Sweet kitten is gaping narrowed twat in close up and having orgasm

Sweet kitten is gaping narrowed twat in close up and having orgasm
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My name is Xavier and I am a nerd. I also happen to be in an electric wheelchair. I am a light-skinned Mexican who is a little heavy due to my constant sitting. I wont get into what I have, all ill say is that everything is hard for me to do. I can't lift more than 5 pounds without straining myself nor can I stand. Long story short I have very limited motion, but that does not mean I don't like to go out.

And this weekend is my favorite part of summer, Comic-Con San Diego. I go all out meeting up with my friends to put together money for entire weekend tickets and a suite at a nearby hotel.

This year happens to be a very special year, where I meet a wonderful girl by the name of Alexis. But I'm getting ahead of myself. My friends and I decide to meet up at the hotel lobby the night before so we can check in all together. I arrive first as I lean back in my chair waiting on everyone else. The second to arrive is my Pilipino friend Thao.

He is the major gamer and anime fanatic of our group. He is usually the one to find and recommend animes that we should watch. 20 minutes later our friend Paul arrives. He is a white guy that always has a stupid look on his face. He is the official jokester of the group.

As we are exchanging our usual greeting between the three of us, Jorge and his girlfriend Adriana arrive behind us. Jorge is the pessimistic rock Mexican kid among us.

He is as tall as Paul and Thao, at about 5'8, but is a very skinny guy. He and I are share the same taste in music such as Metallica, Slipknot, Killswitch Engage, etc.

His girlfriend is a geeky girl that he has been dating for awhile. She gets along with all of us pretty well, being able to throw back puns and insults as well as the best of us. We check in making sure we all have one key and two spares.


When we get off of the elevator on the twelfth floor, our room is about 20 steps down the hall. Thao opens the door to the amazing 4 room suite. We all gawk in awe as we explore. The doors open to a decent sized common area with 2 sofas, a single chair, and a decent sized flat screen tv. To the left is a small kitchen area with a fridge, oven, microwave, and a small table. To the right is a hallway with 4 doors. There are 2 rooms to the left and 2 to the right.

Jorge and Adriana claim the room further down the left and Paul takes the room directly to the left. I knew exactly which room was mine when we took our mini tour.

It was the room on the back right that featured an automatic lift built into the room. As you can imagine with my weak mobility, I usually need someone to transfer me from my chair to the bed and/or to the shower and toilet. However, this particular hotel is the only one that features this lift which is exactly why we booked this room.

It is very handy as it is an electric lift that I could use a remote to lift me from my chair into the bed. There is also one in the bathroom to move me onto the toilet and shower. Finally, Thao takes the last room remaining, the one to the right of mine. After I take the time to put away my closes in the drawers provided under the tv in my room, I open the curtains to my window.

I am able to see out into the city as the sun is setting and the lights begin to illuminate a better part of the area. "Wow, too bad I don't have anyone to share this view with" I said to myself. We all hang out in the room for the evening, as we rest to be prepared to arrive to the convention center early in the morning. As it happens there is a Vons directly connected to the bottom floor of the hotel. Paul, Thao, and I head down to buy supplies for the room, such as alcohol, sodas, snacks, and more.

As we enter back into our suite we find Jorge and Adriana making out on the couch for everyone to see. Paul is the first to yell, "Awe come on man, can't you take it to your room?!". "Shut up, we aren't hurting anyone!" yells Jorge. "Yea, not yet at least"! follows Adriana as she smiles mischievously.

"We better not be able to hear you two tonight", states Thao as we start to put away our supplies into the refrigerator. After a while of sitting around and watching tv we order a pizza for dinner and start setting up our individual Xbox ones in our rooms. We spend a few hours playing together, yelling at each other from our rooms so we could hear each other.

I was worried that there would be complaints for the noise. But no one came knocking on our door to tell us to quiet down. I look at the clock and notice it is 11pm. I yell to the others, "Alright guys, we better get to bed if we want to wake up early enough to get in before noon.

Don't forget how bad the lines were last year." "Yea alright" "For sure" "Goodnight, BITCHES!!!" I couldn't distinguish who said what but I got the idea. I set the alarm of my clock for 6am so that I have enough time to get ready. Using the handy built in electric lift, I get into bed.

I sleep pretty well, but this was definitely not as soft as my bed at home. I woke up and looked over at the clock to see that it was only 5:47.

I decide to get up and shower. I began to dress when I hear quiet rustling out in the common area. After putting some dark pants, dress shoes and a white collared long sleeved shirt I went out to see who was up. Thao happen to be in the kitchen rummaging through the fridge with Paul already sitting at the table eating a pop tart quietly.

"How'd you guys sleep?" I asked "Not bad", Thao replied. Paul took a little longer to answer, until he looked at me and said, "I heard things man, terrible things!" Thao and I chuckled. "That's what you get for choosing the room next to Jorge" Thao said.

At this point Jorge walked out of his room in pj pants and a white t-shirt. "Sup", he said sleepily. Paul pointed at him with conviction, "You are a horrible person!" "What? I can't help it if we are loud", Jorge replied.


After a little more discussion between Paul and Jorge, Adriana joined us and we all had breakfast in the living room. At 6:30 Thao said, "We should probably get ready to leave soon". We all agreed and went back to our rooms to get ready. I had planned for months to dress up as "Soul" from the anime Soul Eater.

So I dressed in his iconic pin striped suit and gelled my hair to one side. I came out to see Thao dressed as, Professor Ozpin from RWBY. Paul came out dressed in regular clothes as he scoffed at us, "You guys are actually dressing up, what a bunch of fukin mooks!" "Of course, that's the whole point.

To dress up as our favorite character!" I yelled "Nooooooo, the point is to go see OTHER people dress up, such as women with huge ass tatas", he argued. It was at this point that Jorge and Adriana walked out of their room in their costumes which I didn't recognize.

"Who are you supposed to be", Paul asked Jorge "Well I'm-" Jorge was replying as I interrupted. "Alright we need to leave now if we want to beat the crowds"! They all agreed as we checked to make sure we all had keys, phones, wallets/purse just in case we get separated.

We all walk a couple blocks down to the convention center. It took us maybe 5 minutes to get to the street it was on. At that point is was about 7:50 am. We saw a few big groups of people heading in the same direction as us, some wore conspicuous costumes, while a handful of others went all out in their costumes. As we approached the enormous convention center, that was more than a few city blocks long, we headed to the elevator so that we could reach the entrance.

It didn't take us too much longer to enter. We were one of the first ones in the door, thanks to the whole sympathy people have for people in wheelchairs.

I stopped for a few seconds to smile and let my excitement overtake me as I realized how much fun I planned on having for the next 4 days. We wandered in and out of aisles admiring people's costumes, and the different booths displayed. We all made sure to grab a map and schedule for events so that we didn't miss anything good. It was decided after a few minutes that we would split up until the first event we wanted to see together.

We planned to meet up in an hour and a half as Jorge, Adriana, and Paul went one way further into another room. While Thao and I made sure to look at every booth near the entrance.

We could tell how much time was passing by how many more people began to flood into the entrance area.

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Before it got too hectic we quietly headed in the same directions as the others. I looked at the map of booths and noticed a small one that was solely dedicated to soul eater merchandise.

Being a somewhat quiet follower I was easily able to talk Thao into heading in that direction. We stopped at a few booths on the way that had different manga and comic themes. It took us a little while longer as the booth I was looking for was further in the middle of the convention center, but we got there none the less.

I was so excited as I started seeing different people dressed up as different characters from the series. One guy was dressed really well as Lord Death, a few black star guys, one girl dressed as Tsubaki, two girls who I assume were supposed to be Liz and Patty but their hair was black. Among all these people there were two girls who I instantly recognized as Maka. One was pretty wide (if you know what I'm saying) and looked nothing like her except for the clothes, but the other Maka is the one that completely focused my attention.

This girl was about 5'5, with a wig on similar to Maka's hair color and style, and wearing the full outfit perfectly. In fact, I'm positive that she filled out that top a LOT more than the original character did in the series.

She was beautiful in every way possible, that I could think of. She had curves that could make a grown man cry, perfectly soft light brown skin, and a face of an angel. "You just gonna sit and stare?" asked Thao, snapping me out of the daze she put me in. "Nah man, I wouldn't even know what to say" I said with a hint of sadness. I didn't have the best track record with women. They always seemed to put me into the "friend zone", leaving me there to rot.

At the ripe age of 22 I can honestly say that I am still a virgin. These experiences molded me into a guy who is scared of rejection, so I don't even try to make connections with women anymore.

Thao knew how I felt, seeing as I always went to him to complain about being perpetually single. "Dude, if you don't even try, you will never find that one girl who will take you seriously man", Thao stated in a low and serious voice. "Damn man&hellip. You should put that on a fortune cookie" I joked, mostly trying to change the subject.

He didn't laugh, he just stared at me for the longest time. It finally got to me after a minute, "Alright, alright. Ill go talk to her". I slowly pushed my joystick forward as I made my way up behind her. I saw that she was inspecting different soul eater collectable figurines. I finally came up to the right of her and inconspicuously started looking at figures next to her.

I look over and say "A sound soul, dwells within a sound mind and a sound body". She chuckles as she notices who I am dressed up as. "That's pretty good", she says. "You have got to be the best looking Maka here" I say with fake confidence "Thank you, I love the outfit that you chose for soul. Its different" she says and gives me a heart melting smile.


"Soooooooo, is this your first time here?" I ask awkwardly "Yea, me and my friend Jess finally saved enough money throughout the year to come down for the whole weekend. We have been wanting to do this for years, just never had the funds to come." She explained in a cute ditzy enthusiasm.

I sat there smiling for a while, completely paralyzed not knowing what to say. I'm sure I freaked her out. Luckily my guardian angel came to my rescue. "Hey Xavier, the event for the next Star Wars movie is gonna start soon." Thao said trying to snap me out of my state.

"Uhhhh, yea right. Ummmmm, we should&hellip. get going then." I said stumbling over every other word. Maka (since I still haven't gotten her real name) started hopping up and down, "OHhhhhh, I want to see Star Wars stuff!

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Jess lets go see Star Wars!!!" A cute Asian girl dressed as tsubaki turned and said, "Fine, but I get to choose the next event". I looked up at Thao and saw a slight twinkle in his eyes as he inspected the new arrival. "Uhh, well……if you want to join us you could probably get really good seats, the whole wheelchair thing has its perks." I said regaining my composure. "Oh really? That would be great". Maka said. We all headed in the same direction together with the girls leading the way and me and Thao following close behind.

"What the hell do I talk about", I yell frantically in a quiet whisper. "I don't fuckin know, you gotta figure it out." Thao replied in a similar tone I make a point to drive up next to Maka and say, "You know, I feel pretty stupid asking, but I never got your name." "Oh, I'm Alexis." She said with the same beautiful smile as before. "Its nice to meet you, Alexis" I say returning a huge smile of my own. I come to the conclusion if I think too much on "what" I'm supposed to say then I will never get to say anything at all, so I silently strengthen my resolve to be a normal guy talking to a normal girl.

I am able to loosen up around Alexis, making jokes and exchanging personal information as we make our way to the room the event is being held. I make sure to look back a few minutes seeing Thao warm up to Jess in the same fashion as Alexis and I. As we approached the room a group of young Asian girls, with their parents behind them, yelled, "Oh my God! You two are soooooo cute" "You two look exactly like them!" "Can we get a picture of both of you!" yelled one girl.

Alexis looked at me with a questioning look to see if I was alright with it. I shake my head, "Yea sure". I raise my chair so that I am closer in height to Alexis as we get closer together.

A few girls pull out their phones as the parents use the cameras around their necks to shoot a few photos. I can feel blood rushing to my face due to the close proximity of this beauty I had been admiring since we met. As the flashing of cameras began to die down the group of girls begin to move on satisfied with the pictures they took.

Before they are out of earshot range I hear one girl yell, "You two are such a cute couple!" Alexis and I look at each other and laugh. We continue are journey to the event and finally enter the door. Just to the left Thao and I see Jorge, Adriana and Paul already sitting kind of in the back middle.

They head our way when they spot us and we head forward as we bump into a couple of employees coordinating the event.

They ask me, "How many do you have with you?" "Six" I reply "Oh, well I'm sorry but there are only enough for you and one other person in the front." I look over worried that Alexis and I would be separated. Somehow she seems to understand my look as she turns to Jess and says, "We can meet up right after its over, okay?" Jess replies in a kind of mopey tone, "Yea okay".

My face lights up as it is unspokenly agreed that Alexis would go with me to the front. I make sure to tell Jess, "Don't worry, Thao will stay with you for protection" as I wink at him conspicuously. Her and Thao both laugh nervously as they head off with the others to find seats. I take the time to look at Alexis as say with more confidence than I was expecting, "Shall we?" and out of nowhere I put my hand out to her.

I'm not exactly sure what I was thinking but I figured it was too late to back out now, thinking she would awkwardly ignore my gesture. But what surprises me to no end, is that she smiles and intertwines her fingers with mine as we make our way to the front. We find a spot for me to park and her to sit right next to me. During the event I was quite distracted by the beautiful thing next to me.

Every now and then she would poke me or grab my hand to play with my fingers. I can't say that I really know what was going on or who was speaking and whatnot. What I was sure of was that we could not take our hands off of each other. The event ends and the audience begins to make their way through the set of doors back to the main convention center.

Alexis and I stay until the most of the crowd left. "So, why don't we go and get lunch together?" I ask with no trouble at all. "Sounds good. I can't leave Jess behind though" she says "Yea of course. Anything in particular you want to eat"? I ask "It doesn't matter to me" she replies. She stares right into my eyes almost as if staring right into my soul. I hold her gaze and try to keep myself from smiling like a dork. Most the audience had left the room when I said the words leading to the best weekend to my life, "So do you want a ride"?

I have no idea why I asked that. As I said it I began beating the crap out of the inner voice in my head feeling like a complete jackass. But again, Alexis surprises me by standing to find the right position to sit on my lap. She was so light and warm that I had a hard time focusing on actually moving. All I knew is that I had an amazingly beautiful woman in my lap in the sexiest Maka outfit. She is sitting across my lap with both legs hanging off of my right thigh, and her torso on my left.

Meaning her right breast was inches from my face. She laughed at the excitement of the ride I was giving her, speeding back up the isle to the exit. However, every bump we hit made it that much harder from keeping myself from getting……well harder. We made it through the door when I just knew she could feel me, pushing up against her inner thigh. She looked down at me with the most serious look I have seen from her since I met her, when she licked her lips in the most obvious way.

She was enjoying this, every bump, every turn only made her push her body closer to mine. It wasn't until we reached the main area that I saw our friends waiting for us. I stop abruptly, almost throwing her off of my lap. "Awww, is the fun over?" she asks in with a pout on her face.

"The fun is never over, so long as you're with me", again I kick the crap out of my inner self feeling like a corny shmuck. She giggles as she hops off of my lap and adjusts her outfit. We meet back up with our friends and decide to find somewhere to eat in the convention center. We explored for hours after lunch. We stuck together making sure we all got to see what we wanted to see. Alexis and I stayed within each others sight, every now and then she would grab my hand, or when we were stopped she would hop onto my lap.

I think we began to make people around us nervous when she did that. But she didn't care, which is what made me the happiest crippled in the building. The day draws to a close at 6 pm and we make our way to the exit.

I tried to drag the speed of our group any way I could, just to spend that much longer with her. It was at the moment that we reached the exit that Paul said, "I'm hungry again". "Seriously?" said Thao "We just ate a few hours ago" yelled Adriana "I could go for some food" said Alexis My mind goes into overdrive trying to think of a place to eat that would get us to spend more time with each other.

It was then that it clicked, there is a bar that serves food just a few buildings over from our hotel. "Hey there is a bar a couple blocks from here, they have pretty good rating for food.

I checked last night just in case we wanted a place to eat outside of the convention center." I explained in a frantic tone. "Okay, we will follow you" Alexis said grabbing my had as we headed to the bar.

It only took us 10 minutes to reach the front door. "Oh cool, its right next to our hotel" Alexis said. My eyes go wide, "Are you two staying at the Hilton just down the street?!" "Yea it's the cheapest place near the convention center" Jess said. "Wow, what floor are you on" asked Thao "The 10th floor" Alexis replied We sat at a big table for all of us to fit.

Those of us that were hungry ordered food and drinks, while the ones who weren't hungry just got drinks. We all sat, laughing, chatting, and having a good time. It was during all of this that I concocted a plan to get Alexis to spend the night with me. Everyone was talking and doing their own thing when I turned to Alexis, "So, do you have anything planned after this?" "Hmmmmm, well not really.

I guess just head back to my room" she says as she takes another sip of her beer.

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I knew at this point I was gonna have to put it all on the line if she was gonna know that I was really into her. "Well, if you want you can come over to my room. I was planning on watching Netflix til I fall asleep" I said with a smooth and cool attitude.

It was a few seconds later when I realized I just invited her to "Netflix and Chill". Once again, I start smacking my inner self for being such a dumbass. She looked at me for the longest time, just staring into my eyes again. She knew what I wanted, but the ball is in her court. She finally seemed to break her concentration by batting her eyes at me, "I'd love to join you, we could watch Soul Eater in your room".

Being super excited of her answer I damn near yanked her off her chair and onto the floor. "Well, we are gonna head back to the room, see you guys later" I said in a high pitched excited tone. I made sure to throw down enough cash for hers and mine drinks and food. "You didn't have to do that", she complained "Yea well I wanted to, so there" I said with conviction.

We walk toward the hotel hand in hand, mind you she had to take my left hand since I drive with my right. We make our way to the suite and use the card to enter the room. "Wow!" she says out of surprise of how nice our room was. She took a few minutes to inspect all of our amenities. "This way" I say to focus her to my room.

We enter my room and I make sure to switch on my Xbox to warm it up. She enters shortly after me, "Not bad, I like it. Whoa what is that?". She is looking up at the lift to transfer me. I explain what it is and how I use it.

"That's so cool. Would you mind if I try?" she asks hesitantly. "Hell yea, lets try it out" I say with enthusiasm. I grab the remote and lower it to a height she can climb in. The way the sling holds you is that it supports your back like a chair but has two separate parts that go under each leg. So when you are up in it. You are sitting straight up with your legs spread apart.

She awkwardly tries to get in it, it takes her a few tries. But she did get in. I raised her all the way to the ceiling and moved across the room following the tracks. Then I had an idea. I brought her to an area where she could drop in front of me. I get into position as I lower her onto me.

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"Xavier? What are you doing?" she asked nervously. I brought her down pretty far. I was right up in between her legs staring straight at her chest.

That's when I look up and see her blush. I finally went for it. I lowered her until she was practically riding my lap and reach my face up to hers. She gets the idea and uses her hands to cup my face as she meets me half way.

Our lips meet, I melt in her hands as we passionately move our lips like a well coordinated dance. That's when I feel the tip of her tongue, just asking to be let into my mouth.

I part my lips just a bit as her eager tongue laps over mine and vice versa. We stay like that for a long time. It was me that broke our make out session. She seems to be disappointed that I did but hops out of the sling and throws herself into my bed. "So, are you gonna join me", she says as she pats the area of bed right next to her. "Yea, give me a minute", I say as I head to my drawers for sleeping cloths.

I go into the bathroom to change when I hear her say, "You could just change in here, I don't mind". "I think Id feel more comfortable if I changed alone." I said quietly. I quickly close the door behind me as I start freaking out. With a million things rushing through my head (most of which were very negative) I could feel my anxiety start to take over.

I'm able to change during my freak-out but still don't know how I was going to bring myself to leave the bathroom. I must have been in there for about 10 minutes when I finally took a long look into the mirror and allowed myself to regulate my breathing and slow my pulse.

As someone in a wheelchair, you learn to push aside anxiety when your out in public and feel like everyone is staring, judging, and take pity on you. So I use my experiences to help my current situation. I turn the knob slowly not sure what I was going into, it is then that I cross the threshold and realize I am in my room alone.

A wave of disappointment and anger washed over me as I begin talking out loud to myself. "You are pathetic. You don't deserve to be with someone like her. If you hadn't been such a coward this night could have ended so much differently. Maybe you would have gotten lucky with the most sexi-" that's when I turn and see her in the door way of my room. "I figured you were gonna be awhile so I went to go use someone else's bathroom" she said.

Feeling like such a jackass I hide my face and wonder how much she heard. Then I feel her hands pull mine away from my face. "You don't have to worry about being some guy that is narcissistically confident, and says whatever he needs to to get a woman in bed.

I know you aren't that guy, which is exactly why I am here with you. So stop abusing yourself and come lay in bed with me" She says all at once in a soft yet stern tone. Her "motivational" speech calms me down. I get into bed shortly after, with help from my handy device, with Alexis right next to me as we both get comfortable getting ready to watch Soul Eater.

It was during the opening credits that I noticed what she was wearing and began to react to it as any other guy would under the same circumstance. Very short bootie shorts with a white tank top that seemed to be pretty worn out, allowing me to almost see right through it. It didn't take her long to notice the tent in my pajama pants and look up at me with this knowing look. The opening credits hadn't even ended when she put one leg over me so that she was sitting on top of me with her crotch pushed up against mine.

We began kissing, holding nothing back. The passion in the air must have raised the temperature in the room 10 degrees. I started to feel the warmth radiation off of her pussy when she pulled her tank top off. I take a second to admire the half naked beauty sitting on top of me before I put my mouth on one of her breasts. I hear her moan as she used one hand to pull my head closer and begins to move her hips grinding her still clothed pussy against the raging boner in my pants.

I switched my mouth over to the other breast and use my hand to massage the one I had just removed my mouth off of. I can feel her breath quicken and her moans begin to get louder as I use my teeth to lightly twist her nipple. I release it and return my mouth to hers. I take my hand off of her breast to move it down to her pussy. I am barely able to get my hand under the elastic of her short as I feel the first pussy I have ever felt.

It was wet with her juices and had pubic hair that covered what I was after. Being a novice I groped around for a few seconds before I feel the slit of her pussy. I use my middle finger to massage up and down the opening without pushing into her.

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She uses this time to pull my shirt off of me in a hurried frenzy. She begins to scoot herself down and grabs ahold of the waist of my pants. My hand is pulled away from her pussy as she uses one quick yank to pull of my pants. Now I am in no way huge, hell I am barely average sized. But she looks at my dick with such lust that it made me forget how self conscious I am about my size. She comes back up my legs and lightly kisses the tip of my dick before she uses her lips to slowly engulf my entire shaft.

I feel her tongue cradle the under side of my dick and let out, "Oh&hellip.my&hellip.god". I look down meet her eyes as her mouth pulls off to all the way to the tip and goes right back down to the base. After a couple more pumps like that with her tonged continuously tasting every inch of my cock she takes her mouth completely off and says, "By the way, I don't mind if you pop a load on my face. I actually like swallowing." "Really? That would be&hellip.hot" I say with a questioning look.

She nods her head yes as she goes back to using her unbelievable skills on my dick. I could just feel the pressure begin to build up after 30 more seconds of the most amazing blowjob ever. I place my hand on her cheek to have her look up at me, "I'm&hellip.gonna cum soon".

She smiles with my dick still in her mouth and begins to quicken her pace. I take that as she wants me to cum in her mouth and let her amazing mouth run up and down my cock like a machine. My eyes close and I grab my bed sheets as I feel the cum flowing out of my dick like a hose. All I could feel was the suction from her mouth and tongue as I came back down from a mind blowing orgasm. I look down to see Alexis licking the tip of my cock making sure to get every last drop that I had to give her.

My erection doesn't go away even after I blow my load. I wait until Alexis stop and starts to crawl up the bed to ask her, "You ready to keep going?" "Of course" she says in a seductive smile. She pushes her shorts off and gets into a position with her soaking wet pussy is hovering my wet hard on. She begins to move to connect the two when I say, "Wait." She looks up at me with a confused look, "What?" "I want to try doing you", I say in an unsure tone.

"Like with you on top of me?" she asks "Actually, I mean I want to try going down on you&hellip." She seems almost surprised, "Really?" "Yea, not really sure how it would work, but I wanna try" I say still coming off of the high she gave me. She sat back on her knees with a very thoughtful look on her face. After a minute she suggests, "Well&hellip. I could always try&hellip. sitting on your face". "Wow, that doesn't sound very comfortable" I say with a huge smile on my face.

I make her laugh and she replies, "Nooooo, I wouldn't actually put all of my weight on your face. I can just hover my pussy over your mouth." She seems pretty sure, so I agreed as she got into position. So there I was, a hairy yet beautiful pussy just inches from my mouth. And I had no idea what to do.

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I kiss her warm and wet flesh ever so lightly and I feel her almost hop on her knees. After a few seconds of thinking I figured the best way to learn how to swim is to just dive right in. I push my mouth against her pussy and let my tongue do the rest.

I lapped up and down a few times trying to find the area to concentrate on. Then I pushed my tongue as far in as possible, tasting the juices flowing from her.

I tried thinking about it like, French kissing her. Letting my tongue do all the work. I couldn't tell if it was pleasurable for her at all so I begin using my figures to massage the upper portion of her pussy, trying to think back at anatomy class and remember exactly where the clitoris is. I seemed to be doing better with this technique because I could feel her to begin to hump my mouth at a slow pace. That's when I reached in with both my tongue and fingers at the same time.

She really seemed to like when I did that, that's when I actually started to hear her moan. I keep this up for another 5 minutes as I notice her juices begin to flow a lot more at a time. She pushed down harder onto my mouth as I push my tongue to the top of her pussy and use my 2 fingers to push into the bottom of it.

"Oh, please! Go faster!" I hear her moan I begin darting my tongue in and out as fast as I could. I can feel her pussy contract around my tongue and fingers and try to keep up the pace for as long as possible.

She definitely began to "sit" on my face at this point as she began riding my mouth and grabbing ahold of my hair to try and pull mouth even farther into herself. "Xavier! Your gonna&hellip. make me&hellip. Uhhhhh" her both began to shake and her pussy became a vice grip around my tongue. She fell over to her side off of my face, finally allowing me to breath regularly. We both took a minute to catch our breaths before she climbed back on top of me.

She wastes no time in putting my still rock hard cock into her tight wet pussy. She puts it all in at once. I can't believe the tight and scorching hot feeling I feel wrapped around my cock. With my eyes shut tight and mouth wide open due to the sensation on my dick, Alexis puts her tongue into my mouth and plays with my tongue.

We each experience the taste of our own genitals as we wrestle our tongues with each other. I can't say for sure how long we were there for.

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She rode me without a care in the world. I used my hands and mouth to make up for my short comings in the moment. We each took our times cumming all over each other. We were as loud as we wanted without holding back. It must have been hours before she threw her body next to mine from exhaustion. I know that she was beyond tired at that point, but I make it a point to pull her mouth to mine and give her one final kiss before we both pass out.

The last thought running through my head was, "I can't wait to see what's in store for tomorrow".