Lesbian slut seduces taxi driver with her big tits

Lesbian slut seduces taxi driver with her big tits
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I guess I always kind of had a 'thing' for guys. To call me gay would be a lie, but There was always some sort of attraction to boys my age, although I wouldn't gaze at them in lust, or undress them with my eyes like I did some of the girls in my school…every now and then when I would be jacking off in the privacy of my bedroom, the thought of one of my male friends might pop into my head and get me very excited.

Although I had a prior experience with a guy, when I was younger.it's not much to tell so I'm going to tell a more recent story.

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Last summer, me and my friends were going through the 'pot smoking phase' and it seemed to be all we would do. We would sit in a room on a couch all day and get high and listen to music and philosophize about a bunch of stupid things we thought were cool at the time.

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There were usually three or four of us there, and we would just hang out all day. The story starts at night, we were in a fairly pitch black room, and had just got done smoking.

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Me and Justin were sitting on a couch, while two of our other friends were sitting on opposite sides of the rooms in different chairs. After a few minutes of talking we decided to crank up the music and just sit back and get into it. After a while of this…the thoughts started racing in my head about sex, like any other 15 year old boy…this was something that came to me very very often. I got extremely horny…and the idea came to me to maybe start something with Justin.

I didn't know how he would react but I figured if it went badly, I could always blame it on the pot. I started by moving closer to him a little bit…and sort of slouching sideways so I was even closer yet. The music was pretty loud, and nobody could see anything, and I figured our two other friends were borderline asleep anyways.

I just slid my hand over to his leg, to where it was touching it but not on it or anything. I left it like this for a few minutes, and when he didn't move I crept up his leg a little bit, and a little further, still no response. As he allowed me to go this far, I got more and more courage.

I gave his leg a little squeeze to see what he would do, so he would know maybe what my intentions were. Still nothing. I slowly, but surely made my way to his crotch, and just left my hand there.

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I was still nervous but then figured that if he hadn't stopped me now…it should be fine. I massaged his crotch a little through his pants and started to feel his dick enlarge underneath.

I got excited myself; I knew at this point we were onto something.

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I struggled to unzip and unbutton his pants, but I was at an awkward angle…and to my surprise I felt his hand reach down and unbutton them himself. I was very excited at this point, knowing he wanted it as much as I did. I tugged at his pants to pull them off, and he lifted up a little so I could pull them down a bit. When they were down I could just barley make out his light colored boxers. I touched his dick through the boxers, and sort of felt it twitch; it was ¾ of the way hard and growing.

I took it out through the hole in his boxers and stroked it, slowly and gently. Eventually it grew to full size and was ready for me to do my work on it. His dick was small I suppose, smaller than mine. He was a small built kid…always skinny.


His dick was about 5 inches long maybe, and about an inch wide. It was nice.and I liked it. I started off by jerking him off…I did him just like I did myself, pumping harder and harder, faster and faster. I could feel his dick get even harder and even tighter.

I wanted to put my mouth on it in the worst way, but wasn't sure if that would be 'too far'. I just kept stroking him, and I would lower my head closer and closer hoping he might push me along if that's what he wanted me to do. At this point I was lying on my stomach on the couch, he was at the end and my head was above his cock, and I was jerking him off.


I continued to jerk him off, until to my great surprise he said with a bit of humor in his voice. "Be a bitch, suck my dick." We both sort of stopped…we seemed to both forget that our friends were in the room. Luckily they didn't hear though, and I did what he said. I licked my lips and went for it. His dick was already wet from precum, and I tasted it, salty…but sweet.

I continued down the shaft until it was all in my mouth.

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I sucked and slurped for a few minutes, then jerked him again for a few minutes. I continued this pattern for a while until his hips started bucking, and his cock tensed.

I knew what was coming and put my lips around the center of his dick. And with my tongue flicked the head while it was inside my mouth. I felt the cum traveling through his dick, and felt it hit the roof of my mouth. The squirts kept coming.


I didn't like the way it tasted at first, but swallowed anyways. We both recovered for a few minutes, then I put his soft, but sticky from saliva and come, back into his boxers, and zipped up his pants.

I sat back up, and we never mentioned it again&hellip. Well we never MENTIONED it…but that didn't stop us from DOING it again in the future. Out adventures came more frequently…and we got more and more daring each time. Tell me if you liked / want more!!