Sexy kate pleasures a stiff meat pole brunette and big tits

Sexy kate pleasures a stiff meat pole brunette and big tits
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Linda has just returned home from work. Earlier that day she had stripped in front of her brother Bobby, 16, and his friend Jimmy, 15. At 15 herself, she was a real babe and loved showing off her shapely, tanned body.

"Jimmy has an idea that we think you will love." Bobby said. "Are you interested?" "Well, it depends on what the idea is." "Can't tell you but if you are willing, we'll show you and if you don't like it, you can leave?

I think you'll love it and should really do this." "I guess if you think I'll like it. What do I need to do?" "Tonight about 8:30 we are going to be at the mall. You have to make sure you wear a bra and panties. Don't leave home without them." "That's no fun but I guess so, just this once." At 8:30 the arrived at the mall and walked into the Food Court. Jimmy sees her enter the door and everything else disappears.

She is wearing a white blouse that is pulled tight and it tied up so her flat, tan stomach is showing. Her wrap-around skirt is short and really shows off her long, fantastic looking legs. She has on a little makeup but she never needs it. She is gorgeous without it. She seems to Jimmy to be moving in slow motion.

He is lost in her beauty as she glides across the floor to his table. She sits in the chair next to him and slightly faces him. Her skirt has ridden up a little, and he swears he can see white panties there.

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She breaks his trance when she asks sweetly, "So Jimmy, what is this surprise you have for me? Bobby has built up my expectations and I can hardly wait." "I have a cousin who works . uh . here at . uh . the mall…" Bobby sees how nervous Jimmy is and says, "Jimmy, would you like me to tell her what is going on?" "Um .

uh … OK." "Jimmy has a cousin that works at Outdoor Equipment and he is going to set up a window display tonight. We thought you would like to be his mannequin. You'd be the center of attention and he could put you into positions that allowed you to flash people through the window. Since you are a mannequin, you cannot get into any trouble and no one can touch you except Frank who will probably have his hands all over you.

If anything goes wrong, I'll be right there and you can walk away." Linda is smiling.

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"Before I let someone get his hands all over me, let's go meet this Frank and I'll decide then." Off they go and Linda is restraining herself from flashing the men and boys in the mall.

They entered Outdoor Equipment and the only person working there was a guy who looked to be 20 and was used to being in the outdoors. He was tall, strong, tan, and looked like he belonged up on a mountain. Linda said to Bobby and Jimmy before she was even introduced to Frank, "He can put his hands anywhere he wants." Jimmy said to Frank," Hey Frank, this is Linda the girl I told you about.

She said she would like to be your mannequin tonight if that is OK with you." "Hi Linda. Jimmy had this idea that you'd like to be the dummy tonight and would like to flash people by the way I position you. You're really OK with that?" "Yeah. I like flashing people once in a while.

My worry is that I don't want to get in trouble but if I'm you dummy, that wouldn't be a problem. When do we start?" "Well, I want to set up a window for hiking and you aren't in the right clothes. When I have a dummy in the wrong clothes, I usually change them. What if I put you in the window the way you are then changed your clothes?

That could really show you off to the few people that were walking by." Linda thought about it for a nanosecond and said, "Let's go!" They moved nearer the window where no one could see them. Bobby and Jimmy were off to the side and could see what was going on. Frank picked up Linda like she really was a mannequin.

He was so very strong. "When I put you into a position, don't move. We don't want people to know you are real. If you need to move, just grunt and I'll move you." Frank stood her next to the window and "accidentally" bumped the window with his elbow. The two men who were walking by turned and looked.

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They slowed down, admiring the sheer beauty of the mannequin. Frank started untying the knot in her blouse then unbuttoned the rest.

It was hanging open as he turned to say something to someone in the back. Returning to his work, he removed her top to reveal her lacy, small bra. She was bulging over the top and looked great. Frank reached around her and expertly unhooked her bra and removed it. The guys on the other side of the window were staring at her tits. "Mannequins don't have nipples with color, do they?" "I've never seen it but maybe this guy just likes to color them up a little.

Did you see she also has a belly button? With the color of her nipples and having a belly button, I wonder what else is going to look that real. Isn't she fantastic?" They moved to the bench just across the walk area where they could enjoy the view of the window as it changed.

Linda was just standing there with her arms to her side, topless and in that short, short skirt. Frank was moving other items around on in the window ignoring Linda but the two guys weren't ignoring her. Frank casually walked to Linda and moved her right hand to her hip, giving her a little attitude. He then picked up a pair of shorts and a halter top and walked back to Linda. He held them up to her to see how they would look. They were going to look very good but he had another idea. He looked at the two guys on the bench and held the shorts up to Linda to see what they thought.

They weren't excited about him covering up those great tits but oh well. Then he mouthed to them, "Nude hiking?" and they really brightened up.


Frank smiled and put the shorts and top on the big rock next to Linda. Part of the display was to sell the clothes. He stepped behind Linda an unbuttoned her skirt.

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It unwrapped and now she was in panties. Frank moved her other hand to her hip. Linda's heart was running at a hundred miles an hour. She was going to be completely, totally nude in front of these two men and they would see everything. WOW!! Frank hooked is fingers into the waistband of her panties and pulled them down to her ankles. Then he bent over and picked her up over his shoulder and removed them. When he put her down, he spread her feet about 18" apart. She was clearly visible. The guys on the bench were no longer on the bench.


They had moved back to the window. "Look at that patch of hair. It looks so real." "Hair looks real? Look at that pussy! It looks like you could eat it right here. I can't believe how real it looks.

I wonder what it feels like." Frank finished with the rest of the window while Linda stood perfectly still with her guys on the other side of the window. Frank would walk by Linda as he worked and move her hands around. Once they each covered a tit. Frank walked away and the guys didn't look very happy about that so he moved back and put both hands in front of her pussy.

They liked that even less but Frank left them like that for a few minutes. When he decided to move them again, he had one hand cup her pussy and the other on her cheek.

He bent her knees a little and put them together. It was a cute pose but didn't show much except for the fact that she was totally nude. When Frank was finished with the display, he moved Linda and sat her on a big rock. Her hands were put on the rock behind her as to support her.

It was also to get her arms out of the way of seeing her tits. He put a sock and a boot on one foot.


As he did, he didn't stand between her legs but on the outside. He was also pulling her legs apart so the guys were getting the best view possible of her pussy. When he finished with that foot, he moved to the other side and did that one, still helping the guys to enjoy their evening. Those two legs were pointing the way to heaven and Frank could see from this much closer vantage point, she was leaking. She was so wet her juices were slowly seeping out of her pussy.

He could even smell the fragrance and it was wonderful. Just for the fun of it and to see how well Linda could remain still, he reached down with his hand and stroked her pussy lips. Since she was supposed to be a mannequin and solid, he didn't slip his finger inside at all but his pressure on her lips almost caused her to break her concentration. It was all she could do to keep from cumming right there. She was sooooo horny now she could hardly stand it. How much longer was this going to last?

Frank stood her back up, put a walking stick in each hand, did a little more adjusting of his 'dummy' which included picking her up. The best place to grab hold was right between her legs and since the guys wouldn't be able to see all of his hand, two fingers managed to slip deeply into Linda's very wet pussy.

It's a good thing she had her hand on his shoulder. She grunted a couple of times. That is all that was seen when she had an explosion throughout her body. That orgasm was fantastic but still not nearly enough to satisfy her for the night. Frank did hesitate before setting her down and let her catch her composure. He stepped back and took a look at the window and was pleased with the way it looked. Time to go home.

He turned off the lights and moved away. He stood where he couldn't be seen and waited for the guys to leave. When they were gone, he said to Linda, "You can come out now." She came out and went straight to Bobby. "I can't wait! I need it right now! I'm so fucking horny I'm going to explode!" While she was talking she was ripping Bobby's pants off. She pushed him back onto the ground and dropped onto his waiting cock. She was an animal!

She bounced up and down on him, grabbed his hands and put them to her tits, and didn't slow down. Bobby pulled her down on him so he could suck on her nipples. While sucking on one, he was tweaking the other. He was pulling and twisting one nipple while biting the other harder and harder until she finally said "Ouch". He backed off but just a little. Jimmy and Frank had no idea this was going to happen and were standing there just watching the show. It took Jimmy a minute then realized he could pull out his cock and beat off to this hot, hot show.

He had beaten off earlier that day in front of them so why not now? Frank saw Jimmy start and he too pulled out his fully grown, thick manhood.

Bobby was flat on his back with his hands squeezing Linda's tits and ass, Linda was bouncing with all she was worth, and the guys were pumping their dicks. Everyone was really enjoying the results of having Linda pose nude in the window.

The two guys who had been watching would probably be beating off tonight too. Jimmy was the first to shoot his load then Frank. Both of them drained their cocks onto the carpet. This is all it took to finish off Linda. Her body was wracked with another very long, very hard explosion throughout her. She was tingling all over. She started to slow down then realized, Bobby hadn't cum yet. "What's wrong Bro? You haven't cum." "I thought about it but I'd really like you to suck me dry." Linda smiled and slid back off Bobby's rock hard, covered with her cum, cock.

She reached down between her legs and firmly took hold of him as she slid slowly down his body. She paused at his nipples and licked and sucked them while watching him squirm. It didn't take her long to find the swollen purple head of his cock. She then proceeded to lick all of her juices from his cock and balls. Though she had licked his cock clean and sucked his balls clean, she had yet to let his manhood slide across her tongue. She was however, still stroking him. "Ready?" she asked.

"Been ready for quite some time Sis. Are you going to let me shoot this load down your throat or is it going to come on your face and tits?" "Don't you think the guys here would love to watch you shoot me with your load?" He was smiling while his cock slid between her lips and across her tongue.

His sister was a great cocksucker. She knew how to get him off quickly or hold him back until he begged for mercy. She was working to take her time today.

She would suck then lick, then play with his balls, then back to sucking some more. While she was sucking his cock, Frank watched her ass pointed up into the air. She was on her knees and from the back, he had a great view of that pussy and ass hole. He needed to slide in there. Linda had her eyes closed and she would never know what was happening until he slid into that dripping wet love tunnel. As he moved behind her ready to mount her, Jimmy realized what he was going to do and reached out a hand to Frank's arm.


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They have a rule they won't break. They don't fuck anyone but each other. If you slip into her, we'll never see them again and I have plans to see this babe nude again.

Don't blow it for both of us." Frank was disappointed to say the least and he mentally fought with himself. Do I get to fuck her now or do I get to fondle her again in the future and maybe fuck her. It was a tough decision but finally he backed off.

Without realizing what had been going on behind her, Linda said, "I can tell you are about ready. You should be standing if you want them to see you shoot your hot, thick, white streams of cum all over my face and tits." She pulled gently on his cock and he stood up. She was right below him and started stroking and sucking again. This time she was going for a quick release.

When he began to tense up, she stopped sucking and backed off. She stroked his cock, controlling where his seed was going to hit. The first shot was on her face with some of it getting into her open and waiting mouth.

The other three shots hit her on her throat and tits. She milked him dry and let it drip onto her waiting tongue. When he appeared to be finished, she pulled his entire cock into her mouth and really sucked the very last of his cum from him.

When he was finished, she began wiping all of the cum from her face with her finger. She scooped it into her mouth. When her face was clean, she moved to her throat and tits and wiped them clean, eating all of that cum also. Everyone was spent so it was time for Bobby and Linda to leave.

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She had plans for the evening that included more rolling around together. Linda slipped her skirt and blouse on, leaving the panties and bra as souvenirs for Frank and Jimmy. "What are you going to do with the window display without your model?" Bobby asked. "No problem. I have a real mannequin that I'll put the shorts and halter on. It will only take a couple of minutes.

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I have another window to change in a couple of nights. Would you be interested in helping me again?" "Sounds like we are going to have fun again. I'm looking forward to it. Just let me know when." As Bobby and Linda walked out of the mall, they saw the two men standing on the curb and talking. "Night guys" Linda said sweetly. The two guys just stood there wondering if the mannequin had been this girl or was it just their imagination.