Horny aussie blonde amateur rides guys face

Horny aussie blonde amateur rides guys face
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Dama en la mesa  puta en la cama

PLAYTIME CHAPTER L MARY'S NIGHT OUT "Puttana! Hello! I didn't expect you to call." ` "No, dear, I suppose not. Some of us are impressed with what we've seen from the MidSummer Eve party, and I've heard from the Mistress that you are such a dear treat." "Wow. News travels fast. We only returned last week from Florida." "Yes, I know, darling.

Now listen. We'd all like to watch more of you, so I'm inviting you to be center-stage this Saturday. I'll supply the men, STD-free of course, totally private as usual, and you'll get the best sex of your life. We call it a gangfuck. You'll be on the stage, at the mercy of a dozen or so horny men ready to please you in any way you wish. I promise they will ravage you and you'll go home happy. Yes or no?" "Are you kidding?! As long as John is with me to watch.

Can he join in?" "Your choice, dear…but just so you know, we'd love to watch him be part of it, too. The Countess was particularly impressed by him at the party. Then it's settled. My chauffeur will arrive at eight, and you and John will arrive here at nine. Bring anyone else along that you want male, of course, since this is to be YOUR night.

And we will tape this." "Oh and just so you know we're being entirely fair, if you accept, we will also offer the opportunity to John, with a cast of beautiful women for him at another time. Fair is fair, right?" And she replied, "Yes, of course, fair is fair, as long as I get to watch." Mary hung up, thrilled and a little scared.

My god, a gangbang! How many men??? "Ravaged" by a dozen or more men! Won't John be thrilled, too! And she's going to tape it! Oh shit, should we invite James?" She recalled once before, when Puttana had been center-stage. And now, he was so much more delightful, doing his secret thing as the boss. I'll have to think more about this… And there was that time she had been taken by James and her husband at the same time, that very first time she'd convinced John to let her have a Toy to play with.

Wow, a dozen guys at the same time?! She knows how to turn me on! "John, Puttana called me yesterday with an offer. She says they'd watched videos of all of us at the party and she wants to know if I want to be the center of the stage for a gangfuck. That's what she called it. Sounds like a good old-fashioned gangbang to me. It'd be at her place, like before, and she said I could bring anyone else along that I wanted to, you know, you, or whoever.

Frankly, I'm excited. I'd love to be fucked by a dozen or more guys at the same time while you watch. Please, tell me what you think." "Whew, there's an offer of a lifetime!

Honestly, I watched James and you do it in every way possible, I think, and I do get turned on every time. Yeah, I think as long as I get to be part of it, I'd love to watch you do this." She jumped up and kissed him soundly. "I was HOPING you'd say that! I would LOVE to be the boss whore for a dozen hot studs. Can you imagine all those dicks, all for ME?? And all that come just spraying everywhere?!!

I might drown!" Her husband imagined it, his wife laying in the center of the floodlit room, the spots centered on her nude body as horny naked men surrounded her, dicks hard and ready to take her in every hole&hellip.shoot their juice in her, on her. "Yes, I want to see this. I want to be one of the gangfuckers." "Oh…you are my favorite forever, you know that?" she gushed, overwhelmed at his concern for her pleasure…and for volunteering to be one of the many.

"Puttana also said that if I accept, then you would get the same deal with a dozen or so beautiful women some other time." "Are you kidding?" "No, baby, that's what she said. You DO want that, don't you?" "Shit yes!" And so it was settled.

PARTY TIME The hours inched by, but now at last she and John were at the mansion. She'd decided she would enjoy the pleasures of new men this time, and so did not invite James along. The chauffeur led them down the usual path to the cavernous hidden room below. They were greeted by a tuxedoed waiter bearing a magnum and champagne flutes. "Please enjoy the pleasures of the mansion." The marrieds relaxed at the banquet table and comfortable accommodations, nibbled and drank, talked about the surroundings and what was to come as madrigals played softly.

A handsome, muscular young Roman soldier approached, knelt before Mary. "The senate and people of Rome are at your service." Immediately, an older man with white beard and purple-bordered toga appeared beside him and said, "From Athens, the Greek nation is happy to service you." Mary gaped as the two knelt at her feet.

Behind them came three men in Armani suits. "I am Mr. Anderson." "I am Mr. Smith." "I am Mr. Jones." Each bowed pleasantly to her and to John, and also knelt. Mr. Anderson said, "Your wish is our command, ma'am." And behind them came a rush of naked men, some with penises already hard, some soft and wrinkly, several bald-headed, several older, and two of them surely under sixteen, but every one saying words of anticipation to the woman at the center, every one of them breathing hard, every one of them stroking their dicks, some bending over and presenting their ass to the woman.

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Mary reared back in shock at the wave of men, expected to be picked up and raped by this crowd. One of the muscular suits rose and held his arms to her, and she allowed herself to be picked up and carried her to the dais in the center of the room, which was lit by a bright white spotlight. The Greek approached her as she was gently laid on the green slab.

"Your wish is our command…or…we will be completely in charge. Give us your wish, madam." "I want to be fucked. I want all of you to fuck me. Fuck me in every hole. Come on me everywhere, everybody! Take me as much as you want make sure John watches, and he can join in, too.

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I want it all!" "Go ahead, be in charge," she said, "I want to be everybody's favorite whore tonight." The Roman pulled his dirk and cut away her dress. She loved the contained violence of it and began to feel warm inside. Hands joined in to pull the remnants away as men surrounded the dais, and soon she lay naked, two spotlights lighting her white body. Several men already had erections and were trying to get close enough to the three-foot-high dais to rub them on her.

John enjoyed the pomp and spectacle, knew she was getting exactly what she wished. Music throbbed. She was pushed forward so that her head hung backward off the ledge. One of the young boys was pushed forward and someone said, "Fuck her mouth, Reg." She opened her mouth and immediately he slid into her as she felt many hands exploring her breasts, her belly, and a mouth between her legs.

She sucked Reg's prick, taking it all since he wasn't that large. He moaned quickly, humped into her and within thirty seconds shot off in her, and she heard someone whisper "that's his first ever." As she swallowed, thrilled to be felt and used by so many at once, another took his place.

There was no place on her naked flesh that was not manhandled, rubbed by hands and cocks, and she felt wet sperm hitting her in several places.

Suddenly, hands held her shoulders and waist, lifted her, and the Greek laid on the slab, his prick sticking up at least nine inches long. A voice said, "John, help her ride it," and Mary recognized her husband in the crowd around her, helping her to squat onto the delight.


She slid down onto it with sighs of pure pleasure, watching the men around her stroking themselves, touching her ass, her tits, her belly, hands running through her hair, kissing her back. She leaned forward from her rising and falling on the big pole inside her "fuck my ass, too, somebody!" "It is a night of firsts, Robert, you go," she heard, glancing backward to see the other young boy step forward, his young dick hard and wet. He bent forward, licking her butt, seeking the center.

"Take me, baby," she gasped. The boy grasped her hips, rubbed against the puckered sphincter, and someone leaned over to suck his penis and the hole. He pushed and felt resistance.

She relaxed the entrance, he pushed more, and Mary felt the smallish purple crown pop inside -- "Yes! Yes! Give it to me." Youthful hormones took over and the lad quickly pressed his entire cock inside her ass.

John looked on with awe and delight as his wife rode an older man while a lad fucked her from behind, another stood in front of her with his cock in her mouth, and two studs beside her were being stroked by her strong, skillful hands. He stepped between men to get near her front, jacking off, hot now for his slut-whore wife and the porn show she was starring in, and it took only a minute more for him to spray his load onto the face sucking another man's cock.

Another stud on the other side did likewise. The sounds of the men coming pushed the young boy in her ass over the edge. Mary and the boy came together, and immediately the man inside her pussy loosed another load.

Her overloaded clit drove her to a second orgasm at once and she collapsed on the Greek, licking the come on her face. Hands pulled her off, rolled her onto her back.

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Legs were spread. Voice praised her cunt, her mouth, even the come leaking from her, as again hands and cocks rubbed everywhere. A strapping black man pressed his dick into her, and her hands filled with new cocks. Testicles covered her mouth.

She was being used everywhere, and once again felt the warmth and wetness of semen falling on her skin. Now a hand scooped on her body and presented gobs of creamy white come to her mouth. "Eat. Eat it all." And she did, gobs and gobs. Another man was ready and streamed his sperm onto her face and lips.


The black man inside her thrust deeply and emptied himself into her as John watched, and another immediately took his place, and the sequence repeated. "More," she moaned, "more," pulsing her hips into the man. "I want it all." Mr.

Smith laid down beside her on the dais, rolled her onto her side and thrust into her. A second man lying behind her also forced his cock into the same hole. "Yes, yes, yes," she cried, "fill me up." Others crowded around to get at whatever skin they could reach, suck, maul, fuck. She's everyone's bitch, and loving it, thought John. One of the young boys was stroking his cock toward her face, and the other young lad Reg -- had his cock up the fellow's rear.

As the boy in front came on her, he received a hard thrust of blasting come in his ass. Immediately, he leaned over Mary's head and a voice said, "be my bitch -- suck my ass." Her mouth opened on his anal hole, tongue probing, and the white stuff streamed into her mouth as she continued to be taken by two cocks in her pussy.

When she could speak again, they heard, "ohhhh, that's great, keep it up, you guys, I'm in heaven!" Another cock quickly took care of her mouth as several crowded around her face, spraying. John stepped back now, off the dais, completely in a daze watching the men crowding around his naked wife and brazenly taking her. My slut. She's mine. All mine. And at least a dozen other guys', too, for now! God, she must be so thrilled. The gangfuck continued for half an hour more, as some men recharged at the buffet table with food and drink, coming back for seconds with the centerpiece whore, bringing their hands and fingers, cocks, semen, and even vegetables.

Sixty-nine became the rage as it was quickly realized more cocks could be stuffed in more holes, male as well as whore… but it was the star who got most of the cream. She later told John she especially enjoyed the sixty-nine with the two young boys one under her, one fucking her and then the same thing with the two older men.

There was seldom a moment when one of the many men in the crowd was not coming on her, and semen covered her face, her hair, her pussy and legs. Her tits were slimy with come, which stopped no one from sucking them. Suddenly, only one small spotlight lit the room, centered on Mary's face.

A disembodied voice, a voice of command, said, "Gentlemen, please line up. The lady gets one last review." As if they had been militarily-trained, each of them disengaged and stood on the dais beside each other, stroking their erections. Ten men in a row, and two boys. "Mary," the voice said, "please feel free to enjoy the pleasures they offer you one last time tonight." And so of course the come-soaked, thoroughly-fucked bitch took advantage of this last bit of heaven, kissing, kneeling, moving down the line one by one, sucking old cocks, long and short cocks, wet and dry cocks, and young hairless crotches.

Rising to kiss, to suck nipples, to give her breasts for a moment. She even managed to make two more of them come in her mouth as she worked her magic. Again the voice: "Gentlemen, tonight's magic for the lady ends after the last act please turn around, kneel, and spread your ass for the lady." John as well as Mary was thrilled now as each did as ordered, twelve asses presented for her pleasure. Mary again moved down the line, for the last time tonight, finger-fucking, licking and stroking, tongue-fucking each and every one of the beautiful asses given to her.

And at the last one, Reg, she looked at John and said, "honey, fuck him. See how eagerly his ass sucks my tongue in?" And with no hesitation, John stepped forward into the spotlight, took her head in his hands and drove his prick deep into her mouth to wet it, then grabbed the boy's hips as she watched.

His cock slid easily into the young man's stretched hole as a strobe light suddenly came on, flashing in many colors as he fucked the boy right before his wife's eyes. John himself was surprised at how easily his big seven inches slid deeply inside the boy.

Mary slid her finger into John's ass as he pounded away, and shortly his thrusts reached their peak and he blasted his final load into the boy.

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Mary felt his sphincter contracting, heard his breath go ragged and gasping, and knew he was successful. She pulled his cock from the boy's ass, took it in her mouth and sucked the juices off. The colored strobe lights winked off to a moment of darkness in the room as Mary continued her work on her husband, and when the bright white spotlight again shone on the two, they were the only people in the big room.

The only two on the dais. The wife and the husband, naked, spent. Soft music played in the background. Two tuxedoed valets and two waiting ladies approached. Each was led by their attendants to a separate room adjoining the big room.

A hot bath had already been prepared for each. John was bathed by the two women attendants, and Mary by the two men. Both were dressed in fine new clothing by their valets and reunited in the large room. The chauffeur arrived to greet them and escort them through the mansion to the limo. In an hour, they were home with their memories and entirely-fucked-out bodies. "John, you are so wonderful to me. You sure know how to show a girl a good time." "Aw shucks, ma'am, that's just the way I am."