King in some tight small kitty

King in some tight small kitty
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This story is a repost of the original story I posted on 2013-12-06. It is edited to conform to the age rules. The Wedding Gift I had spent the last day and a half travelling halfway around the world to come home and marry my childhood sweetheart. I had known Julie nearly all my life, but we sort of lost contact when she moved to another city to go to university.

Now that she had graduated and moved back to our town, we got together again and our relation quickly progressed from friends to lovers. It even came to the point that we decided we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together. Julie had done well in university and as a result, she had landed her dream job. After our honeymoon, we would be living abroad, doing long term research to reveal the effect of warm water sea currents on marine wildlife.

I had already sold my condo to pay for our new home and for the last month, I had been doing preparations in our new house and done some networking.

Being away from Julie had made me realize how much I missed her presence. If I had any doubts before, now I was sure I had to have her, no matter how much I had to give up for her. It had been hard to be so far away from my loving family, not able to enjoy their hospitality, their warm love and their insatiable pussies.

However, I will have to get used to it. July isn't like us. She would never understand. I got up, groaning. The muscles in my back protested, cramped as they were from a night spent on my sister's bedroom floor. Anne had offered to let me sleep in her bed with her, but I politely declined her offer and instead opted for the sleeping bag and camping mattress.

I was really jet-lagged and had only slept for maybe two hours, but I felt quite refreshed and ready for this very important day. My sister was awake too, but was still lying on her bed. She had pulled back the blankets so she her naked body was basking in the morning light. She was lazily masturbating her soaked pussy, making little wet noises as her fingers pumped in and out her fleshy vagina.

I was quite familiar with my sister's vagina. I knew what it felt like and I knew how it tasted. It was the vagina I had lost my virginity in and fucked thousands of times in the years after. It was also one of the vaginas I would never fuck again. Still, I couldn't stop myself from watching my sister masturbate. It was such a sexy view, the way she fucked herself with one hand and pinched her nipple with the other.

She knew I was watching her and made sure I'd enjoy the show, probably hoping to get me so aroused, I'd jump in her bed and fuck her brains out. My cock surely wanted to. It was already standing at full mast, throbbing and leaking precum. But today was the day I was getting married, the day I would start my new life. It would be a real test of character not to fuck my sister's delicious snatch one last time.

But, even though I knew I shouldn't, I kept watching. Not satisfied by the pleasure provided by her fingers, she picked up her favorite vibrator from her bed stand and put it in her mouth.

She licked it to make it wet with her saliva and then rubbed the rounded tip of the pink cylinder between her swollen labia. She twisted the end and a soft buzzing sound filled the bedroom. Then she slid the tip between her lips again and let it sink deep inside her pussy.

Anne was moaning out loud now and began to push her hips in the air as she rubbed her clit while she pushed the vibrator in and out her cunt. With her knees wide spread, she made sure I had a marvelous view between her legs.

Her pussy looked really attractive and my resolve began to wane.


I had to leave. Fleeing my sister's bedroom, I walked into the bathroom to take a refreshing cold shower. Even though I had turned the water temperature really low, my erection wouldn't go away. It was still hard as steel when I exited the shower a few minutes later.

I really hoped it would go down soon, otherwise I'd look really awkward in my suit.

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As I was contemplating if I should jack it off, my dad entered the bathroom. His cock was swollen too, although not erect and wet with pussy juice. "Looks like you need some release son, why don't you go in our bedroom and fuck your mom a bit? I've just been fucking her for almost an hour, but she keeps begging for more" "I can't dad, today I'm getting married and I'll be Julie's alone" I said as I was toweling myself dry.

"Too bad son, she's really horny today! Are you really sure?" he shouted from the shower. "Yes dad, I'm gonna start a normal family with Julie, so no, I'm not gonna fuck mom" I shouted back. Dad pulled back the curtain and stuck his head out. He had an expression of absolute amazement. "Now why on earth would you want to do a stupid thing like that?" he asked.

"It is simple dad; I love Julie more than all the pussy in the world. I'd rather give up mom and the rest than make my Julie unhappy" He thought about this for a minute, and then shook his head. "Okay, I'll ask your brother… At least he's still sane" he said and popped back under the shower. I chuckled at that remark and tossed my towel in the hamper. "If you're not going to fuck your mom or Anne, you might want to put on a jockstrap to keep that snake under control" he yelled his advice.

"Thanks dad, I will. And hurry up will you, the photo shoot is at 10:00" "All right, keep your skirt on; I'll be ready in a sec. Just let me wash Mr. Happy here first" I got back in the bedroom to get dressed. Anne was still writhing on the bed, cumming as she kept fucking her pussy with the buzzing pink vibrator.

I did my best to ignore her as I put on my new handmade suit. We were finished around the same time. "Looking sharp bro, are you sure you don't want a quick blowjob before the big event? It'd be much more comfortable than that jockstrap" "You know I won't Anne, I will stay faithful to Julie" I said.

"Fuck Julie. No, fuck me first!" she replied, annoyed and horny. "I told you, I can't" I said, ignoring her first remark. "We'll use a condom then, okay?" "It's not that I don't trust you, you're my sister.

But Julie isn't like us. If I want to be with her, I can't keep fucking my family. So I won't fuck you, or anyone else, but my wife" I explained again what I already told her last night.

"But this way you won't be fucking me, you'll be fucking the inside of the condom, and I'll be fucking the outside of it. Your cock doesn't touch what's outside. It might as well be me or Julie" "I don't think Julie would agree with you, sis" I sighed. "But my pussy needs a good hard fucking! Please, you can't just leave me like this" "Why don't you ask Robert? He's always up for it" I suggested. "Yeah, like mom's gonna let him go" she grumbled.


She was right, I could hear mom squealing again. She'd already found a new a new hard cock to stuff her hungry pussy and, as I could still hear dad's singing from the bathroom, it had to be our brother's. "Then join them both. Maybe you can get Robert to fuck you both" "But I like your cock, I always have. And after today, you're going to live halfway across the earth! I haven't seen you for a month, and now you tell me you won't even fuck me once? You have to fuck me, can't you see how wet I am?" she begged me.

"There's nothing that can make me break my resolve. Now can you help me with my tie?" I asked. "Only if you fuck me first" she said stubborn.

"Fine, I'll ask mom" I said and walked to the door, ending the conversation. I left my sister to her pouting and exited our bedroom. It was tough to leave her like that, all horny and frustrated. However, I knew her well enough to know her mood would change quickly enough.

She'd finger herself to a few more orgasms or maybe she would get Robert to fuck her and then she'd be her bubbly self again. But first I had to find someone who could help me with my necktie. It wasn't hard to locate my mother, as I only had to follow the sound of squeaking bedsprings.

As expected, I found her in my brother's bedroom where she sat on top of my younger brother, fucking herself on his perpetually hard cock. She had her eyes closed and was moaning loud as she was having one huge climax after another. It took more than a minute before she slowly came down of her high and fell forward, landing on the cushion.

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Her lips found those of her son and she kissed him open mouthed, all the while she kept fucking her youngest with uncontrolled jerks of her lower body. Again I felt the pain of having to leave my family behind in my pursuit of happiness. My mother's love was one of the things I'd miss most.

Of course there would always be an emotional connection, not even 10.000 miles could change that, but our physical connection, like she had with my brother right now, would be a lot harder.

As I watched her, semi-consciously grinding her plump pussy on her son, I thought back to the thousands of times I had sex with her. Mom was a great fuck and a great teacher. She also had a wonderfully perverted mind. She had been the one that instigated our incestuous lifestyle, starting with her instructing me how to seduce and fuck my older sister. Later she and dad started participating and after a few more years, Robert joined in too.

Last night I had a long conversation with my brother, and told him he had to take over my responsibilities in keeping the women satisfied and well-filled with cum. By the look of it, he was doing all-right. Mom finally opened her eyes and she smiled approvingly as she saw me standing in the room. She looked at me with a look that was a combination of maternal pride and pure lust. "There's my handsome man. You look great in your suit, Julie's one lucky girl!" she said as she sat back up, mashing her squelching pussy down on the boy's cock.

"Thanks, but really, I'm the lucky one" I said. "Are you here to give your old mother a farewell fuck? I've still got one hole free" she said as she wiggled her round ass.

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"No mom, I just need you to help me with my tie" I replied. "Okay, come here, stand next to the bed" mom said, unable to completely hide the disappointment in her voice.

I walked up to the bed and stood as close as possible to mom. She grabbed the ends of my tie and tied the full windsor, not stopping her fucking motions for even one second. "There, you're ready to go now. You look so handsome, let me kiss you before you go" I bent forward to kiss her on the cheek, but at the last second she turned her head and kissed me full on the mouth as she came again. "Thanks mom, you're the best! I have to go now, to the photo shoot, but I'll see you in the church right?" "As soon as we're done here" Mom started fucking my brother again with new energy.

I knew she'd be riding his cock all day if she had half the chance. "Service is at 12:30 and I really need you there mom" I urged. "Hmm, we'd better hurry then" she moaned and climbed off her son, "Come Robbie, why don't you fuck mommy from behind, I always cum the easiest that way" Shaking my head I left the couple to their fucking. I wasn't judging them, I knew that half of me was more than ready to tear off this suit and join them in bed and fuck all day long.

But that was my old life. I walked downstairs, where my dad was already sitting at the table, gulping down a last cup of coffee before we had to go. A few minutes later, we were ready to go. The white limousine we rented for today was already waiting in front of the house. Dad held open the door for me, as I climbed inside the luxurious car while trying to keep the huge bouquet upright.


We drove to the house where my sweetheart lived. I hadn't seen her in nearly a month, and was really anxious to be with her again. With trembling hands, I rang the bell and waited for the door to open. There she was. My heart skipped a beat as I beheld my wife-to-be. She looked absolutely stunning in her big white wedding dress, her hair done perfectly and richly adorned with silver and pearls.

I knew I had made the right choice marrying her, even if I had to give up a lot. One look in her eyes told me I'd love this woman for the rest of my life. I offered her the huge bunch of roses and we kissed, a kiss abruptly broken off by her mother who playfully said I could not kiss her until we were properly married. We laughed and obeyed. Then I took her arm and walked her to the car which drove us to the location of the photo shoot. "You know, your mom can't see us here" I said with a wink.

Julie knew what I meant and bent over for an uninterrupted kiss and in no time we were at our destination. The photographer was already there with all his cameras lights and reflectors.

We posed for all the cliché pictures: We held each other, kissed, gazed and presented the bouquet at a few different sites while the photographer took over a hundred pictures. Time flew by and before we knew it, it was time to go on our way again, this time to the church where we were to be wed.

When we arrived at the church, we were greeted again by Julie's mother and mine, who apparently had found enough time between fucking my brother to put on a dress which was almost as beautiful as my bride's. The two women quickly grabbed Julie and dragged her to a side-room to do all the secret things women have to do in this particular situation.

As I walked into the church, accompanied by my father, to look for the minister, my attention was drawn by my nieces. The twins were acting as maids of honor and were dressed in matching pink dresses. They called me to the little room where they prepared themselves.

Once I was inside, the girls lifted their dresses for me, showing their smooth shaven pussies. "Look, we're not wearing panties!" said the first cousin "Do you think you have time for one quick last fuck with us before you tie the knot?" asked the other. The two girls looked really appetizing, their juicy slits begged to be fucked and I felt my cock swell again.

God, what was this difficult. "I can't girls, the only woman I'll ever fuck is my Julie" "Please?" she asked while she seductively pressed her round breasts against me.

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I could feel her hard nipples poking my chest. "I bet Julie's pussy is nowhere as tight and hot as our pussies are" cousin number one said as she rubbed her finger over her juicy slit. "Or as tasty" added the other as she took the first one's hand and sucked the finger that had just been between the girl's pussy lips.

The girl moaned and kissed her sister. My cock was so hard, it nearly tore the jockstrap apart. I really had to fuck someone soon, but I couldn't, not yet. The ceremony was to begin in twenty minutes and it would not be until after that that Julie and I might have a little time to ourselves.

I had to get away from these horny nymphos before I lost it. "I'll get the best man for you, okay?" I said, trying to keep the bridesmaids happy. "Only if he knows how to use his cock is as well as you do" they objected "I don't know about that, but he's bigger than me" I said, truthfully. "Okay, bring him here and we'll try him out" they agreed. I left the room and went looking for my friend.

Luckily he wasn't hard to find and I told him how I needed his help with my cousins in the little room. Eric was more than ready to help out and a few seconds later we were back in the little room, him with his pants around his ankles. My nieces judged his cock a good replacement and soon he was balls deep in my first cousin while he was fingering the other. The girls quickly forgot about me as Eric fucked them into a stupor. Feeling I was no longer needed here, I silently snuck away and fled the room.

I finally found the minister and we went through the proceedings one last time. After that, it was time for the ceremony to begin. I was very nervous as I had to wait at the altar for my bride to enter the hall. At the last minute, my best man came walking in, still busy tucking in his shirt. He was grinning and giving me a thumbs up.

Then the music started to play and the doors opened. In walked a very beautiful Julie, escorted by her father and my two flushed nieces who carried the train of the dress.

My bride came to stand next to me and the minister began his speech. We both said our vows, pleading our eternal love for each other and finally our yeses.

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Then came the moment I had been waiting for for so long: "I now pronounce you husband and wife" the minister said, "You may now kiss the bride" "I want you so much" I whispered as I kissed her, hoping no-one would hear. "Be patient love, I'll be all yours soon" she whispered back. Everybody cheered and applauded and then we were leaded to a different room where we had to sign the papers. When that was done, there finally was a little time where the two of us were all alone.

"Have you ever fucked in a church?" I whispered "No, but I know the perfect place" she whispered back. She led me to a little room, the same little room Eric had fucked my nieces in. The smell of sex still hung heavy in the air. Julie didn't seem to mind it as she quickly unbuckled my pants and released my cock from its confines. She gave it one loving kiss, then got up and spun around. She pulled up her dress and bend over the table, ready for penetration.

As I stared at my wife's bare round butt, I realized she too was wearing no underwear. "Like my little surprise?" she asked "I love it" I said as I unceremoniously pushed my cock inside her. She was absolutely soaked.

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My cock was literally dripping with her milky juices, fucking it into a thick lather. It was a frantic fuck as we both knew we only had a few minutes before people would start missing us.

It was also the first time we fucked since I left a month ago and loved it immensely. I was thrusting into her slippery silkiness like a madman, slamming my hips into her firm behind with every stroke. It was really evident Julie needed this as much as I did, as she came within seconds of me pumping her pussy. Trying to stifle her moans, I rolled my handkerchief into a ball and stuffed it into her mouth as I continued my frantic humping.

She was as tight as always and she knew how to use her pelvic muscles. Her pussy gripped my cock, almost jacking me off as I fucked her. It didn't take long before I was getting that tingling feeling announcing an enormous orgasm. Julie could feel it too. "When you cum, I want it in all my pussy" she whispered, "I want to feel your spunk drip down my legs while everybody is congratulating us" she whispered. I did not need to be encouraged, as I already felt my balls tighten.

A few thrusts later I felt that blissful relief as thick gobs of sperm shot up my cock and splattered against Julie's cervix. It was one of the best orgasms I ever had and I pumped a huge load inside my new wife. A few seconds later we were both slumped on the table, panting and kissing. "Oh god I needed that, I really missed having you in me" "I've wanted you so much I could hardly stand it any longer" I said, honestly. "Well I'm all yours now, always" Julie said and kissed me again.

"Now let's get proper again and attend to our reception. Is my hair okay?" I nodded. It was almost like concrete, so much hairspray had been used.

You'd need a hammer and chisel to make even a dent in it. "And my make-up?" She looked a little disheveled but very beautiful. Her mascara had run a bit from her tears earlier and her lipstick needed a bit of touching up from our kissing, but soon she looked like an angel again.

With my balls finally relieved of the urging pressure, I really felt happy. There had been many times I felt a little doubt today, but never had I been so sure that I did the right thing by marrying her than now, seeing Julie looking so beautifully and so filled with cum.

"You look really gorgeous, Julie" I said as I petted her pert ass, "let's go" The limousine was already waiting again and everyone was standing on the parking lot, throwing rice and flower petals, cheering as we got in the car.

It was a short ten minute drive to the location where the party would continue. Ten minutes that were again mostly spent with my lips locked to Julie's. I really enjoyed these few moments alone with my wife, a time of solitude and serenity where we expressed our love to each other, unhindered by the guests that followed behind us in their own cars.

At the party location we were greeted by the hundreds of friends and colleagues that we could not invite to the small intimate ceremony in the church. We had a great reception, followed by a nice meal and a party that would go on until deep in the night. We danced a lot, drank even more and finally went home, exhausted but happy.

As we sat there in the limousine on our way to the hotel, I watched the world whizz by. Once again I thought about how my life would be completely different after today. The next two days we'd spend in the hotel and then we'd go to Vietnam and Indonesia for our three week honeymoon before we would move into our new house.

I knew I would miss my family, like I had missed them last month. But I also knew that waking up next to Julie would make every day one of the happiest of my life. I pulled my new wife in my arms and kissed her cherry lips. "I'm so lucky" I whispered. She looked at me for a long time, smiling happily. "You know, I stopped taking the pill before you left.

It feels like you've hit the spot today" she finally said. "You're pregnant?" I asked in disbelief. "I hope so. It feels… right" "Wow… that would be great" I said, baffled by her surprise. "I hope it will be a girl" she mused. "And why is that?" I asked, softly stroking her hair.

She hesitated, her eyes looking into mine, searching for something. Then she spoke again, almost in a whisper. "Because… because I want to give you the family you missed so much. When our daughter is old enough, you can fuck her if she lets you.

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Just like you used to do with your sister and mother." My heart skipped a beat when I understood what she said. "I." I began, but was silenced by her laying her finger on my lips. Julie smiled and continued. "But we'll have to have a boy too. For me." I was baffled by her words. There was only one thing I could say. "I love you, Julie"