Sexy blonde teen stepsis Cleo Vixen sucks and pounded

Sexy blonde teen stepsis Cleo Vixen sucks and pounded
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She had gone out for a couple of drinks after work with a couple of the people that she works with. I didn't think that she would be gone as long as she had been. When she walked in the door five hours after work had ended I knew she probably had a good time. However I could tell by the look on her face when she walked in that she had been crying a short time ago. What's wrong I asked her and she started to cry and say I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry. Tell me I said did you have an accident, a ticket, a fight with one of the girls what?

She said give me a minute to compose myself and I'll tell you. I went and got her a glass of water, set it down on the table next to her and waited. After a couple of minutes she took a long drink of water and said I have to tell you something about tonight.

I said go-ahead honey I'm here and I'll listen. Try not to get to angry she said. I just looked at her and said tell me what you need to tell me. She again said try not to get too angry, let out a deep breath and started.

The girls and I stopped for a couple of drinks just like planned. While we were at the bar my old boyfriend Joe walked in. I told you about him and that we were at one time really close.

I nodded. Well he came over and bought us a round and started to make small talk with us and we were all having a good time. Well the other girls suddenly up and left after only an hour there. I still had a drink and Joe said stick around for one more and I did. After the last drink Joe said he would walk me to my car but on the way to the car he asked if I wanted to go for one more drink at a new place about a mile away.

I shouldn't have said yes but I did and he offered to drive saying he would bring me back to the car after one. We went to the place he mentioned and had one then another then another. We were having a really nice chat about his job, my job and old times but I was starting to feel the drinks so I said I have to get going.

He said no problem and we got back in his car and started back to get my car. I never noticed when he pulled into an industrial area. Next thing I know he has pulled into an empty parking lot and has turned the motor off. I said Joe my car is not here and he said that he just wanted to tell me before the night was over how much he still thought of me and how beautiful he thought I looked.

As I was about to say thank you he leaned over and kissed me.


It felt really nice and before I knew it I was kissing him back. I know I shouldn't have but I did and before long we're full bore necking. I felt like I was in high school again my head was spinning and his tongue was in my mouth and all I know is that I liked the attention.

She stopped and looked at me for a reaction and I simply said continue I feel that there is more. She exhaled deeply and said well…next thing I know Joe has his hand up my blouse, under my bra and is playing with my tits. I knew I should stop him but I couldn't truth is I was excited and getting wet.

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She stopped again and looked at me, I gestured for her to continue. I don't know why I did it she said, but I started to rub his cock through his pants.

He then managed to slide his hand up my skirt and started to rub my pussy through my panties. I didn't try to stop him but I did say we shouldn't be doing this. He agreed while sliding his hand under my panties and sticking a finger into my pussy.

I wanted to stop then but his cock felt so good through his pants that I wanted to touch it. So, I undid his zipper and pulled it out. My god I had forgotten how big it was! I started to jerk him off while he continued to finger fuck me. She stopped and took a drink of water then looked at me and said are you ok? I said I'd be all right just finish the story there is more isn't there? Yes she said there's more I just don't know if I can say it. Say it I said I promise I won't get nuts on you.

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OK she said and continued. Well Joe kept saying he wanted to fuck me but I said no I couldn't do that. He then leaned over me and pulled some lever that dropped the seat all the way back so now I'm flat on my back with him still playing with my pussy asking if he could eat me and, I'm sorry, I said yes.

He worked his way between my legs pulled my panties aside and ate me for about 15 minutes. I wasn't thinking straight and I apologize. Go on I said finish the story.

All right she said. I came more than once and I felt I had some crazy obligation to get him off as well. I made him change places with me and I blew him.

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Give me details I said. Details? Details! She said with a shocked look on her face, this is getting you excited isn't it?

Isn't it she shouted? Yes I said quietly it is, now please give me the details and all will be forgiven. Promise she asked? Yes I said just give me the fucking details. She smiled and continued, I got between his legs and slowly started to lick the entire length of his cock. Like I said before he has a huge cock and I never liked fucking with Joe all that much because he would hurt me at times, but I did always like sucking and licking his dick so this suddenly felt like old times.

He was holding my head and thrusting his hips ever so slightly, which I knew, meant he wanted his dick in my mouth so I opened up and started to suck him. He moaned and started to slowly fuck my face. There is no other way to say it he fucked my face.

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With one hand I played with his balls and the other I used as sort of a spacer so that he couldn't jam that huge thing all the way down my throat.

That's it she said. Bullshit I said how did it end? Are you sure you want to hear this she asked and I said definitely. Before I finish she said what's going on in your mind?

Well I'll tell you I said I'm extremely horny listening to this story and wish I could have watched. Happy now that you know I'm a degenerate? Actually I knew when I married you that you were a degenerate. I just want to make sure that you're happy knowing I can also be a bit of a degenerate? Yes I can be I said now please finish the story. She smiled knowing that we were going to get past this incident and continued.

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OK so I have this huge cock sliding in and out of my mouth and I'm thinking I wish my husband were here fucking me from behind! I couldn't believe it but that was what was going through my mind.

I kept sucking Joe and reached between my legs and rubbed myself into another orgasm just as Joe said I'm cumming.

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I took him as deep into my throat as possible and swallowed his entire load. We lay there for a while before I said take me to my car now.


15 minutes later here I am telling you all about it how nuts is that? I looked at her and said you're forgiven only if you come over here and give me some of the same degenerate behavior.

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She shook her head, smiled, called me a pig and then said get over here and face fuck me. I should call Joe and thank him, that night was the first night my wife ever let me cum all over her face.

She must have been feeling guilty.