Hot latina video ever alexia twerk

Hot latina video ever alexia twerk
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While I was growing up, I lived in the California desert. My dad owned a gas station and worked late a couple of nights per week during the summer. This meant that my mom and I were alone those nights.

It was usually hot and mom often drank some wine before, with and after dinner. We would usually do dishes after dinner and, in the summer, she would change from halter top and shorts to a nylon nightgown and sit down on the sofa with her glass of wine and watch TV.

She wasn't careful about exposing herself and I often got a brief peek at her tits. We even used to swim nude as a family when I was smaller (that stopped when I was about 12 and my Dad noticed that I was starting to get hard-ons in the swimming pool).

She had a good body, was about 5' 6", maybe 135lbs with 36"C breasts and a nice large patch of dark pussy hair. Anyway, here is my story about fucking my mother! I was 14, on summer vacation and it was already hot. My mom (who was 39) and I had started spending our usual two evenings a week alone together. Each evening she sit on the couch would watch TV in her nightgown and I would sit on the floor in my boxer shorts and watch TV and read.

Sometimes I would look over to her and be able to see the dark outline of her nipples beneath her nightgown, other times I would look at the crack in her ass a she walked to the kitchen to refill her wine glass. And sometimes I would see her sleeping on the couch with her legs slightly spread and I could see her pussy. Whenever that happened I would always go to bed early and jack-off. One evening she drank a lot and went to sleep (passed out) wearing a rather low cut nightgown.

When I looked, one breast was almost completely out. Since she was really out, I got up and stood next to her to get a "good look." My heart was beating fast and I was horney so I took a chance. I carefully put my hand on my moms tit, she didn't respond, so I put my fingers under her nightgown and slowly exposed her entire breast. Then I sat down and looked as I played with my cock.

I was probably only a minute when a came. I got scared that mom would wake up and so I cleaned up quickly and went to bed with "visions of mom's tits and pussy dancing in my head." A week later, the same story except that had a shorter nightgown on and, when I looked, her legs were spread farther apart.

Her cunt was fully exposed and I coud see her pussy lips. I moved closer to get a better view.

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Then I place a hand on her knee and slowly pushed her legs further apart, she made no response. Now I could see her pussy in all its glory! For awhile I just looked, then I got braver. Carefully (as careful as a horney 14 year old can be) I placed my hand on my mom's bush, no reaction. Slowly I moved my hand down until my fingers were on her pussy and I began to spread hep pussy lips, still no reaction. I opened her lips up wide and looked.

It was a wonderful sight, pink pussy, lighter pink clitorus and the beginning of her "hole." I looked for awhile and then moved my finger, touched her clit and began to rub it. She moved, I froze; then she let out a "mmmmmm" sound and actually spread her legs wider! I continued to rub and her clit grew. Next I moved my hand down and started to stroke her pussy with my finger while rubbing her clit with my thumb, no more movement. Her pussy was getting moist and I began to move a finger towards her entrance gently messaged her opening.

She moved a little, but showed no signs of waking up, so I inserted the tip of my finger and kept rubbing. I kept this up until my finger was all the way inside her.

Then I stopped and looked. Here was my mother: naked from the waist down, breasts barely covered, errect nipples and my finger in her cunt. That's when my hormones took complete control.

I decided to fuck her! Slowly I removed my hand, got up and took a cushion off the sofa. I set the cushion on the floor under and between her legs. I pulled my boxer shorts down and kneeled on the cushion. My hard cock was only inches away from my mom's pussy. I reached down and spread her open. I took my cock in my other hand as I slowly moved it towards mom's pussy.

My cock was dripping as the head touched her pussy. Slowly I rubbed it up and down on her slit, then put the tip at her entrance. I stopped, no reaction from mom, so I inserted the tip.

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My mom moved! She made another "mmmm" sound and them pushed down.


My cock was half-way inside her!! My heart was beating wildly and I knew that I was going to cum. I didn't know what to do. If I pulled out I would cum all over her. So I made the other obvious choice; I pushed my cock all the way inside her and came. She moved a little as I sprayed into her, but she stayed asleep.

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A horney 14 year old can cum a lot, so I pumped into her for what seemed like a munute or more. After I was done I withdrew cock, took off my shorts and used them to clean my mom up. I closed her legs some and went to my room very satisfied but wondering, when mom woke up, would she notice that her cunt was full of sperm?


I woke up the next morning and nothing was said. I assumed that my dad came home and probably fucked her too so mom never knew. Soon after I fucked my mom for the first time, I had the opportunity to fuck her again. The circumstances were similar, she was asleep/passed out, I pulled her nightgown up, spread her legs and and fucked her. The only difference, given that I had done it once before, is that I had a little more self control and fucked her longer (1 to 2 minutes?) before I came.

She moved some but didn't awaken and apparently she and/or my father never discovered my sperm in her pussy. Again, maybe dad fucked her a didn't realize he was getting "sloppy seconds." The third, and last time, I fucked her that summer is more interesting.

It was very near the end of summer vacation and one of the last evenings we would be alone. As usual, Mom made dinner, we cleaned and she went to her bedroom to shower. Again, as usual, Mom had consumed a good quantity of wine. I stretched out on the living room floor wearing my boxer shorts and began to watch TV. Mom came in, but she was't wearing her usual semi-transparent nightgown, she was wearing a short robe instead. It wasn't transparent but the material was thin so you could make out the outline of her nipples.

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The hem stopped somewhat above her knee and it was tied with a sash around her waist. She went to the kitchen, got her glass of wine, returned to the living room and sat down.

I looked over and saw that her robe opened slightly and, if (when) she spread her legs, I would get a great look at her pussy! She watched TV and appeared not to notice my glances. As the evening went on, and she got up a few times to refill her wine glass, the robe got looser. When she bent over I could see almost all of her tits and, as she relaxed on the couch, her legs spread a little and gave me view of her pussy hair.

By this time I was laying on my stomach and hard as a rock. She would look over at sometimes and say a few words, but most of the time she just watched TV and sipped her wine. I was getting very horney and couldn't wait until she went to sleep. I looked over and she was "half concious" with her legs spread far enough apart to give me a view of her pussy lips. I knew she would be ready for me soon.

A few minutes later I heard her breathing deeply and knew she was asleep. I looked over and there she was, robe still held by the sash, her tits and pussy almost completely uncovered. Her legs were spread and her pussy was fully exposed, in addition, one breast was completely exposed and the second almost entirely exposed.

I got up, pulled my shorts off and went to the couch. I stood above her, looked and then leaned down and untied the sash. The robe fell open and there was my Mom, completely naked and ready for me to fuck.

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I took two pillows from the couch and put them on the floor between her leg and kneeled down. Mu cock was inches away from her pussy, but this time I waited. I put a finger on her clit and rubbed, she let out a little moan. I move my hand down and stroked her opening, she opened her legs wider. I inserted one, then two fingers while I rubber her clit with my thumb, another moan and her hips began to move slightly.

I leaned over slightly, put my other hand on her tit and began stroking her nipple which was already somewhat errect. I kept this up for awhile, finally inserting a third finger into her pussy, which was becomming very wet, and stroking her other breast.

She was moving more and making more soft noises, so I know she was enjoying it. Finally I couldn't wait any longer, I had to fuck her! I removed my fingers from inside my Mom's pussy and grabbed my cock at the base. At the same time, I removed my other hand from her tits, put it on her pussy and spread her lips open wider.

I slowly moved the head of my cock up and down on her open pussy. She actually began to squirm! I placed my tip at her opening and just put the head in, she started to move down on me so I shoved my cock all the way inside her. She started moving her hips faster and riding me, I, in turn, began to thrust in and out of her.

She was moving faster and moaning more. I put a hand on each breast, played with her nipples and we continued fucking. We fucked that way for a couple of minutes, then she stopped, arched her back and I felt her pussy muscles grab my cock. It was a feeling I had never had before and it was fantastic! I shoved my cock as deep into her as it would go and we both came. I swear I must have cum for a minute or more and, all the while, my Mom's pussy was sucking me dry.

Once we were finished, I was a little shakey, so I just knelt there with my cock in her pussy until I recovered. She, on the other hand, seemed relaxed and asleep. Slowly I pulled my cock out, went to the bathroom, got a towel and cleaned her up. I didn't clean myself up because I wanted to go to bed smelling of sex and pussy. After she was clean, I bent over, pulled her robe closed, tied the sash and went to my room.

I went to bed thinking what a great fuck my Mom was and wondering if she had really been asleep/passed out? Didn't get to fuck her anymore that year, but every one in awhile she would "accidently" give me a really good flash of pussy or tit and I spent a number of nights thinking about fucking her while I jacked off.