Lol I see Y bitchs love my dicc

Lol  I see Y bitchs love my dicc
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You walk into the darkened bedroom and the door is shut behind you. Before you can turn around, you are blindfolded. You are led to a chair and shoved down into it. You feel hands stroking your body: arms, legs, thighs, cheeks.

A warm, wet mouth is pressed against yours, and you give in to the need to kiss this mouth. Tongues dance against each other as you can feel your urge for her climb higher. You reach for her, grabbing her hips, waist, hair, anything you can, but she continues to pull away from you, not allowing you to get a good grip.

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"Hands to yourself," she whispers in a sultry voice that caresses your senses as she strokes your now throbbing manhood through your jeans. You long to peel off your clothes, slam her on the ground and fuck her with all your might, but she continues holding you at bay. You feel her grabbing your wrists, and you submit to her willingly, longing for her soft hands to wrap around your hard cock and guide it into her body.

You moan softly as you feel her slide her soft body against yours, pressing her breasts against your thighs, while she cuffs your hands to the arms of the chair. After you are cuffed, she starts kissing you again, moaning into your mouth and caressing your tongue with hers. You start to beg her to see her, but she cuts you off with a finger to your lips, saying, "Wait, my love. Sit back and enjoy the sensations." She kisses you deeply one more time, pressing her warm mouth against yours before pulling away and sliding down your body, breathing hot air on your chest through your shirt, teasing you with how bad you want her.

She hovers over your twitching cock and breathes hot air through the thick denim, invoking a soft moan from your lips. You want to beg, but you won't, because that would only make her torture you longer.

You long to feel her soft lips engulf your cock in her mouth and make you moan with pleasures beyond your imagination or comprehension. You long to feel her mouth sliding up and down your long, hard shaft, and see that pretty head of hers bobbing up and down as she caresses your manhood.

You feel her unzip your jeans, and feel her hands slip inside your pants, sliding them down your hips and removing them from your body. For an instant you feel vulnerable, as you are about to be exposed to this lovely creature, naked and uninhibited, but the feeling passes as you begin to crave her hot mouth engulfing your throbbing shaft.

Next, she slowly, teasingly removes your boxers, sliding them down and grazing your skin with her nails as she does so.

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Shivers run through your body as you want her more and more, and you whimper a little as her hands slide back up your body to tease and stroke your cock. Her silky smooth hands caress your cock, and you long to feel her mouth. And then, as if she's answering your thoughts, she leans down and you feel her hot breath caress your skin, her moist tongue reach out and tease your painfully hard member, and her mouth begin to take your cock inside.

Her lips part as you slide inside her mouth, and she moans softly as she begins to slide you in and out of her wet mouth, lips and teeth teasing you to the heights of pleasure.

The more you can't see her or touch her, the more aroused you become, until you long to thrust deep inside her tight body and spill your seed in the depths of her womb. Her moist mouth caresses and cradles your throbbing cock, and you long for the completion she won't let you have.

You long to be deep inside her, even as she devours your cock, enjoying pleasing you with her mouth. You moan a little more as she takes you deep into her moist mouth, moaning as she does so, and caressing your thighs with her hands, kneading your legs with her nails and gripping you tightly with her mouth.

She starts to slide you in and out of her mouth faster and fast until you think you are going to explode and she can tell by the shaking of your body that you are close to climax, and then she slows down, leaving you tottering on the edge of climax and wanting her even more.

As you are wishing you could beg her for more, she removes your blindfold and kisses you deeply.


Then, she un-cuffs you from the chair, and in a surprise attack, you sweep her off her feet and throw her on the floor. You can't wait any longer and she has to be yours. She struggles against you in a futile attempt to regain the control she had, and you force your leg between her thighs as she tries to hold you off. Of course you are able to over power her, and you force your hard, thick shaft into her tight pussy.

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She moans loudly and arches her back as you pound into her. You force yourself into her again and again, as she screams and struggles against you. Her struggle turns you on so much more than you ever imagined, and you continue to force your way into her, groaning and grunting as you fuck your sexy little nymph.

She ceases her struggles, and as you continue to pound her, she screams louder and louder, as she feels as if she is being split in half. Secretly she loves every minute of it, but she pretends to hate it. All this you know, and it arouses you more to see the lust in her eyes, but here the protests from her voice and her body.

Finally, when you think you can't possibly want her any more, she mews softly, and you lose it. You flip her onto her stomach and force yourself into her ass, pounding her, provoking screams of pain mingled with pleasure as you fuck her with all your strength. She pants and moans and gives herself unwillingly to you, and you take her.

You fuck her hard and stroke her body tenderly, caressing the beautiful tear-streaked face of your angel, your love, and digging your nails into her hips, pulling yourself deep inside her.

You stroke and finger her tight pussy, and as her juices run down your hand, you stick your fingers into her mouth and make her suck her juice off your hand. You take your hand away from her, even though she enjoys it, and lick her juice and spit from your hand. You run your wet hand down her body, caressing her breasts and stroking her stomach. All this time, you are still pounding hard into her, and she continues moaning and crying out.

You press your face into her hair, and growl thickly into her ear, nipping it gently, and licking her neck. You stroke her cheeks and wipe way the tears, even as you create more. You feel something warm dripping along your cock, and touching it you find blood. This only further serves to arouse you and you fuck her harder, smearing her blood across her thighs and your lap as you pound into her.

She begins to reach a twisted climax, and you can feel yourself nearing one as well. You bite her shoulder hard and slam into her harder than ever before.

There is blood running down your cock and her legs, you it excites you both, and you keep going. She begins to scream as she gets to the edge of her passions, but you won't let her go over the edge. You keep her teetering on edge while you get closer and closer to yours. You keep pounding into her and then, reaching your climax, you push her over the edge as well.

You climax together, and as your bodies relax, you hold her tightly against you, panting into her hair and breathing in the scent of blood and sex, as well as the traces of her shampoo and perfume. You both sigh contentedly, and you gently lay down with her on the floor, cuddling and snuggling her, whispering sweet nothings into her ear and caressing her body.

You tell her you didn't want to have to hurt her, but she struggled, and she continues to play along, sniffling and saying that you hurt her anyway.


You stroke her cheeks and tell her how much you love her, and tenderly you remove yourself from her and begin to clean the blood from her body, gently caressing her as you wipe her legs clean. You tell her over and over that you love her, and when you're both clean again, you lift her up and lay her on the bed.

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Lying beside her, you cradle her body against yours, and ask if she's all right. She give s you small nod and snuggles into you, sighing.

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You cradle her as she falls asleep, warm and comforted in your arms.