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Ideal teenie is gaping slim cunt in close range and coming
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"We have to get to Alaska," Vash kept telling himself as he drove through the darkness of the night. Vash drove as fast as his car would take him down the highway as a figure appeared in the headlights and was crushed by Vash's car.

He couldn't believe what had happened in the last few hours. Twenty year old Vash woke to the screams of people and gunshots. "What the fuck is going on?" Vash said to himself as he walked to the front door and opened it to see a horde of bloody zombies attacking people and eating their flesh.

"Holy shit," Vash yelled as he slammed the door shut and ran to his sister's room.

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"Serenity, we have to leave," Vash yelled as he threw open the door. "What the fuck Vash don't you know how to knock?" Serenity yelled. "There's no time to argue. We have to go now." Vash said. "Just stop and take a breath. Now what is going on?" "Zombies&hellip.

zombies are everywhere." "Stop joking around Vash. We both know zombies are just in movies. You're joking right?" "I wish I was joking." Serenity looked into Vash's eyes and could tell he was serious. "Oh god," Serenity said. Vash and Serenity collected all their guns and all the food that didn't need to be cooked or kept cold and put most of it in the back seat of Vash's car and the rest went into the trunk.

They both got into the car and Vash started the engine and opened the garage door. Vash pulled out of the driveway and sped off into the darkness. Vash looked over at his now sleeping sister and couldn't help but notice how beautiful she is. At seventeen years old she was blooming quite well. She had developed breasts that looked to be the size of ripe oranges, was fairly thin and was about 5 foot 7.

Vash drove until the sun rose and he pulled into a driveway that led to a small one level house with a single stall garage. Vash shut off the engine and reached into the back seat and grabbed a handgun.

Vash popped in a full clip and got out of the car. In the daylight Vash could see all the way to the horizon and couldn't see any zombies. "Why did we stop?" Serenity said waking up. "I'm going to check this house so we can stay here for a while. Lock the doors, Ill be back in a few minutes," Vash told Serenity.

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Vash walked up to the front door and rang the doorbell. When nobody answered Vash opened the door and disappeared inside. A few minutes later gunshots came from the house then there was silence.


Serenity sat in the car becoming more and more scared as each minute passed. Ten minutes later Vash came out of the house and Serenity unlocked the doors. "I heard gunshots. Was there anybody inside?" Serenity asked. "No, No one was inside. A mouse scared me that's all," he told Serenity as he got back in and started the engine. After parking the car in the garage they both grabbed as many guns as they could and went into the house. They both went through the house locking all the windows and checking for things they could take with them.

When they were done Vash and Serenity sat on a small couch in the living room and turned on the TV. Vash flipped through the channels to see nothing but static until he stopped on a news station that showed a man sitting behind a news desk saying, "The dead have risen and are attacking people and eating their flesh. The people that are attacked rise up and attack other people.

Stay in your homes and lock all the doors and windows and barricade your house so nobody can get in. If you have been bitten stay away from other people because you will change and attack the closest person. The only way to defeat the zombies are to destroy the brain or by removing the head. Guns work best as long as you shoot the zombies in the head but blunt force works well too. I repeat the only way to kill the zombies are to dest&hellip." Serenity turned off the TV cutting the man off mid sentence.

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"I don't want to watch TV. I'm so scared Vash. I don't want to lose you and I don't want to die", Serenity said as she cried into Vash's chest.

"Don't worry, you won't lose me and I will protect you from everything out there. I would never let you get hurt so you're safe with me," he told Serenity.

She looked into his eyes and their lips met. They kissed slowly at first then they kissed with undying passion. Vash broke the kiss and said,"We can't do this." "Why not, I love you and we might not live much longer. I want this no I need this," Serenity said as she rubbed her brother's hardening cock through his pants. Vash couldn't resist any longer so he scooped Serenity in his arms and carried her to the only bedroom on the house and placed her on the bed. As soon as she touched the bed she started undressing as did Vash.

A few minutes later they both were in the bed naked and they started kissing again.


Vash kissed down her body until he was between her spread legs and started licking her shaved pussy tasting her juices. He started licking her clit and slowly thrusted first one finger then two into her wet pussy. Serenity started to moan loudly as sexual electricity ran down her spine to her pussy and her orgasm ripped through her body.

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When her orgasm ended Vash moved back up her body until they were face to face. They kissed passionately as serenity reached between their bodies and grabbed Vash's cock and placed it at the entrance to her hot hole.

Vash slowly thrusted his eight inch cock into Serenity's hot pussy until he bottomed out and thrusted out and in slowly. Serenity started moaning as Vash filled her so completely.

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She was now pleading Vash to fuck her hard so he started to slowly thrust in and out just to tease her. He quickly started to go faster and faster because he was also teasing himself and he wanted to cum just as much as she did. In no time at all he was fucking her as hard as he could.

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He lowered his head and sucked one of her nipples into his mouth and tweaked the other nipple. This caused Serenity to start thrashing and moaning loudly. Vash could tell she was going to cum soon and thrusted as fast as he could. As they were reaching their climaxes and he gave her a dozen more jackhammer quick thrusts as her orgasm took over her body.

Serenity's pussy started convulsing around Vash's cock sending him over the edge and his cock pumped stream after stream of cum into her pussy. When their orgasms subsided she straddled Vash and inserted his still hard cock into her hot wet hole.

She put all her weight in it and dropped herself, impaling herself on his still rock hard cock. As soon as he was all in her she started to ride him. She started out slow and rotated her hips each time she dropped down. But she slowly started to bounce on his cock faster and faster until she was bouncing so fast and hard he thought the bed might break under them.

He could feel his next orgasm start to build and knew he was going to cum soon. It only took about five more minuets then he knew he couldn't hold it back any longer as they were both racked with their second incredible orgasm. The entire time they climaxed she didn't stop riding Vash and the pleasure was so good it almost hurt. Serenity only slowed down a little but didn't stop riding him.

He was surprised his cock was still hard after two orgasms and he also knew he was going to cum again but he knew he had some time before that happened. Serenity knew she was going to cum again and started riding him faster than ever before. Pretty soon she was bouncing so high and hard his cock slipped out a couple times but she just put it back in. Now they could feel their third orgasms building. Serenity yelled," Oh god, I'm going to cum again." Sure enough after a couple more minuets she was racked with rounds of orgasms.

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This time she stopped bouncing so Vash thrusted up into her. As her pussy squeezed onto his cock he couldn't hold back and came into her with a loud moan. She had a couple more orgasms before finally falling onto his chest.

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She was panting and breathing so hard he thought she might pass out but it only took a couple minuets before her breathing slowed to normal and she rolled off Vash and they fell asleep.