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Weekend with My Niece Day Two I slept like a log and woke at 7:30 and proceeded to the hotel facility to do my morning workout. All through it I debated in my mind if the events of the previous evening were going to be good or have me ostracized by my in-laws for the rest of my life. As you might remember I had started out to give my niece a massage for her sore neck.

With the aid of some wine and beer this had progressed to me performing all out oral sex to the point where her second orgasm resulted in her passing into unconsciousness.

Everything now depended upon how well I had read Alex's signals the night before and what frame of mind she woke up in this morning. I hoped that both would be positive as I replayed the events in my mind my workout fairly flew by and I was actually at it for 40 minutes when I checked the time. Although I had really enjoyed last night, I sincerely didn't want to jeopardize my relationship with my niece.

After a shower I was finishing breakfast when my cell displayed a call coming in from Alex.


Bracing myself for the worst I answered as cheerfully as possible, "Good morning and how is my beautiful niece feeling today?" My fears were quickly set aside as she proceeded to tell me that she felt fantastic and that my massage had her neck feeling better than it had for months. She wanted to know if I would meet her for lunch as her way of saying thank you.

We verbally celebrated her state of health and I breathed a huge sigh of relief at the apparent outcome.

What I didn't know at this point is how much of last night she actually remembered. We met at the lunch spot she had picked out at noon and she looked even more radiant than normal. Her smile was huge and she came straight to me and gave me a bigger hug than normal which helped reduce my anxiety further. She was wearing a deep green coloured loose blouse and a tan skirt that ended halfway up her thighs, clearly defining her shape from the waist down.

The outfit was set off by 4" tan heels adding that great tone to her legs as she walked. She had picked a table near the window and a bit away from the other diners.

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As we walked I was able to almost see right through her skirt defining her legs clearly up to her crotch and I was not able to see any markings of underwear at all.

After we were seated, placed our food order and received our drinks she asked if she could do the talking for the next few minutes without interruption.

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I had a full drink at the ready and agreed to be silent. She started with," I hope that you are feeling good about what happened last night at my apartment, because after some thought this morning I feel great about that and my future love life plan. At first when I woke up I thought I had a very sexy and satisfying dream, but the sensations filling me as well as just how relaxed all of my body felt told me this was different from a dream or fantasy".

At this point she paused and reached for my hand on the table with a wistful look in her eyes. Looking down at the table she continued "I know what happened last night physically and I have a pretty good idea about what happened emotionally for me, but I don't know just what happened emotionally for you.

At some point I would like you to tell me that, but for now it is still my turn to talk." She paused briefly to stroke my hand and look directly into my eyes for some type of sign before she could continue. I gave her what I thought was a warm and loving smile and it seemed to be received that way as the smile returned to her face.

"I have never had anyone in my life spend that much time focused on just my needs, without expecting or taking anything for themselves. I find that both wonderful and a bit confusing, however knowing you as I do I am sure that you had no ulterior motives.

With that in mind I am thinking that I need to look at spending more time with men who are more mature, especially about how to make a lady happy." At this point she crossed her legs and squeezed her thighs together making me remember how those thighs felt around my head last night.

I must have had a blank look for a moment, because the next thing I remembered was her shaking my hand and saying "Are you alright, I didn't think how this might hit you, coming from me so soon and straight out". I assured Alex that I was fine and actually relieved with everything I was hearing from her.

That I appreciated that she felt comfortable talking to me about it and I confessed to the reason for my short zone out. This made her blush slightly and again squeeze her thighs together saying "Actually I was thinking the same thing when I did that, so maybe we really are in tune". At this point I assumed that it was OK for me to talk "Alex I have to say that for me last night was fantastic.

I truly enjoyed every minute and got to realize my fantasy of both giving you pleasure relief from your pains. And I also got to see you naked, which I must admit I have wanted to see for a couple of years now. However, I have to tell you that I have had some excellent instructors in my time and I want to warn you that just being older does not make a man a better lover".

At this point I saw the waitress approaching with our food, so I raised an eyebrow to Alex so that she would know and went back to briefly admiring our waitress. She was about 5'2" wearing runners with tight shorts that showed a defined camel toe and a light T shirt that made it obvious that she was not wearing a bra around her B+ cup breasts.

She moved smoothly, but with a bit of a bounce to emphasize that she was not wearing a bra and I suspect to solicit slightly larger tips from the male patrons. However, she was very pleasant and efficient at her job, which I always appreciate.

My few moments of concentrating on a female other than my companion were over and I gave my full attention back to Alex as soon as I checked out the nicely rounded butt on the back side of those tight shorts. As we ate I asked Alex some more detailed questions as to her normal state of pain and how different she actually felt today.

Although I know that good sex releases all kinds of endorphins I was a bit concerned that the muscle contractions during her orgasms might have undone some of the effects of the massage. She responded that she did not have one single sore muscle and that she woke up more refreshed and more rested than she could remember. She also said that she felt more sexually satisfied than she could ever remember.

Her appetite and how she was eating backed up her claim. She acknowledged my earlier caution and recognized that she would have to do more research on the subject, but said that she was looking forward to doing that practical research. By now we had finished eating and Alex true to her word had paid the bill. We talked about where to have dinner and she said that the restaurant in my hotel was reported to be a good one, which I could vouch for and there were a few other good ones in walking distance from that location.

She said that she had some errands to run and would meet me at the hotel around 6 and we could decide from there. We hugged goodbye and I headed back to my hotel to do a bit of work, then showered and got ready for dinner. I had made a reservation for 7 at the hotel thinking that it would be easier to cancel on a Saturday than to make at the last minute.

At 6 PM sharp I had a call from the lobby to say that I had a guest waiting for me in the bar. I had told Alex my room number in case she wanted to come up, but was happy to meet her downstairs. As I entered the bar it reminded me of the scene in Pretty Woman but my first look at Alex put Julia Roberts to shame. She was wearing a structured black dress that was low cut in the front and the back, form fitting and reached to just above her knees. It had some sheen to it which set off the emerald green six inch closed heel stilettos that matched the purse she was holding in front of her.

I may have forgotten to mention that she has a love of heels and very smart collection of ones that really set of her long legs to maximum effect.

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Her auburn hair was down and swept to the right side of her neck at the front and back. The combined exposed skin of the dress and her neck made her neck appear very long and exposed and accessible which I find very attractive. The dress had a single neck strap and the form of her bust indicated that it had a built in bra or support.

Based on that and the lack of panty lines it was apparent that she was going commando for dinner.

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I gave her a hug and kiss on the cheek and snuck a quick one on her exposed neck as well. That didn't seem to shock her and I said "Wow, you look fantastic. I am one lucky guy to have you for a dinner companion. I can see that every male in this place is jealous". She responded with a "Thank you very kindly Sir, I'm glad that you approve of my choice for the evening". It turned out that the dress was one she had bought to wear to a formal occasion, with the side of her family I am not married to, a year or so back and unfortunately she had been chastised for it being to revealing.

It had been in her closet since that event and I was the one blessed to see her in it tonight. As we had some time before dinner I asked her if she would like a drink before dinner and she readily placed an order for whiskey and water and I ordered a scotch, making sure that the bartender used the better brands for our drinks.

AS she perched on the bar stool and crossed her legs I had a great view of those long limbs swinging through the air and noticed a sheen indicating that she was wearing pantyhose which could explain the lack of any panty lines. At any rate I enjoyed the view and took my place standing beside her enjoying my drink and her company. We chatted about how her errands had gone this afternoon, what she might want for dinner and what her plans were for the next year at university.

As it turned out she has quite a way with children and had decided to be a teacher. She wasn't sure just what type, but she definitely wanted to teach young people.

I could understand this as I had seen her growing up taking care of her sisters and any younger cousins at family gatherings.

She took to this naturally and rarely if ever had any difficulty with any of them outside of her sisters, since siblings always resent being directed by each other. We ordered refills to come to our table as it was now time for dinner and I followed her and the host to our table trying very hard to not bump into too many people or things as I watched her move.

Side glances confirmed that I wasn't the only one watching her move and I was joined by both male and female viewers. Once we were seated I reminded her that this was her weekend and that as far as I was concerned the menu was totally open for her to have whatever and as many items as she wanted. After she made her choice I did likewise and ordered a bottle of good wine to complement both meals.

With the work out of the way we settled in for a relaxing mealtime with good service. I told Alex that I didn't want to seem forward but regarding the previous night I wanted her to know that I would make myself available at her request any time to repeat only the massage or the full package at her discretion.

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Without hesitation and with a large smile she said thank you and that she would hold me to that offer. She then asked if I could help her after dinner to make some decisions regarding her future plans. I said that I would be as helpful as I could be but that I may not be the best person to use as a resource.

She assured me that regarding these decisions she was sure that I was very qualified. Through dinner we chatted about all manner of topics and killed the bottle of wine during the meal, then repaired to the bar for a liqueur to cap off the meal. As we sat in the bar she was getting many more admiring looks with some being very bold, mind you the low height of the seats caused more of her legs to be on display, which I was enjoying myself. The conversation at her direction steered more toward how to obtain a more satisfying sex life for her moving forward.

She had all kinds of questions regarding how to identify better partners. As she shifted in her chair her thighs were exposed enough to show mw that instead of pantyhose she was actually wearing stay up stockings, which were not that common at the time.

That brief flash of stocking to and flesh was enough to set my hormones flowing. As I looked back up to her face her smile increased letting me know that I was busted, but she seemed to appreciate my reaction. At this point I wanted to check out something from the night before and said, "What should we do after this? I understand that there is a karaoke bar near here". Her face became flushed and she started to work her crossed legs against each other applying pressure to her clit.

"Tell me Alex, what is one of your secret fantasies about sex? Something that you would like to try, but haven't done as yet?" She appeared to be having difficulty finding the words, but said "Well I am curious about anal sex, but haven't trusted anyone enough to try it and I also would like to try being restrained during sex, nothing too kinky but just some feeling of being under the control of someone I trust".

Remembering how wet Alex was last night I thought I had better try to get her out of this state quickly and I had the answers I was curious about so I said, "I guess that is a no for the karaoke bar then". She looked at me a bit confused and said, "I'm sorry, but I missed what you said.

Is it warm in here?". Satisfied that my previous night suggestion had worked I said, "It's probably the effect of the liquor". As we finished our drinks Alex asked if I would help her make some decisions about the clothes she had purchased this afternoon. I said I would be delighted to and asked where she wanted to show me. She said that she would like to show me in my room so that it would be less public and she wanted to wear the clothes so that I had the best perspective. I offered to go to her car to get the clothes, but she said they were all in her purse.

Now this was a large purse, but it did make me wonder. I had two more rounds of drinks sent to the room and we left the bar with her on my arm. Another excellent day so far. When we got to the room I asked if she needed some privacy to change since this was a suite with a separate bedroom and bathroom. She said that it may seem a bit weird after last night, but she would feel better changing in private.

At that point the drinks arrived and I handed one to her as she headed to the bedroom with her purse. I again had the delightful view I had following her into dinner. I removed my jacket, turned on some music and got comfortable on the couch with a drink. I closed my eyes and thought back to last night and how beautiful Alex looked at each stage especially when she was excited and again when she was sleeping peacefully naked in her bed. With these thoughts my dick started to get hard and so I switched to other thoughts rather than have Alex emerge to see me with a raging hard on tenting my pants.

After a few more minutes of relaxing I heard the bedroom door open and Alex emerged wearing a new red bikini. Triangle top and high cut at the hips, but still substantial enough to cover and support her assets. She entered the sitting room and did a runway simulation including twirls at both ends of the runway. She was barefoot as befit a bathing suit and I noticed that she had a fresh pedicure.

Following my applause and attempts to wolf whistle, she curtsied and headed back into the bedroom. After a few more minutes she emerged in a snug fitting dress that was cut to a low V in the front with the hem at about mid-thigh and also made it clear that she was still commando under it. The dress was a light blue colour and she had changed to black heels indicating just how well she could pack a purse. I applauded her outfit, her presentation and her packing ability.

At the end of this presentation she said "I just have one more ensemble to show you if you don't mind Unc". "You can continue this show all night if you like as far as I'm concerned. I could watch you just walk for an hour or two", I responded handing her another drink. "Are you ready for this?" "Actually yes I am", she said taking the glass from me. Her hand appeared to be shaking a bit so I cradled it in my other hand leaning forward and placed a kiss on the tips of her fingers. She seemed to like this and her hand became steady.

She disappeared back into the bedroom with her drink giving me a pseudo stripper back kick of her leg as she moved through the door and giggled. I got my second drink and took my place on the couch or in the audience as it were and waited for the last part of the show. In less than 10 minutes she opened the door and asked if I was ready. "I am ready for whatever you want to show me my dear", I replied and looked up to see one of her long legs appearing from the side of the opening.

It was quickly visible that she had put her dark stay up nylons back on and had switched back to her green stilettos. Before I had a chance to whistle the rest of her appeared wearing only the stilettos, the stay up stockings along with a black sheer but lacy thong and half cup push up bra which only covered half of her areola on each breast. She proceeded to walk the runway staring at me. I took a few seconds to admire the view and then said, "Wow Alex, you are the sexiest woman I have ever seen.

Thank you for completing one of my fantasies. You are truly gorgeous". I could tell through the sheer fabric that she had removed the landing strip pointer t her clitoris and told her I admired the change as I watched her butt moving side to side as she walked past me. There was no way I could stop the blood flow that was rushing to my dick. At the end of the room she spun on her toes and stopped directly facing me.

Her look went straight to my crotch, "Even without those words I can tell that you like this outfit. That makes me happy because I bought it specially for you". She slowly walked straight toward me and continued with, "My aunt has told me quite a bit about how you are as a lover including that she had her first true orgasm with you even though she was no virgin at the time". She lowered her butt into my lap directly on top of my erection, nestling it between her butt cheeks.

"I would like you to help me in my sex education to help me know what I really want for my future. This will require some definite hands on and other body parts teaching if you agree." She looked a bit nervous and worried as she said this, "I know that this is a strange request, but I can't think of anyone I trust more to help me.

I have actually been thinking about this for a while and after last night I was sure that I wanted to follow through and ask you. I don't know if I said it out loud, but you have given the best orgasm and sexual experience I have ever had." At this point she stopped talking and looked so sexy yet vulnerable that it would be impossible for anyone to say no, but I wanted to make sure that we had some things very clear if we were going to proceed.

With my left hand I caressed her skin starting at her ankle and moved upward slowly to her left butt cheek and at the same time I started my right hand in the base of her hair at the back of her neck sliding down her neck, shoulder then back to just below her bra strap then wrapped my arm around her mid-section with my palm resting over her belly button. I gently massaged her with both hands and she leaned her head down on my shoulder.

As I sat there with my erection buried between her ass cheeks I tried to compose myself and said "First of all let me say that I am deeply honoured that you trust me with this request and you already know how much I love you.

I also hope that you know some of how much I do now and have always respected you as a person and a developing woman. As you can tell physically there is no question about how I feel about the potential to be this intimate with you.

But, and you knew with me there would be a but we need to do this very carefully. We are about to enter into some of the most intimate acts that a man and woman can be involved in together and with the way I feel about you over there is a serious potential for this to go sideways if we are not careful.

You know that I would never do anything purposely to cause you pain of any sort and that I hold most sacred." I took a moment to stroke her some more as she snuggled into my lap and shoulder a bit more waiting for my final response.

This of course did not make my situation any easier. "My answer is of course yes and as you can tell I would like to start tonight, so let's so some talking about ground rules, the need to be totally honest with each other and how we can end this part of our relationship the right way when and if either of us wants or needs to do that.

Have you discussed this idea with your Aunt?" She was a bit hesitant in her response, "Well I have mentioned several times that I needed to find someone like you whenever she talks about your sex life activities together. But I didn't say that I was going to approach you directly. Is that going to be a problem?" "I just wanted to know where we stand on that issue and I think that although having both of you in bed at the same time would be fantastic, we should probably keep this between ourselves right now and see where it takes us in the future.

Aside from her open comments to you she can be pretty conservative about sex outside the bedroom." From deep in my shoulder she said "That's a good thing to know.

In our discussions she has always seemed very free about making love and sex, so I had no idea". "Well that has been my experience, but I don't pretend to know everything about the inner workings of her mind, but to be safe let's keep this private between us for now" I said.

I picked her up and placed her gently on the couch beside me and stood with my prominent tent to order 2 more rounds of drinks to get us through the setting of ground rules, etc. While I was on the phone I just looked at her and continued to be amazed at my good fortune. The drinks arrived quickly so I adjusted myself as best I could, since Alex was not dressed to answer the door, although it would have been quite interesting to see the look on the young lady who brought the drinks if she had.

After I closed the door I turned to see Alex on the couch and again had to remember to breathe. I handed her a drink and placed the others on the table.

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Taking my own drink I sat down beside her, clinked glasses and said "I am still having trouble accepting that this is all happening and that I am looking at one of the sexiest women I know sitting here with me looking better than any Victoria's Secret model". "Now let's talk about our ground rules", I said "For me first is that we are totally open with each other about what we want, what is comfortable and what we don't want at any point. The second is that everything is open between us for discussion.

A third which feeds off of the first is that we agree that it will stop when either of us wants it to stop and the other person will accept that decision with any or no explanation being given." Alex looked at me over the rim of her glass considering what I said for a moment.

She stretched out one long leg toward me and placed her foot in my lap, wiggling it just a bit. "What if I want to try some different things with you that you may not want to do?" "That is exactly what I was talking about. There will be no taboo topics, but both of us are free to try or not try anything the other person suggests. For example there are some people who like to deal with feces and urination, but that would be something I don't want to do.

My main goal is to provide you with as much experience and pleasure as we both can handle, but be careful to insure that there is nothing long term hurtful involved." She shifted her other leg to the side opening up her crotch to my view completely and said "Hmmm. I like the rules so far, but what if something new comes up?" I smiled at her and said "Just refer back to rule #1.

We have two nights and a day to give it a try and by your movements I sense that you are done talking". At that point my hand started working up the leg in my lap toward her crotch. She put down her glass and shifted bringing her crotch closer to my hand, which spread her legs even wider. She put a hand behind my head and pulled me in for a deep kiss saying "I like the way you read my signals Unc".


I slowly hooked two fingers under the front of her new thong and slipped them down between her pussy lips to see how wet she really was and the answer was a noisy one.

My other hand came up to grasp her right breast and free the nipple and areola from the confines of the bra rubbing my thumb over the nipple and caressing the exposed flesh with the rest of my fingers. Our tongues searched or each other and did their own dance and caressing in our mouths. Her lips were soft and full in a way I had never experienced before with a kiss on the cheek. Her free hand moved to my crotch and started stroking my erection curious to see just what it would become.

Without breaking the kiss I freed my hands and moved her legs together and scooped her up carrying her to the king sized bed. I managed to pull back the covers and placed her on her back on the sheets sliding my hands to her hips and pulled on the waistband of the thong. She raised her hips to help it clear her butt. This was all I removed for now and settled into having my dessert.

Separating her legs I kissed my up her thighs with both legs over my shoulders and started to lick from her rosebud through her lips to her clitoris which I sucked briefly and then repeated the process. After 2 or 3 minutes of this she started to flex her legs pulling me down and her crotch up to increase the pressure.

I checked off education box number 1 as I now had her giving me some direction as to what she really wanted. I wet 2 fingers, slid them into her vagina and moved them around looking for the sweet spot for tonight to stimulate.

Tonight I found that her sweet spot was toward the top of her tunnel and a bit further back than last night. She started to respond and began rolling her hips up so that her rosebud was brushing a knuckle that was not already busy.

Since her vagina was quite tight I removed the first two fingers and replaced them with my ring and little fingers to get them lubed and then put my first two finger back to resume their stimulating action. I proceeded to work my two smaller fingers around her rosebud stimulating the skin before gradually working both of them into her ass. At the same time I had continued to alternate between sucking and swirling my tongue around her clit, at a rate similar to her heart beat.

Within about six minutes her legs became more tense and her hands moved to the back of my head signaling the impending orgasm. Similar to last night she held me firm in place with her hands and thighs to make sure I finished the task. Suddenly she dug her heels into my back making me wonder if leaving them on was a good idea and tightened her grip on my hair as she gave a muffled scream and shook for about 20 seconds, then held still and started to relax after about a minute.

I chose not to double up on her initial orgasm because I had many more activities in mind and this time I intended to get my own piece of the action. With the freedom to move I shifted my mouth up to kiss and lick her freshly shaved skin on her mons and over to the hollow between her mons and thigh.

I left my fingers in her openings just gently moving apart and together. When her breathing returned to normal I slid back kissing my way down her legs, removing my fingers from her and placed her feet on the floor.

Using a nearby pillow I wiped my face I stood up and pulled her to a sitting position on the bed. I leaned forward and gave her a deep kiss letting our tongues get re-acquainted with each other. As we kissed I reached back and unfastened her new bra. As I broke the kiss and stood I slid the bra down her arms, folded it and placed it reverently at the top of the bed. She had a lazy smile on her face but seemed alert and read for more, so I decided to see what she would do.

I started to unbutton my shirt and she quickly stood all be it a bit shaky and moved my hands aside so that she could complete the task. My hands moved automatically to caress her breasts trying to avoid her nipples for now to reduce any distraction. Her breasts were even more magnificent set free and defying gravity than I remembered from last night.

As she got to my belt she pulled the shirt free and slid it down my arms placing a few kisses on my neck and chest with a brief kiss and lick for each nipple. I'm not bare chested, but not overly furry either. After tossing my shirt toward a nearby chair she placed both hands on my face and gave me a deep kiss sucking on my tongue and working it with her lips to tell me what she had in mind for the next activity.

Alex moved me around with my back toward the bed and dropped her hands to my belt. Both of my hands shifted down to her ass cheeks and took a firm grasp of each one massaging the muscle and enjoying the feel.

Alex took this as a positive sign drew back and smiled at me in a way I had never before seen her smile. Between her lips and her eyes there was a delicious mix of innocent and devilish all at the same time. She continued to open my buckle then unhooked the waist and slowly pulled down the sipper. At this point my erection was pointed off on an angle and once she had cleared it she just dropped the pants to the floor.

She pulled my underwear waist away from my body with one hand and reached the other inside to free my cock. She gave it a soft squeeze leaned down and placed a kiss on the head licking at the pre-cum that was oozing out.

With her free hand she pulled my underwear to my ankles and slowly moved to her knees. She removed my shoes and socks as well as my pants and underwear then stood and carried them to the side chair taking time to fold the pants and drape them over the back of the chair.

I just watched her move in only her heels and stockings as I rested on my elbows with my cock swaying back and forth. She turned and moved back to the bed bending forward gripping my cock in one hand and caressing my balls with the other. Swinging her hair to one side she looked me straight in the eye and put her mouth over the head of my cock swirling her tongue and sucking at the same time.

I can't imagine heaven being any better than the feeling I had at that point but I was planning to feel my full cock buried somewhere tonight for certain. Looking past Alex I noted that I could see her spread legs, butt and sweet pussy in the mirror on the wall. She briefly took her mouth off of my cock head and smiled as she planned position pleased me. Then she went back to sucking on the head of my cock and sliding her hand up and down the length with her thumb applying varying degrees of pressure to the underside.

She made a few attempts at taking more, but wasn't very successful. I remembered that she has a strong reflex and I rarely have been with anyone who could take the full nine inch length, although most women had no issue with the two and a half inch diameter. Actually that was my wife's measurement after she had managed to deep throat me the first time. She was pretty proud and wanted to see just what she had accomplished.

Alex continued to swirl her tongue around the head and made sure that she pulled as much blood as possible into the head over the next 5 minutes. For some reason I have never been able to cum from a blowjob no matter how good it was.

I suspect that it is because I am mainly focused on my partner's pleasure and want to make sure that I breech the entrance to provide an orgasm for her before I am finished. It normally takes me a while to recover, so I like to make sure I complete the most pleasurable job first. Alex continued to stare into my eyes as she worked and her moans told me that this was exciting her as well. Placing my hands on both sides of her face I gently moved her head away from my cock and sat up giving her a deep kiss cupping her chin with one hand and moving the other to stimulate the nipples of her beautifully swinging breasts.

I stood and pulled the covers down the bed then drew her with me as I sat propped against the pillows with her cradled at my side. I placed a finger between her pussy lips to make sure that she was still good and wet and between my previous actions and her excitement sucking my cock she was quite well lubricated. I pulled her close and said, "I want you to be in charge of your pleasure for the next while and control the entry at your own speed".

Then we had a full body hug after which she rolled onto her knees straddling my hips with her pussy cradling the underside of my cock between its lips.

She slid back and forth a few times getting us both wetter then rose up gripping my cock to pull it up and under her. She positioned the head to her lips and wiggled a bit to get it centered then started to apply pressure downward.

I reached out and caressed her hips to help her steady her position and it was just a brief hold before the head popped inside. She was quite snug and it didn't surprise me that she would take a while getting used to being stretched open.

I pulled her forward and gave her a deep kiss probing her mouth with my tongue and continued to caress her hips. Slowly she lowered herself a couple of inches and then slid up and down that much for a minute, then slid down a couple more inches and again slid up and down that far getting use to the feel. Each time she moved down she gave a very satisfied moan and continued this process until she was almost all of the way down, but held off with about 3 inches to go and just moved up till only the head was in then back down to the same point.

Her head moved back and she looked at me and moaned, "Oh my God Unc. I can't find words to express how great it feels and how great it is to be in control". Her movement was smooth and steady as she rode my cock.

I found out later that only a few of her boyfriends had let her be on top, but then controlled everything by pulling and pushing on her hips so that she gained no satisfaction from it at all. I settled myself into sucking her nipples and squeezing her breasts as they moved in front of my face.

Gradually her movement increased in intensity and speed and her breathing became louder. I moved my hands to the bottom of her butt and massaged and assisted her in her travel up and down my cock. As good as my wife is I had forgotten just how a 20 year old vagina feels and It is marvelous. I dipped 2 of my fingers into the lube that was running down my cock and ten started to rub around her rosebud as she rose and fell on my cock. Her moans became a bit more intense and the contractions of her vagina became stronger around my cock.

Then I saw the body arching I had come to know as her orgasm starting and I stuck my index and middle fingers into her asshole. Other than that I held my position since it was what she was working with. I didn't want to change the contact pattern she had set to please herself.

"Unnghh, that's perfect! Just, just need a couple more strokes and aaaaahhhghh, she shrieked.

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Her body jerked a bit and vibrated with the tensing of her muscles as she continued to ride for almost a minute, finally collapsing on my chest. I removed my fingers from her butt and wrapped her in my arms, stroking her back and sides as her breathing slowed.

When her breathing settled she was still vibrating, "Wow, that was amazing, I think I'm still cumming", which was supported by the contractions of her pussy, which were subsiding, but not finished as yet.

When the contractions finished completely I rolled her onto her side giving her a firm hug while stroking her face and shoulders. "You were more gorgeous up there riding me than I have ever seen you before". I eased my arm out from under her and slid out of the bed covering her for warmth as I went. "Where are you going Unc?" She asked a bit lazily. "Oh, I'm not going far, because I hope that the evening is just getting started.

I will be back momentarily" I went into the bathroom and got some warm soapy water in a wash cloth and another with just warm water on it plus a fresh hand towel, then went into the outer room to collect our last round of drinks. I placed the drinks on the night table and proceeded to give my sweet niece a sponge bath with the watered cloth around her neck and breasts and with the soapy cloth around her mons, vagina and rosebud.

I patted each area dry with the hand towel. Realizing that she still had her heels and stockings on I removed them slowly and made a point to caress each foot and suck on each one of her toes. I knew that as a former dancer she would appreciate this attention to her feet.

Then I covered her again and returned the materials to the bathroom giving my two fingers and my cock a cleanse as well.

When I came back to the bedroom my cock was still erect, but not as hard as it had been. I gave Alex her drink and holding my own I slipped under the covers and put my arm around her to pull her tight to me. As we sipped our drinks and relaxed she said that she was feeling guilty having so many orgasms without me having any.

I let her know that this was her weekend; that I was truly enjoying every minute and that I intended to have my own orgasm in time. I also thought this was the best time to ask if she was on birth control. It didn't really matter since I had a vasectomy, but I didn't know if she was aware of this and didn't want her to panic later since I fully intended to empty my load inside her beautiful body.

She said that her aunt had told her, which I should have suspected since they share almost everything. I thanked her very much for the earlier fashion show and told Her I appreciated the thought she had put into the evening. I asked her how she felt about the evening so far and if it was meeting her expectations.

Since she had planned that fashion show I knew that she must have had some thoughts about the evening. "So far I couldn't be happier", she said. "I really wasn't sure if I was overstepping or making wrong assumptions based on what happened at my place last night, but I knew that I really wanted it to turn out this way. I'm not sure what I was or am looking for, but I know that there has to be more than I have been experiencing. Although I was nervous it was a bit of a turn on for me to parade my stuff for you earlier.

I wasn't sure how you would take the last show, but since you are a breathing male and I was showing you a lot of flesh I knew that part of you would appreciate my efforts." I had been stroking her side and hip but now moved my hand up to gently squeeze her breast and rub my finger around her nipple. This had the desired effect and I said, "Believe me when I say that all of me appreciated the show and every outfit. I actually had some difficulty trying to maintain a steady thought and not drift off into fantasy with each new outfit, especially with the seductive entrances you were making.

And you have probably noticed that even though I am your uncle, I could spend any day just watching you move and consider it time well spent". "Actually I have one or two more items that I bought today to show you, but I'm saving them for later", she said batting her eyelashes at me and leaving me wondering what they might be. "That's probably just as well because that bra and thong ensemble had me so hard that I doubt I could have sat there much longer at any rate", I said smiling at her.

"That's for sure. When I sat in your lap I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to control that big guy or end up getting penetrated right there on the couch", she laughed. On that humorous note we both finished our drinks and the talk and remembering her fashion parade had my cock stiffening under the sheets.

I placed both glasses on the bedside table and then rolled toward her placing my hand on her cheek I said, "Please always feel free to talk to me about anything at any time day or night. I think that you already know that I will always do whatever I can to help, even if it isn't as enjoyable as this has been".

I gave her a deep kiss letting our tongues talk then slid down the sheets so that my face was level with her breasts. I nuzzled and sucked her nipples as I kneaded each of her breasts and listened to her moans of pleasure start as he hands moved to my head then back.

I moved one hand to her hip and grazed it softly across the front almost tickling the flesh and making her squirm a bit. Then I slid my fingers down between her legs as she spread them a bit more to give me some freedom.

I slid one finger between her lips and was greeted with warm moist flesh and a gentle circling of her clitoris told me that she was not finished with the evening either.

I was learning a great deal about what worked to stimulate her and was able to judge her reactions quite well. I raised back up for another kiss and as I wanted bot the kiss and to see what she might do for my body at the same time.

As I had hoped one hand went to the back of my head and neck while the other went straight to my stiffening cock. She appeared to be no stranger to how to handle an erection and did a mix of light to firm squeezing in a milking action intermixed with rubbing her long soft fingers across the head while using her long nails to lightly scratch the underside. This was having a terrific effect on me in combination with being body to body with such a beautiful female.

Now it was her turn as she rolled me onto my back and slid down the sheets pushing the covers aside and stopped briefly to suck on each of my nipples, then continued down until her warm breath was directly on the underside of my cock. "You know, I almost opened your zipper last night to do this back then, but I was feeling so good with the massage and still a bit nervous about approaching you so I chickened out." As she licked the head and that sensitive spot just under the head she continued to say, "I'm sorry my skills aren't very good".

This action made me shiver a bit as she applied just the right amount of pressure to the area. "Oh there is nothing at all wrong with your skills my dear. You just feel bad because of your gag reflex, but if you like we can work on that as well".

This caused her to push up off the bed, "Really Unc? You would be willing to work with me on that as well?" "Yes I would be happy, in fact very happy to work on this with you", I said placing my hand on the back of her head and gently moving it back toward my groin. "But please continue as you were right now", I said smiling at her. "I'd like to continue evaluating your technique" She pulled her hair aside to give me a clear view and returned to the masterful use of her tongue and lips along with massage of my cock and I lay back to just enjoy the sensation.

After a couple of minutes I shifted around to get my face between her legs, still allowing her full access to my cock and scrotum, which she was manipulating quite well. I placed a series of wet kisses on her thighs and mons while gently stroking my fingers behind her knees. I then worked my tongue into her pussy separating the lips gently and penetrating as far as my tongue would reach and applied pressure to her clit with my lower lip and rubbed it back and forth.

This made her jump slightly as she sucked even harder on the head of my cock. I wanted her next orgasm to be with me inside her pussy, so I slowed my actions, pulled back and used both hands to move her head away from my cock.

I moved her on her back to the edge of the bed and kissing my way down her leg I moved to a standing position between her thighs.

"Are you ready for a little more my dear?" She simply nodded as I raised her legs to put her ankles at my shoulders. Slipping just the head of my cock back into her pussy I slid both hands along her legs to her feet and began placing wet kisses on the soles of her feet. As I did this I watched for her reaction and began moving in and out of her pussy a bit more with each stroke.

As I reached the halfway point I started to suck on the insole of each foot in turn as I then pushed further in to where I judged she had stopped when she was riding me earlier and definitely felt some resistance.


It became obvious pretty that I had hit her cervix; the entrance to her baby maker, so I continued to gently nudge it with each stroke causing her to give a satisfied grunt with each contact. Her eyes were closed, her face was flushed and the expression on her face was one of satisfaction and enjoyment, so I penetrated no further, but started using a figure 8 stroking motion to see what areas of her vagina gave her the most sensation when I contacted them.

I also made sure that I was pulling up a bit on my cock with each stroke to insure that I was making good contact with her clitoris. Once I found the best contact area I focused my strokes in this area leaning forward a bit and shifting my hands to fondle her breasts and nipples for added stimulation.

Over the next 10 minutes I continued this action and since the effect of leaning forward had raised her butt up off the bed slightly I shifted one hand back to wet three fingers and slid one gently into her rosebud, then added a second and used the third to massage the section between her vagina and rosebud to positive effect.

Alex's moans became more guttural and I was approaching a release as well. As Alex started to tense and her back started to arch upward I slipped the end of the third finger into her rosebud and continued to piston them in and out to the second knuckle. Her hands were gripping the sheet tighter and tighter as her orgasm mounted and her head started to move side to side with her moans. I picked up my pace just a bit and as her orgasm peaked I shot my full load deep into her pussy right at the entrance to her uterus.

She acknowledged each burst of semen into her with a small squeal as her orgasm continued. As she started to come down and relax I remembered her double orgasm last night and thought about doing something a bit shocking for her, but hopefully pleasurable. She had produced a lot of lube that had been running down the crack of her ass and around her anus, which I had been gently stretching a bit with my fingers.

I hoped this wouldn't freak her out but remembered her earlier admission in the bar and thought what the heck it's worth a try. I moved one thumb to make circling motions to stimulate her clitoris and on one out stroke I removed my fingers from her anus and popped the head of my still hard cock into the opening. At the same time I inserted 2 fingers into her vagina and started massaging her G spot. This action took just long enough and required applying enough pressure against the opening that she was aware of what I was doing and the added thrill with the stimulation of her clit and G spot drove her up over the edge to a second orgasm and the excitement actually had me pump a couple of small ropes into her butt.

I was glad that I was steady on my feet because the tensing of her leg muscles felt like it could have snapped me in half backwards. I had been licking, sucking and kissing everything I could reach with my mouth the full time I as inside her and continued this stimulation until her body relaxed with the head of my cock still trapped inside her butt. I could feel the contractions of her ass and pussy around my cock and fingers start to slow down and when the ended I slid the head of my cock out of her ass.

That tight ring had caused some added retention of blood in the head so that it had actually become larger in her ass and there was an audible pop sound as it was released and it as a bright red from the additional blood volume.

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Sliding to the side I cradled her legs and lifted her limp form around so that her head was on the pillows. I covered her and repeated the washing ceremony I had performed earlier with added attention to her anus with the soapy cloth. There were no signs of stress or damage which I was happy for and Alex continued to have a very satisfied look on her face as she lay there with her eyes closed.

After returning the washing materials to the bathroom I turned off all of the lights except the one at the bedside and slid under the covers to wrap her in my arms once again. She snuggled into my chest draping one long leg over my groin and said, "Well that was a bit of a surprise, but something a lady might want to explore further.

I feel totally drained and satisfied like never before in my life". I reached back to turn off the bedside lamp noting that it was now 1:00 AM and our evening after dinner activities had lasted just over 3 hours. Alex was already sleeping soundly and as I drifted off to sleep myself I couldn't help thinking ahead to Sunday when we had a full day together and the potential for other opportunities in the future. Day 2 mission accomplished.