Lena qui a le cul en feu a supplié Lola de lui trouver des bites Full Video]

Lena  qui a le cul en feu  a supplié Lola de lui trouver des bites Full Video]
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From Lonley Housewife to perverted Slut Chapter 22 Edited by a friend. Author's infos Gender: female Age: Location: Originally Posted tTrue Story, Anal, Authoritarian, Cheating, Cum Swallowing, Erotica, Exhibitionism, Group Sex, Oral Sex, Wife, Written by women.

No persons involved in sexual acts or even witnessing the same are included in this series under the age of consent. A person under the age of consent may be mentioned in passing but he or she as the case may be is only casually attached or included in this series as a casual informal non-participant in any fornication of any nature. This version was modified by Geo.Venereal From Lonely Housewife to perverted Slut Chapter 22.

I was about to turn to make my way down the row of seats after deep throat Mitch's big black cock and him fucking not only my pussy but also my ass.

He had shot one huge load of cum inside my pussy joining the cum from the two theater ticket takers out front. I felt more lust than when I had first entered the theater having been opened up with now three fine big thick black cocks.

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Then I heard a loud gasp. "Holy shit what's going on?" I heard someone ask. "I looked to my left and saw a hot muscular teenager at least six three walking up the aisle toward the back.

"Shit I need some of that. I'll be right back to throw a good fuck in her Mitch as soon as I piss." "Why go all the way to the toilet when she'll gladly drink your piss Alex?" Mitch groaned.

"I just shot my hot load in her. She's all yours but keep your voice down no need to tell the entire theater she's here quite yet." "Turn sideways bitch and drink Alex's piss. I've never seen a girl actually drink piss, only in the porno's." Mitch moaned. Mitch pulled me so I was looking toward Alex. Alex grabbed my shoulders before I could say anything and forced me to my knees.

"Open your fucking mouth and drink my piss slut. I've never had this opportunity before. This will be something more to tell the gang at school on Monday." I opened my mouth wide and he let his half hard cock slip into my mouth and my mouth was full of his hot salty acidly tasting piss. He kept pissing. "Don't spill any out of your mouth slut." He said as his piss slowed and finally stopped as he pulled his hardening cock out of my mouth tapping it on my bottom lip as the last few drops hit my lip.

I stuck my tongue out and licked my lips. "Mmmmmmmmmm that was good. What else have you got to offer me stud?" I asked looking up into Alex's dark eyes and then down his tight fitting T-shirt to his jeans and thick eight and a half inch cock.

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"I'm all yours Alex." "That's good. I need a blow job.


Lets see how good you are. My last girlfriend wouldn't even take my cock head in her mouth that's why I was at this theatre watching porno but never expected a hot white slut to be here." Alex moaned. "Can you deep throat?" "I sure can Alex." I answered before opening my mouth wide and letting Alex push his huge, mushroom shaped cock head in my mouth. I took a deep breath before he slid his thick cock to the back of my mouth and the entrance to my throat.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmm. Yes you can." Alex moaned. "Did you enjoy fucking her hot ass Mitch?" "I sure did Alex but fuck her hot throat and show me how hot it looks. Give her all your cock man. Make her gag on that cock. That is if she gags." Mitch laughed in a low tone. "Don't worry about that." Alex answered pushing his cock into my throat. He didn't stop until his huge balls were pressed against my lips. "OH yes, now that is what I call hot. I'm coming every weekend now that we found this hot slut.

Will you be here?" Of coarse I couldn't answer with his cock down my throat I couldn't even nod my head. But I did blink as I looked up into Alex's dark brown eyes. I could tell he was enjoying his cock in my throat. "Fuck her neck looks like my cock. Wow I never saw that even in porno's. I've never seen a slut in porno's swallow someone's entire cock. This is wild!" Alex moaned griping my head between his large hands and pulling his cock in and out of my throat and keeping it into my mouth.

I took a deep breath before he slammed his cock down my throat again moaning loud this time. "Keep your voice down Alex.

We aren't ready to share this slut with the theater quite yet." Mitch said as I felt his hand slapping my ass cheek. "I'd love her hot mouth again before we share her and you can fuck her pussy or ass." "Okay but it's so hot." Alex moaned pushing his thick cock down my throat again and pulling it out again. I could still hear what was going on in the big screen even though I was on my hands and knees between the back seats in the theater gobbling down Alex's huge cock. He kept pumping his cock in and out of my throat gripping my head tighter and tighter.

I could hear the girl on the screen moaning. "Don't cum in me I'm fertile." "Who gives a shit if your fertile in fact I want you to have my black baby bitch. I want you coming to this part of town every day to make sure your pregnant." I heard from the theater from between the hot studs' muscular legs. Alex didn't stop pushing his thick cock in and out of my mouth.

"Damn your one hot slut." "I could have told you that." I heard Mitch saying from behind me. Hurry the fuck up Alex and empty your damn balls or just change places now and fuck her hot pussy." "Okay lets change places. I want that hot pussy." Alex moaned pushing me off his cock and squeezing past me. Go ahead and get your blow job Mitch." "I'll just do that." Mitch said squeezing past me until he was standing in front of me. I felt Alex grip my hips from behind me and leaning over top of me.

"Fuck I need to fuck this cum dripping cunt. Who the fuck fucked you anyway?" Alex asked. "The two guys that own the theater both fucked her before she came back here." Mitch answered. "Well they sure did deliver mighty big loads in her pussy and you gave a huge amount in that hot pussy." Alex moaned into my ear as I felt his thick cock entering my cum dripping pussy.

I looked up into Mitch's dark eyes once more after he had fucked my mouth then my ass delivering a hot big load in my ass and now was hot and horny again ready for more of my throat. He gripped my head between his huge hands and drove his thick cock down my throat once more.

He was so hot and so was his pop can thick foot long cock. I was now being pumped from both ends. Alex was pumping his thick cock in my welcoming pussy while Mitch pumped his cock in and out of my mouth and throat. They must have pumped their big cocks into me at least twenty full minutes before I heard Alex moaning from behind me. "I'm cumming bitch. OH fuck yes." He yelled. "I'm cumming down her incredible throat. This is so fucking hot." Mitch moaned. "Don't tell any of the guys you were sitting with about Joan.

If possible let her work her way down row by row. I noticed the theater hasn't got many students today. I bet when word get's around the theater will be crowded next week." Mitch said. "Okay it's a deal Mitch. I will get to fuck her again once she reaches the row I am sitting in I'll be hot and horny again." Alex said stepping back allowing me to walk past him to the aisle. I looked back and waved to Mitch and Alex. Alex walked down the aisle after me and once I slid past the first seats in the row of seats Alex turned and winked.

I saw two hot black twenty plus black men sitting stareing at the screen in front as I heard one of the guys in the porno yell. "Take it bitch. Fuck take my hard cock." I moved down the aisle as quietly as possible. Once I was a seat away from the two hunks I cleared my cum coated throat. "Excuse me but is the seat between you two taken?" I asked. "Holy shit Shane look what just showed up." The first guy practically shouted standing up at the same time.

He had to be at least six three with dark brown skin wearing faded tight jeans revealing his muscular legs, sandals and a tight white sleeveless T-shirt revealing his muscular chest and arms. He had a masculine good looking face, dark brown eyes and bright white teeth he revealed as he smiled at me. "What is it Marco?" Shane asked still stareing at the screen and the hot porno. "This is a great part of the porno. The bitch has finally got half that seven inch cock in mouth but she is gagging like crazy.

I don't think she will ever swallow his entire cock. At least she has half I never had a hot bitch take my cock head before." "Shut the fuck up Shane and take a look." Marco said in a whisper. I looked over at Shane as he turned his head from the screen and looked my way. "Wow, who's the hot nude bitch?" Shane asked in a lustful whisper." "I don't know she just showed up and asked if she could sit between us." Marco answered. "Of course she can. Here step past me and sit down." Marco said stepping back so I could walk past him.

"I made sure I pushed my ass back as I passed him. "To tell you both the truth I'd rather get on my knees and get those lovely cocks ready to fuck my throat, pussy or ass which ever you both would like to use those nice big cocks in." I said and winked.

"But please don't make too much noise I don't want all of the men in the theater to know I am here until I reach them row by row." "That's fine with me." Shane whispered.

"You are already boned hard Marco after watching the hot porno. How would you like to try her hot pussy or ass first and she can work on my cock in her mouth and then down her throat." "Sounds good to me." Shane whispered.

I already have pulled his T-shirt off and tossed it on the seat between him and Marco. He unbuttoned, pulled his zipper down, lifted his ass from the seat pushed his jeans down to this ankles. He kicked off his sandals and pulled his tight jeans from his feet and in no time was totally nude not having worn any socks and had pulled his undershorts off along with his jeans.

I looked down at his at least ten inch thick cock feeling a moan escaping my lips. I turned my head around and Marco was already nude. His cock was at least ten inches as well but even bigger around than Shane's not that Shane's was skinny that's for sure. However Marco's had to be as big around as a pop can.


I slid to my hands and knees reaching up to run my hands over his wash board stomach and chest. At the same time Marco's cock stuck to his hard stomach I began to lick his huge low hanging balls. From be behind me I felt Shane's big hands massaging my ass cheeks up my back until he wrapped his muscular arms around me.

I pushed my ass back the same time feeling his thick cock pushing between my ass cheeks. Then as I pushed back again and he pushed forward his nice thick cock entered my hot cum dripping pussy.

"Damn you've already been busy by the feel how full of cum it is. Damn I never thought a cum dripping pussy would feel so good. How many guys fucked you so far anyway?" Shane asked. "Yes how many?" Marco asked pulling back so his cock would pull out of my mouth.

"Only the two guys in front and two hot guys sitting in the back of theater." I answered before opening my mouth wide to take the huge mushroom purple color cock head in my mouth. "Holy shit did she say only four?" I heard Shane behind me. "That's what she said alright Shane." Marco moaned shoving more and more of his huge cock in my mouth just about to enter my throat. "Damn I think she's going to take my entire cock she already has half of it in her mouth and down her throat." I could feel the sweat dripping from his face and hair dripping down splashing on my sweat covered face.

I felt his huge cock pulling out of my throat and mouth until only his huge cock head remained in my throat. I took a deep breath through my nose and let it out just in time for Marco to ram half his cock down my throat again followed by another push as his cock shoved all the way down my throat with his big balls pressed against my bottom lip. I kept pushing my ass back as Shane gripping around me massaging my huge breasts in his big hands pulled his cock out of my pussy completely and with a sudden pleasurable shove he rammed his big cock in my cum dripping ass.

"Fuck this ass is hot." He moaned pulling his cock out of my ass completely before punching it into my hot pussy. "I don't know which hole is better? They are both well fucked and they feel more like two pussies instead of one pussy and an ass hole." "Fuck your hot slut! Take my fucking cock down that hot throat. It's the first hot throat my cock has ever been in and it's wonderful." Marco moaned leaving his big log of a cock down my throat a few more seconds before pulling it out until only his huge mushroom size cock head remained in my mouth.

I heard him breathing hard as I took a deep needed breath in and out of my nose. I had just let my breath out when Marco slammed his entire pop can thick ten inches down my throat. "Fuck, fuck fuck, your so fucking hot I'm about to cum already." "So am I fucking hot fucking these two hot holes." Shane moaned as I felt his cock being rammed into my hot ass.

No sooner was his cock deep into my ass when he pulled out and shoved it hard back into my pussy. He then withdrew from my pussy and rammed it into my ass hole. "Shit I'm cumming." Marco gripped my head between his big black hands and shoved his entire cock down my throat his big balls virtually bouncing off my bottom lip and chin.

"Damn I'm cumming. OH yes take that hot cum slut." He moaned while his ten inch thick cock began to thicken and vibrate. I knew he was shooting a nice big load down my throat and into my stomach. Thankfully he pulled his cock out of my throat shooting a nice big load over my tongue for me to savour as he pulled his cock out of my mouth he spurted another couple of loads over my head, hair and face.

I heard him taking a deep breath as I looked up at him. From behind Shane had pulled his throbbing cock out of my ass spurting at least a couple more loads over my back. "Wow that was great. How was that hot mouth Marco. It must have been great the way you were moaning." "It sure was but man I'm still horny for some reason.

Are you?" Shane asked. "Yes I haven't gotten off before today that is for weeks. The damn girlfriend is on the rag." Marco answered hearing him huffing and puffing.

"In that place do you want to trade off?" Shane asked. "This time I will be glad to shove my cock in her ass and pussy." "Do you mind if we have another go at you slut?" Marco asked sounding more like an order than a question. "I bet my pop can thick cock will give the slut plenty of pleasure." "I can tell you I can't wait to ram my cock down her hot throat." Shane said slapping each of my cheeks with his big cock spraying more cum across my ass cheeks.

He pressed past me until he was standing in front of me as I looked up to see the big wide smile on his handsome face. As soon as Shane was standing in front of me Marco pushed around and behind me. "Oh yes this is hot. Your hot cum is all over her back Shane. I have to have this hot ass. I see that cum dripping from her hot ass where you shot your load." Marco moaned from behind me as he leaned over my back wrapping his big muscular arms around me making sure to grope my huge low hanging breasts in each of his hands.

I felt his cock pressing against my ass hole before it easily slipped into me. "Oh yes that feels good." I had Shane's huge cock head pressed against my lips before I opened my mouth wide. Instantly Shane shoved his big cock head in my mouth not moving for a few moments allowing me to only take a quick deep breath in and out of my nose.

He then shoved his cock in my mouth and half way down my throat. "Fuck you were right Marco she does have a fine throat." Shane said ramming the rest of his thick cock down my throat his big balls resting against my bottom lip. He kept his big cock down my throat before pulling it out of my throat until only his huge cock head in my mouth. Marco had shoved his entire cock into my ass and pulled it out all the way shoving it in my hot dripping cunt next.

He pulled out of my pussy all the way only to shove it in my cum dripping ass. He switched back and forth pounding his big cock into me each time. "Oh yes take my cock bitch. It's going to take longer to build up a nice load for you." "Fuck yes bitch you heard Marco. You'll take much more of a pounding this time because I also have a big load to work up in my balls to give you." Shane groaned his cock deep down my throat. He pulled it out until only his mushroom shaped cock was in my mouth before slamming it back down my throat.

Both Marco shoving his big cock deep into my ass and pussy and Shane's cock deep down my throat and out to my mouth over and over again.

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My knees were getting tired as each of them pounded my grateful throat, pussy and ass. At least a good half hour passed as they both fucked me good and hard. At long last it was Marco that moaned with his ten inch thick cock in my pussy. "I'm cumming! OH yes take my big load slut." I felt as his big cock expand in my ass and knew he was shooting a nice load of cum deep inside my pussy.

He pulled out and shot at least another three or four loads over my head and across my back. Only moments after Marco shot his big load Shane started moaning with his thick cock down my throat. "OH yes, I'm shooting my big load. Take it all slut." Shane moaned his cock vibrating in my throat before he started pulling his cock out of my throat. He thankfully shot a nice big load across my tongue so I could savor his tasty salty musky load joining Marco's delicious load.

"Thanks slut. I don't know your fucking name not that's it important only your hot pussy, ass and throat are the only important parts of you." Shane said as he walked beside me joining Marco standing in front of me. "Yea that was really hot slut." Marco said. "Thank you both." I said turning around. "I've got to get moving guys I still have a few more hot men to enjoy." I walked toward the aisle without looking back. I licked my lips noticing four hot looking teenagers sitting with empty seats between them five rows ahead of me.

I felt sweat and cum dripping from my hair, face, back and legs as I made my way down the main aisle to the row of seats where the four hot black teenagers were sitting together. I slowly made my way down the row of seats making sure not to slip from the cum dripping all over my feet. I hadn't gotten half way down the row of seats when the hot black teenager closest to me stood up and stared at me.

"Holy shit I didn't know the theater provided it's own entertainment. Come on down beautiful." The six foot muscular teenager moaned with his tight jeans revealing his hard cock pressing against the front of his jeans. "Hey guys take a look what just walked down here." "Shit Henry where did she come from?" The hot black muscular man a good couple of inches taller than Henry said stranding up. Then the other two black muscular teens stood up.

One was at least a couple inches taller than the second teen. The last black muscular teen was around six two. "Damn George. She has more cum dripping from her than the slut in the porno. "Who all fucked you slut?" Henry asked. "Only the two guys out front, two guys at the back of the theater a couple of times and those two hot studs in the row of seats back there a couple of times." I pointed to Marco and Shane who had pulled their T-shirts back on.

I had no idea if they had their jeans on because of the seats in between the seats from me. I saw both Marco and Shane having seen me looking across at them wink and the thumbs up.

"Fuck who ever fucked her sure did a great job Elvin the third hot black teenager said. "They sure did Jason." The hot muscular black teenager said standing beside Elvin said his eyes looking like they were about to pop out of his head.

"Let's not just stand here lets get in a good hard fuck." "Great idea but it's too crowded between the chairs. Lets go out to the Aisle for this. Then we can decide which one of us gets to fuck her first and whether it's hot hot dripping ass, pussy or mouth." George said.

The four hot muscular black teenagers ushered me down the row of seats. I really didn't have any choice but to move toward the main aisle. Once standing in the middle of the aisle Henry looked first at his buddies and then at me.

I just happened to have some pencils in my pocket. Why not break the pencils into different sizes. The longest gets the bitch first and he decides what hole he wants etc until the shortest and he will have to take what's left over." Henry said with a wicked smile ear to ear. He took two long pencils out of his pocket and started breaking them into four pieces. Once he had four pieces of pencils he put them in the palm of his other hand and folded his hand.

"Okay I will go last to make it fair. You pick first Elvin since you saw her first." Elvin walked up to George and took his pick. I looked down at the big bulge in his tight jeans.

He pulled out a pencil that was at least a couple of inches long. "Okay you go next Henry." Elvin said stepping back. Henry stepped forward closing his eyes taking one of the pencils opening his eyes to see his pencil was about a half inch long. "You next Jason!" Jason stepped forward closing his eyes he reached over and took a hold of a pencil and opened his eyes. His pencil was about an inch long. He took a deep breath as if thanking someone he didn't get the shortest pencil.

Last of all George opened his fist to find a two inch pencil in his open hand. "Okay lucky Elvin is first to choose, second is George, Jason third and sorry Henry you are last.

"Wow I get to choose first. Gee it's so hard to choose she is so fucking hot but I have to choose her hot ass." Elvin said walking up to me as I dropped to my hands and knees.

"I guess I have no choice but to choose her hot looking cock sucking lips." George said walking in front of me pulling his tight white T-shirt off and tossing it on the dirty floor. He undid his jeans, pulling down his zipper with his jeans wide open revealed his tinted white jockey shorts.

He put his hands on the inside of his jeans and undershorts and shoved them down his muscular dark brown legs. He kicked off his sandals and stepped out of his jeans one foot at a time before standing up. I reached up taking a hold of his nine inch thick cock that was pressed to his wash board stomach and licked my lips. "Mmmmmmmmmmmm. This looks good." I looked over at Elvin who had already taken his jeans off and was pulling his T-shirt over his head.

I licked my lips reaching up to touch his at least eleven inch long beer can thick cock. "Wow that's big! I know my ass hole is going to enjoy that pumped into it." Then I looked over at George the tallest of the four teenagers who had to be at least six-six. Fuck I thought I had died and gone to cock heaven. He had at least a foot long cock if not thirteen inches of cock and as big around as my wrist.

I couldn't help licking my lips and moaning. "Oh fuck George that's gorgeous. I hope you are up for two hard fuckings. My mouth will love it and so will either my pussy or ass." "Just relax slut and enjoy what I have to offer that hot ass." Elvin said slapping my cheek with his pre-cum dripping eleven inch, beer can thick cock. He slapped my cheek again with his pre-cum huge mushroom shaped cock head before he started walking behind me. George stepped directly in front of me with his nine inch thick cock barely touching my cum dripping lips.

I didn't need to be asked what to do as I opened my mouth wide leaned forward and took his big cock head on my mouth and took a big breath. George shoved half his nine inch cock in my mouth until it came to the beginning of my throat and pulled it out until only his cock head was in my mouth.

On each side of George Jason and Henry stood looking at me while massaging their thick hard cocks. "Give it to her good and hard guys." Henry moaned.

"I need to drop a big load after watching that hot porno and I'm sure not going to waste it in my hand or floor." I felt as George pull his cock out of my mouth until only his huge cock head was in my mouth.

He then gripped my head between his large black hands and shoved his cock into my mouth and down my throat until his big heavy balls smacked my bottom lip and chin.

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"Oh yes that's nice." He moaned not moving a couple of seconds before he began pulling his big cock out of my mouth allowing me to take a deep breath through my nose before ramming it back down my throat again. I felt Elvin slam his cock deep into my ass. The way he shoved his cock into my ass pressed down against my clit and once more I had yet another large orgasm.

Too many to count by now. I felt as Elvin pull his hard eleven inch cock out of my ass all the way only to punch through my sphincter again.

I pushed my ass back as Elvin rammed his entire cock into me until his big loaded balls smacked my hot pussy causing yet another hot orgasm. "Fuck this is one hot cum dripping ass hole. I've got to love how it swishes around my cock." George gripped my head harder as his big cock rammed down my throat again only to be pulled out of my throat and then being rammed back down my throat again and again.

"Fuck this throat is coated in cum and is like velvet to my cock." He didn't waste a second after I took a deep breath ramming his cock back down my throat once more.

"Damn I'm ready to shoot my load already." "So am I." Elvin moaned with his cock deep into my ass his balls pressed against my pussy I felt his big balls pushing up as his cock vibrated inside my ass.

He pulled his eleven inch beer can thick cock out of my ass spurting at least two loads across my head and back. "That was one fine fuck." "You can say that again." George moaned as he pulled his nine inch cock out of my mouth.

He stepped back cum dripping from the end of his huge cock head. No sooner than Elvin stood up and moved away from me Jason was behind me. "I claim that cum dripping pussy.

I always fantasized fucking a well fucked pussy." I opened my mouth wide as Henry approached me. He was holding his rigid cock out toward my open mouth. As soon as he was directly in front of me he pushed his huge cock head in my mouth. "OH yes this was worth the wait!" "Oh yes, take my cock." I heard Jason saying from behind me.

I felt as his huge cock entered my hot pussy and shoved all the way into me pressing against my hot pussy causing me to have yet another orgasm. I felt him taking a hold of my hips instead of leaning over me and wrapping his arms around me.

I could tell Jason meant business as he yanked his entire cock out of my pussy and plowed it into my hot pussy. Henry kept pounding his big cock down my throat giving me time to take a breath in between.

He was soon huffing and pounding as he fucked my mouth. "Fuck I'm getting close already." "Fuck this hot pussy dripping with cum is just too much to hold back.


"Oh yes take my load slut." Jason moaned shooting his hot cum into my pussy before pulling out and spraying my back with a couple more loads. Henry shoved his cock down my throat one last time as his cock vibrated in my throat. He pulled his cock out spurting big loads across my tongue and then shooting a few more loads over my head, hair and face.

"Okay I'm ready for seconds but this time I want his hot mouth." Elvis said pushing in front of Henry and pressing his hard cock against my lips. I had no choice but to open my mouth wide. Before I could move George was behind me ramming his very thick over a foot long cock into my hot freshly cum dripping pussy. Once more pussy was being pounded in and out this time by George's huge cock.

He was reaching up and gripping each of my shoulders this time. He pounded his big cock in and out of my pussy faster and harder. I looked up as Elvis looked down his brown eyes aflame as he gripped my head between his big brown hands. He pounded my throat thankfully giving me time to take a good breath between his thrusting his cock down my throat and then repeating that action over and over again.

"Sorry this is going to take a while to build up a decent amount of cum to fill your stomach with." Elvis laughed. "Don' t worry Elvis it's going to take me a while also." George groaned from behind me as he continued to ram his big cock in and out of my pussy. I swear he had to be fucking me a good half hour before he moaned.

"I'm ready to dump my load slut." I felt his cock expanding in my hot pussy and knew he was commencing to unload a big load of fresh cum deep inside my pussy. He finally pulled out spurting at least six more big loads over my head, all over my hair and down my back. I was sweating and sticky by the time George yanked his cock out of my cum dripping pussy.

Elvis gripped my head between his large hands, then rammed his cock down my throat hard and I felt as it vibrated in my throat. He pulled it out until only his big cock head was in my mouth and unloaded another big load then unloaded a good six more spurts over my head and in my hair, and all over my cum plastered face. As his big eleven inch cock spurted yet another couple of loads across my freshly cum covered face.

Elvis had just managed to step to one side when Jason was in front of me while I was licking the fresh cum from my lips. I looked up at Jason and opened my mouth wide. He shoved his cock in my mouth allowing me a few seconds to take a deep breath before ramming his thick cock down my throat with his big balls slamming against my bottom lip.

I soon felt as Henry take a hold of my hips and pushed the head of his thick cock into my welcoming ass. I felt it again as his big balls slapped my pussy. Now the ass fucking was really starting. I hoped it wouldn't be too long my poor knees were beginning to throb from the pain of being on them for so long. However, I still wanted Henry's lovely big cock pounding my hot cum filled ass and Jason to pound his cock in and out of throat.

As with Elvin and George, Jason and Henry pounded both my ass and throat for a good half hour before they were both huffing and puffing sliding around on my sweaty cum covered body. Henry was the first to fire his hot cum in my hot ass followed by Jason down my throat with each of them spurting at least six big loads each all over my cum and sweat covered body.

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Jason and Henry had no sooner pulled their big cocks out of my ass and throat when I heard someone yelling and I do mean yell. "HOLY SHIT, who needs porno when we have this hot white slut right here alive in the theater with us." I looked behind me to see a six foot four muscular black twenty-something standing looking at me with his mouth wide open.

That's when I heard a lot of shouting throughout the theater as I looked around at least a dozen hot muscular black men standing up none less than six feet tall. The end of Chapter 22. Now comes the real gang bang.