Curvy black babe teasing on cam

Curvy black babe teasing on cam
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I am re-posting this story with better grammar and such. Sorry for any remaining mistakes. Enjoy! Everywhere I go I make sure to look for a close, good friend. In high school I became real close with this girl named Jordan.

We talked daily either by texts or online or on the phone. We knew everything about each other. She knew how I hated multiple aspects of school and would keep my spirits up. I knew she had never had a boyfriend and was constantly horny and rubbing her pussy every night. I only was on the phone with her once when she was doing it. She had asked me to tell her a story one night to help her fall asleep. While I was telling her the story I kept hearing slight noises and kept asking if she was alright.

Eventually she told me that she was so tired that my voice and rubbing her pussy at the same time felt so great to her. We began to talk more about how she masturbated each night.

She would tell me all about how she'd slide her hand into her PJ bottoms and spread her lips apart sliding her fingers up and down and deep inside her pussy. It wasn't too long before I was on the phone with her one night and my mom had asked me to ask if I could spend the night at her house seeing as she and my father we're going on an overnight business trip.

It wasn't unusual as we'd spent the night at each other's once or twice before. But that was before the pussy rubbing conversations. "Hey Jord, Is it alright if I stay off tomorrow night? My rents are going on a business trip and they asked me to ask you if it'd be cool?" I said. "Of Course! You're always welcome Andy." "Cool so after school tomorrow you can just get in my car and I'll drive back to you place" I said.

"That sounds great.

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You haven't been over in awhile. We'll have a good time" She said with a giggle. Now knowing my wandering horny teenager male mind, I couldn't help but take this in a sexual manner. "Did she intend it to be?" I wondered.

"Because of our recent conversations did she want to take something further?" I dismissed the thought and just went to bed. The next day school seemed to go quite fast, something I would never complain about.

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"Hey Andy. I'm ready to go back to my place whenever you've gotten all your books and such." Jordan said as she caught me at my locker after school. "Yeah I'm ready. I kept my clothes in my car so I'll just have to move those to the back when we get out there." I tried hinting at what she said last night: "So what are we going to do all afternoon and night?

I mean its Friday so I'm not going to sleep before 12." I said with a laugh "We can think of some things don't worry.

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There are always movies and games and food to eat. We can just have a major chillfest all night." This wasn't a reply I was looking for. I know Jordan was my best friend but that doesn't mean I wouldn't hook up with her if given the opportunity. She wasn't as attractive as the others but she was still pretty cute. Her boobs were rather small but her ass was just round and tight enough to make you get hard quick. "Alright that sounds like fun" I said shrugging off my thoughts.


The drive to her house was filled with our usual conversation about the day at school and what's going on with whom. Just usual friend stuff. When we got to her house, her mother greeted us. "Hey Andy it's great seeing you again. Jordan's father and I will be going out tonight pretty late but we'll be back later. I'm going to make some food for the two of you before we go." She said "Great seeing you too ma'm. Thanks." The night passed relatively silent. Jordan and I watched a few movies and played a few games.

We ate the dinner her mom had made us before she went out for the night. At around 11:30 I was giving up hope that Jordan had meant anything sexual in her comments the night before. But alas, when she spoke I thought I may have spoken too soon. "I'm getting pretty tired Andy. Got up early for school this morning.

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I think I'm gonna go change and get ready for bed. You know which room is yours I think" she said "Oh yeah, the one at the end of the hall. I'll probably follow you up I'm tired myself." No luck. But I thought, oh well, I had a really fun time with my friend tonight. Then I got an idea. I knew Jordan masturbated every single night, so why would tonight be any different.

The thought crossed my mind of sneaking from the guest room and peering into her door and watching her do it. This was great. My hopes were back even if only for a little event. Around 12:15 when we had both changed, I snuck out of my room and started walking down the hall.

But as I walked, I was surprised to see Jordan come out of her room. "Oh Andy, what are you doing up?" she said "I was just gonna use the bathroom" I said playing it cool. "Oh well I was coming to ask if you'd mind coming back to my room and telling me one of your stories" she said slightly embarrassed. Things are different in person after all.

"Sure no problem" I said thinking this could be any slimmer of chance I had left. I followed her back to her room and sat beside her bed while she laid there.

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I was telling a fantastic story when she interrupted me. "Hey Andy, uhm, you wouldn't mind if I get off like I usually do would you? I mean I know it'll be weird in person so it's fine if you say no" My heart was racing when I heard that! My dick stood at perfect attention, "Go right ahead Jord. Whatever helps." I continued telling my story as I saw her sheets moving ever so slightly.

Soft, gentle moans escaped her mouth. I came up with another idea. "Hey Jord, you know maybe since I'm here with you I could try doing that for you this time." I was expecting her to throw me out of her house. "Wow. Would you really? I've never had a guy touch my pussy before but I could really use it." I was amazed.

She actually wanted me to do it. I reached over to her PJ bottoms and slide my hand down the waistband and into her underwear. I slowly crept my hand down until I felt warm, moist lips. I couldn't believe I was playing with my best friend's pussy. My fingers slid up and down her moist slit stopping to flick her clit with my fingers. "ohhhhhh Andy. Whatever happened to that story? Mmmmmm" She said between moans. I hadn't realized I was rubbing her pussy for 10 minutes without saying anything.

I must look like a creep. "Oh er, sorry Jordan I guess I just got a little carried away." "Well that's not a problem.


I wouldn't mind if you just did that for a bit." I continued rubbing her pussy for awhile until she sat up. "Andy, I may not be good but do you want me to try to return the favor at all? It's the least I can do" I was so excited when she said this, my dick almost burst through my pants.

"Sure Jord, only if you're comfortable doing it though" "Well I figure I need to try these things at some point eh?" She reached her hands out and pulled boxers downward. My 7 inch dick sprang out like a spring. "Wow Andy. I've only seen a dick in a picture but yours sure does look like the biggest I've seen!" She reached her hand out and wrapped her fingers around my shaft.

She began to slowly jerk me at a pretty reasonable pace. Her soft skin felt amazing on my hard dick. "Mm Jordan that's fantastic." "So are those fingers on my pussy" she said with a smile.

"But I think fair is fair and since I'm seeing your penis&hellip.well would you like it if I took my top off?" She didn't have to ask me twice as I nodded in approval. She peeled her shirt from her skin revealing her tiny but cute boobs with small poking nipples. "They're not that big, but they're all I got." She said "Don't worry Jord these are fine. Boobs are boobs. Can I touch them?" That was a silly question to ask seeing as I already was rubbing her pussy.

"Of course you can" she said beaming. I took my free hand and cupped her tiny tit in my palms. They weren't as small as they seemed because I got a nice handful of them in my squeeze.

I played with her nipples, pinching and rubbing them. Finally I bend over and took one of her tits right in my mouth. The minute my hot breath touched her nipples she moaned real loudly. "Oh my god Andy that feels incredible!" I kissed and sucked her boobs while I fingered her pussy and she jerked my cock. "Well better keep taking turns" And with that she bent over and slid her lips right over the head of my dick.

Her hot, wet mouth just enclosed my dick and I felt an incredible sensation run up my spine. She bobbed her head up and down my shaft. It was really hard to tell it was her first time having a dick in her mouth. She gently rubbed my balls and she sucked my hard member. Then she switched, licking my hanging balls as she jerked me off. I paused her for a moment just to lift her up on top of me.

I removed her pants and to her surprise began eating her pussy. I kissed all up her thigh until I laid a kiss right on her pussy.

I licked from the bottom of the slit all the way to her clit, where I stopped to flick it with my tongue. I knew she liked it because I felt the vibrations from her moans course through my dick. After sucking and nibbling on her clit she couldn't take it anymore.

"Andy I need to see what it's like to have a dick inside me.


Please Andy will you please put your dick up in me?" I wasn't about to turn that down. I lifted her off me and set her on the bed. I lined my dick up and inserted it as far into her pussy as it'd go. She grimaced with a little pain, but it passed. Soon I was fucking her pussy smoothly sliding my dick in and out. With her legs spread I saw just how perfect her pussy was. Nice plump lips, no hair, and my dick inside it. Her small tits jiggled ever so slightly as I continued pounding my cock inside her.

"Hey Jord, why don't we try something else I know of" She agreed and I flipped her over to fuck her from behind. Her perfect ass stuck up right in my face and I couldn't resist squeezing it and smacking it as I've always wanted to. I slide my dick in from behind and continued to smack her tight ass as I fucked her deep.

I reached around and cupped her dangling titties. My balls slapped against her pussy as I increased my speed. "OH Andy! I'm about to cum! Keep going! Faster! Harder!" She said as I felt her juices douse my cock inside her pussy.

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With that I couldn't take anymore. "Jordan I'm about to cum too. Where can it go?" "I've got an idea! Bring your dick back to my face." I obliged.

She quickly grabbed my throbbing dick and stroked it as fast as she could. She opened her mouth as I spurted cum into it and some onto her tits. "I saw it on the computer once. Heard guys like it" she said with a laugh. "Oh believe me. It's great cumming on someone's mouth and tits!" We ended up both getting into bed and we fell asleep as I felt her naked body in my arms.

Jordan and I remain best friends and I still call her every single night. She insists that I tell her stories which she masturbates to.

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Only this time they're a little more sexual. She also returns the favor and tells me all the nasty things she'd love to do to my dick as I jerk it off for her.