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Saturday,11:00 am. I was having a shower trying to get rid of a rather nasty hangover when the damn doorbell rang. Loud! Damn near made my head bust. I tried to ignore it but some shit kept pushing the bell.

Shelly, my wife, works Saturdays so I had to answer the friggin' thing myself. Turned the shower off, grabbed a towel, held it round my waist and stumbled down the stairs, dripping. "OK, OK. I'm coming." Every ring set off explosions in my poor head. Opened the door. "What is it?" Young girl standing there. Red hair, freckle face. Crisp white cotton blouse, red pleated skirt, running shoes. Her eyes went wide at the sight of me dripping wet, bleary eyed.

The towel wasn't the best cover up. "C-c-collecting for the p-p-paper, s-sir." She stammered. Sounded a bit confused. No wonder, my towel exposed me up to the hip but what was the big deal, my front was covered. "$4 sir." "Don't you usually collect from my wife in the evening?" "M-mom says not on s-s-school d-days anym-m-more.

So I'm c-c-collecting t-t-today. S-she s-s-says if I f-f-fail again I'll ha-ha-have to do p-p-papers all my life." Quite a stammer. She was trying not to look at me but her eyes kept glancing at the towel. "OK, wait a minute." Noticed a note on the table. Note said pay for paper.

There were 4 ones. Gave her the money. Watched her leave. She got on her bike and seemed to whisper excitedly to her friend on the other bike. They both glanced back at where I stood. I ducked back inside. Up in the shower again, hangover still pounding, I thought of the surprise I gave the girl with the towel. My cock got hard so I jerked off. Nice start to the day. After Shelly came home we had some beer. I mentioned the papergirl. Shelly passed me another beer and laughed.

"Next time show her your 45 yr. old butt. Her name's Annie. Not too bright, always stammers. Looks young but she had her 18th birthday a couple months ago. The other kid was probably Priya. From India or Pakistan or someplace.

They're in the same class. Nice kid but she's not too bright either. Actually, the two together aren't bright enough to light up this room. I thought of introducing Annie to Brucie next door, he needs a girlfriend but I don't think she'd have any idea what to do with a boyfriend." Shelly always went on and on.

Boring. We had some more beer, Shelly pretended to be a papergirl and we had a quick fuck before passing out. Next day I had another mother of a hangover. Next Saturday I was just toweling off and casually rubbing my cock.

Hangover wasn't so bad this time. Doorbell rang. Wrapped the towel around me though my cock pushed it out a bit. Wandered downstairs, opened the door. Papergirl again. Hmm. Hair in pigtails. Hadn't noticed last time. She wore a yellow tank top and blue pleated skirt this time. Her eyes went wide again. Noticed the bulge in the towel maybe? Hope so.

"C-c-collecting for the p-p-paper, s-sir." She stammered as usual. "$4 sir." I noticed her friend, brown girl, (Priya?) standing at the foot of the steps wearing a red t-shirt and blue shorts.

Nice brown legs. Hair seemed to be pleated in a ponytail like a typical Hindi. "OK, wait a minute." I turned to get the money from the table and the towel "accidentally" slipped. Hastily re-arranged it but they got a good eyeful of my butt. I know 'cause there were two sets of stifled giggles. Took a fiver from the table and gave it to her. "H-h-here's your ch-change, s-sir." She fumbled in her bag for change and I noticed the brown one hiding something behind her back while stifling more giggles.

Annie's face seemed to have taken on a bit of a flush. Shut the door, peeked out the curtain and watched them leave. They kept glancing back at the house obviously giggling. Priya was showing Annie something on her cell phone while glancing at my door. Jeez! She took a picture of my ass! Went back upstairs to get dressed. Stopped in the bathroom to jerk off while picturing the brown girl's legs and Annie's red pigtails.

Another nice start to a weekend. Later, Shelly came home so we had some beer and a couple of joints. I told her Priya got a picture of my butt. She thought that was hysterical. "Guess they like your sorry old ass. Next week invite them in for milk and cookies. Show them the full monty. Maybe you'll get lucky. Maybe you'll get two cherries. One of them brown! That'd be kind of like a cappuccino cherry?" "You're making me nervous now.

Where do you get these ideas anyway?" "Oh come on. It sounds like fun. I don't mind if you snack on some cherries. Long as you give me a good fuck after. Besides you can video it for me. Maybe we can post it somewhere? OK?? " Shelly was getting a bit high. "OK, I'll make some hash brownies for them to snack on. Maybe some orange juice too with a bit of vodka.

You can see me starring in my own movie with them as supporting actresses." We had some more beer and another joint and had a quick fuck before passing out.

I had very interesting dreams that night and looked forward to helping two young actresses with their film debut!! I may be 45 but I'll still try anything. I figured they being young and not very smart to boot they would be easy to con.

I was prepared. I spiked some orange juice with vodka and Shelly baked some special hash brownies. I figured they would get high from either the booze or the hash.

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I just had to get them to come in and have a drink or bite. I hid 3 camcorders in the living room to catch all possible angles. The bell rang right on schedule. They might be dumb but they were punctual. I let go of my cock which I had been rubbing in anticipation and put on a terry robe so they wouldn't be too scared to come in.

I opened the door wide and with a big smile said: "Morning Annie. How are you today?" Annie was well-dressed in a white, silky blouse and red pleated skirt.

She wore black dress shoes today and her bicycle was nowhere in sight. The usual response: "C-c-collecting for the p-p-paper, s-sir." She stammered in her usual manner. "$4 sir." Her friend, Priya waited on the sidewalk by the gate wearing a bright green sari with a golden colored scarf.

Why all dressed up today? "Oh, of course, I'll get you the money in a minute. How come the two of you are all dressed up today?" I tried to sound interested, which I wasn't but I was having trouble concocting a plausible reason to invite them in.

"We're ce-ce-celebra-brating. It's P-P-Priya's birthday." "Really, how old is she?" This perked my interest. "P-P-Priya's j-j-just tur-turned 18! Her m-m-mom g-g-gave her $10.

We're go-go-going to b-b-uy lunch." She looked very happy. A birthday lunch huh?


I had my opening. "That's wonderful! Tell you what, why don't the two of you come in and I'll give you a treat? She eyed my bathrobe dubiously and said, "We sh-should just fi-fi-finish our collecting. Th-thanks but no." "I have freshly baked brownies. Still hot. They're to die for.

Come on, just try one." "B-b-brownies? Ch-chocolate is my f-f-favorite! Ok. Just for a m-m-inute." She turned and called, "P-Priya. C-c-come here. Treats." Success! Priya came walking up the steps smiling but eyeing my robe nervously. "Hi Priya. Happy birthday. Come in I'll give you a special birthday treat." I could now see the sari had a green floral design with gold trim.

She had some sort of tight saffron blouse under it. I led them to the living room. "Sit down ladies. I'll get the treats." My hand clicked the ON switch in my robe pocket. The 3 camcorders quietly started recording.

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I returned in a minute with the tray of hash brownies and the orange juice laced with vodka. "Priya, since you're the birthday girl, you get the first brownie. And here's some really good orange juice. It's special." "Thank you, sir." Priya took a brownie and a glass of orange juice. Gulped half the glass before stopping, looked at it, and said, "This is really different sir. What kind of oranges did you use?" She took a big bite of the brownie. "Glad you like it. It's a special import.

Annie, do you like yours?" Annie had taken a sip but was concentrating on wolfing the brownie. "Mmmf. G-good" she managed to get out with her mouth full. "Go on. Have as many as you want. By the way, how's school going?" I sat on the chair, legs crossed one over the other observing them. "N-not good. We go-got F in health. Mom's real mad." "F in health? Both of you? What were you studying?" Priya responded, "Sir, the lesson was on male anatomy.

I think teacher lied to us. It can't be true. She shouldn't give us an F just because we didn't believe her. Sir, you wouldn't believe what she said. We don't believe it at all!" "Sorry to hear it. Have another brownie." Definitely not the brightest bulbs on the block. They really liked the treats. Already two brownies down each throat and a whole glass of orange & vodka each.

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Nice. "Priya, tell me about your dress, what's it called? How does it work?" I needed to keep them going until the hash or the vodka started working. I really didn't care which worked first. "Yes sir. It is called a sari and it's a long piece of cloth that I wind around myself sir. It wraps around my waist and then over my shoulder and I tuck it in at the waist. My blouse is called a choli and it is traditional too. Do you like it sir?

Can I have more orange juice?" Annie nodded, she wanted more also. They were chugging the stuff! "Yes it is very pretty." I poured another glass of juice for each and pushed the brownie dish closer to them. Both reached out and took a third brownie.

I waited while they munched. We chit chatted for another 30 minutes. They both sat on the sofa. Priya's sari covered her almost completely, while exposing her entire tummy, belly button and all. Her skin was a nice smooth coffee color. Annie's red skirt revealed her shapely young legs to a few inches above the knees.

I kind of liked the red pigtails and the freckles on her face. They both avoided looking at my bathrobe. "M-m-my he-he-head feels fu-funny." Annie seemed to have trouble focusing. "My head feels funny too sir." Priya agreed looking at me puzzled. "Gee, that's odd.

But you know what? You both look very pretty. I bet you could both be models or even actresses." "Thank you, sir. Sometimes we talk about becoming famous actresses. Sir, that would be the greatest thrill to be a star." Priya was very pleased with my complement. Annie gave a big smile and nodded. "Bet you didn't know I do a lot of pre-audition work for famous directors?" The bait was set.

"P-P-pre-audi-di-tion?" Annie looked interested. Priya leaned forward though her eyes looked confused. I thought, "Enjoy the brownies little Miss Brownie." "Pre-audition. Most people don't know this but directors always require a professional like me to pre-audition new talent. I pre-auditioned several well-known starlets. Directors insist on it. They won't even let you send a resume without a pre-audition." "R-r-r-eally?" Annie seemed to be having trouble seeing straight.

"Could we pre-audition?" Priya took the bait. "Well, you look good. Your voices are nice. If you want we could pre-audition right now." There eyes widened. Grins spread across their young naive faces.

I hoped the microphones were picking up everything. "CAN WE??!!" They both squealed in delighted unison. "Yes, right now. Directors mainly want to see you react in uncomfortable or intimate situations so they know you won't freeze up in front of the camera. Let's get started." I gave them my most innocent look. "I-i-i-inti-ti-mate??" Annie managed but still kept her big smile.

Looked a bit wobbly and flushed. Brownies and juice. Hash and booze. Fantastic. "Sir? What do you mean sir?" Priya's confused look was deepening as she leaned on Annie for support.

Her second glass of "juice" had disappeared. "I'll give you some intimate things to do and, depending, on how well you perform I'll write a very positive pre-audition report and you are GUARANTEED to get acting roles. Priya, you can be first." "Thank you, sir." I had her stand and do a few poses to warm up. Then I had Annie do the same poses. Nothing alarming so they trusted me. Both were a bit wobbly on their feet but managed to stand.

"Now Priya slide your scarf off and pretend you are going to unwrap your sari. Annie take your shoes off and undo the first 3 buttons of your blouse while twirling one of your pigtails." They both obeyed without question. Priya actually pulled the end of her sari out of her waistband. Annie unbuttoned the first 3 of the 5 buttons on her blouse. I had meant for her to unbutton from the top down but she started at the waist instead.

Nice tummy. "Do you feel comfortable girls? Priya? Annie?" Just making sure I could get to the next step. "Ye-yes." Annie's eyes were definitely becoming unfocused. "Yes sir. Am I doing well sir?" Priya's fingers had trouble holding the end of her sari. "You are both doing just great. Now, Priya, unwrap the top of your sari so we can see your choli.

That's what you called it? A choli? Good. And Annie, I meant for you to unbutton from the top. You'll have to do better than that.

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Unfasten the rest of the buttons and untuck your blouse." Annie gulped but complied. Her white silk blouse was now completely open. I enjoyed seeing her pink, freckled belly. Her mid-size boobs were still covered by a white lace bra. She just stood there looking nervous and unsteady. Priya unwrapped the top part of her sari so I could see her choli clearly.

She didn't seem to have a bra under the saffron choli. Her nipples pushed at the tight choli material. Nice. She swayed, tried to catch herself and let go of the sari cloth.

It fell right to the floor. Beneath was a sheer, white, clingy slip that reached to her ankles. She hurriedly grabbed for the sari to cover herself again.

"No Priya! Leave it. Remember you have to show you can be intimate. Remember I'm just doing the pre-audition. Are you not able to show intimacy? We can stop right now if you want?" This was fun.

My robe concealed my raging hard-on but only because I was still sitting. "I am sorry sir. I will try harder. Can I continue the pre-audition? Please sir?" Priya looked at me anxiously pleading with her big brown innocent eyes.

"Ok you can continue but remember directors don't like hesitation. You must follow my directions without question or hesitation. Do you understand? Priya? Annie?" I laid it on a bit thick; probably not necessary because the juice and brownies were working like a charm.

"Sir, yes sir." Priya. "Ye-ye-yes." Annie. "Ok. The next thing is I am going to do something that will surprise you. A big surprise! You must be actresses. Stay calm. Look as if this is what you have always wanted. This is part of every pre-audition. It is industry standard. Lose your cool and the pre-audition is over. Remember, the ability to be intimate is the most important part of being an actress.

Look straight at me." "First, Annie, take your blouse off and swing it in the air. Priya let your slip fall to the floor in a sexy way." Annie's white lace bra did a wonderful job of pushing up her tits when she took her blouse off. Priya was too wobbly to put on a show but her slip fell revealing her slender brown legs and black sheer panties. They looked quite nervous wondering what was coming. They tried to focus their dizzy eyes on me.

Annie's chest heaved from her heavy breathing. Priya swayed in her nipple-revealing saffron choli and bare legs. The cameras were covering them from all angles. Beautiful! I stood up facing them. With one motion I whipped my robe off revealing the Full Monty. My rock hard erection pointed straight at the two girls.

Annie's face went bright red as her jaw dropped, her eyes glued to my hot rod. Priya shrieked "It's true!! Teacher told the truth!!" She fell over, her eyes astonishingly wide and fixated on my quivering cock. "Annie, pick up your jaw. Priya, get up. Obviously you are having trouble acting. Maybe we should stop right now." "S-s-sorry.

Please. Another ch-chance?" Annie begged while staring at my cock. Her face went through a whole range of colors. "Please sir. We were just so surprised. We need practice sir. We didn't expect this sir. Please give us a chance sir." Priya tried to stand again but was completely unable to concentrate beyond joining Annie in her disbelieving stare. "I don't want to waste my time. Prove you deserve another chance.

Priya, come and touch me here." I pointed at the tip of my cock. "Annie, come and touch me here." I pointed at my balls hanging down. Priya bit her lower lip as she came forward. Slowly she reached out her shaking hand and put her palm against the tip of my cock. I pushed my cock into her hand so it closed around my hot throbbing member. Her hand was hot and sweaty. Annie swayed forward in her red skirt and reached for my balls.

She didn't make it. She was so dizzy by now that she fell forward knocking Priya and me down too. The two young girls collapsed onto my naked body. I flipped over and found myself astraddle Annie, my cock resting on her warm soft tummy.

The tip reached to the centre of her lacy bra. I reached down and unhooked the front of the bra so her tits fell out.

Beautiful! Pink erect nipples on top of ripe grapefruit! I wiggled forward so my raging cock nestled between her twin fruits. Her chest heaved, eyes wide, she looked scared. I pulled hard on her red pigtails. "P-please. S-s-sorry. I didn't m-m-mean to." Ha! She's still scared of blowing the 'pre-audition'.

What an idiot!! Priya had struggled to her knees her wide eyes fixed on my cock between Annie's tits. Her choli had been pulled down in the fall and one of her small brown tits hung over the top. She didn't seem aware of it. I reached over and pulled it up over her head. Her arms co-operated so I flung the thing across the room. Priya's tits stuck straight out now. Small, like teacups - the dark brown nipples hard. I put my hand between her legs, finger into the black panty front and yanked as hard as I could.

The panty crotch ripped wide open. My finger zeroed on her dark, curly pussy quickly finding the hot spot and flicking it. "Sir! What do you do? Sir?" Priya gasped as she tried not to move fearing the pre-audition would end. "Never challenge the director! Now follow my finger's directions." I barked this order and enjoyed hearing her gasp again. My finger stuck right up her cunt, a little dry but getting moist.

My finger pushed up forcing her to get off her knees and squat. Annie's eyes watched with astonished interest. Now my finger pulled Priya forward closer to Annie. I twisted my finger so Priya had to face Annie.

"Now Priya, swing your leg over and squat over Annie's face and look into my eyes." She complied as my finger forced another gasp from her lips as it tugged on her now wet pussy again. Her pussy, was now positioned over Annie's disbelieving face.

I slid my gooey finger out. Her soft, almond shaped brown eyes stared into mine with considerable confusion. This dimwit still couldn't comprehend what was going on. What stupid tits! "Now Annie you must prove you can let all inhibitions go. That's the only thing directors' care about. Open your mouth, stick out your tongue and put it inside Priya's sweet brown pussy. Lick as if it was your favorite ice cream.

Imagine it's the last few drops of the best cappuccino you ever had. That's it. Do it! Priya, lower yourself so she can reach." Annie's sweet pink tongue darted up. (She had a long wide tongue.) As Priya lowered herself I saw the pink tongue enter Priya's wet brown cunt lips. More gasps from Priya as she continued looking into my eyes.

I waited a few seconds as the impact of a long, thick girl tongue in her sweet cinnamon pussy showed in her dropping jaw and continued gasps. "Now Priya, lean forward. You're the birthday girl so you get some girly ice cream too. Lean forward. That's it. Pull Annie's red skirt up to her waist.

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Yes. Now wait while I pull her panties off. Now lean down. Let your tits touch her belly. Touch the red haired pussy. Pull the lips apart. See that nice pink juicy hole? Stick your tongue in. Lick for all you're worth. Think of the big name directors signing you to a fat contract for your movie debut. Pretend you are eating a really juicy sweet dessert for your birthday." Priya pulled up Annie's skirt revealing a darling set of lacy white panties clinging to juicy pussy lips.

I pulled the panties down and off and watched as Priya carefully touched the pulsating moist pussy (it had real bright red hair!) and gently pulled the lips apart as her head went down. Her petite tongue darted out and started licking. She seemed to rock forward as Annie ate her own pussy. I sat back to watch. Cinnamon brown girl on top of creamy freckly girl.

Cinnamon ass sticking up in the air. I heard sucking sounds. They were really getting into it! "OK Priya. Sit up now. See my rod? It's hot! It's juicy. Birthday girl will really enjoy sucking the lollipop. Open your mouth so I can put it in, suck it like it's the best lollipop in the world." Wordlessly she obeyed.

Sitting up her petite tits stuck out just a little but her nipples swelled at least a half inch. Her moist mouth opened and I stepped forward letting my stiff cock find its own way in.

Her mouth closed, her eyes closed and she clearly liked this lollipop! I felt her little tongue sliding around as she moved her head back and forth.


My cock swelled more and I squeezed so it would give a jerk in her mouth. We did this for several minutes. Priya enjoyed her new birthday lollipop while gently bouncing to Annie's greedy sucking. Sometimes her eyes opened, rolled, and closed again. When I felt myself ready to explode I pulled out and told her to get up. I told Annie to stand and watch the next part of the pre-audition. I laid down on the plush carpet and told Priya to stand over me and start lowering herself to her knees.

My cock aimed right at her pulsing wet cinnamon pussy. "Annie, grab my cock and help slide it into Priya's pussy. Squeeze my balls while it goes in. Priya, tell me what it feels like." Annie's hand grasped my cock and aimed it right at the pussy lips while squeezing my balls with the other hand. The head of my ramrod touched the hot pussy.

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It was sopping wet. I pushed in as Priya's small body continued to lower itself. About half way in I felt something resisting me.

Good!! Priya looked concerned. "Sir, it does not fit. Too big sir. Please take it out sir." I just heaved my pelvis up as hard as I could. The resistance suddenly gave way. Priya gasped and tears formed in her eyes. "Sir! It hurts!" Now my cock was fully inside this no longer virgin pussy. Annie's hand still squeezed my balls as she watched. I told her to keep squeezing. "Priya, the pain will soon stop.

Now I want you to bounce up and down hard until you feel you can't control yourself." She bounced. The stupid twit's little tits jiggled. I thrust hard. Up, up. Side to side. My rod seemed to keep swelling until it finally burst in a series of spasms.

Slowly I relaxed. "Annie, you can let go of my balls now. Its your turn now. Priya, get off please." Priya slowly raised herself and collapsed beside me. I noticed my cock was bloodied. Good. Hope the camera got that. Annie saw also, "M-m-mister, are y-you h-h-hurt?" "No Annie, it's ok. Now I want you to get on all fours with your bum pointing toward me." She did so. Her titties hung down and I grabbed them with both hands and kept squeezing.

Squeeze and release, squeeze and release. I pointed my still raging cock at her bum. I slid my cock up and down her bum crack a few times before finally directing it at her hot, red-haired pussy. Sliding it in a few inches I encountered resistance just like with Priya. Cool! This one's never been used either! I withdrew half way then rammed my cock in as hard as possible. Resistance gone! Victory! This stupid cunt's no longer virgin either! "Ooow. Th-that hurts." Who cared what the dumb cunt said.

I just rammed harder and harder. Back and forth while squeezing her tits for all they were worth. After a minute she started to respond by pushing back. We swayed together. My balls hanging down felt something; Priya's fingers closed on my balls, pulling, squeezing. I kept ramming. This young cunt felt good.

Hot. Tight. It took longer this time but my balls started tightening, my cock swelled again. BAM! I shot into this second virgin cunt. More convulsing as my cock tried to shoot more inside but it was all spent.

Annie's breathing came in gasps and she suddenly collapsed forward all used up, red leaking out between her legs. The three of us just laid on the floor for a while, the two girls sleeping, me thinking. "How do I clean the blood off the carpet?

Who cares? This will make a great movie! Maybe I can even sell it? Should I give any of the money to these stupid young supporting actresses?? NAW. But maybe -- they should do another pre-audition?? Or maybe their friends? HMMM"