Gay sex stories young boygirl and gay sexy male penis type Eager Karl

Gay sex stories young boygirl and gay sexy male penis type Eager Karl
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My Life As A Hermie Part 1 Discovery By Kim Fiction, Hermaphrodite, Virginity, Young, Written by a woman This is a work of fiction and the story idea came from: Triple Sex Ultimate by blueheatt For more information on this topic I suggest the book Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides. This is part one of Randi's story.

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The other parts will be more understandable if read in sequence. My name is Randi and I am now 16 years old. I am a tall, slender blond, weigh about 120 pounds, have B cup breasts and an athletic body. I will tell you to my other parts in a minute. When I was born I looked like a female so I was raised as a female. My childhood was pretty normal. I lived in the suburbs, went to school and played sports like everyone else. I am the only child of two cool but busy parents.

My life was pretty normal until, at age 11, I heard about masturbation from the group of girls in the school cafeteria. That night after I was in bed, I decided to give it a try. I removed my panties and started to rub and tickle the area between my legs. It felt nice so I continued and even inserted my finger a short way into my virgina.

Soon the area near the front of my slit started to swell and feel really tight. My mound got a lot bigger and the whole area started to hurt. This was not what the girls at school had described so I stopped, turned on the light and got a small mirror to see what was going on. Once after a sex-ed class I had used a mirror to examine myself so I knew what the normal girl stuff down there looked like. This time when I spread my labia, the virgina area looked normal but my urethra (my pee hole) was very extended as this reddish-purple thing about a half inch in diameter was trying to push its way out.

As I watched, I could feel my urethra stretching and see this thing pushing farther and farther out. I touched it and felt a strange new sensation radiate through my pelvic area. It was very sensitive and touching it caused the area to swell even more. I tried to push it bank up inside but when I took my finger away, it sprang forward again and with an OUCH pushed through and into the outside world.

That reddish-purple ball was attached to a slightly smaller flesh colored tube that stuck out about three inches. I jumped out of bed and ran over to my full length mirror.

This thing was sticking up and out and was very stiff.

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As I looked at myself, the realization hit me that it sure looked like the pictures I had seen of an erect penis. There was even a hole in the end just like in the pictures. I was really confused. I knew that girls were supposed to have clits and that clits might swell up a little but that they were not supposed to swell very much.

I had never seen a clit (or a penis) but I knew what I had was weird. After examining, tickling and rubbing my new part for a while, I started to feel sleepy so I went back to bed. As I lay still and relaxed, my new part slowly deflated and then retracted back inside my urethra.

Wow, I thought, I either have a super big clit or I have a retractable penis.

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When I awoke the next morning, I just had to see if what happened the night before was for real. Again I tickled and rubbed between my legs and in less that a minute my "thingie" appeared and soon reached its full three inch length. This time it did not hurt at all.

It just slid out and after I relaxed for a few minutes, it retracted back inside of me. One morning I awoke with a "morning wood"and a strong need to pee. Rather than squat to pee as I always had, I tried standing and peeing like a boy.

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I discovered that I could and the pee came out of the hole in the end of my "thingie". I did not know what to do with all of this new information so I did not do anything. I did not tell my Mother or anyone else. I just went on being a normal 11 year old girl. Discovery Part 2 Over the next year plus my masturbation sessions went from a couple of times a month to a couple of times a week.


I learned to stroke my "thingie" just the way I imagined the boys did. I also did all the usual girl stuff too but was careful not to break my hymen. I learned that if my "thingie" was not totally hard it would bend down and I could rub it up and down the length of my slit.

I was now 12 years old and my body was growing rapidly and so was my "thingie". It was now a bit over four inches long and about 5/8 inch in diameter.

Since both the head of my "thingie" and my vulva were very sensitive, it felt really good to rub them together. At that stage neither part secreted much moisture so there was no natural lubrication. A couple of times I tried to push my "thingie" into my virgina but without lubrication nothing happened.

One night I tried lubricating my slit with spit and discovered that spit made the sensations I got by sliding my "thingie" up and down my slit at least twice as intense as when I was dry. I liked that and from then on I always used spit for lubrication. One night as I was enjoying these particularly intense sensations, I tried to push my "thingie" into my virgina. This time it went right in and with an audible pop my cherry broke.

The resulting stab of pain really hurt and the flow of blood that appeared scared the hell out of me.

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Without thinking, I yelled for my mother and both of my parents came running to see what was the matter. Through my tears I tried to explain why I was bleeding. My "thingie" was still out so I showed my parents what I had done. At first they did not believe it was possible but the blood was real so they helped stop the bleeding and we cleaned up the mess.

The next day my parents took me to our family doctor who examined me and then arranged for me to go to the nearby University Medical Center. There what seemed like a hundred or more people all looked at or into my virgina, felt me up in all sorts of strange ways, took lots of pictures and ran all sorts of tests including putting an ultra sound transducer up both my virgina and my rectum.


Of course everyone asked me to show them how my penis extended and then retracted. Some of them wanted to see me do it more that once.

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I got so much practice that I became very good at getting my penis to extend and then retract on command. This skill would later prove to be very useful when there was a line at the woman's rest room, I could just walk into the men's and use the urinal.

After a couple of days the head doctor met with my parents and me and announced that I had two complete sets of sex organs one male and one female. In addition to all of the standard female organs which were located where they should be, I had a retractable penis, a prostrate and two testicles which were tucked up inside. He said that I was the first true Hermaphrodite they had ever seen.

The doctors were very anxious to follow my progress as I went through puberty so they arranged for me to come in every three months. Soon after my 13th birthday, I experienced puberty as a female. My breasts grew to a nice B-cup size, I grew some blond pubic hair and started to have periods. The tests showed that I had started to ovulate on a regular basis. My virgina also started to produce its own lubricant. About six months later I reached puberty as a male.

My retractable penis grew to over five inches long and almost an inch in diameter. The amount of cum I could ejaculate went from a few drops to a lot and I started to produce real live sperm. The doctors said it was possible for me to impregnate myself so I went on the pill.

In my case, the female genes were dominate so I never grew a beard or had my voice change. I still looked like a cute blond girl only with a retractable penis. My parents and I talked a lot about how I should go about living my life and dealing with my very unusual situation. Since I looked and sounded like a girl, had all of the standard girl parts, and had been raised as a girl (yes, I like to shop and hang out at the mall) we decided that I should continue to live as a girl. They suggested that I keep my "secret" as long as possible in order to avoid being treated as a freak at school.

Their suggestion was to go ahead and live my life and when I had any questions or problems come talk to them. Continued as: My Life As A Hermie Learning