Mama sin i sestra japan

Mama sin i sestra japan
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Mindy and I were in a taxi cab just pulling out of McCarran Airport in Las Vegas. We were on our way to the Bellagio. Four hours ago, in the parking garage at Denver International Airport, I bent Mindy over into the backseat of my car and fucked her in her tight little ass. I was in pretty good mood. She was a bit surely.

"I can't believe you did me in my butt, in the parking garage" Mindy said sourly, as she rubbed her right breast with her forearm. "And my nipple hurts" she added Four hours ago, as I was cuming I had reached under and grabbed her tit and gave her nipple a nice twist. I don't know where this sadist streak came from lately, but I was kind of enjoying it.

I had recently lost my wife and received a large insurance settlement, Mindy, here, had more or less decided to be my sex slave for the weekend to earn $30, 000 to repay money she had stolen from her church.

She has a gambling problem which I was going to help her with. "Does it?" I said in a half soft whisper. "Yes" said Mindy pouting "Lift up your blouse and let me see." I said.

She was not supposed to deny me anything this weekend and I intended to take full advantage of that. "He'll see." She said chin cocking towards the driver. "If he's lucky. Now let's see'um" She lifted up her blouse to show a very nice pair of tits. Mindy is in her mid-thirtys, shoulder length brown hair, C-cup breasts, good figure, and nice legs.

Her ass was very nicely shaped, with full hips, and a bit of a bubble to it. What she did to a pair of jeans made guys walk funny and run into things. Her nipples have a natural eraser quality to them, and the right nipple looked a tad swollen. I reached over and began to fondle and squeeze each boob, feeling the weight of them in my hands.

I was giving them a nice massage, paying attention to the nipples with my thumb.


Mindy squirmed a bit, and kept shooting glances at the driver, but she didn't resist. "Oh, you poor thing" I said, and then quickly pinched and twisted her left nipple, hard.


She let out a shriek, which I am sure drew the cabbie's attention, even if he hadn't been looking already. But, she had her blouse down fast, and was glaring at me. "Any more complaints?" I asked. Mindy was silent. We drove to the hotel in silence. She was pissed.

I was planning my next bit of fun. We checked in and made our way to the room, and started to unpack. I had one small bag that I thought Mindy would be interested in. Well, maybe interested is not quite the right word.

"Come over here" I said "I've gotten something for you" Mindy came over a bit tepidly and stood there waiting. "All women love jewelry, so I brought you some." She looked skeptical, as well she should have. "Here is a necklace for you" I said as I pulled out a spiked dog collar. "Ha Ha" Mindy deadpanned. "Put it on" I said in the deadly serious tone. She did not argue, but did start to look just a smidgeon scared. Then, from my goody bag I pulled out a pair of handcuff.

"And here are some bracelets.' I said cheerfully, before changing back to my serious tone when I told her to turn around. I manhandled her and cuffed her hands behind her back, and then spun her to face me. The scared look had taken over her full face as she asked "Wh.What are you going to do?" I really like Mindy's tits, and I began to fondle and squeeze them through her blouse.

She seemed to relax just a bit, although I couldn't figure out why. I kept kneading her mounds, feeling her erect nipples through the fabric. I pushed up as I squeezed gently, and then firmly. I kneaded them together, and then softly tweaked her still coved nipples. Then with out giving her any notice, I ripped her blouse open, scattering buttons everywhere. She jumped in surprise, but did not say a word. I moved the blouse off her shoulders and down her arms as far as her restraints would allow.

Then I grabbed her left nipple and used it as a leash to guide her over to the bed, as I sat down. "Ow! Ow!" she complained. "Please, they're still sore" I didn't care. With me sitting and her standing, the tits were now at mouth level and I attacked the nearest boob, sucking the nipple in and playing it with my tongue. As my mouth busied on side, my hand alternating between kneading the other, and twirling the nipple, not too roughly, between my thumb and forefinger.

As I alternated between tits, first sucking one nipple and then the other, I would take the time to squeeze them both and mash them against her chest. Then it was back to sucking on them. I sucked for a few seconds and then lightly bit them. I moved off the nipple and began sucking on the tit. Then it was back to kneading and sucking.

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Kneading and sucking. The whole time by free hands had been massaging her shapely ass, and using them as a handle. I noticed her breathing had changed and I wondered. I moved one hand down, and the up under her skirt, finding first the inside of her thigh and then her very moist cunt. "Are you enjoying this?" I asked coyly. "My nipples are very sensitive" she said defensively. "Oh" I responded in mock-knowing tone. "Is your ass also sensitive, because by my count you haven't been spanked in a week, and this feels like a good time for your next lesson." Her expression changed to panic as she begged "Please don't use the paddle on me.

It really hurts" "No, paddle? I asked. "OK, no paddle. Assume the position, over there by the credenza.

Just put your head on the edge. I still want to see those melons sway" She got up walked over and did as she was told. I got up and walked over to the goody bag and pulled out a leather rod with a small fan on the end. Mindy had followed my progress the whole way, and she began to tear up, as she begged "No.

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Please No. Don't use a riding crop on me. It will leave marks and I won't be able to explain those to John. Please I'm begging you. Anything else. Please" I walked over and without a word I landed the first blow, dead center, and cross both ass cheeks.

She let out a shriek of pain and I watched as a very satisfying red welt began to appear. "What are you supposed to say" I asked and blow number two landed right above number one" "YAAAAAH!

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Gambling isn't worth it! Please no more. Do anything else. No more" Whoosh! Smack! Number three landed linking red lines now with a slightly diagonal blow that made her shriek and jump. "Gambling isn't worth it!" she gasped out after her shriek. I just love the way her tits would jump and sway as the blow landed and she jumped in pain.

I fondled the nearest one for a second as I added "You might want to yell a little quieter.

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If the neighbors complain, I'm sending your naked ass to explain" Not waiting for an answer blow number four landed. She jumped and stifled another cry of pain, as I watched the riding crop travel land blow number five, adding another angry welt to her shapely ass. "Gambling isn't worth it! Please, no more! Please I'll do anything.


Let me give you a blow job! I'll make it really good, I promise" Whack! Scream! "Gambling isn't worth it! "Oh, God that hurts" I paused to rub the welts on her ass and feel them rise above her otherwise smooth flesh. She winced a little and then relaxed. I let my hand travel down to her snatch and felt that if anything it was wetter than before.

"Your pussy seems to be enjoying this" I said "No, please. I can't help it. Please it hurts. I'll be good." I walked over to my goody bag and took out a butt plug.

I had obviously made good use of my time before we flew out. "Would you rather have five more swats, or this up your ass" The riding crop must really hurt, because she didn't hesitate. "Put it in my ass! Please! Anything!

I shrugged my shoulder, drew some KY Jelly out of a bag pocket and lubed it up. I couldn't resist rubbing her snatch a little more, as I also applied a dollop of jelly to her bung hole. Then I put the end of the plug against her starfish and pushed. It went in a little more easily than I expected. I was a tad disappointed. I walked over where she could see me and took off my shirt as I headed to the bathroom. "Don't move, or you get more of the riding crop" I wasn't in for long, I just took a piss, washed my hands, and then undressed.

But when I returned she was squirming and half dancing. "Please can I get up?" "Not, just yet. I like the view and I need some of that pussy" I had a ranging hard on and with Mindy all bent over like that, I couldn't resist anymore. I grabbed a hip in each hand and drove my cock into her wet cunt in one mighty thrust. I heard her squeal and I started to pump her slowly. With the plug in her ass, she was much tighter than before and the feeling was intoxicating.

I increased my pace, wondering if I should cum in her cunt or not. Mindy started to make low moaning sounds. I couldn't tell if she was in pain or enjoying this.

But, either way it was making me even hotter. I took a hand off her hip and reached around for a breasthold. I started tweaking her nipple and the moaning got a bit louder. I was getting much too close to orgasm to do much thinking, but I did make a snap decision. I reached up with the hand that had previously been working her nipple, and grabbed a handful of hair, and pulled her up.

This caused me to come out of her pussy. I spun her around, grabbed a tit for support and told her "Get on you knees, now!" I was close to coming and I did not want to waste it.

Using her tit and her hair I helped her down quickly, and she readily accepted my throbbing cock. I began to face fuck her as she tried hard to match my rhythm, but was unable to get any help from her still cuffed hands. In. Out. Faster and faster.

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Each time my balls would slap her on the chin and her nose would be buried in my pubic hair. She no longer tried to match me, she was just trying to survive this face hammering. She had a look of desperation on her face and I kept up the pace. I took almost no time for me to blow my load. This time there would be no chocking on cum, as I pushed my cock all the way down her throat and made a direct deposit into her stomach. She fought it, but with no hands there was little she could do.

She could not breathe, with my cock down her throat but I was beyond caring at this point. When I was done cuming I eased out of her mouth and she took a deep sputtering breath. Tears had been running down her cheek, but she wasn't crying. She looked as exhausted as I felt.

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"Are you hungry" I asked and she just looked at me.