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Teen new in porn does anal creampiefucking girl
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ACCIDENTAL LOVERS PART TWO HOME SCHOOLED CHAPTER 1 Alicia Cooper was thrilled when the Bennington School District had hired her two years ago. She had been fresh out of the University of Northern Iowa with an education degree and was quite happy to get away from Cedar Falls and Iowa in general. She had grown up in the Corn Belt and while she had a great childhood, the conservative nature of the state was something that she really needed to get away from.

She had run into far too many people who took exception to her lifestyle choices. Many condemned her without even knowing or meeting her, her own family refusing to accept that she was bisexual was the most infuriating.

They wouldn't even listen to her, choosing to side with her now ex-husband. He had no problems with her desires as long as he got to take part. But when she had found someone who wouldn't allow him into the fun and games, it had gotten nasty fast. She had been left destitute but with a strong desire to show everyone that she was quite capable of making it on her own. Still she couldn't help but think how much easier everything would have been if she had just kept quiet and lived a traditional life.

Being bisexual had been easy to hide when she was in high school, it was not at all unusual for girls to have sleepovers and be together constantly. That she and Suzy had still dated boy's made it all the easier to hide their true feelings. The girls had met on the first day of high school and bonded as best friends in just a few short weeks. From training bras to gym shower shyness they had shared the tribulations of female adolescence.

Both had desperately wanted a boyfriend, but neither could find a boy that met their expectations. The few they had were always awkward and selfish; they just wanted to find out what a kiss felt like, maybe a bit more. They both adored their ninth-grade science teacher, a younger man seemingly chiseled from granite.

They often fantasized together about what they would do to him, though both where too shy to attempt even the first step.

It was during one of these fantasy sessions that they had shared their first kiss. Alicia had been going on and on about what a kiss could feel like, it was driving Suzy crazy and she finally had had enough.

"If I kiss you, will you shut up already," Suzy said. "Like you would know how too," Alicia laughed. Without another word Suzy leaned in and pulled her friends mouth to hers. Their kiss was longer and deeper than either had thought possible. When they pulled apart, they just silently stared at each other for what seemed an eternity. Breaking the silence Alicia simply said, "Wow." "Yeah.

wow," her friend echoed. "If we could find a boy to kiss like that, we'd be set." "That's for sure," Alicia said, "but we could. umm… practice more. If you want too, that is?" "Uhh, yeah. that might be a good idea," the 16-year-old answered hoping her enthusiasm wasn't showing. It was during their second kiss that tongues were exchanged, delving deep inside each other's mouth. Further kisses brought the first touch as fingers crept over each other's breasts, first over their blouses but soon beneath.

They had each seen the other nude numerous times in the school locker room or while changing while playing dress-up. Each had secretly checked out the other to compare against their own growth.

Suzy had envied Alicia's breasts being slightly larger than her own. Her nipples were darker, almost like milk chocolate. Suzy likewise had seen the lush reddish hair her friend had kept trimmed between her legs; her own bush was sparse. But now with hormones coursing through their bodies each was moving faster and further then ever intended and neither regretted it.

As clothes got tossed aside, each looked at the other with a new appreciation and desire. Suzy had made the first move beyond a kiss when she lowered her mouth to Alicia's breast.

It had felt so natural and elicited a gasp and moan from Alicia. Her nipple grew hard instantly and her back arched to press the nipple further to her friend and new lover. Suzy had immediately loved the taste and texture of her friend's breast.

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It excited her and made her moist. She couldn't resist the urge to touch herself and slid her fingers to her pussy, stroking it lightly. Alicia soon noticed her partner's efforts and reached down, moving Suzy's hand aside.

"Let me," she said softly. With that she touched another woman's slit for the first time. She knew what she liked and had touched herself often, she hoped Alicia liked the same.

She lightly ran a finger through her friend's fur, along the folds of the skin, feeling the moisture coating the lips. She slid a finger in and found the clitoris. It was smaller than hers but still she knew, especially at the wide-eyed reaction the touch got from her friend. Caressing the hard nub with her thumb, she slid first one then two fingers inside Alicia and began slowly pumping them. Pressing deeper with each pump, increasing tempo she watched her friend build to a climax.

"Don't stop, please don't stop," Alicia cried, "I'm so close, please don't stop. Oh my god, I'm cumming. Suzy felt her friend clamp down on her fingers; she could actually feel the muscles trying to pull them inside the pussy. She could smell her best friends aroma and found it intoxicating. It drove her on and made her want to do everything she could for her friend; it all felt so right. "Ahhhhhh YESSSSS, So good, yes, yes, go, please.

YESSSSSSSSSSSS,' Alicia hissed with her eyes squeezed tightly shut, her body convulsing and her hips pumping against Suzy's hand. As Alicia came down, Suzy removed her hand and brought it to her face, licking each finger clean as she had routinely done following her own masturbation.

Alicia smiled softly at her friend, leaned in and their lips meet. Tongues moved between them in the long, deep, passionate embrace. Pulling away, Alicia's smile turned into a grin with a twinkle in her eye. "Your turn," the redhead whispered as she pushed Suzy down on her back.

Acting on instinct alone, Alicia began by lightly kissing her friends cheeks and neck. She worked her way slowly down between the breasts then let her tongue trace circles around a nipple. Tighter and tighter the circles drew in and the tongue touched the hard skin of the areola. It tightened and crinkled at her tongues touch, the nipple growing hard.

She sucked it in, alternately nursing on it and chewing it like an eraser. It was hard and felt large in her mouth. She moved from one to other and enjoyed both as Suzy purred in delight and stroked her fingers through Alicia's hair. Once again she began lightly kissing down Suzy's body, stopping to run her tongue around and in her belly button. Alicia continued kissing feeling the breathing rate of her best friend increase in rhythm.

She could feel the fine down of her friends hair begin tickling at her chin. Her kisses traveled up the pubic mound and she soon felt the cleft of skin where the true treasure awaited. Alicia hesitated but a moment before taking her first taste of her friend's juice. She had tasted her own on numerous occasions, but this was different. The taste was unlike anything she could easily describe it was sweet but still tart, light but intense, it coated her face and she could feel it on her lips.

Whatever and however it could be described, Alicia wanted more. Spreading Suzy's legs wide, Alicia ran her tongue the entire length of her new lover's slit. She found a clit much larger than her own, one that was still swelling up. She licked around it, hearing her friend moan in delight before sucking it straight into her mouth. The result was instantaneous, Suzy's back arched and she let out an animalistic growl as she started to cum as never before.

The feeling was much more intense than the orgasms she had ever managed on her own. She felt the pressure build as her friend licked and sucked at her clit.

Suzy came is waves, each harder than the one before but each leading her further up the mountain. She had never felt like this before had never been so satisfied and complete. Then it was if a damn burst and feelings so intense racked through her. She lost all awareness as a feeling so intense and overwhelming gripped her very soul. He last conscious awareness was a slight pressure to her rear. Alicia could not believe how large Suzy's clit had become; it was the size of one of her fingertips.

She licked and sucked at it, getting more and more juice as her friend was obviously cumming. She could slide it between her lips and Suzy was so wet it was coating Alicia's face. She ran her hands along Suzy's thighs and used her thumbs to spread her open like a flower. Suzy was bucking and it was all Alicia could do to keep her lips on her friend. It was during this that Alicia accidentally let a finger slide into her friend's asshole. The result had been instantaneous; Suzy had gone rigid, lifting up off the bed and pressing her young pussy into Alicia's face.

Then Alicia was surprised when juice didn't flow but actually sprayed from her friend. At first she thought Suzy had peed but then she tasted the same intoxicating flavor she had been tasting all along. It was delicious and she drank all she could until her friend went limp. After a few last licks, Alicia climbed up and snuggled into her friend's side. "Wow," was all she could say. "Yeah, wow is right," Suzy softly answered back. The two kissed and then looked into each other's eyes for moment before breaking into schoolgirl giggles.

The two had kept their relationship a secret throughout high school. They had each dated boys and had lost their virginity on the same night after a school dance. After graduation Susan had gone out of state to school and her parents had moved as well. The girls wrote each other but like their visits, the letters became infrequent until they stopped.

Alicia had gone to the local community college, intending to transfer to the university after graduation. It was a dream not meant to be; instead she met and eventually married a man she had met at her part-time job.

She had never kept her sexual desires a secret from her husband and they had shared many a threesome though partners found on Craigslist. It wasn't until Alicia had met a single mom at a school function that trouble started. The two had hit it off immediately and it wasn't long before their relationship had progressed.

But the woman had no interest in Alicia's husband or any man. Jealousy soon became apparent when he was left out of the fun. When he left her, there was no secret of why and it had been ugly. It wasn't long before Alicia's very conservative family made it clear that the shame was hers and her soon-to-be ex was the victim.

Alicia never looked back as she completed her schooling alone and found a job as far from Iowa as possible. She had still felt alone in the world despite finding a few lovers to spend time with. But none could replace her first love in her heart. CHAPTER 2 Tommy and his sister scrambled trying to cover up as their homebound teacher Miss. Cooper stood looking at the two in silence. Lori was already tearing up and starting to sob. Tommy was rambling and trying to conjure up a reasonable excuse.

"She was helping me…" he stammered trying to find the words but how does one explain being in bed naked with his little sister, his hard cock buried deep inside her as she rode him. "I wasn't feeling good and. she tried to. cheer…" his words trailing off as he realized just how lame he sounded. In the weeks she had worked with the children it had become easier on all foe her to just let herself in the home.

That way if Lori was busy helping her brother she wouldn't be interrupted. It was pretty apparent that the girl was definitely helping her brother and Miss Cooper had definitely interrupted them. As she stood silently in the doorway after walking in on her two young students in the midst of orgasms, Miss Cooper finally found her voice.

"It looks like she was doing a pretty good job 'cheering' you up," the homebound teacher said. "You seemed to have made her rather cheerful too." Miss Cooper walked across the room to where Lori had her head buried in her arms sobbing.

"Please don't tell our mom, please." The girl begged, "We'll never do it again, please don't tell." Kneeling down next to Lori, the teacher hugged her.

"It's okay, you'll be fine. But I think you should go to the bathroom and wash up, then come back so we can all discuss this." As Lori left the room, Miss Cooper turned to look at Tommy. He looked so helpless with casts on both arms and a leg. He was stretching, trying to reach the sheet that had fallen just beyond his grasp leaving his naked torso uncovered. Walking over and standing next to the boy, she scanned his body mentally appreciating what she saw.

"So, now what? What am I suppose to tell your mother?" Miss. Cooper asked somewhat rhetorically to the now silent Tommy. "I just can't ignore what I saw," she continued. "Your sister could have seriously hurt you by jumping on your bed." Tommy was looking down, trying to find a hole to hide in as he listened to the teacher chastise him.

Wait what did she just say? His mind quickly replayed her words: …jumping on your bed." Could she not have noticed what was actually happening when she arrived?

That wasn't possible but that was the only thing that made sense. He was so confused that he was afraid to say anything and just let Miss Cooper continue speaking. "I'll have to tell her that you two are getting along great but need to be more careful. We wouldn't want either of you to have any more accidents," she said glancing at the boy with a slight smile.

"Now I need to talk with your sister to be sure she understands too," the young teacher said as she got up and walked towards the bathroom. As she walked she considered the situation. She was not completely surprised as leaving two young teens together was always a risk. Their bodies were surging with new hormones and their curiosity and desire always wanted to be sated. With the boy essentially helpless until his broken limbs mended following the car accident, he needed help with everything.

And since their mother had to work to support the family, that left only his younger sister to care for him. It was only natural that adolescent judgment was tossed aside.

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She could appreciate the challenge the two children had encountered, it really wasn't that different than what she had encountered when she was near their age.

And quite frankly, she had to admit; she found the whole scene incredibly erotic. It had been all she could do not to reach down and fondle the boy, as he lay uncovered and helpless in his bed. His cock had softened from the stress of the situation, but it was still a nice four inches soft.

That she could still see the moisture from the girls juice glistening on it made it all the more desirable. She had wanted to take it in her mouth and taste their co-mingled flavors, but there was time and she needed to be careful.

Her chance would soon come. CHAPTER 3 Lori was sitting naked on the closed toilet, still sobbing out of fear when her teacher walked in and quietly closed the door. She kept her eyes focused on the floor unable to face the adult. She was scared, more scared than at anytime in her life.

Her mind and body were riding an emotional roller coaster that had careened wildly in the past few hours. If only her brother hadn't needed to pee none of this would have happened. Yet she was glad it had, as she had never felt anything so wonderful as when she had felt her brother inside her. His hardness filling her and making her feel whole.

It had felt so right; she had no regrets - at least until Miss Cooper had discovered them.

The same Miss Cooper who was now kneeling in front of her, talking softly. She hadn't listened yet and the words were just now starting to form in her mind&hellip. "natural.understand, secret. " She started to listen more closely, trying to comprehend what was being said.

The tone wasn't punishing or angry; it was soft and supportive.

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As she listened ever more closely, she became confused. It sounded as if she wasn't in trouble but how could that be? "You just need to be careful and not let anyone else know. Not everyone would understand and it could create problems and get you in trouble.

It is wonderful that you have such a tender relationship with your brother and are so willing to help him," The teacher said softly while leaning in close to Lori, her long red hair brushing along the girls still quivering legs.

Lori felt Miss Cooper's fingers touch her arm and back as she was drawn into a hug. In her ear, Lori heard the woman softly whisper, "Don't cry, everything will be fine. You just need to relax and we need to help your brother relax too. Are you feeling better now?" Still confused and unsure what exactly was happening but instinctively relieved, the girl nodded silently. Reaching past the girl and turning on the shower, Miss Cooper said, "Let's get cleaned up and see what we can do to help Tommy," Then to Lori's amazement the older woman directed her under the warm stream and began undressing too.

"What, what are you doing?" the girl stammered as she looked at Miss Cooper, now wearing only her bra and panty set. "I just told you we are going to freshen up and relax with a hot shower together; then we will go see how we can help your brother," she heard in response.

CHAPTER 4 Alicia Cooper knew she was taking a huge chance. She was risking everything she had starting with her profession, her carefully rebuilt reputation, and ultimately her own freedom.

Yet as she had stood in the doorway and watched her two young students stimulate one another, she was drawn in and overcome with long suppressed desires.

She was taken back to her own youth when love and sex were more innocent and unencumbered by dictated roles of society. She recalled the touches and feelings of her early lovers. She wanted to rediscover the joy of pure pleasure and knew instinctively that she could as she saw the siblings in a passionate, animalistic lovemaking.

She had felt her body release as those memories and desires flooded her mind. The spell only broken when she unconsciously released the book and papers in her arms, the loud thud of it hitting the floor and making the two aware of her presence. Alicia had known immediately that the two children thought they were in serious trouble.

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The looks of abject terror covering both of their faces and then little Lori sprinting from the room leaving her helpless brother trying to reach for something to cover himself with. That Alicia never had any intention of chastising, much less punishing the two wasn't known to them. She had gone to Tommy to help him relax, but it was all she could do not to fondle the boy. She knew he was confused when she left him but that couldn't be helped.

Finding Lori crying in the bathroom had torn at Alicia. She felt so bad about being the subject of terror to the girl. The child had been experiencing the greatest of bliss only to have the joy ripped away unintentionally. Lori had to fix what she had broken and the first step was to get Lori to relax and accept her.

The plan had formed quickly in Alicia's mind and she was still thinking out the details. Much of it would happen on the fly but she was sure it would work and all three would be ultimately satisfied.

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The greatest risk was insuring that both children understood that their mother must never know. The two women had never met nor even spoken, Alicia having been assigned to the children by the district. But having taught both for more than week, she had been impressed from the start, their mother was obviously a serious parent who took responsibility for her children and expected them to understand their maturity and responsibilities.

Now she was sure both of these qualities would work to her benefit. That she now found herself getting ready to step into the shower with an accepting 12-year-old only reinforced Alicia's belief that she had read the situation perfectly. All those thoughts had swirled through the woman's mind in an instant but everything flashed to the present as she registered the young voice speaking to her.

"What are you doing?" it asked with a pronounced stutter. Lori knew her answer must both reassure and establish dominance if her plan was to work. "I just told you we are going to freshen up and relax with a hot shower together; then we will go see how we can help your brother," Alicia said in response.

Without giving the girl time to respond, Alicia dropped her undergarments and stepped into the shower. Picking up the bar of soap she immediately lathered it up and began washing Lori's back.

"We have to look fresh and inviting when we see Tommy. He won't want to see that you were crying, he'll think he hurt you," Alicia said adding, "He didn't hurt you, did he?" "No, of course not, Tommy would never hurt me," Lori answered immediately. "I didn't think he would," Alicia responded still moving the washcloth across the girl's body but introducing a second hand free of the cloth and touching the girl's skin directly.

It was soft and smooth; Alicia loved the feel of it as her fingertips glided over the girl's body. "It's important that you never let anyone do anything to you that you don't want," Alicia continued, inwardly smiling at the hypocrisy of her words as she ran her hands over the naked girl.

Alicia took in the sight before her. Lori was quite beautiful and just beginning to blossom in womanhood. Her body had only begun to develop curves that would later turn heads.

Her breasts were mere swells with rising small dark nipples that were already hard, standing out like pencil erasers. Her body hair was still very fine with not a wisp to be found between her legs. Her pussy mound was still puffy with baby fat. The girl was simply nectar begging to be devoured. For her part, Lori had looked over her teacher as well. The redhead's body was fair as is common with that hair color.

She was well toned with small breast's that stood high on her chest. As Lori's wide eyes traveled down she was confused by the woman's pubic hair it was just a narrow strip, fire red like her other hair, it almost looked like a small flame atop a candle.

Lori had seen a few other girls and they had always large triangular patches of hair that covered the whole pussy.

This one seemed to be pointing to Miss Cooper's pussy, itself different from what Lori had seen in photos during school health class. Hers seem to be more than just a slit, it was wider and had another set of something like lips coming out of it.

She wanted to touch them but was afraid of getting in trouble. The girl was enjoying the feel of being washed. The fingers touching her, coming so close to the places that made her feel so good places only her own hands had been until just recently. This touch was different; it was softer and more deliberate than that of her brother.

This touch seemed to tease at her and build her desire more with every moment. She wasn't exactly sure why but she desperately wanted her teacher's hands to touch her more and she wanted to touch her teacher as well. It was exactly at this moment that Lori was jolted by what can only be described as electricity and she felt fingers glide over her nipples.

It was as if her entire body and soul had come together in that one instant. She wasn't even aware of the sound that passed her lips. Alicia felt the girl shudder when she finally allowed her fingers to pass over the youngster's hard nipple. She knew she had captured the girl when she heard the word "yes" in a loud whisper come from her. The girl was hers, as soon the boy would be too. But first she had to draw the girl completely to her. So Alicia leaned in and took the girl's hard nipple between her lips, her arms encircling her body and pulling her in.

She began gently sucking and licking the nipple, feeling it grow and harden even more. The girl at first stood rigid but as the pleasure grew she reached up and placed her hands on Alicia's head and shoulder to hold her in place. The older woman nibbles and suckling at the nipples gave Lori feelings she had never had before.

Tommy had played and licked her tits but this was different, both in the touch, which was softer, and the feeling, which could only be explained as complete. Lori was lost in the moment and felt nothing could be better when she felt Miss Cooper's finger slide along her slit. She immediately knew it could be and was about to be much better.

The fingers slid softly along the skin, gently parting the lips and letting the thumb come to rest on the girl's tiny clit, making slow circles. As this was happening, the teacher began kissing down the girl's small torso. Inch by inch, planting fluttering butterfly kisses along the way.

Letting her tongue explore the belly button; rolling the tip around the edge before using the tip to seemingly fuck her pronounced inny.

Then continuing downward along smooth skin that was still naturally bare until Alicia began lapping her student's rich juice. She spread the pink lips wide and drank in her flavor, feeling it coat her mouth and face. It was sweet like honey and had a rich, fruity flavor unlike any other.

Lori could do nothing but hold herself up as her knees begged to buckle under multiple orgasms.

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When she felt Miss Cooper lick downward and keep going until she felt the tongue circle her rear hole. It was like a thousand fireworks going off at once. Lori's eyes glazed over as all her building orgasms merged into one huge explosion of ecstasy.

She felt herself falling but then being lowered gently as the lights went out. Alicia smiled as she carefully set the girl down. She knew she had her no matter what else happened it. She quickly stepped back in the shower spray and washed before drying off and quietly waking Lori up. "Your brother is going to think we abandoned him," Alicia told the girl. "We better get back to him." She helped Lori stand up and then lead the still wobbly knee girl out to her brother's bedroom. CHAPTER 5 Tommy had heard bits pieces of his sister and teacher in the bathroom.

He wasn't quite sure what to make of the sounds and he surely wasn't expecting what he saw when the door opened. His sister Lori walked out first, that she was naked didn't surprise him as she had not been wearing any clothes when she had fled to the room after being caught atop him by Miss Cooper.

But he was not prepared to see the nude form of Miss Cooper walking out as well with her hands resting lightly on his sister. His eyes scanned up and down her mature body, from small breasts, larger than his sisters but not as large as his mother's or other woman he had seen fully clothed of course.

She was nicely figured, with shapely hips. His eyes locked on the juncture between her legs. It was almost bare, just a narrow stripe of bright red hair running up it. He had seen pictures on the Internet like it, but now in person it was so much sexier. But why was she naked? Alicia saw the boy's eyes widen and scan over her body. His jaw moved but nothing coherent came out. Obviously he had not been expecting to see the two of them walking towards his immobile form. He really was quite cute, especially lying there helpless with both arms and one leg in casts following his accident.

Alicia could see his cock already starting to harden, likely before the stunned boy even realized it was happening.

She recalled seeing it when she had first spoken to Tommy after catching the two screwing when she had arrived. It had been about four inches long when she saw it then, but it had also been soft. Now it was growing hard and she expected it would be larger. Alicia had a plan for what to say and do when the two got to Tommy's side, but upon seeing his hardening cock, she threw it away and decided to go with her instinct.

That her instinct was being driven by her own desires and libido didn't really matter. The 25-year-old schoolteacher walked straight up to the boy, knelled over and took his semi-hard cock fully in her mouth with a single slurp. She felt it harden in her mouth as her tongue caressed it and her lips glided along its shaft.

She could feel the spongy head hit the back of her throat and the ridge that was uncovered due to the boy's circumcision. Not a word had passed between the three of them since her and Lori had reentered the bedroom.

Tommy still wasn't sure what was happening he knew he was getting a blowjob from his homebound teacher; he knew his naked little sister was standing next to her; that was all evident, but he still wasn't sure what was really happening. Not that it mattered as his body responded to the redhead between his legs.

Alicia was thoroughly enjoying herself.

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The boy was hard and she had an idea he would be for quite some time to come. Pulling her mouth off him, she slowly continued to jack him with one hand as she reached out to his younger sister with the other, pulling the small girl to them both and looking into her eyes. "Taste him, Alicia told her, "Feel how hard he is with you mouth." Lori, head still spinning from everything that had transpired that morning didn't hesitate.

She bent over and engulfed her brother's rigid cock in one fluid move and immediately gagged as it hit the back of her throat. "It's okay, take it slow," Alicia told the girl. "That's why I'm here, to make sure you learn everything correctly." "Tommy, you need to be patient with your sister, this is new to her and she is just learning.

Do you understand?" Tommy was still confused by everything and could only nod his assent. Turning her attention back to the girl, Alicia continued, "Now take him with your mouth again, only don't go so deep or fast. Just lick and suckle your way down, enjoy the taste and feel; note how he is hard but the skin is soft and loose.

See how spongy the head is, lick him and nibble but be very careful not to bite or scrape him with your teeth." Lori did as she was told and couldn't believe how wonderful it felt. She could feel Tommy's dick exactly as it was described. It was like nothing else she knew, both hard and soft at the same time; warm and slippery. She felt it slide past her lips and she let her tongue rub and enjoy the feel of the head in her mouth. It was a wholly different sensation from what she already regarded as her clumsy earlier attempts.

As for Tommy he was in heaven as he felt the warmth of his sister's mouth envelope his stiff cock. It was incredible and his entire body seemed to focus on just that one point. His senses were all centered and he could feel every small movement or touch that Lori made. He couldn't help but to start pushing back, pumping involuntarily into his sister's mouth. But when he did so, he hit the back of her throat, causing Lori to gag again and breaking up the rhythm she had established. Suddenly feeling Tommy's cock press in and against the back of her throat, Lori couldn't help herself and gagged once again pulling off suddenly.

Once more Alicia was there and quietly comforted and reassured her. This time Lori didn't wait but simply bent back down and slid her lips back over the hard cock. She felt the head as it slipped past her lips and along the roof of her mouth. The thin skin sliding in, the bumps and veins adding texture. It seemed to go on forever and was unlike anything she had ever known before.

As she bottomed out the tip once again touched her throat but this time she expected it and was prepared. While she did feel a momentary gag reflex, she was able to control her reaction and kept on.

Without a break she withdrew, allowing her lips and tongue to feel everything again as it slid back as she rose up. Then it was back down and the pattern continued. She was in control now and felt powerful as she sensed her brother's breathing growing faster. Her hand caressed his ball sack and she felt as they grew tight.

Tommy knew something was about to happen, he felt himself reaching a point where he could no longer control his body. It was a wonderful feeling and just kept getting better.

He had dropped his back onto his pillow and no longer tried to do anything but enjoy the strong sensations of being sucked off. His eyes were closed, yet he could see it was like watching the Fourth of July fireworks show at the ball field. Lights were exploding and as one started to dim down, another was lighting up the sky.

It was great but he knew it was going to be better in a few minutes. Then just like at the show, the entire sky lit up when rocket after rocket exploded together in a grand climax. His muscles went stiff throughout his body and he could feel himself pumping rope after rope of seed up his cock. It was a sensation that dwarfed anything he had ever felt by his own hand and he wished the glorious feeling would never end. Lori continued to slide up and down her brother's cock, wrapping her tongue along the shaft.

She was aware that he had suddenly hardened even more and his balls had grown very tight. She suddenly felt a spasm immediately followed by a strong warm jet fill her mouth, followed by another. She tried to hold it, then to swallow as it filled her mouth, then it became too much and she had to pull away only to be met with another blast of warm thick cum struck her face and continued to as Tommy to pump out rope after rope as he climaxed.

Alicia watched as the two youngsters she was supposed to be teaching schoolwork learned and experienced a wholly different lesson. She saw as Tommy exploded in an orgasm that overtook his entire body; as Alicia tried to control it and then failed allowing her beautiful young body to be bathed in boy cum. She saw the complete satisfaction and joys in both their faces. She was also aware that her own body was screaming for more than what her fingers could supply. The young teacher stepped forward and brought her mouth down onto the beaming face of the young girl.

She kissed her deeply and then started kissing her face and down her body, licking up the thick semen that had hit her when she pulled off her brother. It was still warm and so very delicious.

She held it in her mouth savoring the flavor as she licked the last drop that clung to a tight nipple causing a moan to come from the girl. She turned her attention to the boy and caused audible gasps as she licked and cleaned his momentarily softening dick. Finishing she pulled off and leaned up to Tommy's face, kissing him and giving him a taste of his own cum. To the boy's credit he accepted t without any hesitation. Alicia felt a young hand touch her breast, attentively at first but then fully as she gave no objection.

She smiled to herself as the young man explored his first adult female body. His touch was clumsy but still triggered long pent up desires in the teacher's body. She felt her nipples grow hard and moisture flood between her legs. Reaching out she pulled the second child into her and soon all three were exploring each other with their hands and kisses.

The afternoon was spent fulfilling each other and each had climaxed several times as the day drew to an end. Lori finished it by licking out the woman she still knew as Miss Cooper while Tommy watched, too spent to get hard again.

The three cleaned up with the girls taking care of Tommy before they dressed. That had been followed by a frank discussion and understanding that they must never let out what had taken place. That to do so would likely mean an immediate end to an experience all wanted to continue. When the children's mother got home that evening she found both fast asleep and a note on the kitchen table from their homebound teacher: Your children are doing wonderfully.

Today they were already helping one another when I arrived and I needed only to give a few suggestions and show them how they could improve in a few areas. We practiced their skills for the afternoon and I can happily tell you that each did better than I could have ever hoped for. Today was an "A" day and I look forward to working with them more in the days to come.

I expect they will be far ahead and far more experienced than then their classmates when they eventually return to school. Be proud of them, both are truly special.

Miss Cooper Susan smiled as she put the note down and quietly went to her bedroom content in the knowledge that her family was still together and she had raised two wonderful loving children.