Chicks enjoys fucking with golden showers

Chicks enjoys fucking with golden showers
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They had been seeing each other for a while; coming up to 6 months. She knew what she wanted from him - what she had always wanted but had been too afraid to ask for. She was sure he was the one. "I want you crush me" she whispered into his ear post coital - his limp dick still inside her sopping cunt.

"Crush you?" He repeated. He slid his dick out of her cunt and moved his body off of her, propping up his head on his elbow. He looked directly at her. "I want you to break my bones.

I want my body to be spent and lifeless underneath you".

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She exhaled slowly. "I want to suffer for you, I want to die for you. I have met my match; my one true master. I want no other master." He loved to have his ego stroked. He felt his cock twitch whilst he pondered her question.

"Will you do it? Will you crush me?" she questioned again. "But you're not into pain" he said. She sighed. "It's not about pain. It's about the sweet release of death at the hands of my Master and his will. It doesn't have to be now, it doesn't even have to be soon.

But it does have to be before you've had enough of me. I couldn't bare it otherwise. I don't wish to be discarded, I don't want to be released. I want my tortured body to be forever stuck in limbo; beholdent to you." His cock was pressing against her hip bone now; growing harder by the second.

He knew how he wanted to do it. He could see it now. "Spread.


I'm going to fuck that sopping cunt again imagining it's your lifeless body after i've crushed you." She groaned and complied. She was a good girl for her Master. He climbed on top of her, his hand grabbing her neck whilst he entered her. She was still sopping. He squeezed her neck tightly - realising for the first time how fragile she really was.

. It was the day. He told her of his intentions. He wanted her to anticipate it. He'd been masturbating thinking about it for several months but not for a few days now. He wanted his cock hard and aching whilst the scene unfolded. He was going to crush her neck. He wanted to feel it breaking underneath his weight. Such a vulnerable neck and such fragile feminine bones - he wondered how much work it would be to snap. He told her to greet him naked at the door.

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He would take her tonight but only when she was no longer able to give her consent. They went straight to the bedroom.


He kissed her naked body. He caressed her all over whilst not penetrating her. He teased her till she was moaning in his ear. Oh how he loved a wanton lustful slut like her. He wanted to use her but knew it would be better if he waited. The sadist inside him wanted to send her to the beyond, desperate and horny. She groaned and spread her legs wider.

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"Fuck me" she whispered. "Fuck me for the last time." "There is no more last time. You are forever mine." She thrust her pelvis into the air and moaned "but Master". "This is what you asked for. This is how I want you. Now beg me". He took her right nipple between his fingers and rubbed it gently before putting his mouth to it. She exhaled. "Please." "I can't hear you" he said and resumed licking her nipple, taking her left one between his fingers.

She gyrated on the bed. "Please crush me, Master. End me as is now your will. Make me suffer. Please, I beg of you." His cock was rock hard right now. He moved up so his head was against hers. He stared straight into her soul. "Take the life out of me, Master. Allow me to dedicate my body to you. Please enjoy my body when I'm gone.

Please Master, please." He sat upright and grabbed her by the neck. He threw her to the ground beside the bed and crouched down beside her. He applied pressure to her neck, pinning her to the ground whilst the fingers on his other hand teased her clit in slow concentric circles.

She was struggling for breath. He didn't stop his torment. She opened her mouth to speak.

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She was unable to formulate words and just opened and closed her lips in pleasure whilst thrusting her clit up against his finger. He knew the signs. She was going to cum.

He didn't want her to cum. He wanted her soul tormented. He slid a finger into her cunt. He felt her clenching and squeezing around him, just about to orgasm.

He quickly took his finger off her clit and his hand off her neck. She gasped for breath, her body convulsing in her ruined climax.


She gasped for breath before uttering "take me now. Please. I need to feel it now." He stood up and moved up to her head. She elongated her neck - anticipating his next move.

Her big eyes staring up at him, pleading with him.

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He held one foot above her neck. Angling it so she could feel some pressure. He slowly lowered it onto her neck. He could feel resistance at first.

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She was gurgling underneath him and her eyes were watering. Her lips were still whispering "please". He lowered his foot down and placed his other one on her neck too.

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He let her have his full weight. Her body refuted him and arched up away from the floor. Struggling beneath him. He felt powerful. Life beneath his feet. He was on top of the world. She was turning blue quickly - starved for oxygen. Still gurgling and spluttering her eyes closed. He felt her neck snap underneath his feet. Her body turned limp. His cock ejaculated - all the while staying hard. His cum hitting her face and hair. He stood there for a few more seconds before stepping off.

He grabbed her body and flipped her over; grabbing her neck and pulling her head back as far as he wanted as he forced himself inside her sopping but tight cunt. He knew her body was in for a rough night. He was going to enjoy taking her over and over again before she started to rot. He hoped she'd got what she wanted.