Are my yoga stretches making your cock hard JOI

Are my yoga stretches making your cock hard JOI
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Sammi sat straight up in the truck passenger seat and felt herself trembling.

Both Joseph and Ol'Jack were looking at her. "You okay" Joseph asked then continued, "You were talking and groaning in your sleep but you looked tired so I didn't want to wake ya." Sammi just nodded affirmation that she was okay but then thought about her dream and what she might have been saying and asked, "What was I talking about?" "Not much of nothin I could understand" Joseph replied but enough ya woke yourself up.

He continued, "Why don't ya go stretch out in the sleeper back yonder it's as good a mattress as in most road side motels and ya look pretty tired.

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Ya probably haven't gotten much shut eye since ya hit the road anyway." Sammi thought about Joseph's offer. He certainly had not tried anything yet, but of course with what Roger had done and how creepy some of her mother's previous boyfriends had seemed she was a bit hesitant. Almost as if he could read her mind Joseph added, "I'm sure Ol'Jack will be happy to keep ya company if' he doesn't stretch out and take up too much of the bed space and stretch out them legs of his.

Hell, your his friend now, he wouldn't let a soul hurt ya, even me, watch!" Joseph reached across and swatted Sammi on the knee ONCE on his second play swat Ol'Jack had a hold of Joseph's hand and was growling. "See what I mean? I'm surprised I got a hold of ya the first time. Ya pet that damn dog, can't no one hurt ya. If I really tried to hurt ya, he'd tear my arm up if not bite it off. He ain't as fast as he used to be but no ones taken nothin from my truck since he sleeps in here.

Only bad thing when he's sound asleep he's a bit hard a hearing. Now why don't cha crawl on back there in the sleeper, change into your nightie if you want and get some shuteye. Ol'Jack will keep ya safe." Sammi contemplated the idea for a couple minutes but the idea of changing clothes, she was wearing the same clothes she was wearing when she boarded the first bus over three days ago, sounded really good as well as stretching out to sleep rather then just slumped down in the front seat.

She looked at the dog that had been riding next to her almost the entire time she was in the truck. She looked down at him and quietly asked him what he thought.

Ol'Jack just looked in her eyes like he understood. Just to make sure she asked, "Are you sure it's okay?" "Of course. Otherwise I wouldn't have suggested it" Joseph answered. Sammi thought about for another minute, thinking about how Roger treated her, pretty sure there was no exit out of the back of cab of the truck.

Once again she looked at Ol'Jack, "Okay thank you. I'd like to very much." Sammi carefully crawled behind the curtain into the back of the truck taking her small backpack with her. Ol'Jack quickly followed. It looked nicer back there then she thought it would. She asked Joseph's permission to use the linens on the bed and he quickly agreed saying they were clean, he had not yet slept there since he picked up his load.


Sammi happily turned back the blanket and sheet. The bed looked so inviting and she quickly got out clean clothes to put on. She kept looking to the front of the cab to see if Joseph was looking back but he wasn't. She quickly changed into fresh panties, gym shorts and a tank topshe had a plastic bag in her back pack for the dirty clothes and placed them in the bag. She then crawled under the covers once she'd removed her shoes.

The cool clean sheets felt great on her skin. The moment she laid still in the bed Ol'Jack crawled onto the sleeper on top of the blanket lying down next to her.

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She pet the dog a few minutes and then rested her head on the pillow. It wasn't very long before exhaustion kicked in and she quickly fell asleep. Despite her exhaustion it wasn't very long before the horror of things at home flooded into her mind again and she started dreaming about what he had done that night.

_________ Immediately the memory of him on top of her in her bed was vivid in her mind as if it was once again happening. Suddenly the physical pain snapped her mind back to the realization of why he was in her bed, he was there to rape her.

It felt like a knife had been thrust inside her between her legs, regardless of her wetness the stretch of her vagina and sudden harsh tearing of her hymen was the harshest pain she had ever felt.

The brutality and physical assault on her breast had for a few minutes shifted her thoughts away from the reality that he had come into her room to rape her but other then anticipating the word she realized she had no understanding of what rape meant.

While she knew sex between a male and female, that is intercourse, was a male sex organ penetrating the female sex organ. She could not have imagined it could feel so much like being punched or kicked between her legs. She could not fathom that people did this out of love. One thing she knew for sure, what he was doing to her now was not coming from a place of love. She was horrified by the depth of pain she felt as well as the painful stretch.

Without thought she realized she pushed her own knees higher and wider trying to ease the pain between her legs, but he just took advantage of that forcing more of his body deeper inside her. For the next few minutes she was unaware of any other sensations in her body other then the sensation of each thrust he made feeling like a punch inside her between her legs and the powerful sensation of the tearing of the flesh of her hymen.

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She had no idea that he was enjoying her assault more then he had any other. Her small size, age and inexperience allowed him to control and manipulate her like he never had any other person before her.


This motivated him to put every ounce of his strength and energy into every thrust, punch, grip and squeeze of her body. He realized he had to slow the pace of his thrusts or he would explode inside her quickly and not allow him to subject her to an assault she would never forget. So after his first several hard fast thrusts he slowed the pace to delay his own orgasm.

It was then that he noticed that she had moved her legs higher and wider, he assumed in an effort to lesson the pain he was inflicting inside her. But by doing so the back of her knees were in reach of his hands.

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From discussions with her mother he knew she had previously taken both dance and gymnastics lessons. He quickly decided to see how far he could test and push the flexibility of those activities.

He first made sure to get a firm grip on both legs. Once he was sure he had a good grip he slowly worked to force her calfs, ankles and feet higher and closer to her ears. Unlike before, he didn't want to force her legs up too quickly but wanted to find their limit and then work to increase and intensify the stretch and pain. As he had hoped he managed to work he ankles closer to her shoulders. As he began to feel the resistance of her flexibility he would hold her legs firmly against their own resistance and then once again thrust his hips and cock in hard long thrusts.

After doing this a few minutes he realized she could grip and hold her own calves. He first had her hold one and then the other leg and once he realized she would do as told he began to use his hands to first squeeze her hips and thighs and eventually increased the squeeze and then began to press his knuckles against her hips and thighs.

He then once again began to grab and squeeze her breasts with his hands. He once again moved his hips in a steady stroke and would alternate slapping her face, punching her breasts, squeezing her breasts and then added hitting her hips and thighs.


He fought desperately to pace himself wanting to maximize the physical assault to her body as he raped her. He even made a point to stop thrusting his hips to delay his orgasm.

It excited him like never before to know that her first sexual experience was the horrifying sexual and physical assault he was inflicting on her now. He was overwhelmed with the desire for her to assume what he was inflicting on her was typical sex. He even came to the realization that she may not have been kissed very much and he decided he wanted her to even associate the basic kiss with the pain and control he was forcing upon her.

He moved his mouth by her ear and commanded her, "Kiss me!" Then he moved his mouth to hers. When she hesitated he punched her in the side knocking the air from her lungs. He gave her a moment to get her breath back and then once again said in her ear, "Kiss me!" It took one more punch to one of her breasts before the next time he put his mouth on hers for her to open her mouth.

When she did he thrust his tongue in her mouth. He forced a hard French kiss on her mouth and increased the stroke of his cock inside her to slow long strokes.

He also decided to intertwine his fingers in her hair and forced his mouth hard on hers while pulling her hair and holding her face firm to his.

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After a few minutes of this he let go of her head and hair with his hand but continued to push his face hard to hers. Then his hands went to her breasts again. He started squeezing the entire breast and then worked towards pinching and squeezing the nipples, all while kissing her mouth and moving his cock in her pussy. Finally he couldn't resist anymore and increased his tempo trying to focus on kissing her mouth hard and squeezing and pinching her breasts and nipples as hard as he could while thrusting his hips for full aggressive strokes and as hard as he could.

He tried to focus his mind on pressing his tongue deep inter her mouth, groping and squeezing her breasts from the base until reaching the nipple where he worked to squeeze his fingers as tight as he could all in an effort to limit his focus on the pleasure to his cock in hopes of delaying his own eruption if even just a few seconds longer to prolong the sexual assault.

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His focus on the hard kiss and pinching and squeezing her breasts seemed to work and he lasted much longer then he could have hoped. But he couldn't hold back his own climax forever and he finally felt his body release his fluids into his girlfriend's daughter. With his ejaculation he felt the energy draining from his body as he now did focus on his last few strokes trying to squirt ever drop of his cum inside her.

He did his best to manage every additional stroke he could until he felt the hardness leave his cock. As he felt the energy drain from his body he tried to make sure his hips, legs, knees and elbows were sitting somewhere on her body he hoped would continue to cause pain or at least discomfort.

He even forced himself to push one last hard kiss to her mouth and even efforted to give her tongue a quick bite. As he felt his energy drop even more he moved his mouth to her ear and said very softly, "You are mine now. You belong to me to do with whatever I want.

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Your mom knew I was coming to your room to use you and even despite your loud groans from our love making never even knocked on your door. I know this was your first time and it was very, very special. I don't want you to ever forget what your first time was like, how incredibly hard your nipples got or how wet you were between your legs anticipating me being inside you.

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You even opened your legs wider for me because you couldn't wait to feel me deeper inside you."