Hot idol gets cumshot on her face gulping all the juice

Hot idol gets cumshot on her face gulping all the juice
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Alex came 12 times that night. He simply couldn't take his hands off his cock. He found himself grinding it against his mattress and pillow, biting his blanket and moaning "Mommy!" into his sheets while fucking his iron-clenched hand. His bed, hands and chest were stiff with dried cum and he was laying in a pool of sweat. He woke the next morning with a raging hard on and took care of himself.

Then again in the shower. Then again, secretly under the table in the kitchen while he watched his mother clean the dishes, bent over the sink. When his furious cum shot audibly smattered itself onto the underside of the table she looked over, but only saw her son with a spoon in hand, eating his cereal and reading the box.

He jerked off again in the bathroom stall at school, thinking about his mother, on her knees crawling to the man with the massive cock, envelopes in her mouth like a dog, like a bitch in heat ready to be bred by the alpha dog.

He must have been her pimp. Was that what it was still called? It didn't concern Alex too much, other than the fact that he had hit her. But even after he hit her she still looked up at him like he was the greatest person in the world. Alex couldn't stop thinking about the 'high school kid' that the pimp talked about.

There was only one high school in the area, unless this guy was coming from some place further out to avoid seeing someone he knew. He was certainly cautious considering he wanted his mother in a blindfold. Or maybe that was just his fetish. But a high schooler paying to fuck his mother?

Alex wondered if it was the first time or if someone he knew had already fucked her. She would be blindfolded, but Alex wouldn't. He felt excitement surge through him, that stomach sinking feeling of guilt, fear, and unimaginable lust that comes with the depraved. Then he remembered the kid might not even show up and sighed. If not, at the very least he can look at his mom's legs and hips and ass and tits all on display as she sits alone in the living room in nothing but her lingerie.

He heard his mom getting dressed after he was sent to his room that night around 7pm. When she was safely downstairs, Alex crept to his spot at the top of the staircase and watched his mother, wearing nothing but a tight black lacy bra and panties, pace around the living room checking her phone.

It was almost 8pm. She fidgeted with her phone. "Siri, set alarm for 8:30pm." Siri repeated the command back, confirming. She hid the phone in the table drawer and pulled out a wide, burgundy velvet sash and fastened it around her eyes, knotting it in the back under her pony tail. Then she took her place on the couch.

sitting upright with perfect posture, putting her tits on display. They both waited, silently. Alex watched her breasts rise and fall with every breath. It was 8:10pm and no one had come. Alex tip toed back to his room and looked out his window into the long street beneath him. It was poorly lit but he could tell no one was coming from either way, at least not within the distance he could see. He checked back on his mom, sitting there, now reclined into the couch, impatient.

Alex was disappointed, but rubbed his cock through his pants watching her. Sitting there looking beautiful with those massive tits spilling out of her too small bra. Then he had a thought. Before he knew it he was creeping all the way down the stairs. Electricity was burning through his veins with excitement just for seeing her from a different angle, something after weeks of watching her.

But the pit in his stomach grew and grew as he walked to the front door, seeing it was unlocked. He reached for the handle, turning it gently. He opened the door half way, waited a second, then slowly closed it again. He made sure his mom heard the door. Every step was terrifying, but absolutely exhilarating. He walked, louder now, towards the living room. His mother's body getting closer and closer.

As he got closer he saw her like never before. He could see the goosebumps on her chest, over the swell of her massive tits and all along the side of the hips and ass. He could see all the shades of color in her golden brown hair.

He could see the glistening moisture on her painted lips and the flush of her cheeks. He was standing over her now.

His cock strained against his pants, inches from her face. His mother's face. His heart was pounding and his breath was ragged. She must have noticed, even with the blindfold on, that the man, or boy rather, standing in front of her was nervous. "It's okay baby, take your time. I know you're late and maybe you're nervous, so I'll tell you what.

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I got a timer set for half an hour that started at 8, but we can keep going for a little longer after it goes off to make up for your lost time, okay?" Alex didn't know what to do. He couldn't talk, at least not with his normal voice, she'd recognize it instantly.

Instead he patted her shoulder. Something about it felt like confirmation. His mom seemed to think so too. "Well alright, I'm all yours then. He probably already told you the two rules but I should repeat them. No anal, and no cumming inside me- anywhere inside me. Other than that you can do whatever you please with me, or to me…" Alex was still quiet, paralyzed by his inability to speak, and fear to act.

This was his own mother. "Don't be shy baby. Unless you just like looking? Is that it? You like to just stand there and stare at me? I bet you got your cock out right now, nice and long and thick and veiny. I love nice big cocks, I love the way they feel as they get harder and harder.

I like to take a soft cock into my mouth and slowly move my tongue around it and feel it go hard. It's so amazing how a little noodle of a dick can slowly grow into a big hard shaft of a cock. And feeling it expand in my mouth- oh god I love it. Is this turning you on at all?" Again Alex was too afraid to speak or act, other than to let his hand sneak down the waist of his pants to find his own cock had swollen up, harder than it had ever been. He dropped his pants and started stroking himself, right in front of his mommy.

She continued her sultry encouragement, unaware that she was speaking to her own little baby boy and his rigid dick. "What about these tits?" She took two huge fistfuls in her hand, pressing them together so the deep black crevice between them expanded, making them look even bigger. "Yeah I bet you like my big, fat, squishy titties. You probably haven't taken your eyes off of them since you walked in. You're just so busy imagining all the things you'd like to do to them, or all the things they've already done.

How many loads of cum have covered these enormous jugs? How many cocks have slid between them, their heads jutting out the top, rubbing their pre cum under my chin with each thrust? More than even I can count baby." She leaned downwards to rest her right elbow on the mattress, her breasts heaved with gravity, pooling beneath her on the couch as she reached down. "Or what about this?" She gave herself a spank.

Harder than Alex had seen any man spank her, and she cooed at the sound and sting of it. "Mmmf, did you watch my ass jiggle with that slap? Maybe not, let me try again." And she did, another slap filled the house with a clangor of skin against skin, sending waves of her thick curvaceous ass rolling up towards her arched lower back. "Oh… fuck that feels good. Want a better look?" She climbed up the couch, knees on the mattress and arms draped over the back, just like she was when he watched her the first time getting raped.

Alex briefly wondered what happened to that guy, the pimp said he had taken care of him, whatever that meant. He didn't dwell on the thought too long with his mommy bent over in front of him, her soft hands trailing across her absolutely massive fat ass.

She started rocking back and forth, thrusting herself into the couch, pretending to get fucked from behind. She went faster and faster, moaning now, getting really into it. She was perfect- it was as if she was truly getting fucked from behind.

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Alex moved to the side to watch her breasts swing back and forth, barely contained in the bra as they were thrust upon the back of the couch, gently beating the couch like a bass drum. Her heavy breasts were heaving in their bra, each thrust spilling just a little more of flesh out, and out, and out, until, flop they went, completely spilled out of her bra, her taut pink nipples exposed to the air. Alex gasped.

"Oh you like that do you?" She turned back and was sitting again, pulling her elbows towards each other so her tits squeezed together. "Come on baby, touch them." Alex couldn't resist anymore, he reached out and took one in his hand. It filled his palm completely. It was so warm and fleshy. He gave it a squeeze so he could feel it expand back out when he released, just like a water balloon.

Hers were massive. He brushed a thumb over her thick nipple and his cock twitched when she sighed and bit her lip. "There you are. So we found what you like eh? Keep squeezing them… Mmm yeah just like that.

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I bet if I reach out I might just find…" Blindly her hand had found his cock. "Ohp- theres the little guy…" She wrapped her fingers around his shaft. Instead of stroking she flexed her fingers one by one, in a wave like motion, massaging his cock.

Her cream colored breasts shook and vibrated when she started jerking him off, her hand beating upon his pubic bone as she jerked him from the head of his cock all the way to the base.

The bottom of her palm was striking his balls with every stroke but the small amount of pain actually felt good. Alex imagined anything she did to him would feel good. The pleasure was too much to handle. She was milking pre cum from his dick like squeezing toothpaste from a tube.

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He dripped more pre cum into his mother's hands than he had ever shot in a single orgasm. She brought him to the edge multiple times with just a single hand, but never gave him enough stimulation to set his aching balls over the edge. She was a pro. She could feel how close he was, she could feel the tension in his cock and balls even with nothing more than a loose grip around his shaft.

This little guy is absolutely rock hard right now. She thought to herself. If only he was bigger this kid would be a sex god, almost as good as. ughh. The thought of her pimp, the man with the massive iron cock drove her into a frenzy. She started jerking him faster and faster, using her other hand to cup his little balls.

He watched her go crazy, writhing and moaning, bucking her hips into her own seat, rubbing her ass up and down the mattress like a bitch in heat looking for something, anything to cool her hungry sex. Alex had to stop her before he came. He didn't want it to end so soon. "Stop!" He said suddenly, roughening his voice so she wouldn't recognize him.

"Mmm am I too much for you baby?" She purred. "I just don't want to cum so soon. Sorry." He took his dick back in hand as she resumed her playful reclined position on the couch, heaving her breasts upwards.

"You don't ever need to apologize to me baby boy, I'm your personal fuck toy. You want me to stop? I'll stop. What did you have in mind next?" Everything, he thought. But he didn't have the time. He noticed a bottle of baby oil on the table and grabbed it, suddenly aware of his time restraint and overcome with lust, he uncapped the bottle and hosed her tits down.

Her alabaster breasts glistened with wetness. Before she could say anything he mounted her, straddling her hips so his cock was pressed up against her tits. He pressed down on the top of his cock, sinking himself between the two shiny round mounds of fat.

His cock was a hot knife and her breasts were slick butter as he melted deeper and deeper into her breasts. After a few cursory thrusts of his hips, his cock felt so good he went mad with desire, pounding upwards into his mommy's fat tits like his life depended on it.

He pounded so hard and fast, they both tipped over and fell sideways. He collapsed on the floor while his mother found herself laying flat on her back, tits to the sky on the couch. "Oopsie." She giggled "Did you want more?" She pressed her tits together and Alex lunged at her, swinging his leg over her abdomen, mounting her again. His cock was back between her tits in no time and he was fucking her jugs once more. He felt the warmth as his cock easily slid in and out of her soft fleshy tits.

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He was disappointed to see his cock wasn't long enough to come out the other end. In his dreams he pictured that happening, then he would grab her head and pull it down, forcing her to lick his cock head at the top of every thrust. It looked like that wasn't going to happen due to his modest size. He almost blew his load in her tits when the idea came to him. He slowed his thrusts and readied his falsely deeper voice. "Hey, I got this weird fetish, would you mind helping me out with it?" He said.

"As long as it doesn't break one of the two rules, anything is on the table. I've done it all baby." "I'm kinda into incest play. Could I maybe call you mom and you call me son while we do all this?" She bristled at the thought.

Alex thought he had offended her. "Sure baby… I mean&hellip. sure son. You like fucking mommys big fat titties?" Again he was almost throw right over the edge, but somehow he held his orgasm. "Oh fuckkkkk. Yes mommy I love fucking these big tits, ugh. I want to suck them and fuck them and do everything to you, jesus." "Mommy is such a dirty little fucking whore isn't she?" "Mm yeah you are mommy, you dirty fucking prostitute.

You like your sons dick between your tits? You like being a cheap little slut for your baby boy?" He was losing his mind. He pulled himself up and shoved his cock into her mouth right when she was about to speak. He grabbed a fistful of her hair and held her head up while he fucked her mouth, his ass rubbing against her massively fat tits as he humped her face. He reached down with on hand, feeling her tits, then down to her stomach where he grabbed a handful of her small but squishy little belly.

Then his fingers trailed a little more until they rested on her warm mound of a pussy, over her black panties. She moaned some sort of agreement that was muffled by Alex's cock. He wasn't sure what to do, he had never been with a woman before, so he just laid his whole hand against her pussy and rubbed around, adjusting his finger placement based on her moans.

When he was sure he found the right spot he starting rubbing harder into her, making her moan and write with his cock in her mouth. He was rubbing deep into her clit. Her tongue swirled a hot, wet tornado of pleasure around the head of his cock.

His balls tensed- but he pulled out of her mouth just in time. "Ugh mommy no not yet, fuck." "Oh is my son ready to cum at any second?

Your little balls heavy with jizz?" Her chin was painted with pre-cum, running down her neck and soaking her breasts. "Get on the floor, face down. I want to see mommy's big fat ass." He grabbed her arm and pulled her down to the floor. Her massive ass was a whole foot off the floor even with her hips fully pressed against the ground.

He mounted her fat, gelatinous ass, grinding his hips into her, squeezing the upper curves where her ass met her back, reaching around and grabbing her soft handlebars of fat on her side. She was a big girl, but her proportions made it so that was never a problem. She held her fat in all the right places. Before he entered her he was filled with regret.

A wave of self loathing and disgust washed over him. "I'm so sorry mom, this is wrong&hellip." He said, with his cock in hand, still stroking. "That's why it's so hot son. I can't wait to feel you inside me again.

Mommy gets so lonely since daddy left. Mommy needs a man to take care of her needs. You deserve this baby. You're the man of the house now, and as the woman of the house its my job to keep you and your cock satisfied. Mommy is your personal fuck toy, slut, cum dumpster, breeding bitch, whore- forever.

Be mommys big man son, fuck mommy from behind like a slut, own me like the whore prostitute I am!" Any doubt Alex had vanished. He felt like a man, he felt strong and bold and confident. And why shouldn't he fuck her like a slut? She's the one who gets paid to get fucked, she is a slut. With his iron cock in hand, he pressed down into her ass cheeks, ready to shove himself into her warm little pussy. Unfortunately, due to his lack of experience with an actual woman, and the fact that her ass was so large he couldn't see her actual holes, combined with the fact his cock was drenched in pre-cum and his mother's saliva- when Alex pressed into his mommy from behind, his cock slid right into her asshole.

He could tell from her immediate reaction he had made a mistake. "What the FUCK! YOU PIECE OF SHIT IM GONNA-" She reached up to take the blindfolds off. Alex panicked. He grabbed her left arm- the right was pinned between her own body and the couch- and yanked it back, turning her forearm and pressing it against her back so she couldn't move it.

"YOU SON OF A BITCH WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?" Alex was freaking out. If he let her go she would take the blindfold off and she would know it was him. He couldn't get off her and run either, the door was too far, she would have taken her blindfold off and seen him before he even got out of the living room.

He needed her to stay down with the blindfold on, there was no other way. Then he remembered the man who raped her. How he had complete control over her. The thought made him sick but he knew there was only one way out of this. He steeled himself and took a breath.

"Listen to me you stupid whore. I own you. I own your tits, your ass, your mouth, everything." He thrust his cock deeper into her asshole, wanting to hurt her like that man did, but it didn't seem to cause her any pain.

Only the head of his cock was in her ass. Her butt was too big for him to press in any closer. Her body went limp. "Fine. Do whatever you want. You have no idea how badly you just fucked yourself kid. Go ahead and fuck me with that tiny cock, it might be the last time you get to use it." She rested her head and accepted her fate. Even her arm stopped trying to break loose. Alex wondered what her threats meant.

He hoped they didn't know the kid who was supposed to come by name. At the same time though, if they did, would it matter?


Alex didn't know the kid, so if something happened, he wouldn't even know about it. So why should he care? Alex decided to enjoy himself. Or more specifically, enjoy his mother sweet little asshole. He started pumping his hips. The head of his cock popped in and out, in and out, penetrating the tight knot of his mother's asshole again and again.

Alex's heart was pounding thunderously in his chest as he anally raped his own mother on the floor of their living room. "Oh fuck you're so tight mommy, such a perfect asshole." Her face, pressed hard into the floor was expressionless as she sighed. "Whatever faggot, enjoy it while it lasts. Keep this disgusting incest fantasy of yours going as long as your limp cock can go. You'll probably want to cum in me too I bet, go ahead bitch. I bet I could flex my ass real tight and your shrimp cock wouln't even be able to get inside me." Even though what he was doing was wrong, and he knew he should have been happy knowing he would probably get away with it- something inside him couldn't handle being insulted so much.

He grabbed a fistful of her hair and pulled her head back. "Oh yeah bitch?" He pressed himself into her hard, forcing another inch of himself into her ass- but even that was hard pressing through the thick layer of her fat ass. He pulled back out to penetrate again.

Only this time she was too tight. She clenched her cheeks so hard he couldn't even get his head in. She laughed so hard her ass shook against his thighs. "Hahaha, oh my god I can't believe it actually worked. Who's in charge now little boy?

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Still wanna fuck mommys ass?" Alex was infuriated. Without thinking, he slammed her face back into the ground, took both her wrists in his hands and held them as he shimmied his hips down her body, until he felt her soft feet against his butt.

Her ass was tremendous as he buried his face into her crack. She was still clenched hard, so he started licking her butt all over, mainly digging his tongue down her asscrack, trying to breach her fleshy defenses. He got his whole tonuge inside her, but even that wasn't enough to get to her ass. He decided to change he method. He started biting mouthfuls of her ass.

She gasped and screeched in pain and her ass unclenched, hefty handfuls of ass meat pooling down to the side again, parting her ass. He could see the knot of her magnificent asshole, just above the pink crevice of her pussy. Alex knew what he wanted next.

But first… He buried his face into her ass once more, filling her cheeks with his head this time as she was fully unclenched. His tongue found her naughty little shit hole immediately. He licked and prodded let go of her wrists. "If you take that blindfold off I'll smash your nose into the floor do you understand? Don't fucking test me." She whimpered in agreement.

With his hands free he resumed his place, buried in the depths of her gargantuan ass, tongue against her knot. His hands found the meat of her ass and started massaging her, squeezing her fat and pressing it against his face from the outside.

He must have hurt her, because she wasn't cool and collected and apathetic anymore. She was whimpering and sobbing. Her whole tender body shaking with each moan. Or were they moans of pleasure? Alex noticed they almost seemed to be in time with each anal penetration of her asshole with his tongue. His cock stiffened at the apparent enthusiasm she was displaying. He rolled her over onto her back, her heavy tits pulling upwards to the ceiling, then sagging down to her sides, parting down the middle when she was flat on her back.

He pulled himself into her hips, parting her legs. He could see her now, there would be no mistaking which hole he was going into now. He pressed his cock against the top of her slit and slid his cock downwards, painfully slowly, driving himself mad with lust until the head of his cock found her pussy.


There was nothing else in the world the mattered but him cumming. He was done playing around, he wanted release. He laid down against her, cock hard in her pussy. His head nuzzled against her massive breasts and his arms wrapped around her chest, hugging her and pressing her fat tits together as his hips pumped into her cunt.


"Uhnnn, mmmf, Mommy… oh Mommy please&hellip. fuck Mommy&hellip. You're so warm, fuck…" His balls were slapping against her ass as his cock plowed into her steadily. Clap. Clap. Clap. "Hey, uhnf, kid? Um, son?" she was regaining her senses.

"Why don't you blow your load on mommies big fat titties?" She sounded nervous. "No." Alex moaned. "What about on my ass baby?" "No." "What if I turn over and you cum inside my ass?" "No." "Baby- SON! Please, don't cum inside me! I'm not on the pill or anything and I'm ovulating, stop, please!

I'll do anything else you want just not that!" And with that, his balls clenched tight, squeezing all the cum that had built up in him all this time out.

A hundred boiling hot jets of cum came bursting out of his cock and into his own mother's vagina. He wore no condom, and she took no pills. She was still young enough to have children and Alex was most definitely old enough to be fertile. No other thought in the world ever aroused him more. He pressed his face hard into his mother's breasts, holding her tight, holding so he wouldn't lose himself in the strongest orgasm he ever had. All of it filling right into her fertile womb.

There was too much cum for her body to hold. He had filled her completely and there was no room for anymore. He felt he hot semen spill out of her pussy all around his cock, running down the back of her ass and thighs, staining the carpet. Alex couldn't see her eyes as they were covered with the blindfold, but he could tell by her gaping mouth that she was stunned and speechless.

"You… you have no idea how much you fucked up do you?" She asked, her voice full of awe. "You're either really brave, or really fucking stupid." Alex pulled his cock out of her and rose. He stood up, looking down at his mother laying on her belly, fat tits visible from behind as they pressed into the floor, fat ass red from where he bit her and the hard pounding.

Her pussy and the floor all around her soaking wet with rapidly cooling cum. Even now there was a thick film of dried cum all over her lower half. "You just keep that blindfold on until you hear the door close.

Then a little longer. You understand?" He felt suddenly sick with the way he had talked to her during. His mind was clear of the hazy cum-fog that stupefies all men in the heat of the moment. In his clarity he realized what he ahddone with absolutely disgusting. But he needed to pretend just a little longer. "You keep that big fat ass of yours planted on the ground until I'm well gone alright?" He took her silence for acceptance. Alex walked to the door, opened it, waited a moment, then closed it audibly.

He immediately sprinted to his room, as fast as he could while only tip toeing his way up the stairs. He lingered a moment at the top, looking at his cum soaked mother on the living room floor. After a minute she got up, removed her blindfold and looked around. She seemed even more upset. She began frantically running around the room searching for something. She found her phone in the table and called someone.

"Hey, baby- yeah, no, the asshole just left. He didn't even fucking pay me. No I had that stupid fucking blindfold on, I didn't know- but thats not the worst part baby. Please don't be mad…" She went on to explain the whole encounter to the man on the phone. Her pimp presumably. Alex felt a pang of guilt. She did all this for the money, he was sure of it. He tried to rationalize it in his head by telling himself it was different since she was his mother and she would never take money from her own son.

But he still felt like he cheated his mom. He was suddenly even more guilty, realizing that he felt more bad about not paying his mother for her prostitute services than the fact that he had just raped her. He tuned back into his mother's conversation. She had been silent for long, but by the look on her face Alex could tell the pimp was not happy. Please don't hurt my mom, he thought.

His only reprieve was knowing she had no idea who had just raped her, and that the pimp would almost certainly assume it was the kid who had originally contacted him. Alex went back to his room and played with himself a little before going to bed.

Unfortunately, Alex had no idea that after the previous incident his mother had- her pimp had installed hidden security cameras in their living room.