Lesbian tgirl throats babe before facial

Lesbian tgirl throats babe before facial
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I'd known Liz for several years. I'd done some renovation work for her and we became good friends as the projects moved along. Liz was a handy woman so she did many things on her own. When it came to sizable changes she would call on me. She had called me two months back and I scheduled her in for the second week in August. It was basically a day's work to do a few things around her home that she was not up to.

When I arrived at her door, Liz came outside to greet me; to my surprise she did not look well. AS I was to find out, she had had several minor seizures. The worst of it was over but she was not allowed to drive for six months. Liz had three weeks to go before she could drive again; she was going stir crazy. NOW, Liz is either forty or forty one years of age.

He husband, whose name I forget is a computer geek. She has two teenage children, a boy and a girl. Nice kids. Liz keeps her hair artsy like.


Short, straight and uncombed while at home. She is maybe five foot three, with wide hips for her height; and a nice ass for a middle aged woman.

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Other than her hands, arms and head I have never seen any part of her body. She told me she could tell when they were coming on but she could do nothing to stop them. Liz informed me that she usually could get to the ground or floor before she lost consciousness. WE spent a good hour talking about this dilemma. Finally I went to work.

Liz helps out from time to time as she was very much into maintaining her home.


Since she is not allowed out, she is enjoying the company as we work together. We had one problem and I asked her if she had the tool required or should I get my own tools. She was so thrilled she ran down the stairs to get her tool box.

Her reaction was quite cute I thought at the time.

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WE had eaten lunch together and the day was progressing well. I had just started adjusting a new cabinet she had had delivered and turned to talked with her as we had done all day long. Liz was on a chair cleaning a light fixture, I thought it dangerous, but then continued my spiel and turned to attend the cabinet. For some reason I turned back straight away to see Liz' face change and notice her starting to lean, I moved quickly to catch her.

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She was leaning towards the back of the chair; I knew she would be hurt if she flipped over the back of the chair. Liz had managed to get her right hand on the back of the chair. Liz' eyes where open and staring blankly off into space. She had told me that is how her seizures act, and that she would recover in about half an hour, but to call the ambulance anyway, should she have a seizure while I was there. Neither of us was concerned as she had been seizure free for over three months.

I blindly put my awl on the island as I rushed by it and got to her just as she was about to do a header; sliding to my knees to get beneath her. As she came down she knock my glasses flying and we crashed to the hardwood floor, of which she is so very proud.

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I twisted to make sure Liz landed on top of me so as to not be hurt. I had both hands holding her ribs just under her boobs.

My focus was on her head, making sure her head made no contact with anything, including my head. I used my right hand and arm to break our fall, and lessen the blow we both would suffer upon impact. In doing this my right arm became trapped under my body as we landed, and twisted, so it hurt initially.

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My left hand and arm were partially wrapped around her body, holding her waist mostly. When my ass hit the floor I contracted my stomach muscles to keep my upper body from making contact with the floor. I did this because Liz' head was above mine and I did not want her hitting her face on the floor. Worrying about Liz, and feeling the numbness in my trapped arm, I paid little attention to those lovely 'C' cupped breasts which pillowed about my head.

I lay there for a half minute or more trying to remove my arm from underneath me, but to no avail. I had moved my left hand to Liz' back near her neck, holding her while I tried to move that right arm from under me. I decided to hold her tight using my left hand to immobilize her head, and turn onto my left side to take the weight off my trapped arm.

I was thinking about Liz' head and my arm; but I now was very much aware of her breasts, did they feel good against my face.

Liz was wearing a white 'T' shirt, slightly dirty from work. Her bra had moved up her body slightly, and I could feel her breasts through her 'T-shirt'. As I rolled to my left my arm came lose. Continuing to roll, gently resting Liz' head on the floor, with my left arm under her, my hand under her head, and my face hovering near her breasts.

This latest action had Liz' body sliding across mine body as we moved together, I had never hugged or kissed Liz, but her pubic bone felt fantastic as we rolled. Her thighs where warm and soft, I got an instant hard on as I felt Liz' thighs and bone press against me.

I hadn't been this close to a woman in a long time.

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Liz' eyes were open, but I could tell she was not aware of her surround. I looked up toward her face as my face hovered above her breasts. I pulled myself along her body until I was face to face with Liz. In doing so my hard rubbed against her, damn that felt good. Liz' right leg is between my legs with my cock pressing firmly against this thigh. My right leg is wedged between Liz' legs, pressing firmly against her pubic bone, while at the same time feeling both of her soft, warm, thighs.

My hips moved slightly in an autonomic fucking motion; I could not stop it, it felt so good to hold a woman. With my cock already leaking; I looked at her face, seeing that same trance in her eyes.

.,I couldn't stop from moving against her.,I nearly came in my pants. In few moments my conscience kicked in and I pulled away from Liz. Retrieving a towel from the kitchen I place it under her head. God my cock is hard. Hovering over Liz, she starts to regain her senses and is fully aware in less than the one half hour she said she usually takes to recover from her seizures.

Maybe fifteen minutes.


She lies there for several minutes and asks me to help her to a chair. We chat for perhaps ten minutes when Liz asks me to escort her to her bedroom; she says she is concerned about having a second seizure.

Liz takes my arm and we head to her bedroom, Liz' breast is pressing into my arm. My cock hardens; I feel embarrassed and try to hide it. Liz picks up on this right away. I BLUSH! "Has our mutual friend gotten hard Cal"? . Liz asks me.

I nod, and blush further. Liz squeezes my arm and smiles up at me. 'Little bugger', I think to myself. "Cal, shut my bedroom door.". I shut her door without giving it a thought. "Would you help me take off my shirt Cal, then you can see and feel what you've been looking at all day long." Liz says, and gives me a very nice smile.

Fortunately the little head was doing the thinking and I move in on her quickly pulling her top over her head, along with her bra. "WOW!". "Those baby's are something, Liz." She smiles at me. "Take your pants off, let's get you ready." My pants hit the floor in a hurray; like I said, the little head was ruling. Liz was on her knees and sucking on me in a second.

She controlled me with every touch, every lick, and my arousal soared and waned, soared and waned. I felt I was going to cum more than once but she controlled my every move. Liz sucked my cock. Liz sucked and licked my cock. I've never had that much attention down there. Without notice she stopped; "Help me up Cal?" I helped Liz onto her bed after she had undone her pants. Liz ask me to take her pants off which I did.

She was nervous about bending over. She lay back inviting me to enter her. Liz was moist so slipping into her was easy. We started to move when she instructed me on how she liked it.

I complied. From then on Liz was in charge.

Many times I was ready to cum but she moved in ways that deadened that feeling. We fucked for over half an hour. I was getting exhausted. I think she could see this. "Cal, cum in me." It took several minutes before I emptied my sac into Liz' body. God it felt good. I grunted an groaned as I came.

When we finished I was finished, totally exhausted. I lay with Liz for a few minutes. "Did you cum Liz," I asked. "Yes, my orgasms are small these days Cal. It's the medication." "Cal, if you are not busy, I'll think I'll have you back next week for another small project.

We'll get started earlier." I smilled.