as well.

i start to feel a trembling from you and i know its time to take you all in. so i go down as far as i can and i even take your balls in my hands and squeeze them tight. you yelp, not know i would do that and i muffle a laugh as i pop one ball in my mouth and bite down. as i do this, you explode in my throat and release everything into my stomache to join the pineapple.

i release you ball and pop it out, your panting pretty hard now saying things like oh yeah, and i love you jen. i know this already and i continue til you stop shuddering in my mouth.

it takes a while and im loving it all as i feel each shot go down. then, after you stop and i slow, i come off you and climb up your chest. we kiss more as you're still out of breath. we cuddle there and i ask if this is a nice way to come home from a war zone. you just pant out a 'oh fuck yes it is jen, thank you so much!' we fall asleep there its past 3 pm and we need a nap. we sleep for at least 3 or 4 hours in eachothers arms, both happy and content.

end of part 1.