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Family retro gay sex Prostitution Sting
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Doesn't really count, does it? Part 1 This is my first story I've written, and I have broken it into 3 parts. The first part is more of an intro to the rest, so please give your opinions, and expect to see part 2 soon after.

The accounts of this story are mostly true, but have only been exaggerated for your reading pleasure. Part one is not very intense, however, if rated well, part two will be added soon, which contains much more action. Jon was exstatic about his cousin finally ariving. It was spring break of his senior year in high school, and he had finally convinced his cousin Megan to come out for an entire week. Now Jon and Megan had an odd relationship, more of a long distance best friend than an every-day cousin.

He had lived in Florida his entire life, whereas Megan and the rest of her family hailed from Northern Cali. They were not close relatives, as it was a distant aunts' sisters' cousins' daughter or something to that effect. Only seeing each other once a decade or so when youre only 18 made for sparce contact, but with facebook and texting, they had reconnected, and their relationship was stronger than ever.

Many a night, the pair had stayed up until the wee hours of the morning, just chatting away about what was pertinant in their lives at the moment. They helped each other with relationships, schoolwork, parental issues, anything really. It got to the point where they knew practically everything about each other. What each others dreams were in life, who the latest crush was, how many people each had slept with, there was nothing big enough for the duo to keep secret, as ironically, the distance proved the greatest trust builder.

Megan also proved quite the long-distance wingman, as whenever she went to parties, she never failed to put in a great word for her cross-country-cousin. More than once had Jon woken up to find a new hottie had added him on facebook, flirting about how great of a guy he seemed.

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After months of hounding, Jon had convinced Megan and her best friend Jessica to come to south beach for a week (who needs hounding to come to florida for spring break, rent free?) Megan was a cute, almost hipster girl, with shoulder length red hair, whiter skin, 5'7 with smaller boobs, only Bs, but they fit her body type well, and her ass was something to die for.

She had just broken up with her boyfriend of a year and a half, whome she lost her virginity to, but had yet to find another guy she was even the least bit interested in, hoping Miami would bring some great opportunities.


Jessica was the exact opposite body wise. A short girl, standing only 5'2, she always boasted a pristine tan. She had long dark brown hair, half way to her waist when it was straightened. She was still quite slender, but it was complimented well by a pair of 36D boobs, making Megan extremely jealous, which she was not shy to verbally point out. Jessica was very athletic, playing 3 sports in high school, and it showed in her body tone. She was a virgin, only having her first kiss weeks before, however one wouldnt have guessed by her attitude.

She was always known for her smart mouth and was not afraid to talk dirty if it meant getting what she wanted. The girls flew into town late in the evening, extremely tired from lugging around 3 suit cases each. Jon greeted them with smiles, hugging Megan as an old, dear friend, then stepping back to take in the sight of her best friend. Having only seen pictures of Jessica on Facebook when her and Megan were together, he was shocked at just how gorgeous she was.

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Nevertheless, he made sure not to show his arising interest, as he leaned in and hugged her in similar fashion. The posse darted out of the airport, taking Jon's car to a charming little flat Jon's parents owned. His parents were out of town, encouraged that nothing too wild would occur this spring break by the fact that Jon would have family over.

They resorted to head north, into Boston to celebrate an aniversary away from life's drama. Jon gave the girls a quick tour around the rather large house, only a quarter mile hike away from the beach. Jon assured them that the section beach was actually owned by a strict older couple, who preferred peace and quiet, posting signs up forbidding the huge crowds of spring break kids from chosing this particular beach to party.

However the elders had an appreciation for Jon and his family, granting them full access to an almost-private beach where they could frollic without being trampled by the thousands of rebellious adolecents. After a quick meal of Mac and Cheese, as Jon prided himself in his cooking abilities, the girls elected to try out the beach right away. Both girls retreated into the bathroom to decide which of the half dozen bikinis they brought would be chosen for the event, Jon heading to the back porch to wait.

A few minutes later, they appeared, showing off their choices, as if asking Jon for approval. If any was needed, he would gladly have given it! Megan had on a spandex material suit, the top resemling the shape of a sports bra, only tight fitted like any bathing suit.

The bottoms were a dark blue extremely tight pair spandex shorts that her ass complimented perfectly, making any guy go insane.


Jessica had on a striped black and white stringed bikini, which covered plenty, however her enourmous tits stuck out so much, it really didnt leave one wanting.

Jon stood there for.


probably a little too long, as he took in the sight of the two gorgeous girls, when suddenly, both girls took off toward the beach. Although they both admittingly enjoyed the attention, having the sand and waves already in sight was too exciting.

The girls were more than ready for their first atlantic dip. Jon quickly recovered and chased after them, purposefully staying a few steps behing, enjoying the view as the trio jogged down the sandy path. It was around 8:30 at night when the kids set foot on the beach. Jon came to a halt, catching his breath, smiling at the girls' child-like attitude toward the beach.

The girls paid no mind, not even slowing down until they hit the cool, refreshing water. Jon soon joined them, and the three were splashing, running back and forth, and swimming around. After a long while in the water, Jessica proceeded to move around the sand, looking for something or another, while Jon and Megan reclined against a log, enjoying the warm sand.

"So how was your first night in South beach?" Jon began with the small talk. "Oh, it was amazing! I'm so glad you talked me into this!" Megan exclaimed, thouroughly happy with how the night had went.

"And how do you like Jessica? Does she get the 'Jon Stamp of Aproval?" Jon laughed "Of course! She seems great! I'm hoping to "stamp" her real good soon" he jested. "Well you better hurry, with all the attention she is going to get in that bikini" Megan replied, in all seriousness. Jon was taken partially aback. "Wait, you mean you dont mind if I get with her this week? That wouldn't weird you out or anything?" "Of course not!

I was hoping she would come with me just for that reason, numbnuts! Ive been talking you up for months with her! But dont think she will make it easy for you. She is locked up tighter than a chastity belt." That brought a grin to Jon's face, as he realized just how amazing his cousin was. Hooking him up with one of the sexiest girls he'd ever seen, he wondered how it could get better, which of course, it would.

The sun was just starting to set, and Jessica rejoined the group, almost as if she knew they were done talking about her. She snuggled up against Megan, while Jon had his arm around both of them, the group just admiring the view for several minutes.

Finally the sky darkened, and the coolness of dusk sat in, and the three hiked back up to the house. Jon was already making plans for how he would entice the gorgeous girl who bounced in front of him, figuring with Megan's help nudging it along, anything was possible.

Showing true gentleman status, he opened the sliding back-door and slightly bowed, allowing Megan to enter the house with a prompt "Aaaaafter you".

Repeating his act with Jessica stepping through the doorway, he grabbed her wrist gently, and as she turned back around in reflex, she was met by his lips pressing against hers.

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Taken aback, Jessica took several moments to comprehend the process of what just happened. Still inexperianced, she merely opened her lips, letting him take over, her mind reeling with extacy. Jon, encouraged, placed his hands on her butt, which suddenly snapped her out of her trance, as she promptly ended the kiss, and stepped back. Her face was grinning from ear to ear, however, and Jon took that as a great sign to try again later.

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Megan just stood there, clapping now to make her pressance known. "Wow jessica, you slut, you don't let him waste any time, do you?" she said jokingly "Fuck off Megs," Jessica countered. "If it wasnt for you being there, he'd have had me on my back already!" Jon was again, taken aback by this, and extremely excited, until Megan saw his face and crushed him with a quick "She is joking hun.

We're just playing around." This brought laughter to Jessica again, as she added "Sorry sweety, maybe next time." "Again, jokingly." Jon thought to himself They all retreated to the back of the house, Jon to his room, and the girls into the spare bedroom, where Jons older brother used to live.

Jons parents were very adamant that the master bedroom was off limits to anyone, including their son. Laying in his own bed, Jon's mind was, of course, reeling about one thing.

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He grabbed a box of tissues as he quietly played out what would, hopefully, happen in the days to come. The girls, sleeping together in one large queen bed, wispered back and forth to each other about their own plans. The pair grinned as they spoke in hushed tones. One thing was for certain.

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All three of them could not WAIT for sunrise.