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Indian gay sucking cock real movietures real sex first time Austin is
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ALL CHARACTERS IN THIS STORY ARE FICTIONAL. ANY SIMILAR NAMES, IDEAS, OR SITUATIONS ARE SIMPLY A COINCIDENCE. THIS STORY CONTAINS MATTER SUCH AS YOUNG SEX AND SO ON. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. So with that in mind, enjoy :) No sex in this one. Sorry. Third Person POV- "Okay, bye Maddi!" Yelled Sara, as she ended the call. Madison was Sara's best friend, and nothing could separate them. They did everything together, so much so that it was almost scary. They were both twelve years of age, and they were both about five feet tall.

Sara was pale with blonde hair and dark blue eyes. Sara had small breasts but a nicely shaped ass. She was very skinny, but not uncomfortably so, and had a naturally small frame.

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She had nice cheekbones and soft hair. Madison was a pert young woman whose breasts were big compared to Sara. In fact, they often found them selves comparing sizes. She had light brown hair with scattered freckles, tanned skin, and green eyes. She was about an inch taller than Sara, with a firm ass. They were having a sleepover, and they planned to talk about boys they liked and so on.

"Sara! Your mom and I are leaving now. Are you sure your going to be al-" started Sara's dad. "Yes! Now PLEASE go!" Interrupted Sara. "Fine! Be good, love you." Said both Sara's mom and dad, in unison. They closed the door, and Sara went to go prepare the snacks.

It was only Two Thirty, so she decided she had some time to kill. Sara went into the bathroom and looked at herself. She had no boyfriend at the time and wondered why. She had never even had a boyfriend.

As she pondered, Sara felt and itch between her legs. She pulled down her jeans and panties and saw her vagina wet. She wondered if she was on her period. Nope. That was only a week ago. Her period had started when she was only ten, and Madison's had started at eleven. -Sara's POV- "Shit! Whats wrong with me?! Well I guess I'll just wait and ask Maddi. She'll probably know whats wrong." I walked out of the bathroom and into the hallway. Just then I heard the annoying "DING DONG" of our doorbell.

"Coming!" I yelled as I rushed to the door. I opened the door to see Maddi standing in the doorway with her sleepingbag. "Hey Mads!" I said. "Hey Sara!" She responded as I let her in. After I closed the door, and locked it, we flashed a smile at each other. We rushed into my room and peeled off our clothes.

Ever since we were little, when we were alone we would be naked. We both HATED clothes. But it never was sexual. We just hated clothes. Nothing more. -Madison's POV- We both scanned each other's bodies. "I see your boobs grew a bit!

Lucky!" Said Sara. I smiled at her.


"And I see your vagina is wet. You enjoying what your seeing?" I said with a teasing tone. She looked at me questionably. "NO! And actually, I meant to ask you about that. Why the hell is it wet?!" She asked. "Well. Ok. Ummm.

You know how sex works, right?" "Yeah. The guy sticks his penis into the girl's vagina. Kinda gross if you ask me." "Right! But the girl need to 'get wet'. Its for lube. It happens when your sexually exited about something. If we didn't get wet, sex would really hurt." "It sounds like it already hurts." she said playfully. I had to smile. Sara did that to me. We walked to the bathroom and looked into the mirror.

"Wow. You have REALLY big boobs." Said Sara. "Sara, I'm a B cup." I replied. "At least you have a cup size. I don't even have a bra." We giggled. We thought nothing Erotic about it. -Sara's POV- Maddi and I decided we would watch T.V. for a while. We talked about boys.

Somehow the conversation drifted to a boy named James. He was our height, with blue eyes a bit lighter than mine. He had dark brown hair, and a killer smile. He was skinny, with a hint of muscle. Like me, he had pale skin. With glasses to top it off, he could easily pass for a cute nerd.

I had him in three periods, P.E., Science, and History.

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Maddi has him in History with us, and Math. In Free Period and History are the only periods I have with Maddi. "He's nice. He tutored me for the finals last year." Said Maddi, uninterested.

Maddi and I are best friends, but there is one secret I never told her. I have a crush on James. I will NEVER tell her that. Never. We got up and went to that kitchen.

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We ravaged the fridge and found nothing of interest. We sat back down in the living room and I saw that Maddi's vagina was wet. "Why are you wet now?" I blurted out.

She looked down, embarrassed. "I don't really know. I just had a daydream. That's all." "About what?" "Nothing. Really." "Mads, you can't have a daydream about NOTHING." "I don't really want to say. It's embarrassing." "Mads, we're BEST FRIENDS. You can tell me anything." "Fine. I just saw you naked in the kitchen, and I got.

Turned on." She said. "Oh. That's." I started. She said "I'm sorry. I." But I interrupted. "It's okay. It was just a passing thought. Right?" I said. "Right." She smiled. -Madison's POV- "So did you want to. Experiment?" Said Sara, nervously. "Only if you want to." I replied with a nervous smile.

Sara came over, and sat down right in front of me. "Experiment" is the word we use when we touch each others bodies. It's a good feeling, but we never thought of it as anything sexual.


We sat facing each other, and Sara poked my left breast. She began to rub the nipple, and I let out a small moan. I lightly squeezed her right breast, and she started to massage both of my breasts. She let out a groan as I used both of my hands to rub her nipple.

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She took her hands off of my breasts to hold my hands, and put them into my lap. She then leaned in to suckle my left breast, and squeeze my right. I moaned loudly, and my hand travelled to my vagina. I rubbed my clit, and told Sara to stop for a second. She stopped, and I got up. We walked over to the computer and sat on the long bench.

Ordinarily "experimenting" meant only rubbing and sucking on each other's breasts, and the occasional rubbing of our vaginas. But I had something different in mind. Sometimes, we would watch porn videos, and then act them out. We promised never to put anything INSIDE our vaginas, because we both wanted to lose our virginities to boys. -Sara's POV- As I look back now, I realize there were so many other words than just "vagina" and "breasts" but we were young.

We had no idea there were different words. Oh well. The first video we watched had a guy having sex with a girl while she was bent over a couch. So as soon as the video was over, we nearly sprinted toward the couch. I was the boy last time, so this time Maddi was the boy.

I bent over the arm of the couch and Maddi rubbed my vagina. "Shoot!" I said. When my juices were flowing, she lined up her hips with my butt and started to hump. Her vagina was rubbing and slapping mine, and it felt amazing. She speeded up, and then slowed down. She repeated what the boy in the video had said "Your so fucking tight!". She grabbed onto my butt cheeks and sped up the humping.

I reaped what the girl had said "Harder! Faster! Make me cuuumm!" her vagina really did feel good against mine. I felt a vary familiar building sensation. I knew I was going to orgasm soon, so I told Maddi. "Want to try something new?" she asked. "Yeah!" I nearly yelled. She layout on the floor and she told me to lay down on top of her, but to have my face where her vagina is, and her face near mine.

"It's called a 69." She said. I did as I was told. "Good, now lick my vagina. I will do the same to you." I was a little scared at first, but I started to lick her insides.

It tasted like strawberry. She withered under me, and I enjoyed feeling dominant. Then she began licking me. I almost screamed with pure joy. It felt incredible. Maddi yelled "I'M CUMMING!" And she shook violently underneath me. She released a lot of juices, and if I didn't know better I would have thought I was having a strawberry drink. I licked up all of her juices, and loved it. When she was done she kept licking me until I screamed something unintelligible into her hips.

I came all over her face, but she took no time in lapping it up. We sat on the couch, breathing heavily. We were both lightly rubbing our vaginas, and panting. -Third Person POV- "Sara?" Asked Maddi. "Yeah?" Responded Sara.

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"You taste like watermelon." Said Maddi. "You taste like strawberry." said Sara. They smiled at each other, satisfied. End of part one.