Petite girl Jade Amber gets stripped and fucked by some guy in uniform

Petite girl Jade Amber gets stripped and fucked by some guy in uniform
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How to Get What You Want: (f/b M/b) By Scott Winslow This is a work of fiction. It involves sexual acts between underage persons and adults. If this offends you, leave now. If you are still here, enjoy. I would greatly appreciate any and all comments about the story, love it or hate it. I will only get better through the help of others. I always had a way of getting what i wanted. Throughout my life, there weren't many things that I wanted that I couldn't somehow find a way to get.

I suppose that when you are the teenage daughter of a single father, who has a rather lucrative job, getting your way shouldn't be that big of a surprise. I know that statement makes me sound stuck up, but in actuality I'm not. Of course I was able to get nice clothes and shoes and other things like that, but I really didn't show off. There were really only two things that I wanted in life, the two things every 16 year old girl wants.

The first thing I wanted was sex. As you can imagine, being a hot sixteen year old, this wasn't hard for me to get. I was 5'5" tall, most of which was my long legs. I had long, straight, light blonde hair, blue eyes, and a cute face. My chest had developed nicely at a young age, giving me perky round breasts. I had slightly rounded hips and a firm round butt. I played high school volleyball and ran track, so I was in great shape. My desire to experience sex developed at an early age.

I gave my first blowjob at 12 and had lost my virginity at 13. All this sexual experimentation at a young age, though, left me wanting more. So you can say that what I really wanted wasn't really just sex, but new sexual experiences.

I began trying new and different things with my partners. These, however, are a story for another time. While I was on the lookout for new ways to satisfy my sexual urges, there was one other thing I wanted more than anything. And that was a car. Like most 16 year olds who just got their drivers license, all I wanted to do was drive. I had imagined myself long before that day riding around town in a light blue convertible, the wind in my hair, guys staring at me as I drove by.

So when my 16th birthday came and went and my dad didn't give me the keys to a brand new car, I was a little upset. When i finally realized that my father wasn't going to buy me a car I asked him about it. According to him I was too young to have my own car, and needed a few more years of driving experience before I could get one. YEARS!? I was very upset after this. I was used to getting everything I asked for, and being told no was not something I was used to.

This is the story of how I was able to get the two things I wanted most in the world. It was Saturday morning. I lay in bed, half asleep, half awake, and listening to the birds sing in the tree outside my bedroom window.

I had pulled the blanket down at some point as I slept, and I could feel the heat from the sun as it shined across my bare chest. I had been sleeping nude for several years now, typically because the last thing I did before I went to sleep was play with myself, and the first thing I did when I woke up was play with myself. The images that would become my fantasy for my morning fingering were just starting to form in my mind when I heard my father call my name from the foot of the stairs below.

The only bad thing about weekends, I thought to myself becoming fully awake, was that my father was home from work. This meant that I couldn't enjoy myself without fear of interruption, and discovery, like when I was home alone. "Penny, I'm leaving" my father called again from below. Leaving? Then suddenly I remembered. This weekend was my father's business trip. He would leave this morning and not be back till Sunday evening.

I knew I had to go say goodbye. I was still a little heated at him for not buying me a car, but he was still my dad, and i would miss him. I got out of bed, and decided to through a t-shirt on to cover my naked body.

Father wouldn't approve of me walking about the house naked. "Bye Dad" I said, walking down the steps to meet him. When I reached the bottom of the stairs, I wrapped my arms around him, hugging him.

"Be safe" I added "I will sweetie," he replied, "bye bye." With that my father picked up his overnight bag and left the house. As soon as my father pulled his car out of the driveway I pulled my t-shirt off over my head. There was something so naughty about going around the house naked that got my very excited.

I went back to my bedroom and lied back on my bed. I prepared myself to play with my pussy, bringing myself to what would be the first of possibly several orgasms that day.

Suddenly, though, a new thought popped into my head. For some while now, I had been curious about something. My father, being a single parent, had to have many of the same urges I did. It made perfect sense to me that my dad must have some sort of pornography.

I had been waiting for weeks for the perfect time to go through his office and find his secret stash. "What kinds of porn did he like?" I wondered. Anal? Asian? Lesbian? The more I wondered the more excited I got. I had seen porn before and always enjoyed it, so finding a supply in my own house would lead to an exciting, masturbation filled weekend.

I got back out of bed and went down the hall to my father's office. I began going through each of his desk drawers and found nothing of interest. Next I turned my attention to the desk top PC my father had sitting on his desk. I pushed the power button and the computer began to start up.


The monitor flashed a welcome screen and then went to a log in screen. The computer needed a password in order to operate. I began typing in everything I could think of that my father would have used as a password.

My late mothers name? No. My name? No. Birthdays, anniversary, sports teams? No. no. no. I had tried just about everything I could think of, and was about to give up when I absently mindedly typed "password" into the box and hit enter. Suddenly the computer began to boot up. I was excited to finally be in to my father's computer.

The first thing I saw, though, when the computer started up, made me gasp and just about fall out of the chair. The image my father had selected for the background on hit desktop was a photo of a young boy, possibly 12 years old. The boy was nude except for white socks upon hit feet. The boy had a huge smile. He way lying on his back, his legs were raised up and spread wide.

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He sported an erection, and in the position he was laying in, his butt hole could be seen. I was in shock. What in the world was my dad doing with a picture like this as his background?

I couldn't think, but I was finally able to tear my eyes away from the image and looked at the icons on the desktop. I noticed a file titled "pics". I double clicked on the file and a window opened up with a series of thumbnail images. I turned the scroll ball on the computer mouse and quickly looked down through several of the images. All of them were of children, mostly boys, but some girls as well. Most were naked, but some were clothed.

But all of the subjects in the images were in some sort of provocative action. I still couldn't believe what I was seeing, but I was beginning to be able to process it.

My father was a pedophile, and he was gay. Without a second thought I clicked on the first image, and opened the picture file. The image of another boy filled the screen. This boy was about the age of the boy on the background, possible younger.

This boy was wearing a t-shirt with Superman on it, he wore no pants. The only other thing of note in the image was an erect penis of what appeared to be of the photo taker, that of an adult. The subject of the image was grasping the penis, and appeared to be jacking it off.

I pushed the right arrow on the computer keyboard, and another image appeared. This one was of the same boy; he now had cum all over his face, hands, and Superman t-shirt. I pushed the arrow again and another image papered of a different boy. Another push, another picture. It was on or about the 10th picture that I realized I was touching myself. I don't remember starting to, but when I realized I was doing it, I also realized I was wetter than I had been in a very long time, possibly ever.

I couldn't believe I was enjoying this so much, and I really couldn't believe that I was actually finding these boys attractive. I continued to look through the pictures and fingered myself to two orgasms before I decided to take a break. i went down to the kitchen to fix myself some lunch, but the images of young boys with their smooth, hairless skin, and little erect dicks kept popping into my head, and before I knew it I was eating in my father's office, looking at more of his pictures.

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By the time my father arrived home from his trip the following evening I had look at every image on his computer, and had copied them onto my own. I had never before thought of young boys sexually. However, now that I had seen all those images, and gotten so turned on by them, I found myself looking at children in a whole new way.

Unfortunately, I did not have very many opportunities to interact with the new objects of my lust. Occasionally I would see a young boy playing outside, or in a store. I would instantly get turned on when I would see one, thinking of the things I would like to do to him. I was hoping, though, for a chance to get up close to one and do more than just imagine.

As much as this new subject dominated my thoughts I was surprised one day when my friend's mother gave me a ride home from track practice. Her SUV pulled up to the curb in front of the school and my friend climbed into the front seat. I opened the rear door and slid into the back seat.

I noticed something though, as soon as I opened the door. The back seat was not empty. How could I have forgotten that my best friend had a little brother? I remembered as soon as I saw him though. His name was Josh. He had a blonde mop of hair on his head and was thin, obviously an active youngster. He had one of the cutest faces I had seen on a boy his age. As my friends mother drove toward my house to drop me off she began a quite heated conversation with my friend in the front seat.

They were arguing over some guy that my friends had recently started dating. I took the opportunity of the distraction in the front seat to talk to the handsome little man sitting next to me.

"Hi Josh" I said smiling at him. "Hi" he replied. "How old are you now" I asked. "I'm 10" he answered. "Oh so you would be in, what, 5th grade?" I asked. "Forth" Josh corrected me. "Oh fourth," I said. "I liked fourth grade. Do you like school?" "It's ok" He answered. "I bet all the girls are into you. Are you interested in girls yet?" I asked him. "Kinda," Josh replied, obviously getting a little embarrassed. His face had turned a little red.

However, he was staring at my legs sticking out of my short running shorts the whole time. It got me very excited to think that he found me as sexy as I found him. The car ride was all too short, however. Before I could continue the conversation the car pulled up in front of my house. I said my good byes to my friend, her mother, and especially Josh.

I got out of the car and went into my house. I knew my father would not be home for some while, hence my friends mother needing to ride me home.


I quickly ran to my bed room and stripped off all my clothes. I lied down on my bed and began running my hands over my body. Visions of Josh filled my mind as my fingers found my wet pussy. I played with myself for several minutes imagining all the things I wanted to do with him. It was during this time that I came up with my plan for him. My friend and I would often have sleep overs at each other's houses, and it just so happened that it was her turn to host.

The sleep over was scheduled for the following weekend. I arrived at my friend's house shortly before dinner. As her mother prepared dinner, my friend and I hung out in the living room. I thrilled me very much that Josh also decided to hang out in the room with us. I took this time to chat with the young boy.

I was doing my best to flirt with him, while still hiding it from my friend. I don't think she had any idea what I was doing, but I hoped that Josh did. After we ate dinner, my friend and I went to her bedroom. We talked and watched TV for a while. My friend's parents went to bed early, as I knew they would.

It was finally time to put my plan into action. I told my friend I wanted to watch a movie, but we needed snacks. We went down to her kitchen. I made sure to check the living room when we passed, and just as I hoped Josh was playing video games. My friend and I entered the kitchen.

I told her I would get the drinks while she got the snacks. I poured soda from a bottle into two glasses. As my friend made a bag of popcorn, I put the next part of my plan into motion. I pulled the sleeping pill that I had taken from my father's medicine bottle earlier from my pocket.

I opened the capsule and poured the contents into one of glasses. I quickly began drinking from the other, handing the laced glass to my friend. Just as I had hoped, about 30 minutes into the film my friend was fast asleep. I got myself ready and quietly snuck downstairs. Josh was still playing his game as I sat next to him on the couch. "Hey there little guy" I said cheerfully.

"Hey" Josh answered. "What are you playing?" I asked. "Call of Duty," he replied, blasting away two more bad guys. "You're really good at that," I said, still trying to flirt with him. "Thanks" Josh said. "So. do you have a girlfriend?" I asked, trying to get a little more personal with the young boy.

After a long pause Josh said "No" with a heavy sigh. "Aww that's a shame," I said and added "I think you're really cute." After this comment, Josh looked at me for the first time. I was wearing only a short t-shirt and a pair of satin panties.

I made no attempt to cover them. When Josh looked at me, he looked up and down my body, and then stared at my crotch. "You're cute too," he said. While being distracted, his character had been killed in the game, but he did not seem to care. He couldn't take his eyes off me.

"Do you like that?" I asked. Josh nodded his head. I turned sideways and leaned back. I spread my legs, giving him a better view. Josh swallowed hard and set his controller down. "This isn't fair" I said. "You can see my undies, I wanna see yours too." Josh thought for a few seconds, I could tell he was nervous. He slowly stood up. He was wearing a t-shirt and gym shorts.

As he stood he hooked his thumbs in the waist band of his shorts and pulled them down. He quickly sat back down. He was wearing a pair of white briefs. He looked so cute. My pussy was dripping wet and my heart was pounding. I could see that Josh was enjoying this as much as me because the front of his underwear was tented way out. I leaned closer to my new little friend. "Have you ever kissed a girl?" I whispered to him. He slowly shook his head no, he was breathing heavily.

Without hesitating I leaned in and kissed Josh on the lips. I held the kiss for several second. When I finally pulled back I smiled at Josh. He smiled back at me. "Now, this time open your mouth," I said and leaned in and kissed Josh again. He opened his mouth as I opened mine. I stuck my tongue into his mouth and our tongues danced around each other's. He was a very fast learner and was making out with me like a pro in no time. I was having so much fun kissing this little boy, but I wanted to do a lot more than kiss.

I broke our kiss and leaned back on the couch again. "I'll take the rest of mine off, if you take yours off" I said, indicating our clothes. Josh once again simply nodded his head. I put my hands on the bottom of my shirt and began to lift it up.

I stopped, though, just before my breasts. I waved my hand, indicating for him to go ahead. Josh quickly pulled his shirt off over his head. He had such a cute body. I pulled my shirt the rest of the way over my head as well. Josh was staring at my breasts.

I knew Josh was enjoying himself, but I assumed that I would probably have to take the lead on the next step. So I lifted my butt off the couch and pulled my panties off. I was now nude. Josh's jaw dropped as he looked at my body, probably the first naked girl he had ever seen. I let him take in the sights for a few moments, but couldn't wait forever.

I wanted to see him naked too! "Ok, your turn" I said.

Josh was brought back down to Earth. He mimicked my move and removed his underwear like I had done. I got my first view of his penis.

It was the most amazing this I had ever seen. It was about 4 inches in length, and thicker than I expected it to be. He had almost no hair on his crotch. I just had to feel it.

I leaned forward and began touching Josh's chest. I ran my fingers over his body, then downward. I touched his little dick. Josh jumped slightly, and then settled down. I ran my hand up and down it, and then as I wrapped my fingers around it, I leaned in and kissed Josh again. As we made out I began moving my hand up and down his penis. After a few minutes I broke the kiss. "You can touch me too" I said to Josh. He trembled a little bit as he reached toward me.

He began touching my chest. He cupped my breasts, and then squeezed them. It was so much fun letting the young boy experiment with my body. His left hand remained on my breast, but his other hand began moving down. I was excited to find out what Josh would do with my pussy.

His hand reached my crotch and he ran his fingers down my slit. "Push your fingers in, right there" I said to him. Josh took two fingers and stuck them into my pussy. "Now move them in and out" I said. Josh began to finger fuck my soaking wet hole. I let him do this for a few moments as I still played with his little penis. But soon I had him stop. I had him lay back on the couch. I wanted a closer look at his little man hood. I leaned down and kissed the head. Josh began to moan. I licked all around it, then his balls, then up the shaft of his penis.

I took the whole thing into my hungry mouth. I was so horny from this that I began to play with myself. I was forcefully rubbing my clit as I was sucking on Josh's penis. Soon I could tell he was getting close, and so was I. Josh had what I guessed was his first ever orgasm in my mouth. He shot a little bit of cum into my mouth, which I swallowed happily. Just as he was cumming, I was too. I was so happy; I had just had one of the most exciting experiences of my life.

I stood up and put my t-shirt on. Josh watched me, not sure how to react to what we had just done. I picked up my panties and was about to put them back on, but changed my mind. I went over and knelt down next to Josh who was still lying on the couch. I handed my panties to Josh. I leaned in and kissed him again.

"Did you enjoy that?" I asked. Josh nodded his head again. "Good, so did I. Now if you wanna do it again and maybe some more, you have to promise you won't tell anyone what we did. Do you promise?' I asked. "I promise" Josh said, the first words he had said since before we began playing.

I kissed Josh again and went back upstairs to my friend's room where I went to sleep happy. They next morning I woke to the smell of breakfast. My friend's mother was frying bacon. We got ourselves up and went down to the kitchen.

My friend and I sat at the kitchen table with her mother and father and ate a hearty breakfast. About half way through the meal my friend's father asked the question I had been wondering since we came down stairs. "Where's Josh?" he asked. "You know him," her mother answered, "he always sleeps late on weekends. I think he stays up too late doing lord knows what." I had to bite my tongue to keep from laughing out loud. "Or lord knows who," I thought to myself.

My friend and I went back upstairs after breakfast. We decided to get showers. I asked to go first, and my friend let me. After I was done showering I wrapped a bathrobe around my naked body and left the bathroom. My friend was in the hallway. She passed me and went into the bathroom and shut the door.

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I could hear her parents talking downstairs. I started down the hallway toward my friend's bedroom. I had to pass Josh's room to get there though. When I arrived at his shut door I quietly opened it and walked into his bedroom. Josh sat up in bed when I went in. "There's my little man," I said.

"Hi Penny," he replied. He got a big smile on his face. I walked over and sat on his bed with him. "I just wanted to make sure you are still ok with what happened last night," I said. "So it wasn't a dream," Josh said. "Heck yeah I'm ok with it." "Good," I giggled. "Because there's a lot more that I want to do." With that I leaned close and kissed Josh passionately on the lips.

Josh's hands began to touch me. He reached for my breasts. His touch felt so good, but I knew we couldn't. Not here, not now. "Mmmm," I moaned. "Not right now though," I said. "I'll let you know when and where. Now I have to go, your sister's done in the shower." I kissed Josh again, then got up and went toward the door. I opened the door and started to walk out, when I got an idea. I looked to make sure no one was around, and then turned back around. I pulled the sting on my robe and opened it up, flashing my naked body to Josh.

He got another big smile on his face, and the thin sheet covering him began to rise up a little bit. "Now don't forget, don't tell anyone," I said. Josh replied, "I won't" "Ok, you have fun with that," I said, pointing to his dick. I then retied my robe and left Josh's room. I made it back into my friend's room just as she was coming out of the bathroom. It was the following Friday, and I couldn't wait much longer. My father was going away again this coming weekend, and I knew this was a perfect time to do more exploring with Josh.

The school bus that I rode home from school was never crowded.

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It was such a small group that we shared the bus with the younger students. I would always ride home from school sitting with my friend. On this particular day, though, I rushed to the bus as soon as the final bell rang. I had a message to pass on to Josh before she got on. I climbed the steps and got on the bus. Josh was sitting by himself toward the front, like he usually did. I sat down next to him and leaned close to whisper to him.

"Tomorrow morning, my house, eleven o'clock." I said to him, and i reached down and rubbed his dick through his shorts. Without waiting for a reply, I got up and moved to an empty seat before my friend boarded the bus. I got up early the next morning. My father left about 10, so I had about an hour to get ready.

I made up my bed and lit a few candles. I put on a pair of thong panties and the shortest skirt I owned along with a tight tank top shirt that gave me a lot of cleavage. I was ready for my little man around 10:45. I was so nervous, I found myself pacing around the house, looking out the window every few moments for Josh to arrive.

I finally forced myself to sit down and watch a little T.V. to calm myself down. Eleven o'clock came and went. I was so nervous, maybe he wouldn't show. It was 11:11 when the doorbell finally rang. I jumped up and rushed to the door and swung it open. Josh was standing there before me with another big smile on his face. He looked at me up and down. I pulled him into the house and shut to door behind him. I pushed him back against the closed door and kissed him.

When I finally broke our kissing, I said to him, "I've been waiting for you." "Sorry, I'm late, but I'm here now," he answered. "Yes you are, my cute little man, and we are going to have all sorts of fun," I said.

"You're really cute too," Josh said. "Actually, you're so hot." "Awwe thank you," I said. "Now, let's go have some fun." I took Josh's hand and led him up stairs into my bedroom. I had him lay down on my bed, and turned some music on. I began to slowly move my hips, dancing to the music. I could see Josh was starting to get hard, obviously anticipating what was going to happen. I turned my back to Josh as I danced and bent way over, giving him a view of my ass as my skirt rode up.

I continued to dance, and lifted my shirt. I started to tease him by pretending I was going to expose my breasts and then pull my shirt back down, but this quickly got old and I just wanted him to see me naked so I tore my shirt off then pulled my skirt down letting it drop to the floor.

I walked over and got into the bed next to Josh. We kissed and his hands began touching me, exploring my breasts. I pulled his shirt over his head and ran my hands over his bare chest. I pulled his shorts and underwear off, exposing his naked boyhood to me. I began kissing his chest and moved downward. My hands found his dick and began to stroke it. Soon my lips reached his little member and replaced my hands. I sucked his dick into my mouth, moving my lips up and down over his immature cock.

Josh began to moan, I could tell he was really enjoying it. His hands found the back of my head and held me as I sucked him. Soon he began to moan very loudly and I knew he was getting close. I intensified my sucking and soon Josh's little dick erupted in my mouth. Josh did not cum a lot, but what he did squirt tasted so good and I swallowed it all.

I released Josh's dick from my mouth and watched him as I gave him a few moments to recover. I was so horny, though, that I could not wait long. "Okay, it's my turn," I said. Josh gave me an odd look, and then slowly said, "Okay." I lied down on the bed next to Josh and spread my legs slightly. "What do I do?" Josh asked.

"Whatever you want to do," I replied. Josh started touching my breasts like he had done before. His little hands felt so good touching me. One of his hands began to move down my body toward my crotch. When his hand reached my panties he began to rub my crotch. "Wouldn't that be better if you took my panties off?" I asked him. "Umm yeah I guess," Josh answered. "Well then take em off me," I said. Josh slid his fingers into the waist band of my thong and began to pull it down.

He slid it off my feet and threw it on top of the pile of clothes that had collected on my bedroom floor. Josh's hands returned to my body. He now used one hand to rub my cunt while his other hand rested on my stomach and started to rub, moving upward to my chest. He was watching very closely as his fingers slid into my wet pussy lips.

He stuck them into me as far as he could, and then pulled them back out before sticking them in again. It felt so good as his little fingers slid in and out of me. I could tell Josh was really enjoying finger fucking me, but I wanted more. "Ohh baby, I want you to lick me" I moaned to Josh.

He gave me a look that I could tell meant he did not know what he was doing. I just smiled at him. It turned me on so much just letting the little boy experiment with my body. I wanted him to discover the things he could do on his own. He slowly pulled his fingers from my pussy and leaned forward. I could feel is breath on the damp lips of my pussy. Slowly he stuck his tongue out and it came into contact with my skin. He took a long lick from low between my legs all the way up to above my clit.

It felt very good. He did the same thing again and again. I reached down and spread my lips apart for him. His tongue found the inside of my pussy. He began to explore my insides with his tongue. I was moaning very loudly. I put my hands on the back of Josh's head, pulling him into me.

As I pulled him into me, his tongue found my hole. He stuck it deep into me and instinctively knew to begin fucking me with it. I relaxed my grip on his head slightly as I felt the excitement growing from within me. Although I relaxed the pressure on the back on Josh's head, he did not relax his own pressure, and continued to tongue fuck me just as hard as he had been. After a few thrusts though, he did begin to explore a little more. His tongue left me hole and licked up and down my wet slit.

Suddenly, Josh's tongue found my clit and I yelped out loud as he licked my sensitive little nub. Josh obviously realized that my clit was sensitive and continued to lick it.

I felt the feeling continue to build within my cunt. He flicked my clit with his tongue over and over for several seconds, and I could not hold back any longer. I screamed out loud as my body was rocked by an intense orgasm given to me by my little lover.

"Are you okay?" Josh asked me, leaning up to look at me. I was breathing heavy, but felt incredible. "Oh yes" I said, pulling Josh toward me so I could kiss him. "That felt amazing. Did you enjoy that?" I asked. "Yeah, it was neat" Josh replied. "I wasn't sure how it would taste, but you tasted really good!" he added. "Thank you," I said. I had just had an extremely intense orgasm, but I still wanted more. "Now, I want you to fuck me" I said.

Josh's jaw opened wide. I was surprised that he was still shocked by what we were doing. I guess when you are his age it is a big step from oral sex to actual fucking.

It was his innocence that added another level of sexiness to him and the situation. He got over his timidness quickly though. On his knees he slowly crawled between my legs toward me. He got close and I reached down between us and guided his penis toward my hole. He continued getting closer and closer until I was able to guide the tip of his little cock into my opening. Josh froze for a second, realizing he was about to have sex, and then he pushed. Josh let out a loud moan as his little penis was thrust into my wet pussy.

I moaned too, it felt very good. Josh began to move in and out of me, moaning with each thrust. I had sex many times before that day, with men a lot bigger than Josh, but there was something about having sex with such a young boy, knowing it was very naughty, that made it feel incredibly good.

I raised my legs up, wrapping them around Josh. It lasted longer than I thought it would, but still not very long, before Josh started moaning even louder. I knew he was getting close. "Come on baby," I said, looking up into his eyes, "cum in me." That must have been all it took, because as soon as I said it Josh groaned loudly, thrust all the way into me, and I could feel him cum inside me.

The pleasure of the moment over took me and I came again just as he was cumming inside me. Josh collapsed on top of me after he came.

His head was resting on my chest. I was sure he could feel my heart beating, just as I could feel his beating on top of me.

I gave him the time he needed to recover, but eventually he withdrew his penis from inside my pussy, and looked up at me. I smiled at him, and he smiled back at me. He crawled up and kissed me, initiating it for the first time. This sent a thrill through my body. I moaned as Josh and I made out, enjoying each other's after glow. Josh and I had spent most of the day in my bed, but it was starting to get late. I knew that my dad would be home soon, and also that Josh's parents would probably be wondering where he was.

We got dressed and I walked down stairs with Josh. He went to go out the front door, but I grabbed him and pulled him back to me before he left. I wrapped my arms around him and kissed him.

He wrapped his arms around me too. My hands began to move up and down his body, feeling him up. Josh did the same to me. Standing there next to the front door, feeling each other up, I heard a noise. It was my dad's car. I had obviously gotten too worked up and lost track of the time.

I quickly pulled Josh through the house. I swung open the back door and gave him one last kiss before shoving him out into the back yard. I shut the back door again just as my father was opening the front door.

I saw Josh sneak around the house out the side window, but my dad did not notice a thing. I had cut it very close.

Closer than I expected too. If my father had come home a few minutes earlier, I do not know what he would have done. I knew that from then on I needed to be more careful what I did and how I did it. I could not get Josh out of my mind.

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I had enjoyed our play time so much that every time I thought about him I would get so excited and so wet. I would play back the events of that day over and over in my mind, but the events always ended that same way, with my dad nearly catching us. Although I could not get that day out of my head because it was so good, reliving that day in my head would always bring that one bad part up again.

The more I thought about what would have happened if my dad had come home just a few minutes earlier, though, I got a very interesting idea. At first I thought that it was ridiculous. That I was just being dumb, and it would not really work. The more I thought about it, though, the more it made sense to me. Then one afternoon, a few days later, I decided that it WOULD work, and made up my mind that I WOULD do it.

I knew exactly how to get just what I wanted, and give my dad what he wanted too. I came up with my plan one evening. A few friends of mine were going to go to the mall and shop and I really wanted to join them. I needed my own ride though, because there would not be enough room left in their car. My father was home from work and would not need his car for the rest of the night, so I thought I would ask to barrow his car.

He was in his office, supposedly working, with the door closed. I went to his door and knocked, but I did not wait for a response and opened the door and walked in.

My father was sitting at his computer. When I walked in he quickly pressed the power button on the monitor, so I could not see what he was doing. I looked from the black screen to my dad. I could not help but notice a slight bulge in the front of his pants. I instantly knew exactly what he had been looking at on his computer. I laughed to myself, but did not let on that I knew what he had been up to. I asked my dad to let me use his car, but was told no.

It was totally unfair. I wanted my own car so badly. That is when I came up with my plan. I had two thoughts in my head that night as I tried to sleep. First, I wanted a car, and second, the nagging sickness I felt over almost being caught with Josh. That's when it hit me, I knew exactly what my dad would have done if he had caught us, and knowing what my dad was doing on his computer that evening was proof. My dad would not be mad if he had caught me with Josh, he would be excited, and he would want to join.

And offering my little lover to my father would be just the thing to exchange with him for my very own car. That Friday, I decided to put my plan into action. I told Josh to come to my house after school for some play time. He readily agreed. I told him that there might be someone else joining in the fun. He looked at me confused.

I told him not to worry, that he would enjoy it. He said ok. Josh came to my house soon after we came home from school. I knew that my dad would be home in about an hour, just enough time for me to have some fun of my own with Josh. My heart was pounding through my chest all day. I was very nervous, but I also knew that when my dad was offered Josh, he would not be able to turn him down. I took Josh upstairs and into my father's bedroom. We quickly got each naked, and I was riding his stiff little cock in no time.

After he had pumped a little load of his cum inside me, we lied together in the bed for a while, kissing each other. "I thought you said something about somebody else?" Josh asked me. "Yes, he should be here soon" i answered.

"He?" Josh asked. "Yes, he" I answered. "Is that ok?" I asked. "Yeah, it should be fun" He answered. Almost on cue to our conversation, I head my father arrive home. "Wait here" I said. I got up and put my t-shirt back on over my naked body. I went into the hall way and waited for my dad to come into the house. He came in and set his belongings down next to the door like he usually does. "Penny?" he called. "Where are you?" "Up here Daddy" I replied.

"Can you come up here?" He looked up at me standing in the hallway. I knew from his vantage point that he could probably tell I was not wearing any pants or panties. "What are you doing?" he asked, knowing I was right outside his bedroom. "Is everything ok?" he said starting up the stairs. "What are you wearing?" he added, giving me a weird look. "I'm wearing a shirt, duh" I said. He looked even more puzzled. When he reached the top of the stairs he tried to look past me into his bedroom.

I had left the door cracked a little bit, but he usually keeps it shut tight, so it being open at all let him know I had been in his room. "Come here Daddy," I said to him, "I have something to show you." He walked over to me, still trying to look into his bedroom. When he was standing in front of me I stepped to the side and pushed the door open. He took a step into his bedroom and stopped short. Lying in the middle of the bed was Josh, completely naked.

Josh looked at my dad and had a very nervous look on his face. My father looked at Josh for several seconds. I knew in those moments that this was going to work. If my dad was going to flip out and kill me, he would have done it instantly, but when he took a few extra seconds to look at Josh's sweet naked body, I knew he wanted it.

"PENNY!" my dad finally said, tearing his eyes from Josh and turning towards me, raising his voice in an attempt to sound upset that I knew was a farce.

"What the hell. Who is this?" He added. I walked past my father into the room. "Daddy, this is my friend Josh. Josh, this is my dad," I said, introducing them to each other. Now that I was standing next to Josh, my dad was staring at his penis. Still trying to sound upset, my father said sternly "What is going on here?" "What's going on here, Daddy, is that I have a deal for you" I said. My dad swallowed hard, he was beginning to sweat. Without taking his eyes off of Josh he slowly said "Ookayy." I noticed the front of his pants starting to bulge.

Moment of truth I thought to myself. "I know about your secret fantasies," I began. "I know what sorts of things turn you on, and I know all the things you want to do. Josh is here to make them come true. In exchange for." I trailed off. "In exchange for what?" my father said, looking at me for a moment, then back to Josh. "In exchange, you'll buy me a car" I finished. "Does that sound like a deal Daddy?" My dad broke his gaze at Josh again and looked into my eyes. He walked closer to me.

"And if I say no?" He asked. "If you say no then Josh gets dressed and leaves. You go back to looking at your pictures on your computer, and I go back to bumming rides off my friends" I said. "Deal?" I held out my hand for my dad. It was shaking, and my heart was beating so fast I could hear it.

My dad looked back at Josh, then back at me. I could tell he was thinking hard. Suddenly he held out his hand took mine. Then he squeezed my hand and pulled me toward him. For a moment I thought he was going to beat me for what I had done, but instead he leaned in and kissed me on the lips.

It was the weirdest kiss of my life. It was not a normal father/daughter kiss, but it was not overly passionate either. After the kiss, my father shrugged and said, "Sounds like a pretty damn good deal to me." I stepped away from between my dad and Josh. My dad untucked his shirt, then unbuttoned it and took it off.

He walked topless over to the bed where Josh still lied nude. "Hi Josh," my father said to him, holding out his hand, "I'm Joe, Penny's dad." Josh took my dad's hand and shook it. "Hi," he said, "nice to meet you." I sat in a chair my father kept across the room.

In all the nervousness, thinking about this moment, I had never thought about what it actually happening would be like. As I watched my dad climb into the bed next to Josh, I realized this was going to be one of the most erotic sights I would ever see.

I could not wait. My pussy was already dripping wet. I leaned back, ready to watch this show. My dad had kicked off his shoes, and removed his shirt.

He was now lying in bed next to Josh wearing only his pants. Josh was completely naked. I could tell both of them were very hard. My dad leaned down and kissed Josh on the lips, gentle at first, but then with a little more force. Soon my father was making out with Josh. My father began to touch Josh. First just his chest, but then his hands started to wonder. His hands moved down Josh's sides, then his hips, then his legs. Josh also began to touch my dad's chest. He ran his hands over his impressive pecks and along his abs.

I never realized my dad kept in such good shape. Seeing him here, without his shirt for the first time in a long time, he actually looked kinda sexy. Josh and my dad continued to make out, touching each other's bodies.

I was doing some touching of my own. I had spread my legs onto each arm of the chair I was sitting in, and was slowly touching my cunt lips as i watched, getting more turned on by the second. After a few minutes, my dad stopped kissing Josh's mouth, and started moving downward. He kissed Josh's neck, biting on it lightly, and then kept going down.

Soon he was kissing and licking Josh's nipples. Josh was panting heavily. I was surprised he was into this as much as he was. I guessed Josh had to have had some bi-sexual thoughts long before this day. My father did not stop at Josh's chest for long though. Quickly he continued down and before long was near Josh's crotch. He did not dive right in though, my dad kissed and licked all around Josh's pelvis, obviously savoring his first taste of his greatest fantasy.

My dad then used his hand to lightly touch Josh's little penis. He stroked it a few times, then lifted it out of the way and began licking Josh's balls. Josh was moaning now as my dad sucked first one, then both of Josh's testicles into his mouth, sucking on them.

My dad sucked Josh's balls for a few second, and then spit them back out. He then moved his mouth a few inches up and licked Josh's dick from the base up to the tip. Josh moaned again and put his hands on the back of my dad's head. My father then took Josh's little cock into his mouth and looked up into the young boy's eyes as he began to suck it. My father sucked on the cock of his new little lover for a few minutes, Josh moaning the whole time. Eventually my dad stopped and got out of bed.

The pressure in his pants was obviously becoming too much. He undid his belt, then his pants. He then quickly pulled his pants and boxer shorts down and stepped out of them.

My dad's cock sprang free, pointing up toward the ceiling. I was shocked. My dad had a nice long dick. It was very impressive looking. As my dad got back into the bed with Josh and went back to sucking his little penis. While he was sucking, my dad began stroking his own penis. As he sucked, my dad began lifting Josh's legs up. Once Josh's legs were up off the bed, my dad let go of his dick and began licking his balls again.

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He then directed his licking lower, and into Josh's crack. Soon my dad was licking around Josh's butt hole. He licked it a few times, and then stuck his tongue into his little hole. My father was tongue fucking our little lover, while Josh was moaning very loudly now. This scene was so erotic; I had two fingers slowly sliding in and out of my wet pussy. In a few minutes my dad let go of Josh and got out of the bed again. He started to leave the room, and obviously noticed me for the first time.

I think he forgot I was even in the room. He looked at me, with my fingers buried deep inside my pussy. He smiled at me and said that he would be right back. Then my father left the room. I wondered where he was going, but took the chance to talk to Josh. "Are you ok?" I asked him. Then I added "Are you having fun?" "I'm great!" answered Josh. "This is so much fun!" he added. I giggled a little. I was glad Josh was enjoying this as much as me, and obviously my dad, were.

My dad returned quickly with a jar of Vaseline in his hand. He knelt on the bed and had Josh roll over. I knew exactly what my dad had in mind. I wondered if Josh did too. I hoped he was ready for it, but from his excited comments moments ago, and the way he seemed to be enjoying himself, I was sure he knew what was coming, and wanted it just as badly.

My father helped Josh get onto all fours and point his cute little butt upward. My dad first took a few good licks of Josh's ass hole in this position. Then he opened the jar. He stuck his forefinger in and got it nice and gooey. He then began rubbing Josh's butt hole with it. After Josh was adequately messy, my father got more Vaseline on his finger and began to slowly stick it into Josh's butt.

Josh moaned as my dad's finger entered him. My dad went slowly at first, letting Josh get used to the feeling. For his part, Josh seemed to love it. He began moving his butt backward every time my father would withdraw his finger a little, trying to keep the digit in his butt longer.

He seemed to be loving the feeling of my dad finger fucking him. "Are you ok there Sport?" my dad asked Josh. "Yes," Josh moaned as a reply, looking back at my dad. "You ready to try some more?" my father asked. "Yes, I want it all," Josh replied. That was obviously all the encouragement my dad needed. He went back to the jar and spread Vaseline over his rock hard cock. He then got behind Josh, and positioned himself just right. I heard both males moan as my dad pushed forward, slowly entering Josh from behind.

He continued to slowly push until my dad had about half of his long dick inside the young boy's butt. Then he began to fuck. My dad slowly moved in and out of Josh. Slowly fucking the little boy. Josh seemed to be loving the feeling, moaning with each thrust. Soon my dad began to pick up speed. He thrust into Josh's but faster and faster with each thrust. Soon they were fucking like animals. I could not hold back any longer, and was jamming my fingers into my pussy as fast as I could.

All three of us were moaning very loudly. I could tell my dad was not going to last long. His moaning was getting harder and faster. With one final thrust my dad let out a yelp. He was cumming in Josh's butt. Josh let out a little scream as he took shot after shot of my dad's hot cum deep in his backside. I also screamed as I had the best orgasm I had ever had while masturbating. My dad withdrew his cock from Josh and fell to the bed, lying next to him.

None of us said a word or moved for several minutes. Finally my dad rolled over and sat up in bed. He looked at me, and smiled. "So Penny," he said, "what kind of car do you want?" After everything that had just happened, that was not this first thing I expected to hear from my dad. A little shocked I replied "I don't know, I was thinking a convertible" "Well a deal is a deal, and I think after what you gave me," my dad said and as Josh rolled over my dad leaned down and kissed him again, then finished "you deserve whatever car you want." After we all finally got up and moving, my father said Josh should probably have a shower to clean up before he went home.

I was not surprised at all that my father got in the shower with him. I do not know what they did in the shower, but they were in there for a very long time.

By the time the finally came down stairs I had been online for long enough to find the perfect little convertible for myself on the local dealer's website. Josh was dressed and it was time for him to get home. I gave him a long passionate kiss before he left, and so did my dad. My dad asked if he could come back the following night.

Josh said he had baseball practice that night. "Good," I said, "Dad and have some shopping to do anyway." We all had a little laugh. As Josh left, he said he would come over the next time he could. A week later I was driving home from the mall in my convertible, the wind blowing in my hair.

I pulled into the driveway and parked. I walked into the house and did not see my father anywhere. I knew he was home, so that could only mean one thing. By the time I made it to the top of the stairs I could already hear the moaning. When I opened the door I saw my dad lying on his back. Josh had learned to suck cock a couple days before and was demonstrating his talents on my father.

Without delay I climbed into the bed and began doing the same to Josh's little penis. Things were a little weird between my father and me after that. We had both become very open about our sexuality, both walking the house naked most of the time.

We told each other all of the stories about sex. I told him about me losing my virginity and about my first time with Josh. He told me about his exploits when he was younger, and told me about developing his interests in children.

My dad and I have not had sex. We have touched and played with each other a little bit while in bed with Josh, but I think the idea of fucking his daughter is a weird idea for my dad. I do not really understand that, knowing that my dad does enjoy fucking younger children, but I respect it.

Maybe I am too old for him. The idea of being with my dad does interest me though. Remember, I only wanted two things in life, and I got one of them. I got my car. The other thing I wanted was a little but trickier though.

I was always looking for new sexual experiences. For a while, having sex with Josh, and watching him with my dad, filled that fantasy perfectly. But as time went by, it became, somewhat, boring to me. I always enjoyed it, and would never pass it up, but after we had done it a few dozen times, it lost some of its magic. Maybe that is why I began thinking about having sex with my dad, but like I said, he was not interested in me that way. So I figured I needed some other way to get what I wanted.

First I had to decide what I wanted. My dad had opened up his secret porn stash to me. I knew all about it anyway, so he did not see a point in hiding it any longer.

I was home alone one day when I found out what I wanted next in life. I was searching through my dad's picture collection, fingering my pussy, when I noticed something interesting. I had noticed before that there were a few pictures of girls mixed in with all the boy pictures on my dad's computer, but I never really looked at them. I do not know what made me pay more attention that day, but as I was flipping through and landed on a girl picture something inside of me clicked. She was so cute, a little red headed girl, maybe about 10 or 11.

She was completely naked. She was lying on a bed with a vibrator touching her young, hairless pussy. I came in that moment. There was not even much of a buildup. It was the weirdest, and one of the best, orgasms. Right then and there I knew what I wanted more than anything in life. a young girl. And I knew just how to get it. The End Thank you for reading. Please be sure to send comments to me at [email protected] Thanks again, Scott.