Reall katreena kaif fucking story

Reall katreena kaif fucking story
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CHAPTER 1 I woke too early the following morning, but I really didn't have a choice. Hosi was still spooned in front of me and my hand was still on her soft firm breast. However, what woke me were her two hands--one gently rubbing my balls and the other my cock head into her puckered star. She looked over her shoulder and smiled, "Good morning, Consort…enjoy your first real night in the palace?" "Sure," I responded in a whisper, "but I'm still having the same problem I had in our little house—someone keeps waking me up." Hosi laughed, "I guess I'm guilty of wanting you too much.

I have to tell you, though, that rubbing you against my ass feels really good. I'm thinking that we should try that anal sex. Can we do it now?" "No, Hosi it will take a lot of preparation. We'll need some lubricant…probably that oil they used on me when I was milked and I will have to prep you.

It could take a long time, but if I don't you'll want to kill me. That's how painful it could be, especially the first time. Instead…how about this?" I lifted her leg over my hip and took my cock from her. I rubbed it into her slit and slipped it into her mere seconds later. "Mmmmm…I like this idea. I like it a lot. I can reach down and hold your balls and I can turn around and kiss you…like this." She laid a big juicy kiss on me.

Our tongues dueled as our passion grew. We heard a noise behind us and Hosi broke away, looked over me, shook her head, and resumed. Whoever it was—a guard, I assumed—left and we continued our lovemaking. I pounded Hosi's pussy and mauled her breasts; she loved it. I could tell from her breathing which became rapid and shallow.

When I reached down to pinch her clit she jumped, groaned loudly and finally collapsed as she came really hard. She was still shaking several minutes later. I held her tightly, kissing her neck and back.

I whispered, "I love you," in her ear. I was still in her when she clapped once. She told the responding guard, "Please bring our daughter." The guard bowed and backed out.

Minutes later Kela was squealing as she climbed over us. I was still inside Hosi's pussy, but that didn't matter. Kela had seen us fucking dozens of times. What would have been the most hideous taboo in our society was just normal everyday living in the valley.

"Watch this, Kela. Watch Mommy make Daddy cum. I'll bet I won't even have to move." Hosi had incredible control over her muscles and her vaginal muscles were no exception.

She squeezed my cock from base to tip and repeated, eventually cycling every two to three seconds. The sensations were incredible. She made me cum in about two minutes. "Yaaay, Mommy," she exclaimed. Kela was not impressed. "Dada…Dada," she said as she smiled and climbed over my legs so I could hold and hug her.

Hosi was in a mock pout, "I don't know…I do all the work and what do I get…Dada! I can't win." Then laughing again she continued, "Actually, all I ever do is win. I got you and Kela and in about six months we'll have another and I'm Queen and maybe I'll have another ten babies. Let's get up and eat. I have some work this morning." Hosi never failed to amaze me.

She wanted another ten kids? I pulled out, wiped my sloppy cock on a towel and dressed. We walked to the dining hall where we ate another breakfast of eggs and fruit. I was reminded to spend some time with the cooks. Kela enjoyed the eggs and tiny pieces of fruit. She sat on my lap while I tickled her by kissing her neck.

I loved hearing her say "Dada" and I couldn't wait to hear her say "Mama," too. We were a happy family, and after the events of the past few days an extremely lucky one, too. Hosi kissed me and went to the throne room to deal with some business; I went to the kitchen. Kela was left in the care of several guards.

She would see her buddy Sama, Scott's daughter, later in the day. I went directly to the kitchen and spoke to the cooks. I asked to see their cooking implements—they didn't have even a single frying pan or skillet, or griddle. I was about to describe one when a thought hit me like a thunderbolt. These women may have been cooks, but they were also warriors. "Do you know Kevin," I asked. I continued when they nodded, "Please run and I do mean run to his house and tell him I need him and his pistol immediately." I turned and ran back to our bed chamber.

I found my pistol, checked the magazine and racked the slide, chambering a round. I set the safety, slid the pistol into my belt under my shirt, and ran to the throne room. I walked in—I did not wish to alarm Hosi and interrupted her, "I am sorry, my Queen, but I must speak with you immediately." I took her aside and she understood before I even finished; she returned to the throne and interrupted her business to summon the captain of the guards.

"Assemble all the guards. I wish to speak with them." Five minutes later they were present, formed up into four lines of ten each, their spears at their sides. "Captain, I wish to know who was on duty when Queen Aleppa was injured by Reta." The captain looked down the ranks and, while she did, I removed my pistol from my belt and thumbed the safety off.

I hid it behind my back while I alertly eyed the lines of guards. Suddenly, two guards split ranks, going in opposite directions, left and right. Each aimed a spear at Hosi. I pulled her down, dropped to my knee and took out the guard to the right—she was much closer. Two explosions rocked the chamber as my 9-millimeter fired, the heavy lead slugs striking home in the center of her chest.

I wheeled left and was about to fire when three more explosions echoed through the room. Simultaneously two spears drove through her body. Two guards had done their duty. The rogue guard clutched her throat and fell forward dead. I pulled Hosi up and hugged her, "I think it's finally over. I couldn't understand how Reta could get the queen alone and then it struck me. She needed to have the cooperation of several guards. Maybe the queen was alone and maybe she wasn't, but either way Reta could not have done all this by herself." We looked up and all the remaining guards were on their knees, their heads on the floor.

The captain spoke, "My Queen, those two were the only guards on duty that day. I must be getting stupid; I should have realized that they were in collusion with Reta.

With your permission I will have their bodies removed and taken to the jungle to be left there and eaten by the animals." I learned later that this was akin to being sent to Hell in our society. Hosi thanked the two who had hurled their spears, gave her permission and we retreated to our quarters. We both hugged Kevin and Hosi kissed him as we thanked him for coming so quickly. "You'd thank me even more if you knew what I left behind—three beautiful virgins all vying for my favors.

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I didn't think there were many left, but I am glad I was able to get here in time. My friends will still be there when I return." He bowed to Hosi and left. Hosi was visibly shaken when I took her back to bed. I didn't want to fuck her, but I did think she would benefit from being held and caressed.

We were there for several minutes when I realized that Hosi was crying. "Will this never end, David? This is like some of those diseases you told me about." "I think it's over now, Hosi. If there's anyone else they'll be too afraid to act, but I think we've emptied the nest.

She had her followers during the attack. It makes sense that all her disciples be with her then. They had no way of knowing what resistance they would encounter. The guards, though, couldn't join in without giving themselves away. Once the attackers were caught they probably thought they could lay low until they had a chance to take care of you somehow. Now, please take a little advice.

Take the rest of the day off. Rest and relax; there's nothing pressing today." Hosi took my advice. We stayed in bed except for taking time to bathe, eat, and use the toilet. When we rose the following morning we were met with an incredible surprise. We had our breakfast—the eggs were better, but we obviously needed something to fry with, and a few recipes, too.

Upon completing our meal the captain of the guards told us that the tribe had gathered outside the palace. We looked at each other incredulously. Cautiously, Hosi and I walked out. I carried Kela in my arms, debating whether I should try for my pistol.

Finally, I decided it would be a waste of time. If they wanted us dead there wasn't much I could do with a pistol to stop that. Instead, the door opened and we walked out. The entire tribe went to its knees, the palace guards included. The Council of Elders rose and approached. "My Queen," the eldest began, speaking loudly enough for all to hear, "we are appalled at everything that has befallen you.

You are our Queen, chosen in a contest you won fairly and with incredible strength and skill. We wish to repeat the allegiance ceremony so you will know that each and every one of us wants and respects you as our Queen. May I be the first?" Hosi and I were shocked. I knew she would have preferred to say it was unnecessary.

However, to do so would have a negative effect on the tribe. She steeled herself to repeat the ceremony. A large chair was brought forth for Hosi and she commanded one for me as well. We sat this time as one after another of the tribe repeated their oath. When they were done Hosi thanked them and declared the day a holiday. We adjourned to the baths where we were stripped to enjoy the clear warm water. Kela loved the baths. I was teaching her to enjoy being submerged.

Soon I would teach her and the others to swim. When I mentioned it to Hosi she admitted that none of the Amazons could swim; several drowned each year from falling into a river or stream. In fact, she didn't believe it could even be done. I couldn't believe it! If we lost only five Amazons a year we would also lose perhaps twenty offspring over the course of their lives.

At a time when we were all working hard to increase the size of the tribe such a loss was inconceivable. There had to be something we could do. I discussed the problem with Scott. He had some ideas, but first I had to convince Hosi. I had a thin rope tied around my waist so I wouldn't go over the falls. I went first to the waist-deep water where the current was weak and flopped over onto my back.

I floated easily much to the amazement of the tribe. I flipped over and swam strongly up river, allowing myself to float slowly back. When I stood up I received an ovation. I explained that one must always be aware of the current, especially in a river with a waterfall, but in a lazy pool like that at the bottom of the fall it would be easy to frolic and swim safely.

After my demonstration Hosi gladly approved the construction of a swimming area. Scott and I supervised the construction of a dam making up three-quarters of a circle roughly 200 meters above the falls. It slowed the flow of water making a pool that was shallow and safe. The dam sealed off about half of the river with the other half flowing freely toward the falls.

I took Kela into the water first, bouncing her up and down and deliberately submerging her for several seconds. She laughed and splashed as I held her tightly under her arms. I returned her to the shore leaving her with Rini before taking Hosi by the hand. She feigned nervousness, but she knew all too well that I'd never allow her to be hurt.

I placed her on her back and instructed her in the art of floating. She had tried several times with mixed success when I suggested we trade places. She held her hands under my back as I had done with her. I managed to "slip off" and went under, rising a few seconds later and squirting her with water from my mouth. Thus began the tribal swimming lessons. All the men served as eager teachers--the prospect of handling all those nubile bodies was all the motivation anyone would need.

I doubted that any of the Amazons would become competitive, but, hopefully, far fewer would drown should they fall into the water. Hosi had been Queen for slightly over a month when we had some unexpected visitors one morning.

Scott walked in with Rini, Lona, and his daughter Sama. Kela jumped up and down, running to Sama. Seconds later they were playing and running as only toddlers can. Scott approached--his arms around Rini and Lona. They bowed and Scott spoke, "I didn't think it possible, my Queen, but these two have made me forget all the bad things that happened to me with Reta.

They think they love me; I know I have come to love them in the past month. I request permission to move in with them." Hosi jumped down from her throne and went to hug Scott and each of the women, "Permission gladly granted. I wish you all the best. You certainly deserve it." She kissed each of them and returned to my side as they left arm in arm. "We were really lucky that they joined up with Scott.

They're exactly what he needed." "Luck, darling had nothing to do with it. Rini and Lona are two of my best friends. Of course, I knew he would never accept being—what's the term you use—oh, yes, 'fixed up' so I had them handle it as though it was all their idea." I looked at my mate, not for the first time, with awe and admiration in my eyes. CHAPTER 2 I listened on the shortwave every night for the message from my friends.

Truthfully, I was about to give up hope when I heard at last from Sean. He, Harry, Steve, John, and Jacob were almost ready. They expected to fly to Recife the following Friday. He asked if that would be OK. I told him that the sooner the better so far as we were concerned. I told him I would bring a pleasant surprise to town when they arrived. Hosi was extremely pleased when I told her.

We made our plans the very next day. Friday morning couldn't come fast enough. We decided to take both boats—Kevin would pilot one with three of the virgins we selected to accompany us, as well as one of his favorite women.

I drove the other with Hosi and the other two virgins. The men's first night in the jungle would be a memorable one—all the virgins were eagerly looking forward to their first fucking.

We pulled up to the dock in mid-afternoon, having reserved seven rooms, almost the entire inn, for the night. We walked to the airport and waited for their plane to land. This was the first time any of the women other than Hosi had ever worn any covering over the upper half of their bodies. I could tell they found the experience uncomfortable. It was really funny when the men exited the airplane—hilarious actually.

The guys stood in a line looking at the women; they stood and looked at the men. I was reminded of a junior high school dance. Finally, one of the virgins introduced herself to one of the men and led him away. Soon they were all paired up until I noticed a problem—there were two men for the last woman.

"Sorry, David," said Harry, "We had a last minute addition—my brother Gene. He's the most useless of all of us; he's a lawyer." "It's OK with me," the virgin Tama exclaimed. "I think I can handle both of them." We shared a laugh as she linked arms with the two men and joined the others for the short walk back to the hotel. I expected the men to suggest a brief nap after their long flights, but it was the Amazons who took control, leading the men like sheep to slaughter.

It was just past four; I suggested we meet around 8:00 for dinner. Hosi retrieved a small amphora capped with a wooden plug from our boat; then she and I retired to our room. I stripped naked and knelt to remove Hosi's skirt, sandals, and thong. I stood and pulled her T-shirt over her head, twisting her around as I did.

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I leaned down to kiss her neck as my arms went around her waist. "You're the best looking queen I've ever known. I used to think of Elizabeth whenever I envisioned a queen. She's definitely not my type." "Who's this Elizabeth?

And should I be jealous?" I couldn't stop laughing long enough to explain. Eventually, I ran out of breath. "Elizabeth…is the…Queen of England," I gasped. "That's an island nation a long, long way from here.

Her son is old enough to be my father. She's in her eighties. She does have a certain appeal, though—she's the richest woman in the world. However," I paused for dramatic effect, something that was not lost on Hosi, "you certainly have treasures of your own and I do LOVE your treasures." I cupped her breasts as I nibbled her ear.

"Let's wash and then I'd like to explore those delicious assets." Hosi giggled wildly as I led her to the shower. We'd been in these showers before—many times.

They were tiny, made for one at most, so, of course, we squeezed in together. I always enjoyed her breasts poking into my chest; she always enjoyed my hard cock poking her.

In fact, she always enjoyed getting poked by my cock, in the shower, in the hallway, on a dresser, in bed…oh well, you get the idea. We sometimes lingered in the shower reveling in the hot water, but today we had a bigger need. We needed to fuck—we were desperate for each other. I had barely finished drying Hosi and had water still dripping from my body when she yanked my arm and pulled me relentlessly toward the bed.

She pushed me back, my legs wide feet on the floor. She dove in leading with her tongue. Hosi laved my cock and balls with her long, strong and talented tongue. I lay there in sublime ecstasy until she pulled back, "I'm ready, Consort. You may prepare me." I looked up to see her grinning widely, eyes ablaze with excitement.

She held the small capped jar in her hand. It took me almost a minute to realize what she was saying—what she meant and wanted. "Are you sure," I asked sincerely. "It could take us an hour to get you ready and then it could be over in seconds. I'm really hot for you." Hosi giggled, "I'll take my chances.

You wouldn't disappoint the queen, would you?" She sounded serious, but we both knew different. I stood, took the oil from her and held her in my arms as I kissed her deeply. She melted in my embrace as I melted in hers. I never failed to be amazed that I had come thousands of miles to the deepest jungle of Brazil to find the love of my life. I traded places with Hosi, placing her gently on the bed while I moved to the floor.

I placed a pillow under her hips and told her, "You saw the couple in the movie. They were fucking in what's called "doggie," because that's the positions that two animals would take. I've always found it easier and more enjoyable this way—with you on your back and your legs in the air. This way you will be able to see everything I do and if I hurt you we will both be able to see what I did wrong. OK, so far?" Hosi nodded and I moved forward, pouring a small amount of oil onto my hand.

I rubbed it into her anus, enjoying how it made Hosi squirm. Then I pushed my first finger into her. She'd already had a single finger so that wasn't the least traumatic. I massaged that finger into her asshole for almost five minutes before adding a second. I turned my fingers clockwise and counter-clockwise—back and forth-- stretching her anus and preparing it to accept my thick cock.

I added more and more oil and ten minutes later my third finger. They formed a triangle in my lover's ass. I was pleased to see how well she was handling the intrusion. I leaned to her side and kissed her, all the while fucking her ass with those three persistent fingers. "OK, darling?" When she sighed and smiled I continued, "Good, I'll do it soon. I'm as hard as your spear." Fucking her this way, I took another ten minutes before I was sure she was ready.

I poured a small amount of oil over my throbbing cock. In one quick motion I pulled my fingers out and thrust my cock in, aiming for the small gape left in her anus. I took less than three seconds to push my cock almost half-way into her.

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I placed her legs on my shoulders and leaned forward again. Hosi's eyes went wide when she realized that she could see both my hands. Immediately, she looked down, spying my organ well embedded into her ass. We kissed, and held that sensational kiss, for more than ten minutes while I sawed in and out of her tight dark hole.

Using my other hand I began to tickle her cunt—rubbing her labia, fingering her tunnel, and pinching her clit.

I needed to turn her on quickly or I was going to cum and leave my Queen high and dry. That would never do. I was able to sense small tremors in Hosi's body so I shifted into a higher gear, actively twisting her clit between my fingers. It came like lightning, almost without warning. So massive was her spasm that she leapt more than a foot from the bed in spite of her difficult position.

Relieved that she had cum, I followed quickly dumping load after load of slick white semen deep into her bowel. I collapsed onto her as our sweat pooled between her breasts and in her navel. Hosi's reaction—one word—"Awesome!" We barely had the strength to move—OK, I barely had the strength to move—so Hosi pulled me back to the shower.

We washed each other and tried to dry ourselves with the thin hotel towels. We fell into the bed naked and pulled the blanket over us as we fell asleep quickly in spite of the grunts and groans coming through the walls and ceiling. The last thing I heard was, "We must definitely do that again." Then she kissed me and I was gone. I had left a request for a wake-up call at 6:00.

It took my best efforts in Portuguese to ensure that the staff knew I was talking about "P.M." not "A.M." I had them call all of our rooms around 7:30 and it was a good decision. As expected the Amazons were fresh as daisies; the men looked like…well, happy, but beaten up. Wait until tomorrow morning.

I was thrilled at the men's arrival. As the Queen's consort I was pretty much taken out of circulation. How would it look for the Queen's mate to be hunting up pussy in the village? I did as instructed by Aleppa, but I knew Hosi hated when I had sex with another woman even though she knew it was necessary to increase the size of the tribe. Now with five—no, six—new men I would be free to stay at home where I much preferred to be. I took Hosi shopping while the men and their new friends "rested." We went to every general store in the city and we bought every frying pan, griddle, and skillet we could get our hands on.

These would do until we were able to make our own from cast iron. Sean was an amateur smith and he knew more about making things from iron than anyone I knew.

I'd get him straight to work as soon as we reached the village. The only problem was that a typical work day was only four to five hours. The rest of the time would be taken up by warrior training and sex. With the six new men there would now be nine to service almost 450 ripe and eager women. Even the Elders were none too old—barely in their forties and I knew from personal experience that they all wanted to be impregnated, too. Hosi and I could barely stifle a laugh when we saw the men the following morning.

Even Harry and his brother had managed to cum twice each in the afternoon and another two times after dinner; the others even more. The Amazons carried the luggage; the men were lucky they could carry themselves. We loaded the boats as evenly as we could and cast off. We ran upriver at about thirty miles an hour, substantially below our normal cruising speed due to the heavy loads. I doubted we'd had more of a load since our first trip almost two years ago.

En route I could see Hosi speaking in earnest with Tama, the Amazon who had volunteered to take on Harry and his brother Gene; they had fallen asleep on their seats. I heard the story once we were home and in bed. There are definitely no secrets in the village. All the women talked together and their newly found sex lives was the number one topic.

I once heard a conversation about an hour-long sexual liaison that had lasted for more than three hours. As a result even the most inexperienced Amazon probably knew more about fucking and sucking than the average male from so-called civilization. Tama led the men into the room, depositing their luggage on the floor. She had never been in a hotel, but had, of course heard all about them from Hosi and other friends who had come to town with us.

She turned to face them and began to strip, "I am so glad to be able to take this off. I have never covered my body before, but Queen Hosi said there would be trouble if we didn't." She dropped her skirt and removed her thong. In seconds she was completely naked while Harry and Gene stood there frozen, taking in her beauty. Tama moved to them and began to remove their clothing. They were both hard as rocks, their erections bouncing and pulsing with excitement. "I have never done this, but I have learned a lot from my friends.

There must be some way I can take care of both of you." Finally, Harry spoke. He was nervous which would have been a surprise to anyone who only knew the joking wise-cracking Harry. "I think you could use your mouth and your pussy…your vagina at the same time. Then, maybe later we could switch…if that's OK with you." "Yes, I am very willing. Let us use the bed. Should I lie down or what?" They sat Tama on the bed between them, taking turns kissing and fondling her large firm breasts.

Tama took each man's organ into her hands, rubbing and caressing each penis and running her hands down to cup their balls. "Wow," Harry whispered, "Are you sure you've never done this?

You're awfully good." "Yeah," Gene chimed in, "you're doing everything right, but I have a confession—I've never done it either. That's why I wanted to come here." Tama turned to him and kissed him passionately, her tongue finding its way into his mouth. She leaned over and licked his cock exactly as she had heard from her friends. She loved the feeling of power it gave her. She had the feeling that doing this could turn the strongest man to jelly.

She enjoyed licking around his helmet and, on impulse, took him deep into her mouth. He reacted exactly as her friends had said he would; she really liked this small man with the big penis. Gene climbed onto the bed, pulling Tama with him. Harry positioned her on her hands and knees near the edge of the bed.

He found her pussy flooded with her musky juice. He slid his cock, only a fraction smaller than Gene's into her easily as Tama leaned forward to continue sucking Gene's big cock. Both men were tired from their journey, but they were so excited that they came quickly. Harry fell onto the bed exhausted, but Gene got up, flipped Tama over onto her back and put his mouth to her tunnel. Gene had been, and technically still was, a virgin but he'd seen plenty of porn.

He was tentative at first, but within a minute he attacked her pussy energetically, paying special attention to her hard hot clit. Tama began to shudder; the shudders turned into shakes and eventually to a massive spasm which shook her entire body.

"Thank you, Gene that was wonderful." Gene nodded and smiled then he climbed onto the bed next to Tama. They kissed and held each other while Harry slept. Later they reversed and Gene's virginity was no more. Tama loved the way his cock filled her. She wondered what it would feel like in her ass. She'd heard others talking about it, but couldn't imagine how it would work. She resolved to speak with her Queen in the morning. It was late afternoon when we reached the falls. As Queen, Hosi went first up the rope.

Once she had reached the top she quickly organized a team to help. I recognized our cooks and gave them the best of the skillets. The rest went to the Elders, the other men, and the palace guards. I had spoken at length with Sean on the trip. He had several ideas as to other cooking implements we could make. This might have seemed a trifle, but feeding the tribe was one of the Queen's primary responsibilities. We already had almost three hundred chickens in a huge coop well below the village where any run-off from rain would not contaminate our water supply.

In another six months we'd be able to eat chicken as well as the eggs. The other responsibilities included maintaining the housing and settling disputes, and of course, defending the tribe.

Having spent most of my time in our little house with Hosi I had been shielded from most of this, but now I could see how frustrating all this work could be. I had to help her and the best way was always to fuck her until she dropped.

My problem was that she had much more endurance than I could ever hope for. Not only was she a woman—she was an Amazon—strong and tougher than nails.

We fell into a pattern, much like in our pre-Queen days. We made love every morning before rising from bed, again after lunch when possible and again in the evening before we retired. Fortunately, for me Hosi was already pregnant and was told by Dennis to curtail actual intercourse. Now we used our mouths and hands on each other. When Hosi was seven months along I had to go to the city; we were in desperate need of some supplies, especially seed for the spring planting.

This was the only time we had been separated since my initial return from the U.S. What I saw going down river was terrifying. I rushed back to the valley and called into conference all the men, the military leaders, and my Queen. I explained what I had seen—massive deforestation—on both sides of the Amazon roughly one hundred miles from the valley.

There had been no sign of it just a month ago. I explained my concerns and listed what I saw as solutions. In the end it was Hosi's decision and hers alone. She took almost no time to decide, "I trust you completely, David. Do what you think best. Just keep me informed." I promised her I would and then I did something I dreaded—I told her I would have to be away from her for several days. "Just be ready to take care of me when you get back," she replied and then she gave me a wonderful kiss.

I gathered Gene and we left immediately. CHAPTER 3 Gene and I went right to the boat. We didn't wait to pack or say good-bye.

Gene had proven very popular with the Amazons. First of all, he was relatively short and light weight. The women loved to pick him up and carry him around the valley; he kind of liked it, too.

Despite his short stature there was nothing short about his cock. I had, of course, seen him in the toilets and the baths. The toilets! This was the one thing the men had the hardest time adjusting to. Few had yet to fully accept doing their business in front of a bunch of beautiful women. I practically laughed myself off the seat the first time one of the Amazons had offered Sean some of the wide leaves we used to wipe with.

Sean, befitting his Irish heritage, had fair skin and red hair. This was the first, but not the last, time his face perfectly matched his hair. Another occurred when one of the Amazons actually offered to wipe his dirty butt. Gene had the largest cock of any of the men, including me. Several times Hosi had teased me, suggesting that she should have waited. I pretended to pout and we all had a great laugh over it.

Now I needed Gene's legal expertise—badly. Our first stop was the American Consulate. We met with the consul who, greatly to his diplomatic credit, didn't blink an eye when I made my request. He asked us why and we explained. He excused himself and returned to us about twenty minutes later. "What you have requested will be in the next diplomatic pouch. The Secretary told me the 'materials' would be a gift—thanks for a job well done.

If you return Thursday afternoon I'll have everything ready." We thanked him and left. Our next stop was at the local government office where we politely requested to see the person in charge. We wore our crosses and pretended that we were representing our church. "Senhor," I began, "our church is very concerned about the deforestation we have seen. We would like to purchase a large tract of land well upriver to set aside as a preserve—no logging, no hunting, nothing.

This way there will always be some wilderness in the future. There are many animals that will be forced into extinction if no action is taken." "How much would you think about buying?" "We were thinking about 100 square miles of the most remote portion of the jungle, maybe more if the price was right. I suggest we establish some boundaries using our GPS devices. We could return say…Thursday for an answer.

Of course we would expect a formal contract and deed from the government in return." "How much were you thinking of spending, Senhor?" "We could go as high as ten million US dollars.

We would have to liquidate some investments, but that should take only a few weeks. Will you please make inquiries of the appropriate parties? Do you think we could have an answer by Thursday next?" The official assured us that he could. Gene and I returned to the boat. "Was it wise to give him the amount so soon? I think we could have bargained." "You're probably right, but did you see the greed in his eyes?

He'll take a cut and his boss will take a cut, and so on and so forth. Some money may actually make it to the public coffers, but that's not my concern. I'll want you to check the contract terms. I can read it for you easily enough, but I'll get lost in those technical legal terms. Let's find a phone. I need to call my financial advisor." Part of the plan was that I would liquidate my holdings for the purchase.

The others would fund any future needs from theirs. I thought I would still have about a million left when we were done; the other men's assets came to just over seven million and that would be plenty for our needs. We stayed overnight and returned to the valley the following day. As a geologist/explorer for Al-Cor I often had to make measurements of large tracts of land. The valley from side to side—mountain top to mountain top—was approximately 1.75 miles.

The length I estimated at seven miles, making the total area about twelve and a quarter square miles. If I centered the valley in the tract we should be able to have a minimum of four miles as a buffer for the valley.

I organized a mapping party including Kevin and Scott along with their women. We trekked into the jungle for five days, returning with all the measurements we would need. I knew that the government would try to cheat us, but I planned to cheat them back, giving them dimensions for more than 125 square miles, not 100. I doubted they thought the "simple missionaries" would ever think about cheating them. Gene and I headed downriver on Wednesday.

We met with the official who showed us their proposed contract. Gene made several key changes, including the issue of mineral rights. We needed the mineral rights; without them any group could invade our territory in search of gold, silver, gems, oil, uranium, or a hundred other reasons and it would be legal if not changed in the contract. We went to the bank where I was pleased to see that my investments had been deposited.

I phoned our government contact and informed him we were ready. I could hear the greed in his voice. I would use it to advantage in the weeks to come. Our next stop was the Consulate. The Consul had our boxes ready—two crates of 9mm semi-automatic rifles and two crates of ammunition.

This was a critical part of the plan. We could use the Amazon warriors and their bows, but the noise of the rifles would help scare off any loggers who might stray into our land.

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I asked if the Marines could guard the boxes while we made one more stop. I ordered hundreds of signs—POSTED, PRIVATE PROPERTY, TRESPASSERS WILL BE SHOT, BOCETA LAND COMPANY. We were ready. The deal was consummated two weeks later. As I anticipated, the official paid no attention whatsoever to the longitudes and latitudes I entered into the contract—all he could see were the dollar signs.

We actually wound up with more than 140 square miles, giving us an even greater buffer than I had hoped. Of course, one of their conditions was that the payment be in cash. We signed the contract, obtained the deed, and demanded a receipt—just in case. That receipt could be used to blackmail the official, if necessary. I was bone weary when I dragged myself into the palace. It was done—we officially owned the land in the valley and roughly four miles on all sides.

The signs had been posted and the men had all practiced with the rifles. Getting them from the consulate was critical. There was absolutely no way I could ever explain to the local authorities why a group of peaceful missionaries might need twenty high powered rifles and five hundred thousand rounds of ammunition.

We'd had patrols in the past; now we had more. Each of the men went on patrol with his women—all except me. By the time we set up the patrols Hosi was almost ready to give birth.

I practically crawled into our quarters. Hosi would have laughed, but she knew that the tribe's survival was no laughing matter. She undressed me and half-carried me to the baths. I never knew that water could feel so good. She washed me, at least she started to, but several tribeswomen thought it undignified for the Queen to do such menial work. They took over and as they did I wondered what they would think if they ever saw us in bed. Not surprisingly, there were few secrets in the tribe—it was small in numbers and everyone lived in close proximity.

The guards had seen us fucking and sucking many times and I was sure that they'd told their friends; like I said—no secrets! They helped me back to the palace and I thought that I'd be able to finally get some sleep.

That's when Hosi showed me the little amphora of oil—what a time to decide she wanted her butt fucked!

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Mercifully, she did almost all the work. Hosi placed me on our bed, oiled my cock, and lubed her asshole. Then she slowly dropped onto me. "Damn, you're beautiful," I told her.

"No, I'm not. I'm pregnant and fat. Just look at my big belly." "I am…that's what I think is so beautiful. The rest of you is even better." That brought a smile to her face. She rose up slowly and proceeded to fuck herself.

I fingered her cunt and played with her clit. I brought my fingers to my mouth, but Hosi ambushed me, pulling them to hers. I had to go back for another sample before I was permitted to taste my gorgeous wife. Hosi always tasted sweet and musky, no matter that it was after her warrior training or an hour at the baths.

I had eaten a few pussies in my day, but never one as tasty or receptive as hers. Of course, the fact that I was madly in love with her made no difference whatsoever.


Yeah, right! I saw that Hosi was getting really excited. Her nerve endings must have been firing non-stop.

The look in her eyes told me she was going crazy with her lust. I grabbed her clit, twisting it wildly as I plunged my fingers in and out of her cunt. Dennis had told us it would be OK so long as I didn't go deep. I kept my fingers at just the right depth to stimulate her G-spot.

Her immediate reaction was to shake—just a bit at first—but increasing with every passing second. I was at it for almost a minute when she leaned back, held her position, and arched forward violently as her orgasm claimed control over her body.

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She seemed dazed when she fell onto my chest. We were both soaked…and exhausted. Eventually, we were able to rise. I led her to the pool for a relaxing swim. We floated together for almost thirty minutes under the moonlight. I could look up and see the stars shining brilliantly overhead. Funny—I had rarely noticed the heavens when I had been working.

Then they were nothing more than an opportunity to determine our location. Tonight the skies were beautiful—breathtaking, actually. CHAPTER 4 Five days later it was Scott's turn to patrol. I was relaxing in our "swimming pool" with Hosi and Kela. Hosi had finally learned to float and was making reasonable progress at actually swimming.

I didn't tell her, but I thought she'd have to start from scratch once she had delivered our child. That was only a few weeks away at most. I was bouncing Kela and having a great time when I heard the alarm. Rini had run all the way to the village, probably more than five miles to tell Queen Hosi that intruders had been found trespassing.

I told her I would come. I returned home to dress and retrieve my rifle. Fifteen minutes later Rini and I left along with and additional fifteen armed warriors. I was running all out; they were merely trotting. It was more than hour later that we caught up with the patrol. We huddled quickly while I told them of my plan.

The Amazons spread out, but remained concealed awaiting my signal. I flanked the logging party, moving off to their right. I stepped out, rifle at the ready when I thought the time was right. "Alto!" (Stop!) I shouted. There were six of them, all armed.


"What'd you say?" I assumed it was the leader. "Well, at least you speak English. That'll make things easier. You are trespassing on private property. There are signs all over. I could kill you and there's nothing could be done about it." "I got to hand it to you—you got balls. There's only one of you and there's six of us. Seems to me, if there's any killin' to be done&hellip." "Oh, I assure you…I am not alone, but don't take my word for it. See this tree? Watch what happens when I count to three.

One…two…three!" In that instant more than twenty arrows flew through the air, all embedding themselves deep into the trunk.

"Now, I'll take your weapons and you can turn around and get out of our property. Or, you can die right here…right now." They dropped their weapons and turned around.

I followed--the Amazons right behind me--to the boundary of our property. "I don't suppose I have to tell you not to come back. We won't be so forgiving the next time. We'll shoot first. You saw what kind of marksmanship our archers have. They never miss." I left them at the boundary of the property. I returned their weapons and watched as they boarded some beat up work boats and took off downstream. The Amazons and Scott came out of the underbrush as soon as they were out of sight.

We all had a good laugh. We walked back to the valley in high spirits. I was pretty sure the word would get around quickly. God knows there was plenty of other virgin land they could rape. I met with Hosi in the palace. When she saw the smile on my face she knew all had worked out well. We had a light lunch and readied ourselves for our meeting with the men. I knew that Scott, Kevin and Dennis had made a great transition to the valley. We had all been there almost two years and were all close friends and/or relatives.

Hosi and I were concerned about our new recruits. We sat in the dining hall where Hosi ordered some cool juice. We drank and relaxed until Hosi spoke, "I want to be sure you are doing well here in our valley. Having been to your country I know that there is a huge adjustment.

So, please tell me, how are you doing?" One by one the men all told how they had been welcomed by the members of the tribe. They enjoyed all the sex they were having and the openness of the women. Several exclaimed that they had never experienced so many women with so little jealousy of each other. To a man they admitted having trouble with the communal toilets, but they were dealing with it.

Then we got to Gene. You'd think a lawyer would be pretty glib, but he could be incredibly shy. Eventually we got him to speak, "Could we have…uh…uh…oh, jeez…Tama come in?" "Do you know where she is, Gene?" "Yes…my Queen, she's outside…she's waiting for me." Hosi summoned a guard and sent her for Tama.

Gene's disposition changed dramatically when she entered the room. He rose grinning and went to her. They kissed and embraced, holding hands when they returned to his seat. Tama sat, pulling Gene onto her lap. She had her arm around his waist.

"My Queen, "Tama began, "Gene and I really like each other. He is worried because I am so much bigger and stronger, but he also knows that I would never harm him. Just the opposite; I want to take care of him. I would like to have Gene live with me. I know I will have to share him with many others just as you had to share David, but I know he will always return to me." Is this what you want, Gene?

You and Tama seem to get along well. I am pleased to see you happy and smiling now that she is here with you." "Yes…Hosi…I mean…Queen Hosi…I know it looks funny. I'm so small and she's so tall, but we do love each other and we want to be together. If it's OK with you, that is." "Relax, Gene—it is OK with me. Scott and Dennis, and, of course, David all live with tribeswomen.

David and I are legally married. I'm sure you've noticed our rings. I would be pleased if all of you had regular women to take care of you. Just remember something that David told me when we first began making love.

He told me that he would give the others his seed, but he would give me his soul. I think it will be the same with you. Do you agree?" "Oh, yes, my Queen. I give everything I am to Tama; the others are a duty—a responsibility I have to the tribe." "Yes, my Queen," Tama added, "I suspect I am much like you.

I don't like Gene having sex with the others, but it is necessary. I love my sisters and my tribe." "Well said, both of you. I gladly give my blessing to you. I will want to know how you are doing together in another month. If all goes well I will declare you to be mates." The elation in Tama's and Gene's faces said it all.

They hugged each other and kissed passionately, oblivious to their surroundings. Finally, it was Sean's turn. "My Queen, you know that I have been working in the forges. Several of the tribeswomen have joined me as assistants. It works out well. The processes are time consuming and there is nothing to do&hellip." Hosi began to laugh and the rest of us soon joined in. Sean continued, " well, what I meant to say was that there was nothing to do, but now that I have my assistants&hellip." We all just laughed even louder until Sean got up and left.

He returned a minute later with two red-faced women who were carrying something under a cloth. Sean had them put the object on the table and removed the cloth. Underneath was a smooth cast iron griddle. "We made this from some of the iron we mined. When David told me about the problem cooking eggs here in the palace I realized that the same problem existed in all the houses.

We built this to fit into all the fireplaces in the village. We already have fifty that we made using the mold my assistants and I made…during those few times we weren't making love. He pulled the two closer and placed his arms around their waists. "My Queen, we also have a request.

The three of us would like to live together." The women grinned wildly and leaned up to kiss his cheeks. "Please, my Queen," they said simultaneously. "You also have my blessing. I am thrilled to see how quickly you are making the transition. More importantly each of you has volunteered some service, other than making love to the tribeswomen.

That makes you a part of us. You are outsiders no longer." She was just about to sit when she suffered a convulsion and her water broke. I rushed to her side and held her with love. I helped my wife, my love, to the hospital.

Tama had run ahead with Gene in her arms. Dennis was ready for us. He led Hosi to a bed; Leba already had a pot of water on the fire.

There were loads of clean sheets and towels. Three hours later I was a father again. Hosi and I had a strong baby boy. One of the guards brought Kela. I held her in my arms while Hosi held our son. "Look, Kela you have a little brother, someone for all of us to love. I know you'll help take good care of him, won't you?" "Yes, Dada…love baby." I set her down and watched proudly as she gave her brother a tender kiss.

I sat next to Hosi and wiped the sweat from her face. I leaned down and kissed her. "I love you. I'll always love you." Hosi looked up with those sparkling green eyes, exhausted from her ordeal. She didn't have to speak. I knew she'd love me forever.