PureMature Sexy woman gives her man deepthroat

PureMature Sexy woman gives her man deepthroat
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I never really looked at my mother like that, but by the age 17/18, my entire life changed. Before I start, let me tell you a little bit about myselfI wouldn't call myself popular but I am not a "nerd" either, ive had a few girlfriends here and there but nothing too serious, people say I look a lot like my mother but I don't know, however we do share the same english accent.

My mom is 5 foot 4 with a nicely curved ass and dd bra size, which I found out going through her underwear one day. If I had to compare her to someone, I would have to say she looks a lot like nigella lawson, but with a bigger ass, her cooking is amazing too by the way, and after dad passed away a year ago, she seemed to use cooking as a distraction to help her get by. Anyway, it all started one day after school, I came home early on the day because school had finished an hour early due to parent teacher interviews, mom was home per usual as it was a Friday.

"Hi honey, how was school"?. "Good", I replied.

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Leaning in towards me to give me a motherly kissshe then came in for a hug, I knew she had no bra on because I could feel her DD boobs as she pulled my head closer to her chest, and like I always did every time, I hugged her back,however I don't know what came over me this time kas I got a instant hard on, I wasn't sure if my mom felt it on her leg, but boy was i embarrassed, stumbling my words I managed to tell her that "I have a lot of homework to do" running upstairs to my bedroom.

"Ok sweety, your interviews at 3:30" she yelled from behind with a weird expression on her face. With a throbbing hard on in my pants, I went and sat down in my chair and proceeded to turn on my computer, trying to forget what just happened, did she feel my hard on on her leg?

Did I really just get aroused by my own mother? .After about 20 minutes of checking my Facebookmy mom walked into my room, "do you want me to make you something to eat before we go hun?""yes please "I said, turning around and making sure that the laptop covered my lap.

As she walked away, she gave me the best view of her ass, wow i said to myself, how I would love to feel that ass, you could even see her bare ass cheeks through the yoga pants, boy was that thing huge, the only ass that was bigger was Mrs Eddys at school.

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"Come down in 20 minutes and be changedwe have to leave early because there might be a lot of traffic " she yelled. After about 20 minutes I walked down stairs to the view of my moms ass again, but she was now wearing her tight jeans and a long sleeve shirt, her ass did look better in the yoga pants but the view was not too bad. I sat down on the kitchen bench, as Mom handed a bowl of pasta, "do you want cheese?" She asked."yes" i replied" she then walked towards the fridge, and as she bent down It made her ass seem even bigger, all I wanted to do was go and spank her while she was bending over like that.

"You know it's rude to stare" she said as her head turned back, I immediately started blushingluckily she could not see my hard on due to the kitchen bench.

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"What? " was the only word that I managed to get across.

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She then laughed and replied " it's ok hunny Its fine, just don't get any funny ideas" she then leaned over and grated the cheese right onto my pasta, as she lent over I could see that she had her cleavage on full show, and I could even see her bra poking out.

I couldn't take much more of this, i quickly gobbled down my food and told her " I need to do something, ial be 5 minutes""we don't have time hun, we are going to be late, get in the car "" fine" i said, wishing my hard on would just disappear. The car ride there was the most Awckward car ride I had ever been in, trying to hide my hard on was near impossible as it was too obvious, we arrived at the school car park 15 minutes early, " why are you covering your crotch?" My mum asked in a motherly voice as she stopped the car, I couldn't think of anything to say as I was just speechless, what do I say, oh because your ass was so big and I just wanted to grab it, and now I have a hard on .

I thought in my head. " you should have taken care of that at home "she said.I didn't reply "we can't have you go into the interview with a hard""go to the back seat and take care of that she said".

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I couldn't beleive what she had just said, was my own mother really telling me to go to the back of the car and jack off, " no itl be fineit will go away soon" i said. " Chris, go and take care of it, now!!! I won't lookjust hurry it up " she yelled, i hesitantly got out and went to the back of the car, luckily the windows were tinted on the back and sides, which meant no one would be able to see.


I moved behind my mothers seat so she couldn't see either. Inside the car it was dead silentas I was jacking of just wanting it to all be over, with my mother in the front seat on her phone. "Hurry it up Christianwe only got 10 minutes left". . " Iam trying " . "normally I look at stuff online " i said.

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She sighed and got out the carI thought that she decided to leave to the interview,but instead, she came into the back with me and closed the door. " ok hun, iam just doing this for your benefit, I know this is wrong,but we have no other choice, this won't happen again, but just trust me baby". She then spat on her hand, and told me to kneel on the car seat, because it was a big car, there was space on the floor for her to kneel also, her hand then grabbed my penis, and she started to work the shaft, "make it quick baby" she said, a couple minutes had gone past, and her hand was making its way up and down on my penis, faster and faster, spitting on her hand every once in a while, even though this was not my first hand job, it felt amazing to get one from my mother, her smooth hand felt so good on my cock.

Her eyes looked straight into mine, and this was the first time we had made eye contact the whole trip," tell me when your going to cum chris" .

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" iam gonna cum mom!! " I yelled a few seconds later" right here into this hat" she said, holding out one of her old nike hats which had been in the car since last monthInstead, I decided to push the boundaries, and I pulled her top and bra back towards me, and aimed my penis right at her chest, wave after wave of sperm hit her chest and trickled down onto he big tits.after three seconds of my head buzzingI looked down at my mom, and let go of her bra and top, which sent the material flying forward onto her skinshe physically looked as if nothing had happenedas if I had not just blasted my Cum down into her bra as her shirt was covering her chest, but her shocked look on her face said it all, she did not know what to doshe was frozen.

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"Sorry mom" . Was all that I could say, I felt bad for taking advantage of her like that. She then got out of the car like nothing had happenedand walked straight to the school, without saying one word. Chapter two coming soon, If you would like me to write a fantasy storycomment below and, but let me finish of this real experience first, thankyou