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Spring Break of The Adventures of John and Holly Spring Break of sophomore year was going to be amazing. This was the year we were doing the whole party in Mexico thing, like you see on MTV. Holly and I and Stephanie were going, flying down for a four day party.

Sandy wasn't going because she had a weird major requirement that wouldn't allow it. We all had tests the day before our flight, so mid-terms and the studying for them, really made a dent in our normal activities. The exhaustion from sex gave way to exhaustion from studying, but the mental weight that is mid-terms seems to completely disappear just after the tests. We went to the airport in a bit of a post test daze that carried on into the sleepy flight south.

We checked into our hotel on the beach. Due to the weirdness of our University, our spring break is earlier than most schools, so we actually came before the main spring break. Which is good for not being as crowded.

"You guys are going to fuck a lot of people," Stephanie said, as we settled into our hotel room. "No, I think we are going to take it easy, lay on the beach, make love," I said. "No, you guys are going to fuck a lot, and with a lot of people." Stephanie emphasized. "You can do that al you want Steph," Holly said. "But I think we are going to have a little US time," Holly said. "All you guys do is have US time, and then occasionally go to class," Steph said. "We'll see," I said, obviously trying to change the subject.

"No, one way or another, I will make you guys go crazy," Steph said. "I'm tired of being 'the crazy one', you guys are going to get some action," She said, smiling. "Can't argue with that," I said. I looked out the window out onto the beach. Very few people out there, mostly college kids it looked like. "Let's just go and lay out on the beach," I said. "That's not going wild," Steph said disappointedly. "Ok…lets go lay out naked, " I said. "You're getting warmer…but still not wild," Steph said.

Holly and I undressed and then put on our swimming attire. She was wearing a bright yellow two-piece that left little to the imagination.

But it wasn't quite a thong and rubber band like some girls wear. We grabbed towels and went to go down to the beach. Her straight brown hair was shoulder length right now, and her roughly small c cup breasts filled out her top very nicely.


"See you down there?" Holly asked Steph. "I might make an appearance," Steph said. Holly and I got down to the beach. We laid out our towels about thirty feet up from the water, and laid on our backs in the afternoon sun. We had wandered down the beach a way, away from the hotel and to a slightly more secluded section of the almost white sand beach. "Grease me up baby," Holly said, handing me a tube of sun-block.

Holly rolled over, face down. "Let me get this out of the way," I said, untying her top, the straps falling to the sides. I squeezed a bunch of lotion onto her back, and started to slowly rub it in all over her. I massaged it into her, and eventually got down to her lower regions. "Don't want to burn your ass," I said. Holly laughed. "You don't need to make lame excuses to get me naked," She said, still laughing some.


I pulled her bikini bottom down, and over her legs, setting the yellow bottom next to her. I squeezed out some more of the lotion onto the small of her back. My hands worked it into her ass cheeks, essentially groping her ass in all its glory. Then I worked down over her long smooth legs. With that done, "Roll over," I said. And she did.

Her soft breasts were bright from the relative whiteness that goes with not tanning, now with the bright sun falling on them. Her nipples are the softest pink, I just want to suck on them every time I see them.

I squeezed out some more lotion, a little too much actually, onto her flat stomach. I sloppily and messily rubbed all over her stomach and up to the mountainous regions of her chest.

She saw how much lotion I was using, and started laughing. I spent a little too much time rubbing her breasts, obviously not doing it for the lotion's sake.

I did the rest of her, her arms and tops of her legs. "Do…do I rub it on your…crevice?" I asked, joking with her. Holly was trimmed very short between her legs. "Maybe a little," She said. I just gently rubbed against her lips, getting them some lotion. "Done," I pronounced. Holly laid back, her hands behind her head, eyes closed.

I admired her smooth skin, her whole body. "Don't you want to do me?" I asked her. "Of course," She said, giggling. "I think you mean lotion right?" She asked laughing. "Yeah…lotion," I said sarcastically. "Get naked," Holly said, like an order. "Yes sir," I said, standing up.

I pulled my trunks down and off, laying face down on the towel. I felt the lotion dripping from the tube onto my back, and then Holly's delicate hands rubbing my back. She worked it in good, all over me, especially my ass, which she seemed to pay a lot of attention to. "You like my ass?" I asked her. "You seemed play with mine an awful lot," She joked. "Roll over," She said. "Are you sure? Because, I wouldn't want to deprive you of the glorious sight of my ass," I said.

"Turn over," She said, probably rolling her eyes. I rolled over, the sun now in my face. I closed my eyes, and felt holly rubbing all over my body.

She quickly got to my crotch and started to essentially give me a handjob. "I think you got enough lotion on it," I said, smiling, eyes closed. "Just making sure, wouldn't want it to burn," She said, still stroking me.

She lingered for a while then finished my legs and arms. "Done," She said. I laid back, hands behind my head, and Holly did the same. The waves came in gently, crashing every so often. I looked over at her, sunbathing beauty. "Want to go swimming?" I asked. "But then we would have to put lotion on again," She said. "Hey, we could do that all day. Swim, lotion, swim, lotion," I said.

"Yeah, you would just have to rub my tits and ass every fifteen minutes," She said. "You are so beautiful," I said.

She smiled. "It's unbelievable, you…" I said, at a loss for words. "I'd say you were beautiful, but men aren't beautiful," She said. "Beautiful is just a synonym for pretty, and we couldn't call you that," She said, joking. "So what would you call me," I asked her. "I don't want to call you anything, I just want to suck on that," Holly said, looking at my crotch. "Or maybe shove it inside me," She said. My cock started growing immediately. Holly laughed. "It obeys your every command," I said.

"Stand…"She said, as if she were telling a dog to do tricks. "Good…now fuck me…fuck me," She ordered my cock. "Okay, that requires co-operation from a few other parts of the body," I said. "Yeah, like your ass," Holly said. "I think it's time to roll over," Holly said. We both rolled over to face down. "Do…do I dig a hole for it?" I asked, she laughed. "It has a home already," Holly said, smiling at me.

"You'd think we would have gotten over sexual innuendo once we started having sex," I said.

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"It's fun," She said. We laid on our stomachs for a while. "Roll over," Holly said after a while. I rolled over, and Holly got on top of me, face to face. I hugged her, her tits pressed against my chest. We kissed slowly. I got excited. Holly grabbed my cock and positioned it against her pussy. She slowly pressed down, her lips not wanting to budge, but finally allowing me entrance. Slowly, my cock penetrated her all the way inside. We laid together, me fully inside of her, not moving.

Holly very slowly moved, humping slightly. The most tender lovemaking. We slowly made love next to the beach, kissing, and feeling each other in the Mexican sun. After a while of the slow sex, I reached down and started to play with her clit. Holly increased the pace of the sex slightly, still at a leisurely pace, but with the added stimulation from my hand.

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We stayed like that for a while. Then my free hand, which had been groping her, now was against her ass. I slipped my index finger inside her ass, holding it there, then slowly pumping in and out with the slow fucking.

We made out, the sex still very slow, very sensual. She moaned softly, as did I. Eventually the pleasure added up and drove our passion higher than our will to keep it sensual. Holly couldn't help herself, and increased the pace to a more normal fucking.

The finger in her ass was doing a number on her as well as the fingers on her clit. Holly came, her pussy clenching around me, trying to get me off, to no avail. Her orgasm was a long drawn out pleasure, not a short peak of intense pleasure as is often the case. "That was great," Holly said, her head beside mine, laying on me.

I was still very hard, and deep inside her as we sat there. We laid like that for a while, my erection definitely not going away. Stephanie walked out to us, laying naked on the beach. "I see you two are doing…something," Stephanie said. Holly was still face down. "What are you up to?" I asked Steph. She has dark blonde hair, that is straight and just under shoulder length. Her small but nicely rounded breasts were tightly constrained in a black two piece suit that was more 'showy' than Holly's.

Steph is very skinny, a few inches shorter than me. She was actually tanned already, having prepared. "I was just doing a little recon," Steph said. "I am going to get you two to go wild, no more of this slow love making crap," Steph said. "I think we are doing just fine," I said. Steph rolled her eyes and walked away. "She tries to hard," Holly said. "She thinks we are going to just be sensual the whole time, so now she is determined to get us some other people to join in," I said.

"She does the work for us and enjoys it," Holly said. "It's like whitewashing a fence, but with naked people," I said. "Exactly," Holly said, knowing what I was getting at. "Want to do it again?" Holly asked. "Like you have to ask," I said.

We resumed the slow sensual sex, finger in the ass, finger on the clit exercise. We did pretty much exactly what we had just done. Again, Holly came, but I did not. We laid there a while longer, my cock still buried inside her hot wetness.

Stephanie came back. "No luck?" I asked. "It's pretty dead," She replied. "You know what would help you get some," Holly said.

"What?" "A load of jizz on your face," Holly said. I laughed. "You know…you're right," Steph said.

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I think it would be easier for a girl to seduce a guy on the beach if she already has some spunk on her face. And the girls would see her and wonder where the party was. "Okay…I'm guessing you have the gun loaded already," Steph said.

"Yeah, pretty much," I said. Holly rolled over, onto her back, my cock popping out of her dripping slit, covered in her juices, and harder than ever. "Stand up," Steph said to me. I stood up, and Steph kneeled down, stroking me. She started to blow me hard and fast, sucking Holly's juices right off my cock. The quick action of her mouth was a stark contrast to the slow love making with Holly, the type of thing that sends a cock over the edge.

I warned her of my impending orgasm. Now, if you know me, follow the stories, you know that I usually shoot quite a load of jizz. But when I go a few days without sex, as in the mid-term and then the flight, I will blast a monster load.

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Then, if you factor in a good forty minutes of excitedness building up to the orgasm, you can bet it will shoot like a fucking sperm cannon, which is exactly what Stephanie got on her face.

The first wave of semen was a giant rush that landed in her hair. The next few seconds saw a sperm shooting gallery on Stephanie's face and tits, as the cum dripped down.

She was literally covered in jizz. Holly was laughing as she watched wave after wave of white stuff. "Thanks for the warning, I would have drown," Stephanie said.

"I'll see what I can do," She said walking down the beach back towards a couple of people. I laid down next to Holly, my balls feeling quite empty. "That must be the male equivalent to giving birth," Holly said. "What was he? Six pounds five ounces?" A few minutes later, Stephanie returned, a guy in each hand, practically dragging them over toward us.

They looked to be college kids too. Steph got them to a few feet away from us, and stopped. She got on her knees, and whipped out both of their cocks, starting to suck them both off.

She blew well, one after the other, they both came on her face. After that, Steph sat down, and the guys walked away. "Well that was quite a show," Holly said. "I didn't think they would come that fast," Steph said. "Why don't you go bring us a girl," Holly said. "Yeah, I second that," I said. "Fine," Steph said, walking away, back toward the main beach area, three loads of cum on her face. "What should we do now?" I asked Holly.

"Now, we fuck," She said. I was on my back, and Holly gave me a few quick strokes, and mounted me. I played with her tits, but this wasn't love making, this was some fucking. She pounded herself against me. My cock was throbbing inside of her. She was upright, my cock forcing in and out of her pussy. Her tits bounced in my hands. "I want some cum," Holly said. "It'll be a while," I said, her thrusts still pounding our bodies.

"Hey!" Holly yelled.

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"Come here," She said. Some naked guy who happened to be walking by came up and stood beside us. "What?" He asked kind of quietly. Holly didn't say anything, just grabbed his limp cock and pulled it toward her mouth. He stepped a foot or so forward, accommodating her. I was fucking her hard, her tits bouncing, and she was sucking off some stranger. She was sloppily blowing him, and fast at that. Right when Holly came, she sucked hard, and he came in her mouth. Holly swallowed every drop he gave her, and resumed fucking me.

The guy sat in the sand a few feet away, watching us. Holly went on fucking. Stephanie returned, this time with a guy and a girl. The guy was black, probably like six feet. And the girl was a gorgeous Latin woman. She was short, around five two, and had small breasts, but she was a curvy little sexy woman, with the dark skin that screams exotic beauty.

She was naked, he was wearing trunks. She was completely shaven. "Who's this?" Steph asked, looking at the guy. "Carl," He said. "She blew him," I said, referring to Holly. "Do you have any condoms?" Steph asked me. "No," I said. "I do," Jim, the black guy, said. "Can you go again?" Steph asked Carl.

"Yeah," Carl said, having watched me and Holly fucked for a few minutes. Jim pulled out a string of condoms, tearing two off. He handed one to Carl, and they both put them on. "On you knees," Steph said, pointing at both guys. They complied.

Steph stripped her bikini bottom off, revealing her shaved pussy. Steph got down on all fours, in between the two guys on their knees. She took Carl in her mouth and the seven inches of Jim in her pussy. Steph bounced back and forth, between them, her ass and mouth hitting the guys alternately. "What's your name?" Holly asked the exotic woman.

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"Lana," She said. "Come here," Holly said, motioning for her, and still bouncing on me. Lana stood beside us, and Holly leaned over, grabbing Lana's ass as an anchor as she dove into her pussy tongue first.

Holly was getting into it, eating her fast and wet. Beside us, Stephanie turned around, still on all fours, but switching pussy and mouth on the guys. Holly got up, kissing Lana, and taking them both to the ground. They made out, and quickly turned into a sixty-nine with Holly on top in the sand. I right away got up to my knees behind Holly, my cock poised just above Lana's mouth.

I fucked Holly from behind, tearing into her, grabbing her hips. Lana was going to town on Holly's clit as I fucked her hard from behind. Holly came, gushing fluids over Lana's mouth, and screaming into her pussy.

Holly kept eating Lana and got her off a moment later. Steph switched sides again. Lana was now licking my juice covered cock that was still halfway inside Holly, and licking and sucking my balls. I slowly fucked Holly as Lana licked me. I came inside Holly, and pulled my cock just out of her lips.

The jizz dripped from Holly's lips to Lana's tongue that licked and sucked Holly. When Holly was clean, Lana's lips wrapped around my cock and sucked me dry.

The three of us sat back in the sand, and looked at Steph, Carl, and Jim. Now Steph was on top of Jim, as he fucked her. And Carl was over her, fucking Steph in the ass. She was taking them both, and liking it a lot. After a while of double penetration, both guys came inside her, inside the condoms.

The three of them sat back in the sand, looking at us. Lana crawled over to Jim, tore the condom off his cock, and sucked him dry. Then she did the same to Carl. The rest of us were temporarily tired, but Lana and Jim fucked in front of us, having some fun too. With all that over with, I turned to Holly and said, "Let's go swimming." "Ok," She said. I got up and ran toward the water, Holly running just behind me.

Stephanie joined us a moment later, standing naked waist deep in the Pacific Ocean. . The next two days were sort of a blur of alcohol and sex. I honestly cannot remember enough to construct a story. The last day though, I do remember.

We had a plane to catch early the next morning, so that night, we had the grand finale of the trip. Stephanie had apparently been planning for this party all trip. She had given out our room number and told a whole lot of people to come that night. She didn't bother to tell us though. The alcohol was still in effect, but not nearly as much as it had been the middle two days. "Who's coming?" Holly asked Stephanie. "I invited a couple of people," Steph said. "Do you know people down here or something?" I asked.

"I met them here," She said. "So, how many?" Holly asked. "Well, it depends on how many show up…" Steph said. "What did you hand out fliers?" I asked. "Something like that," Steph said. A knock at the door. Steph answered it. "Stephanie right?" A man asked. "Yeah…I don't remember your name," Steph replied. "Mike," He said, stepping in. He was a pretty average guy.

Steph directed him to her bed, where they sat, across from Holly and I. Another knock, that Steph went to answer. "John," I said, extending my hand. "Holly," Holly introduced herself. "When you guys leaving?" Mike asked. "In the morning," I said. "Everybody, this is Tonya," Steph said, directing Tonya toward Mike. Introductions went around again. Tonya was an average looking girl, kind of like the girl next door type, just pretty average.

Seemed nice. "How big is your cock?" Tonya asked Mike. "About six inches," He replied. "You?" Tonya asked me. "Same," I said. Steph was greeting at the door, another guy came in. He was a little bit taller than me. His name was Rob, and he sat down next to Tonya. "How big is your cock?" Tonya asked him. "I already have him," Steph said from the doorway. "Around eight inches," Rob said.

"He's being modest," Stephanie said. "What are you guys waiting for, get fucking." At once, the group of five started stripping. Stephanie stripped right next to the doorway, the door wide open into the hallway of the hotel. Holly and I got into a sixty-nine on our bed. Condoms went around, and Holly put one on me with her mouth. Steph and Rob fucked up against the wall of the room.

Tonya and Mike fucked on Steph's bed, and Holly and I started fucking on our bed. Holly laid on her side, putting one leg straight up in the air.

I laid behind her and shoved my cock up her ass, fucking her butt from behind. After a little while, some guy who had just walked in, put his cock in Holly's face, and she started sucking. Apparently the open doorway equaled an open invitation to anyone to come in our room.

Several half drunk guys walked in, shoving cocks into the different situations. While I was fucking Holly in the ass, some other guy came up and put his condom covered cock in her pussy, fucking her, while she sucked off some other guy.

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Pretty much the same male-male-male-female situation was going on in every part of the room. The sounds of orgasms of guys and girls, juices flowing and jizz splattering was too much to try to keep track of, but there was lots of it going around. Holly came repeatedly while I was in her ass, at least four times before I came deep in her, in the condom. I stepped back from the bed, and one of the guys stepped in and started fucking her ass. I watched the sights, and a couple of guys who had blown their load had left, leaving the girls a little less over matched.

My cock was ready to go again in a few minutes and Holly was still being triple-teamed, so I found an opening with Tonya on Stephanie's bed. Tonya was on top of a guy fucking him, and sucking off another guy. I got on my knees behind her, and shoved my slippery cock into her ass. I fucked her hard and fast, and she was going through loops of ecstasy.

She came ferociously, I thought she was going to hurt somebody the way she was throwing herself around. She came again while I was in her ass, and she collapsed onto the body below her. I came out of her ass, in search of another hole. The open door had let a girl in. No introductions were made.

She was on her knees, sucking and stroking three guys near the doorway. There was a cute little blond girl on top of some guy on the floor, fucking him. I kneeled down behind her, and a few feet away from the girl blowing three, and positioned behind her. I pushed my cock up to her asshole, but she turned around and told me not to fuck her ass.

So I positioned my cock a little lower, against her already getting fucked pussy. She didn't stop me then, and I pushed inside her, double penetrating her wet pussy. I started fucking hard, the other guy was two, and we fucking split her in half. The other guy came, and withdrew, rolling out from under her. She collapsed to the floor, her ass slightly in the air, and I fucked her pussy to another orgasm before I came for a second time. Once again I watched the rest of the room for excitement inspiration.

Holly was getting double teamed, one in her ass, one in her mouth. She was laying on top of the guy in her ass, and the other guy was standing next to the bed.

I got hard again, and climbed up on top of her, pushing my cock into her unoccupied dripping slit. She came as I pushed in her. She didn't know it was me, facing the other direction sucking off some guy.

He came in her mouth, and she swallowed. He walked away, the room was nearly empty now, just back down to the original six plus another guy and girl I didn't know. The guy who was fucking Holly's ass came, and he got out from under her and left. Holly looked up at me, and was surprised to see it was me fucking her.

Everyone in the room was dripping with sweat, and juices were all over all of us. I put my hands on either side of her head, into a 'push up' position, and fucked her as hard and fast as I could. Holly came, and her pussy squeezed my cock to orgasm, for a third time, and for who knows how many times for her.

I sat down between her legs, exhausted. Holly leaned forward, carefully pulling the condom off my cock. "How many?" She asked, holding the filled up rubber. "Three," I said, panting. "Mmm." Holly said, putting her lips against the edge of the condom, and holding the bottom in the air, sucking three loads of my spunk down and swallowing it. We watched Stephanie taking Rob's eight inch cock up her ass, while Mike fucked her pussy, over on her bed. She was barely aware of her surroundings, the repeated orgasms ravaging her senses.

Tonya sat down next to me and Holly. "I feel like I was fucked like a train," Tonya said. "Me too," Holly said, three of us watching Stephanie getting fucked in both holes. "Me three," I said. The two girls looked at me. "…I mean…I feel like…a train, " I said. "Just stop," Holly said, turning back to the threesome. "Okay," I said. "Want to go again?" Holly asked me. "I don't know if I can," I said. "Tonya, let's get him up and running," Holly said, leaning forward on the bed, and sucking me off.

Tonya looked at my limp cock being massaged to life by Holly's loving tongue. They switched off and sure enough my cock came back to life. They swapped back and forth, sucking and stroking my sore cock. Meanwhile, Stephanie was taking two loads of jizz down her throat. When I was solidly hard again, Holly mounted me on the bed, fucking me hard.

Tonya was making out with me, to keep me excited I guess, while my hands played with one of each of their tits. After a minute I heard a familiar buzzing and saw Stephanie going to town on Tonya's pussy with her vibrator, while she fingered Holly's ass.

Holly rotated, now sitting on me, she put my cock in her ass, and had Stephanie eating her out while Steph fucked Tonya with a vibrator.

Rob and Mike were watching this and getting excited. After a little while longer, Rob and Mike took their respective girls, and started fucking again. I was about to cum in Holly's ass, after just giving her another orgasm, when she got up and took the little jizz I had to offer in her mouth. We laid down on our bed, completely naked, covered in pussy juice, the aroma of sex in the air, completely exhausted, and with four people in the room fucking still.

We fell asleep like that, and awoke to a shrill buzzing the next morning, in roughly the same position. The flight was a long headache hangover that was capped off by sleep when we finally got home. Then of course, it was back to business as usual. Sex, sex, sex, and more sex.