Legal age teenager provides cum hole for fuck hardcore blowjob

Legal age teenager provides cum hole for fuck hardcore blowjob
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Love v. Lust Chapter 3 by aliveinpr My stories do not necessarily reflect my personal proclivities, desires, wants or fantasies. Read and enjoy. About two weeks went buy. Every time I thought about Jan's fuck with the TV repairman, I would get rock hard. I was hot thinking about another man fucking Jan, imagining cum dribbling down her thighs and cum coating her lips and chin.

Better yet, it would be a better turn on to watch her fucking another man. I kept thinking of the revelation she made that she 'wanted every man in the world to fuck her and fill her with cum.' Now, I wanted that for her too. Marlene was sitting as usual across from me in the office, her panty on clear display for me to see the outline of her pussy lips.

Her camel tow, the slit between her puffy lips outlining her pussy. Her doorway for the penis, it was a clear invitation. She was used to me gawking at her pussy, so she would always set with her legs spread apart and her skirt hiked up. I looked up at Marlene and asked, "I wonder if Jan ever fantasied of fucking other men, maybe even being fucked by several men in a gang bang situation?" Marlene began to squirm in the chair and then said, "I don't know, but that is something I have fantasied about many times.

I think most women think about that when masturbating." I turned to check the computer screen and out of the corner of my eye, I noticed that Marlene had her hands in her panties and was rubbing her pussy. I kept pretending to look at the computer as I secretly watched her masturbate with her legs spread wide.

I heard her moan and I turned toward her. I asked her if she was alright. Her eyes were closed and she had the leg band of her panty pulled aside and she was finger fucking herself with three fingers. She was either in la-la land and didn't know I was there, or she just didn't care if I watched. I watched and when I heard her working up to a climax, I turned back to the computer as if nothing was happening.

When she stopped cumming, she quietly got up and as leaving the office, she asked, "Is there anything I can do for you John?" I wanted to tell her to get naked and we would fuck, but maybe I would tell her that some other time. After she left, my cock was rock hard, just wanting to explode. I noted the chair was very wet and I could smell pussy juices from across the room. The phone rang and it was Jan. "Hi lover boy, has Marlene seduced you yet with her wet panties".

I said, "Jan, she was just in here and while I was busy on the computer, she masturbated to a climax thinking I didn't know." "Oh my God," Jan said, "She actually climaxed right there, just a few feet away from you?" I answered, "Yes, probably because I asked her if you ever told her that you fantasies about having many men fuck you." Jan paused a bit and then said, "John, you are nasty. I only told you about 'all the men in the world' to be our secret".

I reminded her that was only 'lust' and she confessed to me about it right away. I also told her how hot it made me when she told me that she wanted another mans cock to fill her with cum. She knew that it was only due to lust and not love. In the back of my mind, I would have loved to see her being fucked by a room full of men, to see her pussy filled and the cum running down her legs. She was my 'cum slut' and I liked that, it was a real turn on.

That night, I kept thinking of Jan in a gang bang, the picture in my mind made me fuck her over and over, filling her and giving her multiple orgasms. She almost always ejaculates now when we fuck, leaving the bed soaked.

She made a comment that I was able to recover more rapidly than I had in the past. She loved it because she could be filled many more times with cum. Little did she know that I was picturing her with her legs spread wide for cock after cock filling her pussy with cum. I pictured her naked, her legs spread inviting all the naked men in the room to fuck her.

Tonight, we made another DVD, showing her spraying all over the bed and I also made sure to get a close up of my cum running out of her pussy and down her legs. I left the DVD in the player in the living room, then disconnected a couple of cables behind the set.

I knew that she did not have to work the next day. While at work, Jan called and advised me that the TV wasn't working and I told her that I would take care of it. I looked up the phone number of the repair shop where Bill worked. I asked for Bill and when he answered, I told him who I was and that I called because my wife was so satisfied after his last repair.

I wanted him personally to check on the TV and that my wife would be home, I also told him that he might need a helper in case he had to lift the large screen TV down. I told him to schedule the repair around 10 am, that would be a time she does some exercising, so she would be home.

The time would also cover his 'lunch' hour, a longer stay. I hung up and grinned. I wondered if I should take some time off, sneak home and secretly watch the action. About then Marlene came in the office to bring in some files. I asked her to stay a bit as I wanted to talk with her.


She sat as usual, giving me a big flash of her sheer panty covered pussy. "Marlene." I said, "the other day when you were in here, you thought that I didn't notice that you masturbated while I was on the computer." "But." Marlene began to protest and deny. "I want you to know that you don't have to hide that from me. Actually I would love to watch you with as many fingers you can fuck into yourself. When you did that, I had a hard time not to cum in my pants. I'm not upset with you." I continued, "I love your playful antics.

Watching your wet pussy and now masturbating right in front of me. I would also like to watch you fuck another man, just like I would like to see Jan fuck another man." With that, Marlene sat up, mouth wide open and said, "You want other men to fuck Jan?" She had already known about Bill, she and Jan 'talk', women talk. I looked at her in the eyes and said, "Yes, as many as she can get to fuck her.

And., I would like to watch as her pussy is filled over and over as all the cum floods the bed and floor." Marlene gave a big smile and her hand dropped to her pussy, pulled away the elastic band of her panties and shoved almost her entire hand inside. I stood up and she began to stare at the bulge in my pants.

Marlene then said, "I want to see your cock, I want to envision it in my pussy. I would love to be with you to watch your wife being gang banged." As she had asked, I unzipped my pants and exposed my very hard cock. Her eyes became glassy and as I walked toward her, she opened her mouth. It didn't take long for both of us to climax.

Maybe, next time it would be in her pussy. I knew I would have a very horny wife when I got home, especially after the day with the TV repair man and his helper. I knew her pussy would be aching for more cock and cum. It was only two men I could provide her with today, but with Marlene's help, I knew we could plan something more enjoyable for Jan. Seeing Marlene finger her pussy again reminded me that we were going to fuck, and soon. At Home Wearing my tight white short shorts and translucent tank top, I just began my daily work out routine.

The door bell rang and I went to the door. There stood Bill, tool box in hand and he said, "Your husband called and said the TV was on the fritz again. He said that you recommended me as you were very satisfied with my previous repair." I began to blush and my legs started to feel rubbery. Then Bill said, "Your husband also suggested I bring a helper if the TV has to be lifted down from the wall." I was having flash backs of the previous visit and my short shorts were getting wet.

I just got a glance of another man in the entry when Bill said, "This is Tony, he's an intern from the community college and he will be helping me today". Tony came from behind Bill where I could see a hunk, about 22, 5'8 and 180 pounds. He had the most gorgeous bedroom eyes and I was now sopping my shorts. I kept remembering what John told me about 'lust' sex, and I saw 'lust' for the whole morning.

My mind was flashing many sexual scenarios of the day ahead of me. I was leaking so much, now I could smell pussy juices. Bill and Tony came in and went right to the TV and DVD. Bill took one look and showed Tony what was wrong right away. Bill asked me, "Did you and your husband make a new DVD last night?" "Yes," I answered, "In fact I think the DVD is in the player right now." Bill looked at me and said, "I think the set is fixed now, just a couple of cables that were connected wrong.

I'll turn it on and see if everything is OK". Bill turned the TV and DVD recorder on and immediately I could be recognized having a violent orgasm and squirting my juices everywhere. Bill and Tony both groaned and their hands immediately went to their groins and began rubbing their cocks. I could see that they were very hard. They looked over at me and at that time I had already removed my tank top and exposing my hard nipples to their eyes.

They both came toward me and with Bill in front and Tony behind, they began squeezing my breasts and pinching my nipples. My head went back onto Tony's chest and I closed my eyes. Again, I was wanting a long morning with these cock hounds. I reached in front and back and felt their hard cocks. I already knew Bills cock, but now I was becoming acquainted with what felt like a fat and long cock on Tony. They both helped me pull my short shorts down exposing my pussy without panties.

Bill had his cock out first and I sank to my knees to engulf his cock in my wanting mouth. Tony was now totally undressed and my eyes bulged out at the size of his cock. His looked like a regular cock, but BIG. Bills cock was a nice cock, but I still couldn't get over its look. At that point, I didn't care, I was craving cock.

I wanted cock in my mouth, in my pussy, in my ass. One thing I had never done, double penetration, because I had never been with two men. NOW was the time to have double penetration, one cock in my pussy and the other in my ass.

When watching our porn collection, every time there was a DP scene, I would feel my pussy flowing and my ass puckering and twitching. Many times, I have finger fucked my ass, but no more than two fingers. This had become one of my favorite fantasies for masturbation, a dildo in my pussy and fingers in my craving ass. I knew, today, I was going to have them 'pop my ass cherry'.

Tony was now in front of me and I let Bill's cock out of my mouth so he could get undressed. I gulped Tony's cock trying to get as much of his beautiful monster into my throat as I could. I looked up at Tony and he smiled, he knew he was going to fuck me more than once. I smiled as best as I could to let him know I was thinking the same. Bill was now naked. He knelt next to me and his hand went between my legs feeling my wetness.

Bill said, "Tony, she is wet and from the feel, she wants us to stuff this fine pussy with our cocks." Bill was not wrong, I did want their cocks in me, over and over and then in the ass also.

Tony pulled out of my mouth and suggested that we all go upstairs to the bedroom. I was more than a good hostess as I grabbed their hands and we all ran up the stairs where I jumped on the bed and spread my legs showing them my waiting, wanting hungry pussy.

They saw the glossy wetness of my pussy and Bill told Tony to fuck me first while he had me suck his cock. I didn't care who went first, I just wanted my pussy full of cock. I got my wish, Tony's cock was huge and stretched my pussy like I was in labor having another child. When I felt him hit my cervix, there was still some cock left and I concentrated in relaxing so that he could thrust into my cervix, pushing my womb up into my stomach.

A few minutes and he was able to pump in and out with ease, filling me all the way to his balls. Even being so deep, I wished his cock was longer. I loved the feel of his long cock.

I turned my head and there was Bills cock at my head. That strange penis, engorged with blood and dripping pre-cum. I opened my mouth and Bill fed me his large cock. He tasted like he had already been in some other pussy earlier today. It was a strange but exalting taste, better than tasting my own juices on a cock. The thought of tasting another pussy on his cock, just inflamed my desire to be fucked all day.

I remembered the account specialist, Betty, at John's office telling me once she had sex with another woman and she enjoyed the taste of her pussy. Maybe that's what I was tasting on Bill's cock. She wasn't a lesbian, but did enjoy the experience.

I began to wonder if she would let me taste her pussy some time. Bill began to fuck my mouth and his size was the same size as my husband, I was able to inhale his manhood down into my throat.

I knew when to pull back before choking. Tony's cock was causing multiple orgasms, the feel of his cock filling me completely. My vaginal walls were being scraped by his cock and my juices flowed heavier with each thrust. I knew I would ejaculate with the stimulation on my membrane. I knew I wanted to have him call on me another day, maybe every Friday on my day off.

I would love to have him fuck me right after my husband. I would also love to have my husband see his cock and how he could get it all the way up and into my womb. As Tony began to stiffen up, his cock began to pulsate.

I knew he was ready to fill and flood my womb. This was what I craved and began my own fantastic orgasm. He looked at me and I yelled, "CUM IN MY PUSSY, FILL ME WITH YOUR SEED." As I could feel his cock swelling, I felt my own orgasm getting stronger and I knew that I was going to ejaculate. It hit me, "AAGH, YES, FILL MY PUSSY, FUCK ME, GIVE ME ALL YOUR CUM. YOU FEEL SO GOOD, I LOVE YOUR COCK SO FAR UP IN ME." Tony then arched his back and he buried his cock all the way into my womb.

"I'M CUMMING WITH YOU," I yelled. "UGH, YES FILL ME WITH YOUR CUM." I spasmed, my back arched toward Tony, my legs shot straight up into the air and just shook. I took Bill's cock back in my mouth and sucked hard from the stimulation. I was ejaculating with him, our juices would mix when he pulled out.

Bill pulled his cock out of my mouth. He didn't want to cum, he wanted to cum in my pussy. I knew what he was thinking and I told him, "I want all cum in my pussy, as much and as often as you guys can deliver.

I want you both to fuck me all day, I want all the cum you can deliver. I want your cocks and cum." I had Bill lay on his back and climbed on top of him, sucked his cock in my cum filled pussy and laid down on his chest. I found that Tony could recover quickly and when he was hard enough, I told him to fuck my ass. I told them, "I have always dreamed of a double penetration, and now this is my first." Tony eased his monster cock into my ass, slowly, and then suddenly I felt the mushroom tip of his cock pop past the sphincter, my ass sucked him in.

He held there and allowed me to accustom myself to something larger than my two fingers. I could feel both cocks as they were only separated by a thin membrane, I was beginning to climb into another climax. I could feel Bill's cock all the way up to my womb, and then when Tony's cock began entering deeper, I could feel the pressure of being filled when both cocks were inside of me.

I didn't think I could be stuffed any more, but I was enjoying the exquisite feeling. When Tony began to pump in and out of my ass, my head was imagining a sensual pleasure and then the first of my many climaxes this morning was building. "FUCK INTO ME.I WANT ALL OF YOU, BOTH OF YOU.FUCK ME HARD.BURY YOUR COCKS DEEP.UGH, UGH, YES.OH, YES FUCK ME HARD." I yelled. I could feel Bill's cock begin to enlarge and I knew he was about to cum.

"OH YES BILL.FUCK YOUR.UGH.UGH.CUM INTO ME.YES FILL ME.I WANT YOUR CUM." I screamed. Then I felt Tony make a deep push into my bowls, hold and begin pumping sperm deep into me.

Tony yelled, "I'M CUMMING IN YOUR ASS.UGH, YES.I'M FILLING YOU AGAIN". My bowels were being filled with seminal fluid as he pumped more and more into me. My climax was tremendous and I must have squirted several gallons of ejaculate on both my lovers.

I was quivering uncontrollably as both my ass and pussy expanded and contracted around their cocks, trying to pull them in farther and milking their cocks dry. When our climaxes calmed, we laid on the bed and stayed coupled for a long time. We were all sweating and breathing very heavily. As we laid there, I told the men, "I have been wanting this for so long, I have wanted two cocks in me at the same time. Thank you both for showing how much pleasure I can have.

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Some time, you both will have to come back and we will repeat, and repeat, and repeat this position with you changing your positions. Bill's cock will be in my ass next time, you will take turns.

Now, I want you to fuck me again, I want more cum pumped into me, but just my pussy right now." "FUCK ME, FUCK ME AND FILL ME WITH YOUR CUM," I began to yell as I was beginning to have a climax just thinking about the two of them fucking me. Tony again recovered and entered my pussy pushing into my womb. Bill fed me his cock and I licked his cum and my pussy juices from his cock. I sucked his cock into my mouth and he began to grow.

Tony's body began to stiffen and he yelled, "I'M CUMMING.UGH.I'M GOING TO FLOOD YOUR PUSSY." I felt my own orgasm peaking and I yelled, "YES.YES.FUCK YOUR JUICE.INTO.ME.OH, FUCK IT INTO.ME. FILL ME.FILL ME.I WANT.YOUR.CUM. UGH, I'M CUMMING.UGH". We both went over the top, soaking the bed with sweat, cum and female juices. Bill fucked me once again and released more cum deep into my womb. Planning It was about eleven, almost time for lunch.

I knew Jan was busy being fucked by two guys. I called Marlene in. She came in and sat with her skirt hiked up and her legs spread.

She loved making me hard. I told her that Jan was getting fucked by two guys right now. She looked at me with big eyes and asked.

"How do you know that?" I said, "I set it up by goofing up the TV so the repairman had to return when she was wearing her sexy short shorts and tank top around 10 am. I called the same repair man that fucked her last time and I told him he may need help with another guy if he had to lift the TV off the wall." "Do you think she would go for it", Marlene asked.

I said, "I have been priming her all week long that 'lust' sex was just that, nothing more. I also told her that if she ever had 'lust' sex, she had to confess to me when I got home." Marlene smiled at me and again pulled her panties aside and masturbated for me. She must have had three orgasms, and again she soaked the chair.

I enjoyed the sight but did not pull my cock from my pants for her to suck. I knew I would need my cock ready for tonight. When Marlene alit back on earth, she looked at me and said, "That is so hot, I wish you. no WE could be there to watch." I said that we will be watching her on Friday night if she could help me. She was all ears. I said, "I need to plan a poker party.

I need you to round up a couple of guys you know that have nice long and fat cocks. I'm going to have the two repair men invited, but to show up a bit late." Marlene said, "I know three guys that I couldn't get their entire cocks in me. They must be 9 or 10 inches long, and very fat." "Perfect", I said, "I want her to have the most enjoyable gang bang for her FIRST time in her life.

After that, I hope we will have regular 'poker parties' on Friday nights." Marlene added, "I will be looking forward to seeing her pussy full of cum. She will love you for ever, I know that is a big fantasy of hers." After returning from lunch, Marlene was in my office.

As I entered, I noticed that her panties were laying on the floor and she had most of her hand pushed into her pussy. Her head was thrown back, mouth open and eyes closed. She was breathing fast and deeply, she was going to blow any time. I just had to take my cock out and begin to slowly rub it. Her eyes opened and she quickly pulled her hand out and got up. She bent over the desk and told me to fuck her doggy style.

So much for saving my cock for tonight. It didn't take long as this was the first my bare cock and her bare pussy were introduced. I filled her with my juice and after pulling out, her hole was still open wide from her extreme masturbation, and the mixture of our juices began running down her legs.

She looked at me and said, "Thank you, I've wanted you to fuck me for a long time, even your wife was looking forward to you filling me with cum." I looked shocked. Marlene continued, "Jan and I talk. She knows that I would love to try your cock and she told me that if I kept showing you my pussy and how horny I was, you would eventually stuff your cock in me. She was right, wasn't she?" I nodded my head and let her know I enjoyed fucking her, even tho it was quick.

She said, "It's not going to be the last time." She pulled her panties back on and left the office. I hoped that I would still have lots of cum left for Jan tonight. When she tells me of her fuck with two guys, I have to control my self not to cum to early. It was around 4 pm when Marlene came back into the office. "Good news", she said, "Those three guys I was telling you about, they agreed to the 'poker party' Friday night.

I told them to be ready to gang bang a very beautiful woman that has always fantasied about being fucked by many guys. They know that you and I will be there, they have your blessing." "Oh," she continued, "I also told them they don't have to worry about depositing their cum in her pussy, that is what she wants, lots of cum inside her womb." My cock was now hard as a rock again.

Marlene noticed and began rubbing my crotch. She said, "I know you want to hurry home to get the detailed story from your horny and well fucked wife." She then said, "If you weren't in such a hurry, you could come to my apartment and fuck my brains out. That's not just a rain check, it's a solid promise." She hugged me tight and opened her mouth a little and kissed me hard enticing my tongue to mix with hers. Meanwhile. "FUCK ME SOME MORE, I WANT MORE CUM IN MY PUSSY" Jan was screaming at Bill and Tony.

They already deposited five loads of cum each in her pussy and one load in her ass. She was covered in cum, sweat and female ejaculate from rolling around on the bed. The boys had been there since 10am and now it was 2:30 pm. Jan was an animal and she again was craving for every man in the world to fill her pussy with cum. Jan closed her eyes and envisioned what it would be like to have a whole room full of men, naked and cocks hard and ready.

Once one would fill her pussy with cum, then another cock would enter her and cum. She thought, if there were enough men, by the time the first filled her, he would be ready again after the last one and start all over.

Oh, she thought, I would be in heaven for hours on end. Jan realized that the repairmen had to leave, after all she was once again a satisfied customer. They left their phone numbers. She especially wanted Tony to be a regular visitor. Bill and Tony left and Jan stretched out on the bed, closed her eyes and half passed out.

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Jan's eyes popped open when she heard the front door open and close. She glanced at the clock, it was 6 pm and she knew it was John getting home from work.

Jan knew she wouldn't be able to clean up and just laid back on the cum and pussy juice soaked bed. Her body was covered with cum and her ejaculate. Her body, her hair and even crusted cum on her lips from shucking cum covered cocks. Nothing she could do now, John was going to catch her. She knew she would have to explain that it was JUST 'lust' fucking. She almost had a climax thinking she had to tell John 'everything' the two men did to her and with her.

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She knew he was going to get an erection for her. Yum, more Cum. John went into the living room and saw Jan's short shorts and tank top on the floor. Yes, he thought, my plan worked.

He knew that she would be upstairs in their bed room. He also knew she would look freshly fucked. He was hopping that they stayed for a long time and that she wasn't able to clean up to hide the evidence. John walked into the bed room and saw Jan laying in a cum soaked bed, her body covered with sweat, cum and pussy juice.

and completely naked with her legs spread wide and he could see cum still oozing out of her pussy and ass. "Jan," he asked, "what happened here?" he already knew she had two visitors earlier. He also knew she couldn't resist getting them to fuck her all afternoon.

Jan looked up at him, smiled and said, "It was 'lust' fucking." After a short time, she said, "It was two hung studs, one was Bill from the TV repair and the other was his helper. I have to be honest honey, I saw them and craved their cocks, and yes I loved every bit of their fucking.

I lost track of the times I came or the amount of cum they pumped in my pussy, and a big load in my ass. But darling, I kept reminding myself that this was just 'lust' fucking and not like our love fucking." I looked at her and said, "Honey, I see you enjoyed your two men. I'm happy your pussy got filled all day. I love you very much." With that, John helped her on shaky legs to the tub where she could soak and relax.

He changed the bed after he turned the mattress over. His cock was rock hard again as he kept thinking of the two men shoving their cocks deep into her cunt and pumping cum deep into her.

Just the thought of watching that scene almost made him cum in his pants. He knew Friday night would be his time, along with Marlene, to watch Jan get fucked by five men that he knew of at this time. Maybe Marlene will be able to find more. His plan was already causing his cock to stir back to life. John helped his wife get out of the tub. He held her close and they kissed for a long time. Jan whispered, "Thank you John." John asked her, "What are you thanking me for?" Jan answered, "For not being mad, for still loving me.

I transgressed, even if it was 'lust' sex. I feel that you had something to do with their visit." Grinning, John told her they should just go to sleep early. Later, she could tell him the details of her 'party'. Jan answered, "I will be truthful and tell you everything. But, I have to tell you now, again, I wished every man in the world were here to full me with their cum." "Honey, I wish that could happen for you," John said, "right now, just close your eyes, go to sleep and dream of your fantasy of many cocks filling you with their cum." Jan smiled and said, "Yes, I wish that could be true." and she closed her eyes and lay back.

John was smiling, he knew her fantasy was going to become a reality on Friday night. And he hoped it would be a regular reality as he wanted to see her being fucked gang bang style at least once a month. John made sure Jan was asleep. He went down stairs and picked up the phone. It was Marlene's number he dialed. She answered and he said the plan was on for Friday night around 8 pm. "Oh, God, John," Marlene said. "My pussy is getting wet already. I want to watch with you and I hope you will be one of the men pumping cum into her." I told Marlene, "Jan confessed to me again that she wished it was all the men in the world filling her cunt with cum." Marlene said, "Oh John that is so hot.

I want you to fuck me again tomorrow, only this time during lunch at my apartment so we can spend time." I said, "Marlene, I will be looking forward to that." I then said, "By the way, you have three well hung studs lined up for Friday, do you think you could get five or six more? Jan was so hot when I got home, I think she is a real cum bucket and I want her to be happy." Marlene answered, "I only know those three that were really big.

I'll ask some of my other boyfriends to join us and I'll also ask those three hung studs if they know of others that were as well hung as they are. Maybe I can find ten or twelve guys that want to 'play poker'." I was quiet for a bit and then said, "Marlene, you are going to make me cum. Ten or twelve guys, that would be fantastic for Jan." I turned on the TV and began watching the DVD that Jan and I made.

I think it was better than any of the porn I have in our collection. I knew this DVD was the one watched by Bill and his helper. It then dawned on me, why not do a video of Jan's gang bang party Friday night? Jan had to be at work tomorrow. I checked the phone book and found a security firm that installed video cameras.

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Writing down the number, I had a call to make early in the morning. I looked around the living room and noted locations that would be best to catch the action. Around midnight, Jan woke and then woke me. She said, "John, I have to tell you that I was unfaithful yesterday." I looked at her and asked her, "Do you need to confess and tell me about it right now?" "Yes, John," Jan said, "I need to tell you that two men fucked me over and over all day." Now I was beginning to get hard and told her, "Tell me all the details.

You said earlier that you still wished every man in the world would fuck you and fill you with their cum." Jan sat up, began fondling my hardening cock and began, "It was Bill from the TV repair and he had Tony his helper.

When I saw Bill, I knew it wouldn't be hard to get his cock back into me. I was also sure that if Tony saw Bill fucking me, he would join. John, I am so sorry, but this was just too much to resist. I'm sorry for cheating." I looked at Jan and said, "Darling, you had 'lust' in your eyes. I know how you love to be filled with cum, it was just a 'lust' fuck." "You understand that it was a 'lust' fuck, John?" Jan asked. "Yes, darling," I said, " you were just wanting cum from lust." I asked Jan for details.

She told me how she was able to cum and ejaculate so many times and how they did fill her pussy to the brim with their cum.

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She also told me she had her first double penetration. My cock was instantly hard now. She said, "Oh, I loved Tony's cock, he is so big and long. His cock finally pushed all the way to my womb.

I'm sorry John, but my mind tells me that I want Tony to come back and fuck me again. Is that just 'lust' thinking?" I answered, "Yes darling, you just have 'lust' on your mind.

It may be just another fantasy to have him fuck you again." Little did she know, I was counting on it, especially on Friday night. Tony and Bill will be two of the men to gang bang her. My other thought, will Marlene be able to round up more men, and how many?

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I asked Jan to give me in depth details of her 'lust' fuck. She told me in such an erotic way that I couldn't resist my sore and tired wife. I very slowly fucked her two more times and made sure she had complete and exhilarating climaxes where her whole body shook and spasmed. She ejaculated so many times, I think some went as far as to hit the ceiling. I admit, I did rub it in that I was happy for her that she enjoyed being fucked by more than one man.

That was a zinger that got her to ejaculate without stimulation.

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Even, when I would pinch her nipples, she would ejaculate. Oh, she was ready for Friday night. I finally let Jan fall asleep. I relished looking at her naked body next to me and I could clearly see all the men Friday night with lust in their eyes and the desire to ravish her body. Jan was a very beautiful and sexy woman for her age. I was looking forward to helping her with her fantasy.

She was going to be such a sight, seeing her with her legs spread apart, her bare pussy exposed to all those men, and the look in her eyes inviting one and all to enter her and fill her pussy with cum. I was hoping that Marlene would be able to find many more men for the party, many more.


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