Cheating wife gives blowjob Sacramento CA

Cheating wife gives blowjob Sacramento  CA
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I'm 21, going to college. Late one afternoon, after classes, I am hanging out in my apartment, having a beer, not doing much. Girl screaming. Man cursing. "Get in the car fucking bitch!" More screaming. I do renaissance faires, so I have lots of swords. Like to imagine I'm a brave, medieval knight. Yeah, kind of dumb, I guess. Anyway, I grab a sword and run outside. A big, ex-con looking guy is trying to pull a young teen girl into his car.

He has a bat, which he tries to hit her with. I guess to knock her out. She puts up her free arm, which he hits with a sickening thud. "Leave her alone, mother fucker!" I yell, stumbling toward him.

"Fuck you asshole mother fucker son of a bitch!" he yells back. He lets go of the girl, who falls to the ground. Sirens in the distance. Got to keep him occupied until the cops arrive. He's got to be high on drugs. Totally crazy. Comes at me swinging wildly with the bat. "Come and get me asshole!" I yell. Oh, shit! I had grabbed one of my reenactment swords.

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Not sharpened. At least solidly made, not some candy-assed fantasy sword for hanging on the wall. I block the bat several times. A brave neighbor tries to get to the girl. For his efforts, the crazy guy hits him in the head with the bat.

He goes down, unconscious. I stab the jerk's back as hard as I can but the point isn't sharp enough to make a serious wound. At least I draw him away from the girl and the unconscious neighbor.

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Glad I took some training on actually using a sword. Where the fuck are the cops!? Moving backward to draw him away, I trip and fall on my back, losing my sword. He raises the bat to clobber me. "Stay down!" We both turn to see an elderly neighbor holding a pistol. "Drop the bat!" Instead, the crazy guy charges him. The first 2 slugs don't seem to do much. The old guy doesn't flinch. He empties his gun into the weirdo, killing him. Later, I learn that the old guy is a retired Marine with plenty of combat service in both WWII and Korea.

Meanwhile, I scramble over to the girl. She is, of course, hysterical. She clutches me with her good hand and sobs against my chest. Finally, the cops arrive (always there when you need them), followed by the paramedics. One of the paramedics checks the neighbor with the lump on his head. He is conscious now but groggy. The other paramedic looks at the girl's arm. He says it is probably broken. He puts on a temporary splint. We decide that she doesn't need an expensive ride to the ER.

She just needs to go to urgent care fairly soon.

They leave with the groggy guy. The cops ask everyone a bunch of questions. One cop says the dead guy had served 20 years in the pen for raping and murdering a young girl. This young girl shudders and presses against me.

I find out her name is Madison and she is 15. "Sixteen in 3 months." Madison's mom is out of town and won't be home until 10 pm. I offer to take her to urgent care. She sheepishly whispers that she peed her pants a little during the fight. I give her some drawstring shorts and a big t-shirt. (I wear XXL.) We call her mom. She is hysterical. She calls urgent care and gives permission for them to x-ray Madison and put on a cast. Afterward, I offer to take Madison to her house but she is frightened.

She wants to stay with me until her mom gets home. I am now her knight in shining armor. I say I would be happy to have her. We go to my house and order a pizza. She is very clingy. I am feeling very foolishly heroic. Madison's mom calls to say that her connecting flight has been canceled. She will have to take a red-eye late that night and not get home until morning.

She is even more hysterical. We assure her that Madison is OK. I say Madison can stay with me. She, of course, wants Madison to go to a girlfriend's house. But now I'm Madison's hero and she wants me to protect her. Her mother gives in. I put a pillow and some blankets on the sofa for Madison.

I stroke her hair and talk softly to her until it seems like she will be able to go to sleep. It takes me a while to calm down enough to go to sleep myself. Before long, though, Madison is clinging to me and crying. She begs to sleep with me.

Nervously, I agree. All she has on is the t-shirt. I don't have any intention of violating her trust in me.

But I'm sure her mother wouldn't approve. Several time during the night, I wake up to her clutching me and sobbing. I hold her, feeling very noble. When I wake up in the morning, her hand is around my dick and she is giggling. The t-shirt has ridden up around her waist. Her eyes are red but she is smiling. "You have an erection." Gently taking her hand. "Yes, I guess you've never slept with a guy before. Guys nearly always wake up with an erection, even when they don't wake up with a beautiful woman in their bed.

Giggles. "That felt wonderful, honey, but you mustn't." More giggles. "Why?" Because I can see the headlines now - "Local hero found to be sicko pedophile." Sitting up. "But you haven't done anything." "I doubt the DA would see it that way." "Silly.

No one will ever know. Let me suck you. I'm very good." She quickly moves her mouth around my dick. Exasperated sigh. "I can't, kitten, I just can't." "You're not going to do anything but lay there and get a great blow job." "If you give me a great blow job, I'll probably ravish you." "Oh, goody.

I want you to be the one who takes my virginity. At least the virginity of my pussy. My mouth hasn't been virgin for a couple of years." Pulling her to me. "I think we should get something to eat." "We could stay here and you could eat my pussy." "I'm sure your pussy is delicious. But I was thinking of something more traditional, like scrambled eggs or pancakes." Mock pouting.

"Well, OK. I still want to fuck you though." "Maybe when you reach the age of consent." "Cool! That's 16 in this state. I only have to wait 3 months!" "We'll see." "Ugh. Why do adults always say that." I give her a robe. We have breakfast.

Finally, her mom arrives. She hugs Madison like she will never let go. Then she hugs me. I think she is going to fall asleep in my arms while hugging me.

"Do you need some coffee?" "I guess that would be good. I couldn't sleep at all on the plane." I sit her down on the couch. By the time I come back with the coffee, she is asleep. I gently put her down on the couch, covering her with a blanket. Madison and I agree that we want to see each other again.

She wants to fix a special "banquet" to honor her brave knight. Eventually, her mom (Jan) wakes up. After some fresh coffee, they are ready to leave. Madison puts her arms around my neck. "I read medieval romance novels, you know, m'lord. Now that I have spent the night in your castle with no maid servant, you must marry me anon." Playing along, I kneel.

"M'lady, were this the 13th century, I would have already sent for the priest. But methinks your mother wouldst not approve." "Nay, marry her, m'lord.

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Do ye know how much it costs to keep a princess in fashion now days? Not to mention the cost of college." Jan and I laugh. Madison smiles mischievously. The following weekend, Madison makes a wonderful "banquet" for me, my 2 brave neighbors and their wives. The food is great.

Madison is adorable. Hmmm. Could I really marry a sixteen year old girl? I insist that we have "play dates" until Madison is older. Movie matinees and stuff. As her birthday approaches, I try to find out what she might like. Her answer is always "You!" Finally, she grins and says "Do I have to spell it out? I want you to fuck me!" One Saturday, Madison is at some school function.

I am doing some repairs around their house.

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I go into the kitchen to get a drink of water. Jan puts her hands on my shoulders.

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"I guess Madison has told you what she wants you to give her for her birthday." Turning red. "Heh, heh. Y-yeah." Clearing my throat. "I really think you should." Shit.


Is Jan really telling me to pop her little girl's cherry?! "I'm serious. I told her when she reached puberty that when she was ready for sex I would get her birth control and support her decision. She asked for condoms two years ago. Right after you rescued her, she asked for birth control pills." Gulp. "If you don't do it, she will lose her virginity to some pimply high school boy who will cum after 2 thrusts, then dump her.

I know you will be gentle and go slow." "Y-y-yes. I w-will. Uh, I mean, I w-would." Talking about this and standing so close to me has had its effect on Jan. "Actually," unbuttoning my shirt, Maybe I should make sure you are a good lover." "I-I-I.

. ." She moves back a step, looking at the floor. "I'm sorry. That was totally out of line.

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God, I feel like that slimy Mrs. Robinson in The Graduate. Why would you want to make love to an old woman?" Taking her tenderly in my arms. "Jan, dear, you are nothing like Mrs. Robinson. You are sweet and beautiful. You look young enough to pass for someone my age." Slight exaggeration but I would definitely card her if I was a bartender. "You just took me off guard." Softly. "I want to make love to you." "We shouldn't. Madison.

. ." "Madison has made it clear that she is going to go to school dances and stuff with boys her age and, in her words "go down on them if they are really cute." She has told me repeatedly that she understands my needs, and fully expects me to have sexual relations with other women." Unhooking Jan's bra and caressing her breasts. Unfastening her pants. It would be easy to imagine I'm making love to Madison, if I wanted to. Jan is petite. I'm not one of those pretentious guys who claim to be able to guess woman's bra sizes.

Let's just say that she doesn't really need one. She is nicely waxed or shaved, with only a little triangle of hair. I'm pretty sure that Jan has not been with a man since Madison's father died many years earlier. She is as shy and awkward as a young virgin.

And I have fucked teen girls with looser vaginas.

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When Madison gets home, Jan is in the kitchen making dinner. Her hair is still messed up. She is glowing and humming to herself. I am finishing my repairs, looking way too nonchalant.

Madison grins. Kissing me, she whispers "You naughty boy! Did you fuck my mommy?" My embarrassed look is her answer. "Good! She has needed to be fucked for a long time." Kisses me again. At dinner, Jan and I talk too fast and too loud about nothing. Madison almost laughs out loud at us. Weird picking Madison up for the weekend. "Bye, Jan, by the time we get back, I will have popped your daughter's cherry." No, I don't actually say that.

Jan already has 'my baby is growing up' tears in her eyes. Jan has rented a beach cabin for Madison's romantic birthday. I bring along candles and CDs with romantic music to set the mood. In stories like this, you read crap about turning a little girl "into a woman." Hah! The minute we get our stuff into the cabin, Madison starts ripping off my and her clothes. She pulls me down on the bed, then rams her pussy down on my dick and starts humping like a tigress in heat.

So much for setting the mood. So much for gently breaking her hymen. She does have a more womanly air after we make love. Can't take credit for that though. It seems like she has memorized the Kama Sutra and is working her way through all the positions.

We actually do spend some time on the beach. Madison has brought a bikini that just barely hides how bright pink her pussy is from fucking. From the back, she looks deliciously nude. The next weekend, all three of us go for a hike. Jan jogs most days, so she has no problem. I work out at the gym, so I'm in good shape.

Madison is your typical sedentary teen who gets her exercise by walking around the mall. She doesn't eat much dinner and says she's going to turn in early. Jan and I talk for a long time and drink quite a few glasses of wine. We start kissing and fondling each other. I start removing her clothes. "Wait. We shouldn't. Madison. . ." "Sound asleep. Anyway, she wouldn't mind." Jan puts up token resistance.

Soon, we are making love on the couch. We decide we would be more comfortable in her bed. Around 6 am, we each go to pee, then come back to bed. Not planning on anything except maybe getting some more sleep.

So neither of us bothers to close the door. Madison, grinning, holding up my briefs in one hand, Jan's bra and panties in the other. "Are you two going to fuck all morning?" Shocked to hear Jan say "We're not fucking. We're just tired from so much fucking last night." Giggles. Irrepressible Madison in bed with us nude. "Did you wear out his dick or is there some left for me?" Feeling my dick, which responds. "Mmmm. Yes, you did leave some." "What am I?


Your personal family stud?" Rolling on top of her and getting in her pussy. Oh, shit, her mom is right next to us. Cool. . She's looking very embarrassed but also very hot.

"Yes. You are, in fact, our stud. Now give me a good fucking, stud." "Believe me I will, you slutty little cock whore." I do. Hottest thing I've ever done, fucking Madison with her mom next to us, caressing and kissing us. Matched only by shifting over and fucking Jan in front of her daughter.

Judging from the heavy breathing and other signs, it is just as hot for them. After I ravish both of them, Jan gives Madison some soft kisses on her mouth, titties, tummy and even little pussy mound.


Not heavy "girl-girl action" - just love kisses. I move in with them, after being assured that there is room for all my ren faire stuff. (OK, I have a lot more of that than my 21st century stuff.) Never know when it will come in handy. The End