Big dicked shemale fuck a dude and gets creampied

Big dicked shemale fuck a dude and gets creampied
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I'm sitting at my desk going through some paperwork,when i realized that i need to take a short break.Ill just go online and check my E- mails.I immediately noticed a private message from Julian.I opened it quickly,and was delighted to see a hot video of him stroking his beautiful chocolate stick.I paused the video and went to lock my office door. It only took a few seconds for me to position myself with one leg over the arm of my chair.I pulled my skirt up past my silky thighs,eager to touch my pussy.

I slid my panties off to one side and ran my finger along the moist slit.I imagined Julian sliding his thick cock inside of me slowly,and began to insert a finger.My cunt was already slippery with hot pre- cum. I was ready to insert a second finger into my soaked hole,when my door opened.I jumped up and straightened my skirt.

One of my co-workers walked in.I was furious! "Carl,you didn't knock"! I thought my door was locked! Carl apologized with a frightened look on his face.He needed a file on a former employee.I excused myself for a second to wash my hands.

When i returned to my desk,i noticed Carl sitting at my desk holding the file,but looking at my computer screen."What are you doing Carl"? he replied"Ok,now i know why you were mad"! Then he began to laugh."I have a black dick for you boss"! I was so afraid someone would hear our conversation,i immediately closed,then locked the door.

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Carl then reminded me that everyone went to lunch.I was relieved,but still horny. I guess i could use this to my advantage.Carl has been trying to hook up with me for months,and i didn't want him telling anyone what just happened.So i asked him what it would take for him to keep it a secret.

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I slowly walked around my desk,hiking my skirt up inch by inch.I positioned myself on the desk and spread my legs for him to see what i was offering.Carl looked up at me as if i was about to be his lunch."Mmmm ive been waiting for this pussy"! I reached down between my thighs and once again,moved my panties off to one side.Carl said"Fuck that!"I want em completely off"!

He then pulled my panties off letting them drop to the floor.Carl wrapped his arms around my thighs and pulled me closer to his face,and began to softly lick me from the top of my slit to my ass hole."Put your hands down here and open this good pussy for me"!

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I did what i was told ,and not a second later he slid his amazing tongue into my hot cunt.I began to moan out loud."Oooo shit"!"yesss baby,fuck my pussy with your tongue"!

After spending what seemed to be forever licking my pussy,Carl stood up and positioned his long,black dick in front of my face.I was now laying back on my desk licking and stroking his mushroom shaped head.He grabbed a handful of my hair and slid his stiff cock into my warm wet mouth.I was loving the taste of him.

As i sucked his dick down my throat,he reached down and played with my swollen clit.I could feel myself on the edge,i was ready to have Carl's black meat inside of me.

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I looked up at him and said"Fuck me daddy"!"I wanna cum all over your dick"! Carl sat on my chair and pulled me over to him.He placed my foot on the arm of the chair for a second taste of my wetness."I want this pussy sloppy wet when I'm fucking you"!


He slid two fingers inside my hole and sucked on my pearl until i flooded his mouth with my sweet juices. He then turned me around with my ass in his face,and bit each cheek gently before lowering my tight pussy onto his hard shaft.Slowly easing my way down the length,i could hear Carl's sexy voice say,"Damn,this pussy is tight"! He reached around and began fingering my clit.Finally his entire cock was buried inside of me.I rotated my hips and began to grind my cunt on him until his yummy chocolate dick was covered in sweet white cum.My pussy was tightening and throbbing as i continued to ride him eagerly.Finally he grabbed my ass and pounded my pussy until i felt a massive load of hot Jiz shoot inside my tunnel.After a few minutes of rest,i stood and kissed him deep in his mouth,and said" If you can keep our secret,you can have it for lunch every day"!We put our clothes on and kissed one last time before he walked out.

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When work was finished for the day,i locked my door and headed down the hall to the elevator.I heard a man's voice yelling out"Wait, hold the door".When i turned around,i seen Carl running down the hall. There were two other people in the elevator with us.I noticed Carl moving closer to me,when the door opened and one person exited.I looked at him and remembered our hot lunch hour.Images of his talented tongue and cock shot through my mind so quickly i didn't realize it was now,just the two of us left on the elevator.Carl pushed a button to stop the door from opening."I've been thinking about you all day"!He pulled my shirt up,pulled a breast from my bra,and began caressing and sucking my erect nipple into his warm mouth.His free hand went up my skirt,and i immediately felt his fingers massaging my clit once again.

I needed more of him,so i invited him to my house for dinner.