Curvy Beauties Prycliss And Meng Lee

Curvy Beauties Prycliss And Meng Lee
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The Way it is Now ch2 You seem like a good guy, thanks for an amazing night my gifts to you. 1. I didn't drug or rob you 2.I left without making a fuss The girl in my apartment isn't my sitter she's my oldest I've taken the baby. Neither of you can stay. don't be there when the sheriff shows up It's written on the back of an Eviction Notice/Warrant to vacate dated with tomorrow's date. I'm suddenly sober as a church mouse and I don't have the mood for food I had. Or the desire to take the stunning creature back to the bedroom I had when I sat down.

Pushing my plate back, I look at her. She steels herself. The vulnerable tear filled eyes are replaced with orbs of gold flecked green Ice as she looks back at me.

The heave of her tantalizing breasts is shallow. Expectant of someone with a plan. "You should bio lock your phone you know.


You never know who's going to snoop" she says. Before getting up and taking both untouched meals to the garbage . I take it out of my pocket and look at it blankly for several seconds before my host starts to scrape the plates and turn on the disposal. The noise pulls me out of my trance.

So I wake it up looking for what? I don't know. The photo gallery is open and the selected shot is of the girl wearing my shirt. She is clearly unconscious. Scrolling to the next several shots. Close ups of the girl in different lingerie than what she is wearing. Then her naked. Then several of her intimate areas. what's horrific is that the girls vagina is swollen, well lubricated. And has the appearance of fresh sex.

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I look up. My voice shallow. Cracked. "how did?" she cuts me off before I can say more. She turns to look at me.


A mixture of hate, rage and shame on her face "It looks AND feels like; so I'm pretty sure my mother raped me with her favorite toy.(she points at her crotch, then rubs her tummy gingerly) "It's A 12 inch dildo that has bumps and vanes on it".

She then starts to recant the story as shes been able to piece it together. I was passed out drunk when you guys got here.

So I have no clue what time that was. Those pictures of the sopping wet red panties that's her wearing them. But I had them on when I passed out.

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Keep scrolling. The night shirt on the body you are fucking? Mine. But I assume she took it from me when she put your shirt on me. I vaguely remember she had gotten up to pee. I thought it was odd she ad left the room naked. I had passed out by the time she returned. So I don't know how long she was gone. She woke me up for round two wearing the night gown and panties. And she took several photos of me fucking her with those clothes on.

The girl snorted. And added an "It Figures. She even used My fucking Phone" She then strolled over and opened hers up. Copies of every photo were in her gallery with a text copy sent of all 30 or so sent to me Between sobs; What she said next surprised me. "We've been fighting a lot lately. She's using needles again.

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And I threatened to call Child Services on her unless she cleans up. This is her way of getting back at or kicking me out of her life. She caught me giving her dealer a blowjob for some weed a couple days ago.

I don't even do drugs. But some people I know do.

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So I suck dick for drugs or money sometimes. When I woke you up this morning? That was my way of telling you sorry. She has your shirt and my gown. Probably covered in sex leftovers. I can't find them anywhere" She started to cry openly at this point.

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So I stood and slowly walked to her. Taking her in my arms, I held her. Trying to comfort her. What I said next surprised both of us equally "Lets get your things. I want you to come home with me." "But. DO you even know my name? Why would you do that?" "NO" I said and chuckled.

"You haven't told me yet. But where else are you going to go? I don't even know how old you are. I remember from my bar conversation with your mom that the baby's dad is gone. Ran off when he heard she was knocked up" She became very sad at that. She turned her head up to look at me through her tear glossed eyes and said. "Me and Owen, my baby brother, we are both products of her being a whore on the weekends. She was kicked out when she was 16 and pregnant with me.

I've never met my family. I only know that miserable cunt and my baby bro. Thank Christ on a cracker he was birthed when she was just doing tricks to pay the rent. Also, as of this year, I am exactly half her age to the day.

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We share the birthday. I'm 17 she is 34. I've never known her not to fuck for money. The drugs is new. Well not new. we had a rough patch with her and coke when I was 9-10 ish. She's always been afraid of needles/ So it's Less than a year. I'm betting she spiked the vodka and mixers to put me out so hard so she could frame you for rape.

I've seen her do that to guys she calls whales. guys with a lot of money and gold to pawn, I'm Really sorry. She broke out hug then. Turned and left the room. Yelled down the hall that she was getting packed and I still had time to call a cab or run. Because she doesn't know my name either. She laughed at that. As she preened from a doorway in the hall and threw a large hockey jerzy at me.

"Here, cover up with something while you're at it." I pulled it on before getting the address of the vacate warrant and sending for an Uber