Cop Cavity search leads to pussy spit roast

Cop Cavity search leads to pussy spit roast
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The names Cal, I'm 27 and was recently single when my friend Jake started acting suspiciously. Jake and I worked together in construction. And normally after a long day we'd go out to the bar with some of the other guys and drink until we forgot about our shitty jobs. But lately Jake kept ditching out on us for the dumbest reasons.


He'd say he had to feed a neighbors cat or pick his sisters kid up from practice. Today was something even more unbelievable. "Hey Jake you coming tonight?" I asked per usual. "Can't tonight, I'm supposed to be getting a package later tonight that I have to sign for.

Later!" He said walking over to his car. A package. At nighttime. This dumbass excuse peeked my interest even more and I decide to follow Jake wherever he was going. I got in my car and waited for him to get around the corner before following him.

I kept a good distance behind. Jake lived in an apartment building only a few minutes away, but after a few odd turns it was clear that wasn't where he was heading. I followed him just outside of the city to an empty junkyard. He gets out and looks around him, spotting my car. I'm about to duck down but he sees me and starts walking over.

"Cal what the hell?" I ask
 "What are you doing here man?" I ask rolling down my window. "Why'd you follow me?" he asked
 "Answer the question!" I say "Fuck, alright follow me but you can't tell anyone. Nobody, understand?" Jake said getting serious. "Yea dude whatever" I say getting out of my car.

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Jake leads me into the junk yard. We walk past piles of shit and finally come to a large piece of scrap metal. Jake pushes it to the side and underneath it there is a door. Jake lifts it up revealing a ladder and starts climbing down. "Come on dude, make sure you close the door on your way down" Jake says.

I do as he says and follow him down the ladder. We end up in a tiny room, maybe the size of a public restroom. There are two large doors and a man in a mask standing in the middle with a gun and a bucket full of money. Above the right door it says "willing" above the left it says "unwilling" "Hey George" Jake says to the man in the mask dropping around what looks to be $300 into the bucket.

He looks at me and I pull out my wallet. I only have $120. "You better pay me back man." Jake says giving George the other $180 that I owe for some reason.

George nods to us and Jake takes us through the door that says "unwilling" "Jake what the hell is this" I ask him as he leads me through the "unwilling" door and down a long dark hallway. "You'll see" He says as we keep walking. Finally we get to the room and my jaw drops. Lined up against the left wall are young girls of all shapes and sizes chained up by collars in their bras and underwear.

On the right wall are a eight doors leading to god knows where, and right in the middle of the room there are a bunch of bondage devices with young girls tied up to them, being fucked, and waiting to be fucked. Most crying, looking numb.

My initial reaction is disgust but I look down and see that my cock is instantly hard, and so is Jakes. "You can either use the public girls with other guys or you can take a girl from the wall to one of those rooms and do with her as you like. But since we paid premium you can actually take up to three girls at a time if you'd like." Jake says to me. He instantly pulls out his cock and walks towards the middle of the room. I see him approach a skinny blonde white girl who's in a pillory.

He smacks her face and she opens her mouth for him. he starts fucking her face and I don't even know where to start. Part of me feels sick.

Unwilling, means these girls are being held here against their will we're… i didn't even want to say it. I was sick that it turned me on so much.

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Seeing Jake fuck that young girls mouth god. She couldn't have been older than 16. I look over to the wall of girls and see an array of choices.

A few skinny blondes, some brunettes with thick thighs, girls with big breasts, tiny tits with big asses, lots of asians. My eyes couldn't stop looking at one girl in particular though. She had curly red hair that was in loose locks and went to her shoulders. Small tits with a big round ass and thick thighs. They had her dressed in a plain black bra and lacy black thong with stockings.

She looked young. I wanted her. I walk over to the girl unsure of what to do next. As soon as I got to her and stood in front I saw her begin to shake and look away.

Clearly terrified of being picked. She looked so fucking innocent. just turned me on more. "Hey there." I say to her. She instantly dropped to her knees in front of me and took a key out of her bra, handing it to me. I guess that was what they were told to do. I took the key and unlocked her collar. I grabbed her hand and led her across the room to one of the doors. I used the same key to open the room. The room had red walls. The bed in the middle had a black silk comforter and lots of ways to tie the girl up to it with ropes and shackles.

The room also came with whips, an array of dildos, plugs, and vibrators and other various… torture looking objects which I wasn't quite into.

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I sat the girl down on the bed and sat in the one chair they had sitting in front of it. "Do you have a name pretty girl?" I asked.

"Rosalind." She answered, her voice sweet and soft. "I'm Cal. How old are you Rosalind?"
 "16" she answered. I was correct. I didn't know what to ask her to do first. I'd have liked to just strip her down and fuck her immediately but I had paid money for this and I figured I should get more out of it than just a quick fuck.

"Sit on the edge of the bed and spread your legs." I told her. She did as I said and spread her sweet legs. She rubbed herself over her panties with her black painted nails. "Good, now remove your bra and let me see those tits." I say and she did, no questions asked, still looking incredibly uncomfortable. Her tits were small and perky, and her pink nipples were hard. "Now stand up and bend over in front of me." I said to her. She gulped and did. I grabbed her hips and backed her up into me until her ass was pressed against my face.

I smelled her pussy and groaned. I ripped her panties off of her and sat her on my lap. "grind on me." I commanded her placing my large dirty hands on her white thighs. She started to move her ass all over my lap and I felt my cock growing even larger inside my pants.

I grabbed her by the hair and pulled her back against me, kissing her neck. She couldn't help but let out little noises that got me going even more. I grabbed her and placed her over my lap and started spanking her ass. I spanked over and over until she started to squeal. I wanted to hear her pleasure and pain.

The red marks on her ass got me going even more. I then spread her cheeks and put a finger in her pussy. It was soaking wet. "you like that little girl?" I said thrusting my fingers in and out of her sopping little cunt.

She started to moan and I smacked her ass again. Holding her ass open I started staring at her asshole. I'd never thought about fucking a woman in the ass but this one i wanted to. I picked her up and put her on the bed. "Face down ass up." I told her and she did. I then spread her cheeks and ran my tongue over her little pink asshole.

She moaned and I did it again. I started licking her little asshole until I felt brave enough to stick in a finger. She moved away from me a bit when I did it but I shoved it in anyways and smacked her. "You ever been fucked in the ass before little girl?" I asked her. "No" She said.

"Then I have to" I said. Thats when I felt the full animal in me really come out. I pull my finger out of her hole and started to tongue fuck her hole, trying to get my tongue inside as far as I could which she really did seem to be enjoying. I saw her pussy start dripping underneath and I stuck two fingers inside of it as I tongue fucked her little ass. She started to writhe on the bed and I couldn't take it anymore.

I stripped out of my clothes and let my cock free. It was thick and long, and throbbing. I grabbed her hair and pulled her off the bed to the ground. I was going to have her start sucking my cock but I got another good idea.

I left her there on the floor and walked over to the selection of vibrators. I grabbed one for her pussy and one for her ass. "Back up on the bed." I say looking down at the sweet thing with her big green eyes. She got back up for me and back in the same position I'd had her in a minute ago. I shoved one vibrator into her ass and the other I attached to her pussy right on her clit.

I then shoved her back to the ground and smack her cute little face. "Suck me." I say taking a fist full of her curly red hair.

She opens her mouth and takes the head in slowly and starts licking around it. Its clear we were going to have to speed things up. I force her head down on my cock and start bobbing it up and down on my shaft. "Cmon, suck!" I yell at her, pulling my cock out and smacking her face with it. I finally get her to do it well enough on her own. "Good now look up at me." I say and I see her teary eyes start staring back at me.

I sit back in the chair in front of the bed and put my arms behind my head. "Good girl, now suck on daddys hairy balls" I tell her surprised at myself. I'm daddy now? What the hell had come over me. She did as I said and started to suck on the balls. It was clear the vibrators were really getting to her. Her legs started wiggle around underneath her and her body was jolting as sucked my balls.

I felt a little too close too cumming in that moment as she looked up at me like a little doll and sucked on my junk so I shoved her off and had her get back on the bed. Her pussy was nice and ready for me but I didn't want it. I wanted her cute little ass.

I bent her over again, pulled the tiny vibrator out of her ass and shoved it in her pussy and then spit in her hole, then shoved two fingers in. She squealed in pain and I spanked her. I shoved the fingers in and out then and then added a third one. She was making a lot of noise now.

Everytime I heard the word stop I spanked her harder. My cock was fucking ready. I took the tip and pushed it into her ass, I instantly groaned as she let out a painful moan.

I spit on my shaft a few times more before shoving the rest of it in. It felt so good as I felt her muscles contract around my cock trying to shove me out. She started to scream and cry and I just shoved deep into the mattress and began thrusting.

"please" she cried and I smacked her ass and thrusted harder. I felt myself about to cum so I pulled out of her ass and pulled her back to her knees to suck me. She was crying and sucking me and I smacked her to make sure she looked up. I came down her throat as she gagged and then I laid down on the bed. "now come here little girl and ride my face until you cum too" I said to her.

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After I was done with the girl I felt a bit guilty, but it was the best sex I'd ever had, I wanted to keep her. I wondered how much money it'd cost to buy that cute little thing.

Jake and I both didn't go to the bar after work anymore. And the money I used from my paycheck wasn't going where it needed to. ————————————————————————— PART TWO Seeing Rosalind had become a regular thing.

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I paid for her atleast once a week and couldn't get enough of fucking her tight little ass. It seemed she had grown an attachment towards me. She now begged for my dick willingly and told me about all the other nasty guys that had fucked her throughout the day.

Then one day I came into the place and she wasn't available. I was instantly angered. That was my little whore and someone else was fucking her.

I knew others fucked her, but not on my time. I grabbed a key and began entering all the rooms until I found her. There she was tied to the bed, a vibrator on her clit while an old fat man was rubbing his sack all over her face. It turned me on to see the old dude using her like that.

"Suck them you little bitch" he said not even noticing I had entered. I was instantly hard watching him forcing his big saggy balls on her cute face. When he finally got off of her he saw me.

"What are you doing in here?" He asked. Rosalind face lit up a little when she saw me. "Thats my girl. I'm going to watch. Keep going." I said sitting in the chair. The guy looked perplexed but went on anyways. He laid on his back and had her ride on his cock while he sucked on her tits. I took out my cock and started jerking at the site. Finally the old guy bent over and told Rosalind to eat his ass.

She looked disgusted and looked over at me with pleading eyes, as if begging me to stop him from making her do it.

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I gave her a stern look. She spread his cheeks and started to lick his asshole while he jerked himself and grunted. "yea princess just like that lick my dirty hole" he said to her. He ended up sitting on her face and making her eat his ass like that while he jerked. He finally got off of her and flipped her over, spread her ass and came on her butthole. He smacked her a few times before getting dressed and leaving me alone with her. "You're a dirty girl huh?

Eating his ass like that." I said as she crawled over me and instantly put her mouth around my cock like it fucking belonged there. She sucked till I came and she swallowed every single drop. I laid her on the bed and ate her sweet little cunt till she squirted all over my face.

The next time i came Rosalind was available, but instead of taking her into a room I took her to the middle of the floor and put in into a pillory. I wanted her to be up for personal use. After seeing her with that old guy it was clear she needed to have more cocks in her than just mine. I wanted to see her destroyed. Two large black guys came in as I had her sucking my cock and I asked them to come over and help me out.

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I traded off with one of them as they shoved their cock in her sweet little mouth and the other shoved his cock in her raw ass, making her cry. I got underneath and started to eat her pussy.

She cried and moaned as we all worked on her in front of the entire room. The guy fucking her ass kept smacking her ass extremely hard. "Ahh yea this dirty little cunt can really suck" The guy fucking her mouth said her pussy was dripping like crazy into my mouth. Eventually the guy fucking her sweet little ass came and when he pulled out the cum dripped down into her pussy and i ate it out of her.

A few guys came in later that wanted me to let her out. They laid her on the floor and spread open her legs and started to piss on her pussy. She cried really hard at this. It turned me on. Seeing her be degraded and pisses on. Her pink little cunt splashed over. "Say thank you for that cunt" the one guy said to Rosalind. She said nothing.


"Say thank you!" He said grabbing her by the hair and pulling her to her knees. "Thankyou" Rosalind whimpered. "Thankyou for what, cunt?" he asked spitting on her face.

"Thankyou for pissing on me." She answered and he let her hair go, she dropped to the ground. I took her back to the showers and cleaned her up after this. I washed her gently as she cried into my arms. "Why did you let them do that to me?" She asked. "Daddy likes seeing other guys go savage on you.

You want to please me don't you?" I ask her, getting her clean. "Yes." "and why is that." "because i worship your cock and I'm your little slut here to please you." "mm thats right." I say.