Schöne Ex Freundin saugt Freund

Schöne Ex Freundin saugt Freund
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Jeff loved the new $30,000 dungeon constructed with his dads (Philips money) it had everything, a cage for his slavehooks on the walls to tie them up .

A fully equipped bathroom, kitchen & tv room with a 70 inch televison. Also included for those special times of disobedience a cross to whip his slaves into shape.

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Currently on the couch in the tv room Jeff was facefucking his 50something mom Sharon for the 3rd time todayshe hadnt swallowed yet so now was time for her dessert he smiled. Ummmh ummmh the blonde with saggy tits said as her pervert son/master used her face like a pussy.

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Sharon was collaredleashed,with nipple rings & 8inch spiked heels. She hadnt seen her husband in 48hours since Jeff & she had come down to her former basement.

They had fucked, smoked some pot drank some beer and watched nasty gilf & milf porn.

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Earlier that day Jeff had her masturbate to a german porn where a 19yr old guy & 5 of his closest friends had given his 40 something bbw mom a golden shower. Since Sharon had been under Jeffs mind control now for months. She had 3 orgasms watching the disgusting humiliating spectacle. Chapter 1- The Next Day Gina was in the dungeon for the first time. He made sure she was collaredleashed, & wearing her thigh high hooker boots.


His mother Sharon had just drank his pee & had been given a golden shower, She would join them later. She was taking a water shower & cleaning up.


Jeff put his former teacher ( he had graduatedit was now July ) over his knee and spanked her saying " welcome to your new home slut". Thank you master Gina replied meekly.

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At that moment Sharon walked in all perfumed wearing only her 6 inch spiked heels. Sharon Jeff said kiss Ginas rosy red asscheeks. Yes sir replied Sharon. Chapter 2- Contd Jeff took out his dick & shoved it up Ginas ass as he & mom french kissed & he drilled his former teacher.

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Then Sharon got on her knees & sucked on her sons ass flavored penis before he stuck it back into Ginas cunt.

Gina screamed aaaaaaaaaaah as he fucked her with all his mighthe didnt bother ballgagging the whore cuz the dungeon was soundproof. Before he was about to cum Jeff pulled out & spilled all his seed all over his moms face and then told Gina to lick his dick & Sharons face which she did obediently Chapter 3 The day after her anniversary Sharon celebrated her anniversary yesterday by going out to dinner & then fucking her small dicked husband Philip.

Today though she was back where she spent most of her time in THE DUNGEON. Master Jeff had tied her to the hooks on the wall & was putting new nipple rings & nose ring on heras well as her dog collar & leash.

She had come downstairs wearing only her 8inch spiked leopard heels (Jeffs favorite).

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Once mom/sharon was readyJeff began fist fucking her. He wanted her cunt to gape as well as her ass. Sharon was now very wet as Jeff untied her & brought her to the kitchen table bent her over the kitchen table & fucked her doggy style without mercy. Thank you master, ah uh ,ahthank you may i cum Master JeffSharon asked forcefullyYES ORGASM NOWJeff responded. Sharon loved getting fucked by her sons giant prick .As Sharon came, Jeff told her to get on her knees as he came all over her face.

Chapter 4 WTF Gina and Sharon were 69ing in the dungeon as Jeff jerked off watching.


He was beginning to realize that that he had to add another submissive female to his dungeon. But who could it be?Should he hypnotize his black neighbour Vickie Jackson, She had huge tits & a nice fat assher colour would clash with Gina &Sharon both very white, He could have a chocolate/vanilla sundae anytime he wanted ?

He laughed to himself.

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Chapter 4 Vickie, Welcome to The Dungeon It wasnt that difficult for Jeff yesterday he had hypnotized Vickie & her husband Leroy. Now Leroy allows his wife to fuck white guys, & be with white women only. Vickie currently is caged,ballgagged, collared, leashed with nipple clamps & wearing 8 inch thigh hooker boots (that Jeff had Leroy buy her).

Jeff has special plans for Vickie who was a stay at home housewife. (unlike Sharon & Gina who had outside jobs ) Jeff was gonna begin training Vickie today as his dungeon sex slave(most of the time she would sexually serve him or Gina or Sharon ) As Jeff opened the cage door, he had his newest conquest get on her knees & he bent over as Vickie began licking her masters ass, Vickie had never done this before, but she licked it like it was a piece of watermelon.


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After a few more licks Jeff turned her around and fucked his 40something black neighbours face with his big white cock.Slurping away Vickie struggled to deepthroat her new masters dong before her unloaded a load of white jism down her throat then she swallowed his cream Chapter 5-Vickie sleeps in the cage The next morningGina & Sharon woke Vickie up she had stayed overnight in the dungeon.

It was Saturday& by orders of the master both ladies were wearing 12 inch white strapon dildos. Both had lubed up & Sharon was now lying on the bed as Ginaunlocked the cage & told Vickie to ride SharonVickie obeyed as Gina got behind as the vanilla /chocolate sundae was now accomplished.

As Master Jeff filmed all on his cellphone.