Nurse Will Try Anything For Cash

Nurse Will Try Anything For Cash
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i woke up, yet again unsure of what had woken me so suddenly. this was the second day in a row i had awoken from a deep sleep with the nagging feeling that someone was watchingme.i looked around with blurry eyes, searching for some reason as to why i was awake. and failed. but there was still that feeling that i was being watched.whatever.

i was startled out of my deep thoughtsas a shiver ran through me. see, i sleep either nude or in just boxers every night.

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as my room tended to get hot during the lon, hot summer months. i always had my fan on, and usually set it on low before i fell asleep, but had forgotten to turn it down last night. the shiver ran through me again, this time more around my midregion. i looked down, and realized that i had a boner. "must have been a good dream," i thought.

"if only i could remember it.nope. oh well, maybe later i will." i walked out of my room, my semi flaccid cock swining betwen my legs. as i passed by i peaked through a crack in m little sisters door, just to make sure she wasnt awake, then slipped over into the bathroom. i stood there for a while, trying to piss in an attempt to deflate my cock, which for some unknown reason was hard again. "damn thing, youre always a pain in the ass.

never cooperate when i need you too," i grumbled. sincr it was obvious i wasnt getting anywhere like this, i decided to try and take shower, hoping that the water would do a better job of ridding me of this boner than the piss had.

so i turned on the water and jumped rght in. the water felt amazing as it wasked over me, but it wasnt doing anything as far as my erection as concerned. getting frustrated as hell, i did the only thing left that i knew would help. i reached down, wrappeed my hand around the engorged shaft, slowly stroking it as i thought about my latest fantasy.

let me describe myself before i get too far into my story. i am 6'2", about 175 lbs, brown hair and brown eyes. i have never really been very muscular, ive always more on the toned side. i wasnt a knock out, but i could still get a girlfriend easily. but out of all of this, my pride and joy was definitely my cock.

it stood tall and strong at 7" long and 1 1/2" in width.

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it had driven each of my ex"s wild. back when i had had a girl.

for now i was single. so i stood there, pumping my hand up and down my shaft, while rolling my balls around with my other hand. after about ten min i was getting close to cumming, and began to stroke faster. suddenly i rose up on my toes, and was just about to blow my load, when in walked my lil sister, Abby. i saw her stand there in the doorway, jaw wide open, as i turned to look, only to cum all over the glass door of the shower.

she just stood there, unsure of what to do as rope after rope of thick, white cum hit the glass and dripped down the door. she stood there captivated by the sight, then turned bright red and ran out of the bathroom, apologizing as she did.

i quickly finished washing myself and the door off, then went into my room to get dressed for the day. about twenty min later i walked downstairs to find my sister making breakfast and trying to avoid me.

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it was just the two of us in the house, as usual. see, my parents had divirced about ten years ago, when i was nine and my sister five. my dad managed to get full custody of us, and had simply never gotten remarried. he worked long, hard hours to give me and Abby the best life he could. Abby stood in the kitchen in front of the stove, scrambling eggs and making a concerted effort avoid all eye contact with me.

i laughed and walked over to the refridgerator, getting out the milk and cereaal. "whats so funny?" Abby asked as she turned to look at me. "nothing, i just love how embarassed you are because of earlier." i answered. she went red and turned backaround, saying, "i felt so embarassed, walking in in you like that." "its ok, lets just forget it ever happened." "ok," she answered and sat down for breakfast.

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we ate our breakfasts in an awkward silence, then both went our seperate ways, me too play XBOX and her to go gossip with her friends n IM. around noon she knocked on my dorr, telling me she was gnna go for a swim in our pool, and asking whether i would want to comejoin her.

i said i woul be out shortly, i was just gnna finish a few matches. about ten min later i went downstairs in my bathing suit, only to find her already splashing around.

i quickly jumped in and dunked her under, laughing the whole time.

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we spalshed around for a few hours, then she announced that she felt like tanning. she got out and walked over to a lawn chair, grabbing lotion as she did so.

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she laid down, and i was just about to go swim a few laps when i heard her callme over. wondering what she could want now, i got out and walked over. "whats up sis?" i asked. "ould you help me? i need lotion on my back and cantreach all of it. id do it myslef, but i want it to be even," she asked. "fine," i reluctantly said. she laid down and undid her tops strings, thanking me for giving in as she did so.i slowly began to rub the smelly lotion into her back, making sure to do a good job so she wouldnt get mad at me over having it uneven or i sat there, covering her back with oil, i taook the time to look her over.

now abby was good looking but i had never really thought of her in any sexual way. she had some good qualities to her though.

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like her small frame, standing at only 5'2" but still having 32C's. she had a good waistline too. not overly skinny, but not anywhwre near fat either. as i rubbed the lotion into her back, and looked at her waistline, i couldnt help but let my eyes and mind wander further south.

my vision slowly tarveled over her butt. it looked so firm, yet so soft at the same time. i sat there, rubbing that oil in her lower back, wishing i could just move my hands a lil bit lower, when she suddenly reached down andundid the strings at the sides of her swim bottoms, pulling at the bottoms so that it slipped inside her butt crack, suddenly exposing her ass cheeks to the world.

"do you mind?" she asked nervously, implying that she wanted me to keep moving south. "i.guess," i said, and slowly slid my hands down her ass felt exactly how it looked. perfect. i softly rubbed in the oil, moving myhands in slow circles.i pulled and sqyeezed as i did, and she made no move to stop me. and she had to know how much i was enjoying it. i mean, she had al 7" of my cock rubbing up against her leg. and as i was doing it, i swore i heard her softly moan inot her pillow.

about ten minutes later i had finished covering her body with the lotion, and announced i was gonna head inside. "ok," she said and went back to tanning. as i went in the back door i heard the phone begin to ring.

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i wiped of my hands on a towel and answered. "hello?" i answered "hey sam, its dad." oh hey dad, whats up?" "i just wanted to let you and your sister know that im headed on a last minute business trip. i wont even have enought ime to come home and pack tonight. and i wanted to ceck on you two before i left." "ok," i answered.

"we'll be fine dad. its the summer so we have nowhere to go." "ok. i gotta go. tell your sister i siad i love you guys." "i will," i said, and hung up. i decided i was hungey and threw a pizza in the oven while i ran upstairs to take a quick shower. after i got out i went back downstairs to find abby already showered and changed.

she had decided to dress relaxed as it was just the two of us and had worn her pajamas, a long t-shirt. i sat down to grab some pizza, and almost instantly she got up. curious, i looked over to see why she got up, only to see her stand on her tippy toes and reach up to the top shelf to grab a cup. not a bug deal excpet for what i saw,and what i saw made my eyes widen and my jaw drop. my lil sister was wearing mo panties! disturbingly, my cock instantly jumped to attention.

i looked away, adjusting my pajamas every way imaginable in an attempt to try and hide th considerable tent i was now pitcing in my pants, but to no avail. she turned around, saw me fidgeting, and looked down to see what i was doing. as soon as she saw the bulge, she did something interesting, and bit her lip, grinning the whole time. "so you noticed?" she said with a sly grin. "well.yeah," i said, still trying to hide my boner. witout saying anohter word, she reached down and pulled the t-shirt up over her head, revealing a pair of beautiful, perky 32C's and a ttally bald, but already wet pussy.

as this happened i realized that i had been stroking my cock thorugh my bottoms the whole time. she noticed too, and pulled me to my feet. she swiftly pulled my shirt over my head and dropped it on the floor. before i could say a word, she yanked my pajama bottoms down, releasing my hard cock, which was already standing at full staff. she gasped at the size and wrapped hr small hand around it. with her other hand she reached down and started rubbing my balls.

i moaned at the amazing warmth of her hand on my shaft as she started to stroke it, slowly moving faster. she released my balls with her one hand only to suck my of them into her mouth and lick it as she pumped her hand up and down on my shaft as fast as her ll hands could.

i moaned with pleasure at the sensation. she saw how much i like it and quickly took my dick head in her mouth, swirling her tongue around it like a pro. "om my god, abby. dont stop." i groaned as i ran a hand through her hair.

thrusting more and more of my cock into her mouth. soon she was bobbing up and down on my cock like there was no tomorrow. in no time i was feeling a swelling in my balls that threatened to overflow right down her throat, so i pulled my dick out of her mouth. "i want you inside me, sam." she said, " but i want you in my ass even more right now.

:mmmmm, i can do that," i said and bent her over the dinner table, pushing food out of the way as i did. she reached back, spread her legs and held her ass cheeks apart for me. her tight little brown butthole stared back at me just waiting to be violated. so i kneeled down, and shoved my tongue as far in as i could, making her moan with pleasure.

i slipped my tongue in and out until she was good and wet, then i stood up and lined up my cock with her hole. with one swift movement i shoved myself inside. it was godly, like a warm glove was stroking my cock with every move i made. "oh my god!!" she yelled out as i thrusted in and out of her.

"fuck me sam!! fuck me harder!!" Soon she she was cumming, the juices running down her legs. Immediately I began to cum as I felt her ass tightening around my cock. I thrst deep inside her one last time, and blew my load deep up into her bowels. i pulled my cock out of her ass, making a popping noise as I did so.

She shook with the pleasure the feeling brought her, and quickly turned around and began to lick and suck my dick clean. I moaned as I felt the warmth of her mouth envelop my cock, and shook as I felt her tongue slide over the tip.

After she was done she stood up and told me that she was gonna go take a shower and would be back soon. I laid back and smiled as I thought about what had just happened. I had just finished fucking my little sister on our kitchen table.

How it had even happened was beyond me, but god knows I had loved it. Abby was upstairs taking a shower and I decided to go join her. I walked upstairs, still naked, and slipped into the shower with her. "oh my god, you scared me!" she yelled. I laughed and pulled her warm, naked body close to mine.

"my bad," I said and pulled her lips to mine. We kissed with a warm passion, and explored each others bodies as we did. I let my hands roam free, squeezing and pinching her light pinkish nipples. Her hands slid down my pecs and over my abs, moving down towards where we both knew she wanted to be. As I slid a hsnd down to cup her warm, bald pussy, she wrapped a hand around my semi-erect shaft, slowly stroking it. Then she got down on her knees and kept slowly jacking me off, occasionally planting kisses on the head and shaft, making me hard again instantly.

i moaned and she grinned, took me in her mouth, and began sucking like a pro and swirling her tongue around the tip of my cock. I grabbed her by the back of the head and thrust inn as far as I could go, making her gag. She took me out of her mouth and began pumping her hand up and down on my shaft like crazy. I picked her up, pushed her up aganst the shower wall, and slipped a finger inside her tight lil pussy. She threw her head back and moaned, so I took the chance to kiss my way down her neck until I got to a nipple.

I took her left nipple in my mouth, tracing lil circles around it and on it, while sucking like crazy. After a min I switched to the other nipple, and repeated the process.

After I hard that nipple just as hard as its twin, I continued my journey down south. Before long I reached my goal. That sweet, juicy pussy of hers. I pushed her legs apart and spread her pussy lips with my hands as I drove my tongue as deep inside her cunt as I could, slipping it in and out as fast as I could. She went wild, running her fingers through my hair as she shook and moaned. As soon as I ran my tongue over her clit, she almost collapsed as she cried out in ecstasy.

I stood up and immediately she grabbed my cock with one hand, spread her pussy open with the other, and shoved as much of me inside her as she could. We both moaned at the overwhelming pleasure as the size of my cock stretched her pussy. It felt like a hot glove squeezing and stroking the whole length of my cock, all at once. I was in heaven and never wanted to leave.i lifted her up off her feet, pushed her against a wall, and held her up there. She quickly wrapped her legs around me, using them to push me further in.

not that it was necessary as I immediately started to ram my dick in and out of her as fast as I could. She dug her fingers into my back as she yelled at me that she was cumming, and sure enough I felt her cunt tighten around my shaft and she yelled out in pure pleasure. As I was getting close to cumming myself, I slid my cock out of her, set her down, and started to jack off as she kneeled there, too weak legged to stand, just fingering herself. Suddenly, I felt a swelling in my balls, and rope after endless rope of thick white cum went flying, hitting her in the face, mouth, and tits.

She swallowed up every last drop that she could, scooping some off her tits to do so. She stood up and finished wasjing herself off and tthen helped wash me off too. She got out and I followed, watching the way her ass swayed back and forth. She turned to look bsck, saw me looking, winked, bent over a lil, and fingered herself then walked off. I stood there with yet another raging boner, and all I could think about was how much fun this unusual relationship we had was going to be.

This is my first story, but I can supply more if I get enough people who want it.