Kinky brunette babe gives a guy a bj

Kinky brunette babe gives a guy a bj
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The Oldest Dance Sylvia Mills would not have expected as dull a person as Kevin Dooley was to know about a spot as interesting as this one was. Like a lot of dance places, the prices for food and drink were high. But Sylvia loved to dance, and she was willing to go there with Kevin for that. Not that he was really good at it, or that she would ever consider doing much else with him, any of the things that he really wanted to do with her.

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But she was happy to use him and his money. The dinner before they came here must have run a good sixty dollars. She saw somebody more interesting not long after she got there that night in early May.

He was a tall and muscular young fellow sitting alone in a back corner. She danced some with Kevin, then with several others. But the stranger picked up her signals and he soon moved in on her.

His arms went around her body in such a way that his hot hands seemed like they would melt her behind right off. Sylvia began to fantasize about him taking off not her rear but her clothes, and his, and balling her senseless right in the middle of the dance floor.

Her fantasies plainly found an echo in him, to judge by the large hard tube that pressed against her. The way it felt made her mouth go dry, even though it made her wet elsewhere. His name was John.


John Parron had planned to be here tonight, but not alone. The phone call that he got at six o'clock, saying that the woman he had a date with was not feeling well, had left him suddenly at loose ends.

So he decided to come anyway, to see what might be made of the evening. Quite a bit, from the way this girl was acting. Over the next hour Sylvia danced with John often -- as often as she dared, as often as she could stand and remain standing.

He made her legs weak with his touch. It seemed crazy to her when he kissed her and tried to hold the kiss while she were dancing. But when his tongue slipped in between her lips and invaded her mouth, it didn't seem crazy at all -- but it was driving her that way.

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And not collapsing at his feet or climbing his body was all the harder now. He knew very well how she was feeling, which made it worse; or maybe saved her from getting arrested. He knew the layout of this place, and saw a way to use that knowledge. Balling a girl he had hardly spoken to, and almost out in public, was crazy, he thought. But she seemed to want it. Was he feeling that crazy tonight? John suggested that she tell her date she was going to the bathroom and that she go instead to a little curtained alcove next to the ladies' room.

Sylvia did not know quite what John had in mind, but she wanted to do it with him, wanted him very much.

She walked back there and parted the curtain, and instantly she was drawn inside.

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John kissed her urgently, sending his tongue deep into her mouth and setting her nerves on fire. His smooth practiced hands went under her blouse and skillfully fondled her breasts. Sylvia sagged against him and in doing that she discovered that he had unzipped his fly and his massive erection hung out, pointing at her. Her hand slid along it and grasped it and he moaned.

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She felt her vagina weep in frustration. But that was nothing to the frustration that followed afterwards. John stepped back from her and sat on the plain wooden chair that was the alcove's only furniture. He drew Sylvia down and spread her legs apart.

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His thick stalk slid along the outside of her panties and he rocked her backward and forward. The motion pressed him against her outer lips and quickly made her groan with an ache to be penetrated by him. He raised Sylvia then and slid her panties down. She stood on one foot to allow him to slip them over the other one. The garment fell to the floor. John drew her down again and as her face came level to his and his tongue entered her mouth again, he entered her below as well and opened her wide without using his hands there.

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His hands on her waist halted her part way down, holding her with only the head of his hot meat within her, until she whimpered with lust for more of him and he released her. The long slow slide up into her made Sylvia tremble with desire being fulfilled.

Perhaps the circumstances combined with the passion that she had let build in herself for this last hour or so was what made her feel that his invading missile was of an impossible size.


In any case, her reactions were strong and violent and only his mouth on hers kept her cries from being heard all through the building. He held her rear in his muscled hands and bounced her on his lap. The excitement of their almost-public position and the deep pounding penetration brought Sylvia to orgasm quickly and matched the timing of his violent explosion up into her vagina.

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After a rest of moments, Sylvia got up, found her panties, and went into the ladies room to put them back on. She never saw him again, but he had made the evening more interesting than she expected. More interesting than anything that happened to her until at least her high school senior prom, in another three weeks. But for now she would have to tell Kevin she was tired and wanted to go home.