Live sex show nurse getting jizzed on

Live sex show nurse getting jizzed on
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The world felt the sting of a sudden and destructive attack that seemed to happen so quickly. Every government fought the vile threats. None more than the American government however.

For every country had these "Monster Labs", as they were titled by people all of the world. The first severe breakout happened in Hollywood. The same monster that had first broke out of this facility seemed to have had broken into the rest in the course of a few short weeks.

America being arrogant, and wanting to learn much from the private corporations that led to revolutionary breaks of technology and biological warfare, had the most of these labs all over the land of the free. A lab broke out, at least one per state. Two in Nevada, three in New York, two in Florida, eight in California, four in Texas, two in New Orleans, and unknown amounts in each of the mountain ranges as hordes of orcs and goblins had originally invaded from them. The world was mad with fear and terror.

However many tried to act like there was nothing going on. They tried to ignore it.

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For the most part, goblins and orcs weren't too hard to get around. Especially when they loved to wage war against the police and the military. Towns and cities became less and less dependent on the government let alone the state and started to follow their own laws and their own ways of life. The Government crumbled before they could do anything about it. Money wasn't being made any more but the green paper still held weight, at least for now. Most of the police and soldiers of any given town, suburb, or city became their own little government complete with laws of their own and ways to live.

Serial killers roamed the large cities, or the country sides. If you ever found one of these monstrous humanoids dead, there was something much, much worse in the area. Some of the monsters from the labs traveled the desert, and some the icy mountains. Either way the world was a dangerous place to be and live. It seemed that the monsters of humanity even took part in this. The real psychos came out and raped, tortured, and destroyed and some even managed to join up with serial killers.

Cults of Freddy Krueger rose in central America, a murder syndicate of Chucky called, Child Play, rose in the east with Chucky leading it who was in a three way war with Demonic toys, and nasty little Puppets.

All of the things the world finds, or once found horrific is in full life and spectrum. So many who once called Freddy Krueger "stupid" are feeling firsthand what he can do. Welcome to the world. Natasha Mendeleev was a nursing student who paid for it by stripping.

When the world crashed in such a drastic manner her town fell to the gangs. She got out as fast as she could. Taking a couple guns, one being a glock 17 and stiletto blade she went to the road with as much food and gas as she could buy with what was left of her college fund. She went through the desert going from town to town. Whenever she needed money she could always do her exotic dance routines. And there were always men willing to pay. Natasha had long black hair and porcelain white skin.

She had ruby red lipstick, a black leather one piece swimsuit, long fishnet stockings that connected to large high heeled platform pumps. She had just passed salt lake city and was very keen and going around L.A.

she didn't know what would try and kill her first, the gangs, or the goblins, or even worse, the cops.

Another town came into view after a few miles on the road. She had gotten about as much money as she could muster from the town before. Now she was would go into this town and siphon as much as she could from here too. As her car pulled into the town she quickly scanned over the laws of the town.

Almost every town had the new laws written on the welcome sign. And as far as she saw, nothing about public indecency. She did see the drinking age had been lowered to 16. She knew exactly where to go on a Saturday night. Her car drove in front of the biggest nightclub there. It wasn't an overly big town but it did have an alright sized nightclub where a lot of teenagers were hanging around. She opened her car door wearing a trench coat as of right now. A loud speaker blasting the music that was playing inside, outside for all the waiting teens.

Some of them looked over at her curiously. But for the most part they loitered with beers. The song Sail by Awolnation began to rhythm. She slowly began to sway back and forth having pulled a steel chair from her car, she had her hands on the back of it.

Suddenly the beat dropped. "SAIL!" she dropped her coat as her hips jolted left then right fluent and suave movements, her head tilting back as her hair fell around her face. Her outfit was a one piece of leather that was much like a one piece swimsuit. A piece leather rode up her ass, just the way she liked it.

All of the horny teenagers stared in disbelief. One standing with an Abercrombie and Fitch shirt yelling, "Yo' dat bitch got swag!" She motioned for one of the boys she thought was cute to come sit in the chair. He pointed at himself in disbelief until she began to nod slowly, seductively pushing her tongue over her top red lip.

He almost ran to her as she sat him in the chair.


There were already teens throwing 5's and 10's, of course none of them had ones. She threw her leg over him and sat on his crouch moving all over him. Her mouth, making the words, "maybe I should kill myself!" She could feel the boys boner rubbing against her pussy. It was hard but with him being only a teenager she wanted to bet that his pants were already wet. The song came to an end as more people showed up, most of them ran out of the door to see if there really was a gorgeous woman dancing outside.

She came to find out fast that this town wasn't exactly the most into the new and popular music when the song, Closer by Nine Inch Nails came on. It was a good stripping song because the beats were subject to change, and they were consistent and a good pace fun to dance to. She grinded a new boy and bounced her sexy ass off his privates as bit and almost crawled all over him.

She could feel her ass going against the exact outline of his dick. She knew that he liked it. The song came to a close as Buttons began to play from Pussy Cat Dolls, she had to give a smirk since she was twelve when the song came out. She had still danced to it before and had no problem doing it again. At midnight she decided to end it and collected the small hills of cash made by all of the lustful teenagers and a few adults.

She drove to the edge of town taking all alleyways knowing most police officers might be looking for her to give her some "justice." The attempt had been tried in a few other times but luckily she had her stiletto on her.

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She counted her pile of money. It took an hour but she was able to add two thousand dollars in small bills of fives tens a few fifties here and there but it all came from what seemed like the entire towns teenagers who were going to spend the money on booze. She came out with a smile, this was actually the most she made from a single town in just a few hours.

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The sound of a loud horn in the distance took her concentration from the stars as she sat on the hood of her car. Her head swiveled to the mountains as a large number of orcs ran in a full sprint towards the town. She sat up when she suddenly felt a hand grasp her throat.

Her eyes panged wide in fear. She pulled her stiletto from its place in her boot stabbing the hand. The orc roared as she rolled off the car and slipping into her car. She pulled her pistol from the small hand bag she had and fired the glock three times as the orc roared gurgling as it fell in death.

She got up opening her door slipping in, her eyes wide in fear. She looked in her rear view mirror seeing her trunk wide open, blocking her view.

She paid it no heed as of now.

The orcs drew closer. She started her ignition and sped off, the force from the immediate departure slammed the trunk shut.


Natasha looked in the rear view mirror seeing the towns folk firing at the orcs from their houses. Most of the orcs were armored, some were wearing none at all however. The orcs hit the town hard throwing fire bombs at the houses, and kicking the doors in quite easily.

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She left the town behind her knowing it would most likely not survive the attack from a number that easily was over one hundred orcs. As she left the light of the town and was on a dark dirt road there still seemed to be an eerie purple glow in the car.

She looked in her rear view window. The glow was in her back seat. Her eyes slowly began to widen seeing a black skeletal figure arched into view. It was an ashen black, its empty eyes sockets glowing light and the mouth was too. She stomped on the brake as it gave a slow feral hiss opening its mouth. She opened the door to run out. The creature did the same.

She began to sprint as fast as she could when suddenly it tackled her. She screamed for help. But of course no one could hear her. She felt cold hard fingers grasp the neck of her one piece and tore down ripping the back of it down. It spread her fishnet covered legs. She felt its claws dig into her legs as she screamed in horror thinking she would feel teeth baring into her flesh next. She did feel something at her tender flesh but not teeth, something long and hard slid into her pussy.

She gasped as she grabbed a handful of sand. Her look of horror turned into a slow gradual smile feeling the monsters warm phallus emanating in a strange energy that made it feel all so much greater. It sent a beautiful tingling through her body.

A feeling that was pure ecstasy through every nerve. The feeling rippled through her as she moaned that contorted her body in pleasure. The monster held one of her shoulders and the other hand was grasping one of her tits. It rammed her pussy over and over. Natasha's eyes rolled back gasping a moan as the long hard phallus slowly slid in and pulled out. It roared a raspy sigh of air with a cackling at the end of it. Natasha reared her pelvis up and down being fucked by the ash black creature.

The creature stood over her. She immediately got to her knees wanting to feel it back inside of her. She grasped its cock and shoved it into her mouth, easily sliding it down her throat.

She smiled moaning slightly actually getting pleasure from the feeling. It didn't need to thrust, she came forward all on her own swallowing the eight inches of meat down. She never let the cock leave her mouth, it felt too good. She suddenly felt a liquid pour into her mouth and down her throat.

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It tasted sweet, like honey, but as thin as water. She swallowed it all down. It pulled from her throat lifting her legs.

It had her on her neck and upper back with her legs on his shoulders. It angled its dick down and rushed in penetrating her asshole. She laughed with a moan yearning for more as it stretched her asshole. It squatted slightly as it went in and out of her ass, one hand grasping her ass cheek. A long purple tongue of energy slid out and licked her thighs still covered in fishnets. Her hands ran all over her body as a voice spoke in her head. "Do you want to feel like this forever?" "Mmmhmm." She moan through another orgasm as the large dick slid in and out of her asshole.

"Tell me that you want to join me. I will make sure you feel this way forever." A disturbing thought suddenly came to her mind. Was it trying to turn her into one of it? She didn't want to become like this monster. She knew that it was some kind of undead. Was it lying to get what it wanted. She looked around seeing her purse only a few feet away. But then another orgasm washed over her making her shake, almost all the thoughts gone from her head.

She wanted to give in. Her lips started to form the words to give into the creature. Slerch The creature gave low feral howl as it was whipped to the side. She looked up to see an orc with a rather large sword walking towards the creature.

The trunk of her car open. Natasha immediately grabbed her purse. The orc was big even by orc standards. It creature jumped at the orc but the orc merely slashed down at it in half. It turned around to face the women. He growled lowly seeing her pointing a gun at him. "Do you think that puny little weapon can kill me?" the large orc asked, "We could test it." She said with wide eyes.

"I mean you no harm female human." "Because that's what orcs are known for, being peaceful." "I tire of killing for no reason. I am Grock Rudimesh.

Educated by orcish standards. I mean you no harm woman." "We'll see. Toss your sword away." She said, The orc shrugged throwing it a few feet from himself. "Put your hands on the front of my car, I want to search you for weapons." The orc grunted but complied, Natasha saw he wore a lot of hide clothing.

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The orc liked being covered, it had hide bracers, hide shin guards and a hide kilt. She started searching the orc, starting from its large shoulders down.

The orc liked feeling her soft silky hands all over his body but was filled with rage that he had to do this, it was embarrassing. She reached under his kilt and slid her hand slowly up his large green leg. Her hand slowly grasped his large green, hard member, slowly sliding her hand up and down it.

The orcs bloodshot eyes fired open, it enjoyed the feeling. "I found a weapon, turn around, I want to inspect it closer." The orc turned around as she got to her knees wrapping her ruby lips around the orcs cock.

She slurped and sucked bobbing her head back and forth. The orc gave a deep lustful smile placing one large hand on the back of the girls head and followed her head with it. The orc leaned against the car his eyes rolling back as she sucked and slurped his long hard member. She swallowed the large green member letting it all slip down her throat.

Her tongue worked around the orcs cock. Slipping around the head of its dick and putting pressure under it.

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Her hand worked furiously jerking up and down his shaft, her other hand, still having the pistol in it worked her own breast. She moaned sending small vibrations through his dick that felt amazing to the large orc. He grabbed the back of her head and pulled while thrusting his hips cumming in the girl mouth.

Her eyes widened as the overload of jizz came rushing out of the sides of her mouth. She swallowed as much as she could slowly taking the member from her mouth, her tongue licking around the head of the dick. "I travel a lot." She started wiping the last few drips from her mouth, "I need someone to keep me company on the road, someone to protect me, and someone to fuck me.

Can you do that big boy?" she asked leaning into the orc slowly rubbing his now limp penis. The orc only smiled as he grabbed his sword and walked to the passenger seat of the car. Getting in Natasha followed. They both drove off into the desert.