Hot gay sex Conner Bradley dropped by our studio for a fast wank and

Hot gay sex Conner Bradley dropped by our studio for a fast wank and
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The Futa Fairy Futa's Hot MILF Wish Chapter One: Cassandra's MILF Desire By mypenname3000 Copyright 2017 "Oh, my god, Cassandra, check out what Deidre posted on her Facebook page," Lana, my best friend, said. "It's a pic of her and her sister with their cheeks pressed together, looking so happy.

Oh, god, it's so corny. 'Closest sisters in the world,' it says." "Really?" I said with a giggle, reaching for my phone beside me to check out the post. Deidre had gotten real weird the last few weeks of school, spending all the time with her younger sister, Keily. And now that summer break was on, it was impossible to get her to do anything. Lana and I both giggled as we stared at her Facebook timeline. It was full of pictures of Deidre and Keily.

The chaise lounge chair I sat on creaked as I shifted my bikini-clad body. I was over at Lana's house, my best friend and next door neighbor, sunning in her backyard beside the pool.

It was a summer tradition we had been doing since we were kids. And now that we were nineteen, the pair of us celebrating our birthdays last month, it was vital we kept it up. We had to look hot. Of course, Lana and I had different reasons for wanting to look hot. And we did look hot. We were both gorgeous, with long legs and breasts, though mine were larger and rounder, but she had a nice pair of conical mounds.

Our bellies were flat. She had gorgeous, blonde hair, and I had my fiery locks that I kept clear of my shoulders so they would tan properly. Our bikinis were tiny, little triangles to cover our naughty bits and not much else. Maximizing the amount of skin the Washington's summer sun could bathe. "I can't wait for the slumber party tomorrow," Lana said. "Even if we can't get Deidre to come. And, frankly, she'd probably drag her bratty sister with her.

But the others are all in. It will be a blast. Daddy's even going to be out of town, so it's only Mom we have to get around. And she's such a heavy sleeper." I tingle washed through me. Lana wanted to look hot for boys, and I pretended that, too, but my true passions lay with Mrs.

Teller, Lana's mother. Alessa Teller was just a perfect woman. She was a blonde goddess, her body so curvy and mature, her breasts so large and soft. She always had this sultry smile. And the way she moved. Unlike my other friends moms, or even my own, she hadn't let herself go. She still had long hair and a tight body. I had seen her jog so many times in those skin-tight shorts. The first time I ever masturbated was to Mrs.

Teller. I just happened to glance out my bedroom window and into hers. There she was, naked and masturbating on her bed, having forgotten to close her shades. Just seeing those lush mounds awakened something in me. A fire that had grown hotter and hotter as I aged. Sometimes, I wondered if I was still friends with the pushy Lana just so I could hang around and ogle her mother. I especially wondered that when Lana was being condescending or homophobic. And right now she was being kinda a cunt about Deidre and her sister.

I thought it was kinda cute that they were so close now. Lana was still prattling on and on about Deidre being so weird when the goddess herself emerged from the house. The whisk of the sliding glass door snapped my attention from my phone. Mrs. Teller emerged, wearing a blue bikini, not as skimpy as ours, but the cups strained to hold her bouncing breasts as she sauntered out to join us.

Instantly, my pussy clenched and soaked my bikini bottoms. My nipples hardened, poking at my top. My cheeks flushed. I tried not to drool as her hips rolled from side to side, her long legs so gorgeous. I wanted to lick up them and reach their apex. To push aside that Lycra triangle and lick and nuzzle at her pussy. My thighs pressed together. "Hi, girls," she said in that purring tone of hers.

It was like she knew I lusted after her and had to tease me by sounding just so hot and throaty and wanton, like the women in the lesbian pornos I masturbated too. I loved MILF seducing younger women porn, especially when the MILF's were blonde. "Hi, Mom," Lana said without looking up at her mother.

"Hi, Mrs. Teller," I croaked as she sauntered by and reached the chaise lounge on the other side of Lana, sitting down and snagging the tanning lotion. "Wonderful day for sunning, isn't it?" I nodded my head, my pussy on fire. I couldn't sit her and watch her rub tanning lotion across her lush body. Just seeing her start on her arms, making her tan-golden skin glisten sent ripples of heat through me.

My hands clenched, my desires burning so hot for her. "I have to use the restroom," I squeaked, popping to my feet. "Kay," Lana said, still looking at her phone. Mrs. Teller just smiled at me. Then I fled, my bare feet slapping on the wooden decking around their pool as I raced to their house, pushing open the sliding glass door and darting inside.

It wasn't much cooler indoors. Like most houses in Western Washington, the Tellers didn't have AC. My feet slapped across the hardwood floors as I raced for the upstairs window.

My heart beat so fast, my bikini bottoms hugging tight to my wet pussy. My red hair flounced behind me as I took the stairs two at a time. I reached the landing, darting to the my right and crashing through the bathroom door. I slammed it shut and went straight for the window. I peered out of the round opening and shivered as Mrs. Teller rubbed the tanning lotion on her thighs. My hands shot down to my bikini bottoms and shoved the stretchy material out of my way. I rubbed my shaved flesh and found my wet folds.

"Yes," I hissed, my cheeks flushed. My fingers plunged into my pussy. I was a virgin, but my hymen was broken early on in my gymnastic career. "Mrs. Teller!" My masturbation was frantic, fast, my heart racing as I watched the MILF slather her body in the tanning lotion. She stroked her sleek legs, rubbing up her inner thighs right to the edge of her bikini, coming so close to touching that wonderful place. My pussy clenched on my fingers as she worked on the other leg.

I wanted to touch her so badly. Several times I had rubbed tanning lotion on her back when she asked, stroking her flesh, aching to be bold enough to reach down and slip my fingers beneath her bikini bottoms to grip her ass or to reach around and squeeze her breasts. But fear always held me back. "Oh, Mrs. Teller, cover that hot body," I moaned, two fingers plunging in and out of my depths, stirring my hot flesh with such passion.

"Oh, yes. Mmm, now rub up to those tits. Cover your stomach." My clit throbbed as the fingers from my left hand rubbed at it, the right plunging faster and faster into my pussy. My toes curled against the linoleum. My nipples ached in my bikini top.

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My breasts jiggled as my body trembled. Every thrust of my fingers, pretending they were Mrs. Teller's, sent pleasure shooting through my body. "Mmm, I would treat that body right," I moaned.

"I would love it." Her hands worked up her stomach, oiling her flesh, reaching for her bikini top. Her breasts heaved and jiggled as she worked, straining to break free of the constraining bikini top. I imagined them naked, tanned golden brown like the rest of her, her nipples thick and fast, just perfect for sucking on.

I would love her body. I would suck and nurse and nibble on her nipples. My pussy clenched harder on my plunging fingers. My clit ached and throbbed. Pleasure shot through me as I rubbed and frigged myself faster and faster. My breath squeaked out of me.

"Mrs. Teller! I'll love you. I'll lick your pussy. I'll even fuck it. I'll buy a strap-on and fuck your pussy so hard. Harder than Mr. Teller even would. You'd love me. I know you would." Fantasies danced through my mind as I masturbated so hard. Mrs. Teller lying on her bed, her legs spread wide, her pussy covered by a her blonde bush, fingers beckoning. I had a fleshy dildo thrusting from my groin, strapped to me. Fuck me, Cassandra, the MILF moaned in my imagination. Please, please, I need you.

I need to feel that big cock fucking me. My husband doesn't please me. "I will, Mrs. Teller," I promised as she coated the exposed parts of her breasts with the tanning lotion, fingers dipping down between her mounds.

I focused on my fantasy, ripples of pleasure washing through me as I came closer and closer to my orgasm. My body trembled as in my fantasy, I advanced on her. She pulled me to her, guiding the dildo to her pussy. Fuck me, Cassandra! "Yes," I hissed, closing my eyes, capturing her beauty, the wanton delight in her blue eyes, her heaving breasts as I slammed the dildo into her, her arms pulling me down for a hot kiss, her breasts rubbing on mine while I pumped my cock in and out of her pussy.

My cunt clenched on my digits. I imagined they were my cock fucking her pussy, feeling how tight and wet and silky she was. My clit ached and throbbed. My head arched backward. My body trembled as the rapture built. Juices dribbled down my thighs. "Yes, yes, yes," I groaned. "Oh, Mrs. Teller, your pussy's so hot. So tight." Your cock's so big. Love me! Make me cum! "I will, Mrs. Teller," I moaned, wishing for it to be true so badly.

My fingers plunged into my pussy's depths. My back arched. Pleasure exploded through me. My pussy spasmed on my digits. My clit throbbed against my clit. My head leaned against the glass window as the rapture flooded through my body. My eyes fluttered. My forehead squeaked as it slid across the cool surface of the glass. My body trembled as my orgasm peaked in me.

I shivered, smiling, buzzing with delight. I stared down at the MILF, aching for my fantasies to become realities and. Where was Lana? Footsteps slapped up the stairs.


I whipped my head around, pulling my fingers out of my pussy as they stopped at the door. "Are you still in there, Cassandra?" "Yes?" I answered, flushing. "Who are you masturbating too?" Lana asked with a giggle.

"Oh, my god, Lana," I gasped, my cheeks burning. "I'm so not doing that." "Riiiight," Lana laughed. "Is it Jason? Or Brian? Ooh, Conner. God, he's so cute." "I'm not masturbating," I said again, grabbing toilet paper and wiping my fingers. "Just got lost on Facebook while peeing." "Gross! You stare at your phone on the toilet?

That's what guys do." I dabbed at my shaved vulva then threw the toilet paper into the toilet and flushed. I washed my hands for good measure. I hoped that it didn't smell too much like hot pussy in here.

I opened the door and blinked. Lana held a large, green envelope in her hand, the address on the front written in flowing, cursive script, the ink silver. She arched an eyebrow, turning the letter around. There was a wax seal keeping the envelope shut. "This is so weird," Lana said, shoving the letter at me. "Look." To: Miss Cassandra Riley The Upstairs Bathroom 1012 Polk St Parkland, WA, 98444 "The fuck," I said.

"Why is it addressed to me but has your address?" I was 1016. "Weirder, they knew you were in the bathroom not masturbating," Lana said, her blue eyes sparkling. "Is this a joke?" I asked, glancing at the return address: From: Leanan Sidhe The Aviary 1 Summer Lane Phoenix, Arizona 85009 "Leanan Sidhe?" I asked Lana. "Where did you come up with that?" "I didn't.

Mom had me check the mail and that was in the mailbox." Lana shook her head. "This is so weird. Who do you know in Phoenix?" "No one," I said. "Well, are you going to open it?" "What's inside?" I gave her a suspicious look. Lana shrugged. "I really don't know. I didn't do this. I promise." She crossed her heart above her bikini top. "See." "Okay," I said slowly. My thumb cracked the seal. "But if there's anything weird in here." I arched an eyebrow.

"It won't be my fault," she protested. I pulled out the letter and glitter spilled out with it, coating my fingers. I unfurled the letter, which looked written on old fashion paper. It wasn't computer paper or notebook paper, but thicker and with a yellow tinge to it. I unfolded it and saw more of the silver cursive. It was so neat, even beautiful, like something written two hundred years ago. My dearest Miss Cassandra Riley, I am writing to you in regards to your wish that you most fervently expressed.

I recognize the desire bursting in your heart. I know that you believe it to be the most wicked in nature, but I assure you, I find it beautiful. Which is why I am writing you this letter expressing my deepest desire to make your wish come true. Like you, I have burned for the charms of an older lover. The same heat that ignited your nethers burns within mine.

Oh, how I sang with the birds as I experienced my own shuddering delight from the force of your pleasure. So expect my visit tonight, my dearest Miss Cassandra, and know that your deepest wish shall be granted. Yours in fellowship, Leanan Sidhe Esq. of Summer "Well?" Lana asked. My cheeks were beat red. How did this Leanan Sidhe know that I lusted after Mrs.

Teller? There was no way Lana would have written this. She would think it was gross. I had the hots for her mom. Lana pretended she was supportive of LGBT persons in public, but we were close, and she had made clear her disgust of lesbians many times. She wouldn't turn my desires into a prank. "Just.a prank," I said. "Like I thought.

I bet Marissa or Kelly sent it. They know I'm here almost every day." "But in the bathroom?" Lana frowned. "They got lucky?" I guessed, holding the letter to my chest. "Well, can I see it?" she asked.

"No!" I gasped. She snatched it out of my hands, the paper partially ripping. Her eyes widened as she read it. "Ooh, who's this older lover you have a crush on. Is it Marrissa's dad? God, he's such a hunk. I'd let him give me a mustache ride." "Yeah," I lied, my cheeks flushing. Marrissa's dad kind of looked like Tom Selleck, complete with the thick mustache. "That's it." "That's who you were masturbating to?" Lana asked.

"You should really spray the Febreze after you finish. You must have been sooooo wet." "Oh, god," I groaned, cheeks flushing. "The rest of this is weird," Lana said. "Do you think they're coming over tonight?" "I don't know," I said, trembling. I had no idea what to make about the letter. Who was this Leanan Sidhe? And what made her a lawyer for summer. My dad was a lawyer, and he had esquire at the end of his name on all his business cards.

How could this Leanan Sidhe make my dreams come true. And why was she masturbating in an aviary? Wasn't that like a bird cage or something. Lana dragged me downstairs to the pool away from her mother to gossip about Marrissa's dad.

I had to keep lying, pretending about all the things I liked about him. "What are you two girls talking about?" Mrs. Teller asked at one point. "Boys?" "Men," Lana answered. "Cassandra desires an older lover." My cheeks burned. "Oh, I remember those desires when I was your age," Mrs.

Teller smiled as she stood up, stretching. "I'm going to start on dinner. Are you staying, Cassandra?" I nodded quickly, trying not to stare as she sauntered by.

Her bikini had ridden into the crack of her butt, showing more of her flesh.

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I wanted to fix her bottoms, to slide my fingers beneath her cloth and feel the silk of her ass. "My god, just imagine that mustache rubbing on your pussy," Lana moaned. "You're shaved, right?" I nodded my head, imagining a different mouth to ride upon. I enjoyed dinner, then Lana and I settled down on the couch, watching TV, changed into clothing that hid a bit more of our flesh than our bikinis—a tennis skirt and tank top for me, a belly shirt and jean shorts for her.

We found a raunchy comedy to watch while her parents went upstairs. At some point, I found myself getting tired. I leaned onto the couch's arm, dozing off as Bridesmaids played. The letter sprang back into my mind. Who had written it? How had they known I was here? In the bathroom? Where they really coming? Why? But I was too tired to really ponder these questions. My eyes closed, the movie fading into the background along with my questions of the mysterious letter writer.

Those questions really didn't matter right now. I sank down into my dreams. And to the chirping of birds. They sang around me, forming complex harmonies of such breathtaking beauty. I opened my eyes and found a garden of unsurpassed beauty around me. Vibrant-green plants grew thick like a jungle, trees with broad canopies rising around me.

Flowering bushes and vines splashed color everywhere. Blues, purples, oranges, reds, yellows. They perfumed the air with such sweetness. I smiled, staring at it all as I sat up. Above the trees, I could see a silver frame forming hexagonal panes of glass, forming a dome around the gardens. And then, in the trees, I caught fluttering movement. The songbirds serenading me moved about on the twigs.

Some had dull feathers, brown or blacks, but others were colorful, with exciting plumages flashing through the green leaves as they shifted around, chirping their songs. There must be over a hundred species of songbirds in the aviary.

"One-hundred-and-twenty-three," a girlish voice said from behind me. I spun around. Blinked. Even for a dream, I wasn't expecting the figure hovering in the air between a flowering bush and a small pond. Her wings were a gossamer blur, buzzing like hummingbird wings.

She was naked, her body petite, almost childish, but there was nothing childish about her silver eyes. They were ancient. I trembled as they arrested my gaze.

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I felt so small, so insignificant, a little blip in existence before something as old as our sun. Something that measured life in quantities that I couldn't even comprehend. And then I realized that she was naked. Really naked. Her breasts were small mounds, just budding from her chest and topped by pink nipples.

Her hair fell in a curtain of green about her shoulders and breasts, the color of the vibrant ground cover I sat upon before her. My eyes descended her body to her boyish hips and the sweep of her hips funneling me right towards her hairless pussy.

And her huge cock. I blinked. A huge cock. The beautiful fairy hovering before me had a cock. "How did I dream you up?" I gasped, so certain this had to be a dream. She laughed and the birds trilled with her. "Your imagination did not conjure my aspect, my dearest Miss Cassandra. I am sure if you had, I would be far more amply curved like the ravishing Mrs.

Teller." I blushed, images of the buxom MILF flashing through my mind, my pussy getting so wet and itchy and. I was naked. I could feel the ground cover's small leaves tickling my ass and my shaved pussy. My hands leaped to my breasts, covering them while I squeezed my thighs shut. My cheeks must be as crimson as my hair right now. "Such maidenly bashfulness is not required, my dear Miss Cassandra," the fairy purred, her wings humming louder.

"Though the color blossoming across your cheeks is most becoming." "What is going on?" I blurted out. "Who are you? Why do you have a cock? And wings? You're a fairy. Right? Why do fairy's have dicks? Where is this? Is this a dream? It has to be dream.

I'm asleep on Mrs. Teller's couch." "You are, indeed, asleep on the buxom Mrs. Teller's couch," agreed the fairy. "And as to whom I am, I thought that would be so very clear. Did you not receive the letter I sent you? Did you not read its words of promise that I am here to deliver." "Letter. You're Leanan Sidhe? What kinda of lawyer appears naked in my dreams with fairy wings and a cock!" "Esquire used to mean something far more grand than the prosaic and mundane profession of lawyer," sighed the fairy.

"The Queen of Summer and the Seelie Court of the Tuatha de Danaan herself bestowed the title upon my slender shoulders." I blinked at the words. A fairy was in my dreams. Wow, I had a wild imagination.

I mean, I gave her a cock. Why would I do that? "I have a cock because that is my nature." She lifted her erection, flashing the folds of her pussy tight between her thighs and wrapped about her cock. Like it thrust from where her clit would be. "And, as you can see, I also have a most succulent cunny. One which is dewed by my desire to aid you and see your dearest wish come true." "Wish?" She sighed.

"My dear Miss Cassandra, you know the wish I speak of. You wish to have sexual congress with the mother of your best friend. To feel her big, bountiful breasts, to taste the delights of her pussy.

To heave in passion with her as you penetrate her over and over, violating the vows of her marriage, savoring the delights of your older lover until you both explode in a effervescent wave of rapture." A hot shiver washed through me.

I pictured myself kissing Mrs. Teller, her big boobs pressed to my round, nineteen-year-old tits, our pussies grinding together, our orgasms bursting through us. She would be so hot and silky and wonderful against me. We would heave in such passion together. "Yes," I swallowed. "I do want that." "Excellent," she clapped. "And as to what I am, beside a Seelie Fey, is a futanari. Or futa for short. It was coined by the Japanese, and I prefer it to other terms.

It sounds so much more elegant to me than hermaphrodite or dickgirl." She shuddered at the last one. "Don't you agree?" "Futa," I said, swallowing. "Okay. You're a futa. A girl with a cock and pussy. And you're a fairy." "A futa-fairy, my dear Miss Cassandra," she said with such pride, her voice bubbling with girlish excitement that belied the ancientness of her eyes.

"And one who is here to make such a sweet bargain with you." She buzzed forward and alighted on the ground before me, her cock bobbing inches from my mouth. I had never been much for boys, but this cock was so.hypnotic. My eyes locked onto it as it swayed before me, clear liquid beading on the tip. Precum.

The crown was spongy, a darker pink than the rest of her shaft, and throbbed with her dick's twitches. I licked my lips, the sudden urge to suck her cock shooting through me. I looked up at the fairy, her small breasts rising and falling as she smiled down at me. I shivered, my pussy clenching. I wiggled, rubbing my snatch into the ground cover, savoring the soft caress of the small leaves and flowers beneath me while the birds sang louder above. "What a sweet song they make," the fairy said, lifting her eyes to the trees, "serenading us as we make our deal." "Deal?" "I grant you your deepest desire, and one day, perhaps, I will ask a tiny favor of you." Her dick swayed before me, attracting my eyes again.

"Doesn't that sound wonderful? You get the delights of the buxom Mrs. Teller." "She'll really be mine?" This was such a crazy dream I am having. "She will truly be yours. And you will gain so much more." Her dick moved an inch closer. "All I need is to be pleasured. Is to be loved by you, my dear Miss Cassandra. See how turgid I am. Ever since your desire reached me, I have been aroused.

Can you smell me?" I inhaled, shivering at the scent of her sweet musk. I licked my lips. I loved tasting my own pussy, savoring the tart flavor. And this smelled even better. My mouth watered. I had to pleasure her, and she would make my dreams come true. Even if this wasn't real, I was eager to enjoy this crazy sex dream of mine. And if it was. "You accept?" "I do," I moaned and leaned forward, dipping beneath her cock to nuzzle my face into her pussy.

"Oh, yes, my dear Miss Cassandra," she moaned as my tongue slid through the folds of her snatch. I was licking my first pussy. Maybe it was only a dream pussy, but it felt so hot and wet and silky on my lips. My tongue dragged through it while her girl-cock twitched and throbbed on my forehead. My tongue flicked and fluttered through her, lapping at her folds, drinking her sweet juices leaking out of her snatch.

My body burned. This was so hot. My thighs squeezed so tight together, my poor clit aching, as I worshiped her pussy. I dived into her folds, licking, nuzzling, wanting to devour every inch of her. I had to eat her. I had to make her cum. To explode. Her wings fluttered louder, buzzing, humming as her excitement built.

Her hands slid up her body, cupping her small tits as my tongue wiggled deeper and deeper into her pussy. Her juices trickled down my face. "Oh, my dear, sweet Miss Cassandra," she groaned. "Oh, yes, savor my pussy. Mmm, you are such a good girl.

Oh, I am so glad you accepted my bargain." "Me, too," I moaned into her hot flesh, my tongue licking. Sticky precum dripped into my hair, soaking through my curls to my scalp. I shuddered, feeling the cock throb on my forehead.

My eyes focused on the fleshy shaft as I tongued her pussy. Curiosity built in me. What would it be like to suck a girl's cock?

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I would never suck a boy's, but. My tongue slid through her folds and brushed the base of her shaft. I kept licking, dragging my tongue up her shaft. Her skin tasted salty good with lingering traces of her sweet pussy. Her wings hummed and fluttered as I climbed higher and higher. I reached where her futa-cock's crown started, my tongue caressing at the underside. "Oh, yes, my sweet Miss Cassandra," she moaned. "Oh, that is so good.

The frenulum is such a sensitive part of a dick." My tongue caressed the edge of the crown then flicked higher, brushing her sticky precum. Salty delight coated my tongue. My pussy clenched as I savored the flavor. My tongue flicked higher, bushing the crown, her precum staining my tongue.

Oh, that was so nice. I shivered, my pussy clenched as my tongue swirled over her crown, making the fairy twitch and moan while my cunt grew hotter and hotter.

I wanted to feel this in me. I opened my mouth, sucking on the tip, and wished it was in my pussy instead. I stared up at her silver eyes, moaning as I sucked, burning with such desire for her. My tongue swirled about her dick. My cheeks hollowed as I sucked. Her precum poured out of her cock. It coated my tongue in creamy delight. I swallowed it, shivering, the heat growing and growing in my pussy. "Oh, you are so eager for my dick," grinned the futa-fairy. "You want me to be inside you, sliding and pumping away at your eager pussy.

Mmm, the sweet delight we shall create." She pulled out of my mouth, her cock dripping with precum and desire. She stroked it as I gasped and heaved, staring up at her, my thighs so slick with my pussy juices. My nipples ached. I understood without being told. I stretched out on my back on the ground cover, staring up at the flowered canopy overhead. Birds sang louder and louder, feeding on our passion. They serenaded us. Their beautiful music relaxed away in fear at the size of the futa-fairy's cock penetrating my pussy.

It would feel so good. "Oh, you are such a ravishing creature, my dear Miss Cassandra," Leanan Sidhe moaned as my thighs parted, exposing my pussy. "And you have embraced the most wicked and modern custom of pubic hair styling. I love the strip of fire leading to your eager quim." "Thanks," I gasped as she fell to her knees between my spread open legs. She leaned forward, her tongue dragging up my thigh right to my pussy. "Yes!" I hissed as her tongue slid through my folds.

It was amazing. Her tongue was so soft and light, dancing across my shaved vulva and dipping into my virgin slit. Other than my fingers and tampons, nothing had been in my pussy.

No tongue from another woman, or futa, no other fingers, and certainly no cocks or dildos. My toes curled into the soft ground cover, my knees, bent, swaying back and forth.

I trembled. My hands grasping my round breasts, squeezing them. My fingers slid up to the pinnacle, squeezing my hard nipples. I tugged on them. "Mmm, such a sweet delight," she purred as she slid up my body. "But you burn for my cock. That is the congress you yearn for right now." "Yes," I gasped, figuring congress was an old-fashion term for fucking. "Yes, yes! Ram that girl-dick into my pussy! I want to be fucked by a futa-fairy!" Her smile beamed across her girlish face sticky with my juices.

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She leaned down, her tongue licking my nipple as her cock nudged at my pussy. She was over me, her wings buzzing behind her in eager anticipation. She slid her cock up and down my pussy, making me twitch and moan. My eyes rolled back into my head. She thrust. Her wings buzzed.

My pussy stretched about her huge cock. My eyes widened. I gasped in sheer delight as the burning friction in my pussy sent waves of hot bliss rippling through my body. My cunt clenched on her invading cock, hugging it, embracing it, savoring every inch of its girth and length diving deeper and deeper into my snatch. "My dear, sweet Miss Cassandra," moaned the futa-fairy, her face twisting with pleasure. "Oh, your sweet quim is so hot about my turgid cock." "Yes!" I hissed, my hips wiggling.

It was amazing. Stupendous. And then she drew back and thrust in again. My eyes widened so large at the swell of pleasure washing through me. A girl with a cock was fucking me. The futa-fairy kissed me, her lips wet with my tart passion.

I grabbed her ass, feeling the muscles in her cute tush flex as she drew back her hips and drove her cock over and over into me. I shivered, clenching down with my pussy as she plowed into me. It was amazing. A thrill that made masturbation pale in comparison. My pussy embraced her cock, squeezing and clenching, increasing the friction as I shuddered beneath her. My clit throbbed against her pubic bone every time she drove into me.

Our tongues met, dancing together as we heaved and moaned. Her wings hummed louder and louder as her hips pumped faster and faster. I moaned into her kiss. My nipples throbbed as they brushed hers. She felt so warm and silky a top me.

Her fingers caressed my sides. She broke the kiss. "Yes, yes, can you feel it, my sweet and dear Miss Cassandra? The connection forming. Our bargain growing." "Yes," I gasped.


"I'm going to cum! I'm going to cum so hard on your futa-dick." "Enjoy that moment. Savor it." Her cock slammed so deep. "Embrace it, my dear Miss Cassandra." "I will!" I howled as she drove her cock so deep into me.

My clit throbbed against her pubic bone. Her dick caressed every inch of my pussy. My thighs locked about her hips. My fingers dug into her flexing ass.

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Pleasure swelled in the depths of my pussy. I came. I screamed out with the birds chirping above. My pussy convulsed on her huge cock, milking it as I thrashed and trembled. My nipples rubbed on her small, firm breasts and brushed her hard nubs, adding such sweet delight to the pleasure rushing out of my pussy.

Delight burst through me. It reached my mind. Such ecstasy bathed me. I groaned, my thighs tightening harder, my pussy milking her cock. The futa-fairy trembled atop me as she moaned out her pleasure. And came in me, moaning my name. My eyes widened. "What's that flooding me?" "My futa-seed," she moaned. "The physical exchange of our bargain." "But there's more than cum flooding me," I gasped, feeling the liquid squirts splashing in my depths and something else. Energy. Heat. It rushed through my cumming pussy shooting straight for my clit.

"Your gift, my dear Miss Cassandra," she grinned, her silver eyes shiny with passion.

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Her cock spurted again and again, adding more and more energy that rushed to my clit. "Enjoy it!" And then my clit swelled. I felt it growing, pressing against the futa-fairy's belly. I groaned in shock as my clit became my dick. My eyes widened as it grew thicker, harder. It throbbed between our bellies. "You made me into a futa?" "I did, my dear Miss Cassandra," she purred, sliding down my body.

I groaned as her dick plopped out of my wet pussy followed by a flood of her futa-cum. She grasped my cock, stroking it as she brought it to her lips. She opened wide and engulfed my dick like I had sucked on hers earlier. "Holy fucking shit!" I screamed at the shock of pleasure. My cum-filled pussy clenched as she sucked my new futa-cock.

Her tongue swirled around the tip, teasing it while her cheeks hollowed. Pressure deep inside my groin, like maybe in my ovaries, built and built. Something wanted to escape. My own futa-cum. "This can't be real," I groaned, squirming, my pussy clenching, my dick throbbing in her wonderful mouth. Her silver eyes locked on mine as she sucked, her hand stroking my shaft. My ovaries ached. The futa-cum building in them wanted to explode out of me.

Needed to explode out of me. My back arched, my breasts heaving. "I'm going to cum!" I panted, squirming. It felt so intense. Something so different than anything else I had ever experienced. "You're having a dream," the futa-fairy somehow said while sucking on my cock.

Only her voice sounded mature instead of girlish. "Cassandra, honey, you're dreaming." The pressure built and built. My body shook. I felt hands on my shoulders. My eyes fluttered. Darkness swallowed the world around me. The futa-fairy sucked hard one final time as I bucked and moaned. My eyes opened. Mrs. Teller stood over me, wearing a mauve bathrobe in the dark living room. My dick ached so badly as I shook and thrashed. I whimpered, my ovaries on the verge of cumming.

My thighs kicked out, my skirt riding up. My dick popped out of them, thrusting out through the legband of my panties. "Cassandra, honey," Mrs. Teller said, her blonde hair swaying loose about her beautiful face, her big breasts straining against her robe. "Are you.?" Her eyes widened. "Is that a cock?" "Yes!" I panted, my pussy clenching.

The cum in my ovaries rushed to the tip. "I'm cumming!" And then Mrs. Teller did something that I think shocked her more than me. Her head lunged down and engulfed the tip of my cock. My eyes widened as I felt the MILF's lips lock about my dick. My futa-dick throbbed in her hot mouth. I came.

"Yes," I hissed. Cum boiled out of my ovaries. The futa-jizz shot out of my cock into the MILF's hungry mouth. My pussy spasmed.

Every eruption sent bucking pleasure through my body. It was so different than cumming as a woman. This was so much more direct.

Intense. The pleasure didn't linger but shot through my body in an instant. The MILF swallowed. I heard every greedy gulp. Her throat working as I squirmed and gasped.

Her hand grasped my cock, stroking it while I squirmed on the couch, my head resting on the arm, the cushions groaning beneath me. "Mrs. Teller," I moaned as the final blast of my cum shot into her mouth, my body flushed beneath my clothing.

Her mouth popped off my dick. The kitchen light was on, spilling golden through the darkness of the living room. Her eyes were wide. A drop of my cum dribbled down her cheeks. She shivered, licking her lips. "I." She shuddered. "Why did I do that? I didn't want you to make a mess. But. Why.? And you have a cock." Her hand squeezed it. "You have a cock, Cassandra. Oh, my god. And it's.huge." Her eyes widened. "And it's still so hard." She stroked it, making me squirm. "Mrs. Teller," I moaned.

"I had a dream and." My words became a groan as her thumb rubbed across the tip. "You have a cock and you're still hard." She shivered and then she straddled me, her thighs peeking out of the bottom of her robe.

Her breasts jiggled beneath it, struggling to burst free. The knot holding it closed was tied loosely, stretching as she guided the cock to her pussy. "Mrs. Teller?" I gasped. "Shhh," she hissed. "My husband and daughter are asleep upstairs. But I need this. I haven't cum in so long on a dick. Please, Cassandra." "Yes," I nodded, my eyes wide, my heart racing. And then my best friend's mom, the MILF I had been lusting after for years, sank her pussy down my new girl-dick.

My eyes widened at the sheer thrill of a hot pussy engulfing my dick. She was so tight and hot and silky. The pleasure was indescribable. My back arched, the couch creaking beneath me as more and more of her pussy sank down my dick. Until she had taken me to the root. She let out a throaty moan, squirming on my dick. Then she leaned over me, her eyes wild with lust, and rode my dick.

The couch groaned and squeaked as she fucked her pussy up and down my cock so hard and fast. "Oh, you're so big," she hissed, her tits bouncing beneath her robe. "So huge. So much bigger than my husband's. Oh, my god, I didn't know a dick could be this thick! It's amazing, Cassandra." "So are you," I croaked out, the pleasure rushing through me. "Just what I need," she gasped, her back arching, her tits bursting free of her robes.

I groaned at the sight of those naked, heaving mounds bouncing over me. Her nipples were so hard, the light from the kitchen falling on them as she rode me. I reached up, grasping her tits, sinking my fingers into her pillowy softness. My dick throbbed in her silky pussy, my cunt clenching.

Hot pleasure surged through me, churned by the friction of her pussy sliding faster and faster up and down my cock. She fucked me with such wild abandon, working her cunt up and down my dick, grinding her clit into my pubic moan. She hissed out her wordless pleasure, savoring my dick. She rotated her hips, swirling my cock through her cunt's depths as she fucked me.

I groaned, my fingers tightening on her tits. I moaned, my back arching. My ovaries boiled. "I'm going to cum again," I moaned. "Yes, yes, yes," she hissed. "Oh, this is so hot. You have a cock. And tits." Her hands squeezed my round breasts through my blouse and bra, my nipples aching. "This is so hot.

I can't believe this. You have a dick!" "I do!" I moaned. "And it's in your pussy! Mrs. Teller!" "Shhh!" she hissed. "My husband. He can't know. But. Oh, god, I need this. I need to cum! I need to. CUM!" She screamed it out the top of her voice as she slammed her pussy down my girth. Her cunt went wild about my dick. Throbbing, convulsing, massaging my girl-dick. My eyes shot open. The pleasure rushed through me.

It was intense. Her pussy writhed about my cock, sucking on it. Wanting my cum. "Mrs. Teller!" I hissed, my ovaries twisting.

"I'm going to." "Do it!" she hissed. "Let me feel your girl-cum in me. I need it! Oh, god, I need it!" She thrashed atop me, her breasts jiggling in my grip while my dick throbbed in her writhing depths. The hot, massaging silk drove me wild. My hips thrust up. My ovaries clenched. My cum spurted into her pussy. My eyes widened as I came in her married cunt. I had just fucked Mrs.

Teller. The pleasure boiled through my mind. Those sharp pulses of pleasure shot from my dick to my brain. I loved it. This was better than I could possibly dream. I was a futa, and I had just fucked Mrs.

Teller. "Oh, Mrs. Teller, I love you," I gasped as her pussy milked my cock. She shuddered atop me, sucking in deep breaths as she came down from her orgasmic high. She shivered, staring down at me, her eyes widening. "Oh, god, what did I just do?" "You made love to me," I smiled, squeezing her breasts. "Oh, it was beautiful." "It was wrong," she gasped, bolting off of me and backing away, my cum spilling down her thighs.

"Oh, god, what did I just do?" Then she fled the living room leaving me gasping and convulsing as my orgasm shuddered through me. Didn't she enjoy herself? Didn't she like what we did? Tears beaded the corners of my eyes. I thought I was supposed to get my wishes granted. I thought it was magical, and she. She hated it. I stared down at my still-hard cock as tears fell down my cheeks. Now what was I supposed to do? To be continued.