Compilition of cum and fuck aso

Compilition of cum and fuck aso
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Best Friends Share The Morning After Chelsea and Tami awoke feeling fulfilled and happy. They had gotten exactly what they wanted and it had been better than they expected. Roger and Mike woke happy, then it dawned on them what they had done. Guilt and remorse quickly hit both men. They couldn't even look at each other.

Tami and Chelsea were first out of bed and ran into the bath to shower. Mike and Roger lay back on the bed staring at the ceiling hoping the other wasn't yet awake and dreading the moment he would have to confront the father of the girl he had abused. The girls came out of the bath, laughing and happy, "Wake up sleepyheads.

We're hungry after working so hard last night." They both broke into peals of laughter. That's when Tami noticed the grim looks on both men's faces. "What?" she asked. Mike knew he was about to get it again.

"No tears," he said. Roger had to laugh since he had just had the same thought. Chelsea said, "Okay no tears. What's wrong?" Roger answered for both, "What we did last night" we shouldn't have done that. I can't even look at Mike today knowing I abused his daughter." "Abused?" Tami looked at Mike.

"Daddy, do I look abused or deliriously happy?" "You look happy," he said. Chelsea put hands on hips and stared down at her father, "Daddy, do I look abused or happy?" "You look happy," he admitted. "So it looks like you and Mike got abused since Tami and me are happy and you two look like you are sucking lemons.

So did you get abused by two girls?" she asked. "No, of course not," Roger said. "But"" Chelsea cut him off, "But me no buts. Who got abused?" "I guess no one," Roger admitted. Tami smiled, "Good, them get your lazy behinds out of bed and buy us some breakfast. We need to get our strength back after having our innocence stolen last night," Tami put the back of her hand to her forehead and swooned, all very theatrically.

Chelsea burst into laughter. Mike and Roger had both been around women long enough to know when they were licked. They looked to each other.


Roger shrugged and Mike smiled in defeat. "Breakfast it is." It was Sunday and the repair garage wasn't even open so they knew they were stuck there another night.

The men quietly went up to the desk and asked about separate rooms, not that the girls would have allowed that. The girls would have swapped rooms anyway. They had plans. But all the rooms were booked right at the height of salmon season. Mid morning they were sitting in the lodge and Mike asked the girls. "We have nothing to do. You guys want to try fishing?" "Sure that would be better than sitting here," Chelsea answered.

Tami nodded. Mike and Roger went to the desk. Yep, the lodge rented complete gear. The owner suggested that they try spinners from the banks of the river. Fly fishing for beginners wasn't a good idea.

He told the men of a good place within walking distance, right where a spawning creek ran down to the river. They rented gear and four rods, bought sunscreen and took off down the river. There were tall trees growing right down the bank of the creek. So they were able to be in shade and still cast out to the river and try to entice a salmon heading for the stream to strike.

They saw several salmon swim up the stream.

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Chelsea and Tami were getting discouraged watching fish go past their lures. They didn't understand that salmon quit feeding once they hit fresh water, but they will strike out of instinct at something going right by their nose. You just had to get lucky. Chelsea cast out one last time and started reeling in the lure. Luck happens. It dodged right in front of a salmon getting ready to turn up the stream it had left three years before. Instinctively, the salmon struck the lure right as Chelsea was pulling the lure in.

The strike and turn embedded two of the treble hook tines deep into the mouth of the salmon. The salmon took off. Chelsea screamed as the line ripped off her reel. "Keep the tip up," Roger shouted. He ran over and began coaching Chelsea. "Let him go. When he stops start reeling as fast as you can" Now." Tami dropped her reel and ran over to encourage Chelsea. Chelsea fought the fish for a while as it took off again and again.

It jumped once and Chelsea nearly dropped the reel as it did. Roger grabbed it and started reeling. He tried to give it back but she complained off cramping muscles. Roger was an experienced fisherman, even having been to New Zealand to fly fish. He fought the fish until it was tired.

As he brought it in he knew the fight was over.

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He gave the reel to Chelsea and had her bring it in so she would have "caught" the fish. Mike had the net and put it under the salmon. And bingo, Chelsea caught a nice eight pound salmon. She and Tami bounced up and down clapping and yelling as Mike put the fish in a creel and lowered it into the stream.

Tami was no longer tired of fishing. She was determined to do one better and went to casting with a vengeance. Mike had brought energy bars and drinks for lunch. Several hours later, Tami was again wearing down. Chelsea said she would share the fish with Tami, best friends share, which made both girls laugh and helped Tami's spirits.

Roger told her that luck plays a big part of fishing and they were lucky to have caught any salmon yet alone a nice big one. Wait until tonight he said and see how many of these fishermen had not done any better.

They headed back to the lodge and turned in the gear. The lodge had a special tank for keeping the fish alive until dinner if the guests wanted, along with a cleaning and fast freezing facility if the guests were taking their catch home. "Tonight, you can share your salmon and impress the other fishermen," Roger told Chelsea and Tami.

"Really?" "That fish is big enough to feed a lot of people," Roger said confidently. They were tired and took naps, Roger and Mike settled in chairs looking out over the river while the girls took the beds. The girls wanted the naps, knowing they had plans for the evening. The guys were just tired. After the naps, they cleaned up from the day, washing the sweat and fish away. At the restaurant, the cook came out with the salmon, now cleaned and suggested that he cut four steaks and smoke the rest.

The lodge had a smoke room attached to the kitchen that ran off their wood burning stove. The stove was on twenty four hours a day, banked at night.

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That sounded even better. The other guys looked at Chelsea's fish and whistled at her prize. They were even more appreciative when Mike and Roger told the fishermen that the girls had caught it.

Chelsea and Tami basked in the admiration. After dinner, the four of them wandered down to the patio looking over the river and with the rest of the wine from dinner, sat watching the sun set and the birds out chasing the bugs over the river. Occasionally, a fish would jump after one of the bugs. The girls had a glass of wine and got as mellow as their fathers. It was a calm almost reverential end to the day. The four travelers felt complete and whole, calm and restored and one with the world around them.

When the sun was gone and dark settled in the valley, Mike said, "Time for bed." Chelsea sat up and happily said, "Good. I'm looking forward to it." Mike started to protest, "Now girls"" Tami cut him off. "Dad, I thought we settled that last night." Mike looked for support from Roger who tipped his glass but kept quiet.

"It's your fight, if you are dumb enough," he seemed to say. Mike shrugged.

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Chelsea grabbed his hand and led him off to the cabin; Tami took Roger's hand and followed. In the cabin, Tami and Chelsea quickly skinned out of the polo shirts and jeans, and gloriously naked, slid into the two beds.

Mike and Roger hesitated a moment, though both men wanted to follow those naked nubile bodies they had just been teased by. Roger was first, tossing his clothes aside and slid into the bed with Tami.

Mike shrugged and tossed aside his clothes. Tami turned off the light as Mike slid into bed with Chelsea. "Goodnight," "Goodnight," "Goodnight," "Goodnight." It was quiet for a few moments. The girls slid next to "their" men and started kissing. Both guys wrapped their girl in their arms. The lovemaking was more comfortable this night.

The girls were still excited and full of wonder and doubts. But the men, having once been married, and having had sex with the girl before, were relaxed as they slowly made love. They both took their time, teasing and kissing, touching and licking, as the girls slowly rose higher and higher towards a climax. Both girls were panting with desire when the guys rolled between their legs and easily slid into the girls.

The lovemaking was slow and steady. Tami and Chelsea were being driven crazy, urging the guys on. Mike was first to speed up as Chelsea urged him on.

Roger heard the increase in tempo and he too started going faster and faster as Tami urged him on. The intensity of sensations quickly drove the girls to the pinnacle and over. Both guys emptied themselves in the tight teen pussies. The four adventurers fell asleep, still wrapped in each others" arms. After breakfast the next day, Mike and Roger went over to the gas station. The van was already up and the mechanic had the radiator out. A brand new one sat next to the car.

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"Came first thing this morning," he said. "I'll have it replaced in an hour or so, then I'll check the engine to make sure nothing got permanently screwed up." They went back to the lodge to find the girls sunning themselves, looking out over the river.

They told them it looked good for getting home which brought a cheer. Roger and Mike bought a couple books and settled in the shade to read and listen to the river. Lunch was greasy burgers. After lunch, they wandered over to the garage again. The car was down and the engine was running, purring along. The mechanic looked up, "Don't see anything wrong. I would guess you putting it in neutral and coasting saved it." "Can we take it?" Mike asked. "Long as you pay me," he said smiling.

Mike hauled out his checkbook and looked at the bill. He wrote a check and handed it to the mechanic who tossed him his keys. They jumped in the car and drove it over to the lodge, checked out, and hustled the girls out to the car.

The drive home was long and boring, but it did give plenty of time for thinking and eating. An hour into the drive, Roger broke out the smoked salmon. Their intention was to have just a bite for each. Yeah, just like eating one potato chip. Well, one more bite, then another and before they hit the next town the salmon had been gobbled up.

Only the bones remained and four very happy bellies. On the rest of the drive, Mike and Roger were both lost in their thoughts. The girls were tired, bored, and mostly talked about school since they had missed a day. When they got home, they were all tired, piled out of the car, and went home to eat, shower, and fall into bed. Repercussions Tami came in the TV room. "Dad, I'm going next door." "Okay," he said. The girls were always at one house or the other until bedtime.

There was nothing in the least unusual in that. Mike had been thinking about the weekend and hoped that now that they were back in their normal house, life would return to normal. A few minutes later, he heard the door open.

He turned to see Chelsea standing in the doorway. Again, the houses were really one to the girls, so that in itself wasn't out of the ordinary.

"Hi Chelsea, Tami just went over to your house." "I know," she said. "Come on." She turned down the hall to the bedrooms. Mike was surprised enough that he followed wondering. Chelsea went into his room and sat on the bed. She tossed a book on the bed. Mike looked, wondering what it was. He looked at the title, Joy of Sex. "Chelsea?" Mike asked.


Chelsea patted the bed next to her and picked up the book, opening it. "Sit down, Uncle Mike. I think we should start at the front and work our way through." Mike was about to say no when he thought about how he had lost repeatedly when he tried to oppose the girls.

Tami was next door and he would have bet a million dollars she had her own book. To hell with it. Why should Roger be the only one to benefit from this most unusual situation? He looked at Chelsea, smiling on his bed and thought how beautiful and sexy the girls were.

Mike stripped off his shirt and tossed it aside. As he started on his pants he asked, "Where did you want to start?" Chelsea smiled her smile of conquest. THE END