Straight men kiss gay porn thongs first time Too much candy grounds

Straight men kiss gay porn thongs first time Too much candy grounds
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Ok. I think I have the formatting better this time. I used a different editor and made sure the CRs were not removed in this block. This should be more readable. Chapter 7. My wife gets a new friend.

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I was out jogging that weekend, a couple of days after Halloween and I ran into another gentleman out on the road. We ran along exchanging pleasantries and he told me he lived just down the street from us. He and his wife had moved in about the same time as us.

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Being a good neighbor I invited them over for drinks on Friday night just to get acquainted. I told my wife when I got home and we went out and got some more wine, beer, and various munchies for that night.

About 7pm, the doorbell rang and my wife answered it. She came back in with the gentleman and his wife and introduced them as Jack and Joanna. He was dressed well in a light jacket and business clothes, and although I had not noticed before, was a good looking guy, at least as far as I could tell being a man. His wife, however, I knew was gorgeous. She was about 5'8", auburn hair and had a nice well-rounded body with curves in all the right places.

She was wearing a light summer dress, which was probably not warm enough with the way the temperatures got at night. It revealed a little cleavage, a little leg, and from where she was standing in front of the windows with the setting sun, that she had a killer body. We sat and talked and my wife did a little flirting with Jeremy and I did a little flirting with the Jo as she liked to be called, but nothing serious.

We ate all the munchies and had consumed quite a bit of alcohol, when Jo stood up and asked me to show her the bathroom. I told her where it was, but she staggered a little, and asked me to show her. I led her back down the hall, hoping she would not get sick, and into the bathroom. She said thanks and then lifted up her dress and sat on the toilet with me standing there. "Sorry" she said, "I couldn't wait. I hope you don't mind." "No, I don't mind." I answered.

So I took a chance, "And neither does my hardening dick". Jo looked up at me and smiled. She placed her hand out on my crotch and said "I really don't have the energy tonight, but I'll take care of you later if you let my husband fuck your wife. I'm just too drunk, I know he's horny, and he's been eyeing your wife like a wolf. We both enjoy other partners." My dick was instantly hard anyway.

"And what, pray tell, did you have in mind for us later?" She looked up, heavy-lidded and, obviously, very drunk. "Whatever you want. I do it all. I'll suck your dick, fuck you in my pussy or my ass.

Do your wife. Whatever. Just not tonight." I took my dick out of my pants and said. "Kiss it and promise on my cock." She kissed it, sucked it for a second, and then sighed. "I need to lay down before I pass out." I watched her wipe her pussy and get up. I told her "Why don't you lay down on our guest bed for awhile?" "Oh, that would be wonderful!" she said, so I led her to the guest bedroom, let her lay down, and watched her fall to sleep almost immediately.

I looked for a second at this goddess. I decided to take a peek. I picked up her dress and studied her pussy and ass. They were magnificent. I ran my finger over her pussy and marveled at the wetness and the slight patch of dark, still faintly red hair that she had.


Then I stuck my hands all the way up under her dress and felt her tits. Oh, my, god, they had to be D cups and so soft and wonderful! I couldn't wait for this.

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I returned to the living room. They looked at me quizzically and I told them, "Jo asked me to wait outside and when she came out she said she was exhausted and I showed her where she could lay down on the guest bed. I think she was asleep before her head hit the pillow." Jeremy looked at us and said, "She's been working too hard and has been worn out lately.

I think she drank too much on an empty stomach, too. She'll probably sleep the night away. I'll just take off and come back tomorrow to collect her." "Nonsense", I said. "We still have plenty of alcohol, the night is young, and we have a horny young woman here." My wife jerked her head around, stared at me, and said, "What is the matter with you.

He's going to think you're a jerk. And don't talk about me like that in front of strangers." "Oh, sorry. I guess I misunderstood the way that Jeremy was looking you up and down." "Please, hon, stop." My wife said and then turned to Jeremy. "I apologize for my husband's lunacy. It's the alcohol talking." "Well, don't apologize too quickly. He's right that I was staring too intently at you. I'm sorry, but I admit that I find you very attractive." I was afraid that my wife wasn't going to make the move, so I went over to her and kissed her hard.

She responded almost immediately, so I put my right hand on her tits and started rubbing. She knew what was going on by now. We had discussed doing this, but had never felt comfortable with a couple.

Plus, I thought, there was a fantastic piece of ass in the guest bedroom. My wife stood up, took off her dress, looked at Jeremy, and said, "So is somebody gonna fuck me or what?" "Jeremy, I think you should do the honors." I said. I kissed my wife again and started removing her bra. When her tits were free, I stopped kissing her, and bent over to remove her panties. When I turned around to face Jeremy, he was naked, too, and I got quite a surprise.

His dick was already hard and was probably 9 inches long. My wife was staring at it. His body was in very good shape, too, but my wife's gaze never got above his dick. "That's quite a tool you got there Jeremy" I said. He just smiled. I gave my wife a quick shove in Jeremy's direction and she plastered herself against him, kissing him furiously and grabbing his dick with her right hand.

I got undressed, too, so that I could enjoy some of the fun. The two pawed each other while they swapped spit. He was mauling her tits and she was jacking his dick like crazy and it was enormous.

It was not only two inches longer than mine, but even a little larger around, and mine had a pretty good circumference.

Jeremy picked her up and put her down on the sofa. He extracted himself from her grasp and started kissing his way down her body.

He sucked on her nipples and she was squirming and moaning each time he changed tits.


He kissed his way down her body and then started eating her pussy. I moved over to the side of them and watched him work while pinching her nipples. She latched on to his head and held him there while he licked her slit and sucked on her clit. I leaned over near him and said "Asshole" and he knew exactly what I meant. He grabbed her legs just above her knees and lifted them until they hit her chest and he worked his way down to licking and probing her asshole.

She moaned and squirmed even more. He alternated between rimming her ass and sucking on her clit until she starting yelling that she was coming. She came hard, but as soon as she could stand up she got up, pushed him down on the couch and sat on his lap. She started kissing him, then pulled back and said, "I have to have that humongous cock in my pussy right now.


No more foreplay, sucking, or anything else!" He raised her up, and she grabbed his cock and aimed it at her pussy. She slowly lowered herself onto it. "Oh, god, but that's enormous" she said.

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"Oh, oh, oh, oh!" she kept chanting as she slowly got her pussy to accept it. I got behind her and couldn't help but kneel down and watch from behind as her pussy tried to take it in. She was doing rather well, I thought, as it looked like she had most of it in. She finally stopped with about an inch out and said "No more room." Then she started an up and down rhythm of bouncing on it.

I was watching her inner lips cling to it as she came up. It was so tight that you could see that huge dick pulling on everything as it came out and then barely being accepted by her pussy as it went in.

I decided to join in the fun so I came up behind her and grabbed her tits and started to pull on the nipples. I also rubbed my dick on her back, leaving pre-cum all over it.

He was holding onto her hips and helping with the up and down, so her tits were completely free and I was pinching the nipples pretty hard. She noticed, but was enjoying the major salami in her cunt. She had her head back, enjoying all these feelings and had no idea who was where except for the enormous dick in her pussy. She was moaning and groaning and saying "Fuck me, fuck me, oh my god, just keep fucking me with that enormous dick". Things went on like this for about 10 minutes and finally she started breathing hard and going faster and we knew that the orgasm was coming.

Jeremy kept fucking her, I kept squeezing her tits, and she reached down and started rubbing her clit and we all went faster and faster until she cried out loudly and said "C-CUMMING!" Her shudders and spasms were so violent that Jeremy was right behind her and fucked up into her and started jerking and pushing quickly back and forth to milk his cum from his cock.

Finally, they both settled down and she collapsed against his chest. After a couple of minutes she got up and the cum gushed out before her pussy could close its lips. Then she turned to me, kissed and hugged me and said "Thank you. I love you so much". Jeremy got up, went into the kitchen to clean up the cum all over his lap with some paper towels.

He came back and got dressed. My wife waddled back to the bedroom, completely exhausted after her joust with the huge cock. Jeremy said, "I'll come back in the morning with some things for Jo.

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Just let her sleep it off." "Okay" I said. But after he left, I realized I still had a hard on. I thought about it for a moment and then went into where Jo was sleeping. She had turned over onto her stomach and was laying there with her dress halfway up over her ass because of my fondling.

I went over and worked her dress up under her to get it off. I managed to get it mostly off, but had to turn her over to get it over her tits. I turned her over and she moaned a little, but I got her dress off. I checked her out. She was gorgeous. Her tits flattened out a little on her chest, but they were beautiful. I grabbed them and rubbed them.

The nipples immediately stood up and she moaned. I pinched them lightly and she moaned again. I sat up on her and placed by dick between them. It was a beautiful picture. I pushed them together and checked out how it felt to titty fuck her. It was pretty nice.

I then moved up and rubbed my dick across her lips. I was hard as a rock as I took advantage of a passed out woman for the first time.

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I then moved down and studied her cunt. I pushed her legs apart and ran my finger through the slit. Her pussy opened up a little and I got down and studied it up close. Her pubic hair was trimmed in a little landing strip above her pussy.

The lips were completely hair free. She had either just shaved or been waxed. I opened her up and looked at her entire pussy. I then skinned the hood back and looked at her clit. I touched it lightly and she moaned again. Then I pulled her legs apart more lifting them a little so that I could study her asshole. I ran my finger around it and pushed a little on it and she started to move a little. I stopped and watched quietly, hoping she wouldn't wake up. I then put her legs down and lightly licked her pussy.

She moaned and her eyes fluttered for a moment, but she seemed to go back to sleep. I got up and straddled her chest again. I wanted to titty fuck her and come on her face. I pushed the together and lightly stroked my cock back and forth in between them. I had been hard for so long, it was going to be easy to cum.

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I took my cock in my hand and started masturbating, rubbing the head on her lips. She just lay there. I jerked it faster and faster until finally I shot several long ropes of cum across her face. I managed to avoid her eyes, but it was all over her cheeks and lips.

I loved the look of it, but I went and got a washcloth so that she wouldn't wake up like that. Then I went to bed. My wife was already snoring lightly. Next in Chapter 8, Breakfast in Bed