Male naked piss and videos with mens pissing gay Nolan Loves That Hot

Male naked piss and videos with mens pissing gay Nolan Loves That Hot
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It had become hard to imagine a better sexual moment than the one I had just spent fucking my best friend Mike's ass in the front seat of my truck. Over the next few days I craved it! I wanted to be right back there again pounding that tight ass, hearing his moans, seeing my cum shoot out across his back and drip down his ass.

I found myself beating off more than just the normal time of doing it at night. He was constantly on my mind. I was stroking myself, thinking of him in public bathrooms, on the couch at random times, and even when taking my own nightly rides in the hills alone. I even recall jacking off in our saddle shed at the farm, just imagining having him laid out on his back on the workbench as I slid my hard cock in and out of his ass. Would I get another chance in real life? Honestly, even with that craving I just wanted him in any way I could get it…a blow job, a hand job, it didn't matter, I loved it all.

One afternoon we found ourselves fishing a little stream just outside of town, but in an area where I seldom saw anyway. Fuck, he was so hot that day, his shirt off enjoying the sun, his tan, sweaty chest glistening in the sun.

I wanted him then and there, but typical me not wanting to push things and make it weird I said nothing. After all, was he thinking the same thing? Did he worry about getting caught in the daylight like I also dreaded?

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Once back in the truck and bouncing down the road home, the talk quickly turned back to our favorite girls. It was turning into a fairly dirty conversation that had me hard within seconds. I must have been really caught up in the moment, because I blurted out, "fuck man, thinking of her like that makes me so horny. I'm so hard right now". Without skipping a beat Mike replied, "yeah, me too.

Maybe we should find a place to stroke it?" I felt a tingle go through me and my breathing quicken with excitement. "Yeah, for sure. Let's find a spot". With that, we were driving every side road we could find that led to more faint trails back into the thick trees, until we finally arrived at a spot that we felt very certain nobody would venture into. I was no sooner parked that Mike had his shirt off, window rolled down, and was pulling out that gorgeous cock and starting to stoke it back to life.

Seeing this, I had no need to work mine to get it standing to attention. The sight of that perfect hard body with his cock in his hand was all I needed.

Like I said, it was so hot that day! We were just barely into jacking off when I suggested that we go back into the truck bed where it would be cooler outside, noting that I kept a blanket behind the seat of the truck that we could lay out on.

Mike didn't hesitate, which I thought he would, being in the daylight and all. As we laid the blanket out in the truck bed neither of us wasted time stripping down the rest of the way. Before we even laid down Mike asked the question I was so anxious for, "Do you want to suck it a little"? I nodded in approval, and with that Mike moved in and eagerly went down on my throbbing, aching cock. I couldn't believe how he took me into his mouth!

Usually he started slow, but today I could totally see him craving it, needing it! I was in pure ecstasy. I could always see decently when we had done it before, but this was the first time in full light, and it brought a whole new level of thrill to it.

I loved all I could see, and there was no way I could keep my hands off of that body now. I ran my hands over his body and squeezed in a way I never had before as he sucked me.

As I worked down to his hips, and while reaching under to massage his balls, I found him turning his legs and ass towards me, trying to give me better access to them.

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While I worked his beautiful balls and rubbed that rock hard cock, I moved my other hand down his back and to his ass. There was no hesitating this time, I squeezed and rubbed that ass, bringing on his moans again as I did so. I worked my hands towards that how crack again, but not slowly this time as I moved my fingers in and squeezed. I felt him pick up his pace, and that ass slid towards me even more in approval. With that, I worked my finger over that hot asshole again, Mike moaning in approval.

I could have groped that ass all day while he sucked me. But I also wanted that cock in my mouth. I was just getting ready to move into a 69 with him where I could also work his ass over with my hands when he broke from me, looking at me while he stroked me softly. "Do you want to put it in my ass?" I honestly didn't think this was going to go there, especially during the day. "Yeah, ok" I replied. Mike moved to his knees. I thought my view was spectacular in the night's light of the radio, I could barely hold it in as I looked at that ass spread out in front of me in the daylight.

I eagerly moved up behind him. As I neared entering that hot love tunnel, Mike whispered "wait".


Like last time I watched him spit on his hand and apply it to the tip of my raging hard on. "OK" he said, and with that I eased into my lover's hot awaiting ass. Little by little I entered him, it went in much easier this time. I was surprised that it took little work this time, and with Mike's moan and a push back into me I knew he was good, and I began to fuck him, watching my cock slide in between those amazing ass cheeks, all the way to the base and back up.


Mike moaned louder as I fucked him faster now. As an airplane flew over, for a second I had the thought of "what if we get caught"? I found that it excited me, and without hesitation I went to fucking my best friend faster and deeper, loving the sound of my balls slapping against his ass.

I reached around and began to stroke Mike as I fucked him. Within seconds Mike was asking me not to stop, "Oh, I'm gonna cum". I slowed up on pounding his ass to focus on taking care of him, wanting to see that cum shoot from him.

Within seconds, Mike was forcing himself back onto my cock he shot his hot load out onto my blanket. He had arched back, his back against my chest as I stroked him, by cock buried for all it could go into that perfect ass. As he began to come down from his own orgasm, I felt mine building. With a couple more thrusts into him I announced also that I was cumming. I pulled out from that now sweat covered ass and pumped my own load out onto the blanket.

We lay there for a couple of minutes, and without much else being said cleaned ourselves up and headed back to town. Our next couple of times together, anal sex was not brought up, but that's not to say that we didn't have our fun and push our experimentation further. One night, we found ourselves parked and I was not far at all into sucking Mike's cock when something strange happened.

It was a taste in my mouth…it tasted like cum. I had tried his cum before, licking it off of his hand when he wasn't looking. I could taste it, but I couldn't really say for sure that I could feel it. But right after the taste came on (which I was enjoying immensely), Mike pulled away from me and said that we needed to go. I tried to urge him back into it, but he was adamant about leaving. Did I do something wrong? Was he suddenly ashamed of what we were doing? Or had he cum in my mouth and was embarrassed to say anything?

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That night weighed on my mind for some time. Days went by with seeing Mike during the day, but without the opportunity to hang out at night. Meanwhile, I was consumed by the thought of his cum! Was that his cum I had tasted? Every time I beat off I imagined swallowing his hot load. When I looked at gay porn I became infatuated with cum shots, mainly facials. Well, a few days later and I found myself parked with him in the night again, hearing those sweet words "do you want to suck it"?

Again this night, once our clothes were stripped down Mike started on me. We usually went back and forth, taking turns after a few minutes. Mike spent a little more time on me this night, and after being worked up for days about him I was really fighting holding back myself from cumming as he worked me.

Something else that was new, he was moaning as he sucked on me. I had no idea that moaning could add a whole new feeling to a blow job. I couldn't keep my hands off of him again as he sucked me. My hands wandered his body, but it was his cock I craved tonight. My hands were all over his cock, stroking, rubbing, cupping his balls, playing with the tip. As Mike broke from me and laid back in his seat for his turn I couldn't help but look over that perfect body that I loved so much.

I moved down, kissing his legs, my hands on his hips as I worked up. Reaching his cock, I kissed over it, licking up the shaft as I looked up at him, his head rolled back, eyes closed. As my lick ended on the tip I kept moving upwards, kissing that flat stomach, my hands squeezing his hips and working back around to his ass. I worked up to his nipples, kissing and flicking them with my tongue. As I did so, my cock which had been pressed against his leg the whole way up was now rubbing against his own throbbing cock.

I held that position, kissing his chest as I pressed into him, rubbing my cock into his, humping against him, loving the feel of all of that skin against my own. As good as this was, I wanted that cock in my mouth. I kissed back down and without further play took that warm head in, moaning as I did so. I can remember the shiver that went through me as Mike ran his hands over my shoulders and down my sides as I began to slide my mouth down that smooth, long shaft.

I began to quicken my pace, doing all I could to feel every inch of that perfect dick in my mouth as I worked up and down him. I worked my tongue around the head as much as I could with every stroke. I could feel his breath quicken and deepen, and the movements of his ass on the seat told me he was close.

Taking his cum in my mouth had up to now been only a fantasy, and honestly I wasn't very sure I wanted to do it in real life. Would I gag? Should I spit it out? Feeling his body squirm, hearing his moans, feeling his already hard cock firm up even more took my mind to a whole new point. I didn't care. I was going to suck my best friend, my lover until he cums. I think Mike was waiting for me to pull back and give me his turn to go, I could tell he was trying to fight it.

But I had a goal. I moved my hand to the base of his cock and squeezing it, began to jerk him in harmony with working my mouth over him. As soon as began to do this, I felt his ass clench up as he nervously announced "I'm gonna cum". He moved his hand down to take over, but I had no intention to hand off. He said it again, this time with more of a concern to his voice, like he was concerned about me, "I'm going to cum".

With my forearm, I tapped his hand away as I continued working him, and with that Mike lay back against the seat, looking down at me with surprise in his eyes as he shot string after string of cum out into my mouth. There it was, that taste from the other night that I craved so much! As my mouth filled with his hot load, I found myself swallowing a lot of it down.

I didn't even think about it, it just happened.

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As Mike came down from his moaning, squirming orgasm I found myself enjoying the last of his cum in my mouth. I broke away from him, leaning back in my own seat as he began to clean up what very little mess remained.

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As he did so, I stroked myself as I looked at him there naked in the soft light of the radio, the taste of his cum still filling my mouth. I never took my eyes off of his still twitching cock as I reached my own orgasm, moaning loudly as I shot ropes of cum onto my stomach and chest. As I kept working out every drop, I looked up to see Mike looking over at my cock.

He had watched me finish myself off and I didn't even know it. He wanted it just as much as I did, I had little doubt now. That summer would prove that I was right in that. We were now going out on our nightly drives a good 3-4 times a week! Now once parked, we were stripping down as soon as we got there, and we didn't even have to ask about "sucking it" anymore.

Pretty much every night I was still sucking him dry when he would cum as well. Mike relaxed into this new norm as well. After a while, there was no need for him to announce that he was cumming, he knew I was going to suck every last drop out of him anyway. I had about all I had craved…his cock, his naked body, his tight ass, and even his cum, but I still found ways to push the limits in ways I had never imagined. One night while taking my turn to give Mike his blowjob we found ourselves in another one of those very passionate frenzies which had only happened a couple of times.

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I'm not sure why, maybe we hadn't been out for our drive in a while. Anyway, I had taken a couple of opportunities to ravage his body with my tongue and lips, kissing his stomach, his chest, nipples, and even venturing to the base of his neck this night.

As I worked back down to his cock, I pulled his cock upward working my tongue over his tasty ball sack. He had stopped me from doing this the one and only time I did it so long ago, asking me not to tease him.

Tonight I realized that he was enjoying it, even arching back to let me get in there better. As he did so, my tongue slipped down further to the base of his balls, and against his taint. I hesitated initially, but found an amazing new taste that once again blocked my inhibitions from my mind. I licked over his taint for a few minutes as I stroked him gently above. I loved the feel of that bumpy little ridge on my tongue. I came to a little, realizing that maybe this bold step would be awkward, so I went back to his cock and took that warm, soft skin back into my mouth.

He was so hard! I could feel his cock twitch and bounce as my lips met it. I sucked on him, moaning as I slipped my hand between his legs, spreading him open again as I had him just seconds before. He didn't hesitate, he eagerly obliged. I kept my hand there, massaging his balls and rubbing my fingertips on that forbidden area I had just licked. His moans met ensured me that he approved. He even slid on his back to a position where he could better open up for me.

With that invitation, I pushed my hand back further to that hot little asshole that I loved to massage. As I rubbed my finger over him, sucking on that rock hard boner, he pushed his ass to my finger, kind of humping it. I don't know where the thought came from, but as he did so I found myself easing a fingertip into him. He again moaned, and pushed himself onto it more.

I kept working Mike's cock in my mouth as I fingered his tight hole for the first time! I again broke away to ravage his hot, sweaty body with my tongue.

I did this because I wanted to bury my face back into that taint! I kissed back down to his legs, into his awaiting, spread crotch where my tongue again found that bumpy pleasure. I licked it just as I had before, however now I found myself working back more and more into that forbidden area.

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I was less than an inch from his asshole and my body was on fire with excitement. I don't know what came over me…it wasn't even a slow motion. I went from that tantalizing ridge right to his awaiting asshole. In doing so, I gave it a soft lick at first. With no objection but rather an excited moan from Mike, I began to swirl my tongue around it. Again, pure ecstasy! I couldn't believe what I was doing! In all of my fantasizing I had never imagined licking an asshole.

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That would just be gross! But it was the complete opposite, an amazing new taste and pleasure. Mike was moaning louder now, and pressing into my face like he was trying to fuck it. Mike being so into it drove me over the edge and I pressed my tongue further into that eager, awaiting, yummy hole. I had now went from flicks and swirls to burying my face in his ass, pulling his hips into me with both hands as I fucked his hot hole with my tongue. I pushed more and more trying to get in there as deep as I could, while still pulling out to give the surface of his asshole a few licks here and there.

I could have stayed there all night! However I craved his cum, and soon found myself with a mouthful of perfect cock, bringing my lover to another orgasm. Mike clinched up and with the loudest moans I had heard from him blasted the back of my throat with a huge load of cum. It was almost more than I could take, but I lapped it up eagerly as he emptied every last drop of nut into me. That summer was capped off by one more amazing fuck adventure.

Although we were going down on each other several nights a week, the anal sex was sporadic. Interestingly enough, we always seemed like we were driving around and doing it in my truck. One day we happened to be cruising around in his little car, such a tiny thing! When the conversation again turned to the fucking hot girls we liked and going somewhere to beat off was mentioned, I was convinced that's all this trip was going to be, just beating off.

When we got there, Mike quickly asked if I wanted to suck it. "How are we going to do that" I asked? "Come here" he gestured with a nod of the head as he opened the door. I followed him around back where he popped the hatch back of the car. "See, there's room" he said. Well, there was, but it wasn't much. We would be in there tight, but the thought of that again excited me anyway. Plus, it was daytime again, daytime sex with Mike was very rare.

We had to sit on the bumper to take off our shoes, strip down the rest of the way, then we climbed into the back, closing the hatch behind us. We were leg to leg, bare skin as we got comfortable. As we got arranged, I could tell that Mike was moving in for the first turn, so I moved to accommodate. Fuck! I loved watching that rock hard body move into position for that hot, wet mouth to start its magic. Although I was lean, I was skinny, and he was so much more muscular than me.

I started running my hands over him as he lowered his mouth onto my eagerly awaiting cock. By now our hands had no limits. Every time lately that we had went out to suck each other it had involved my hands groping his ass and fingering that tight little hole. I would bury my face in his ass any chance I got as well.

So this day, as he picked up the pace on fucking my throbbing dick with his face, I of course found my hand working its way into his ass, and easing a finger into that warm, wet awaiting hole.

Oh I loved the sounds of his moans as I entered him. It was a long moan that started off high and ended deeper. As I began to finger fuck him those same moans continued but got faster, shorter, and more frequent.

Leaning up I was able to fondle his throbbing, twitching cock as I worked him with my finger as well. Mike broke from me, I recognized that look and knew what was coming. Except this time nothing was said. I knew he wanted in in his ass, but I couldn't see how this would work in this little car.

He must have saw the question in my eyes. "Just lay down" he gently suggested. I did so, my cock standing to attention, perfect for him to grasp. This time he leaned down, and I watched him slowly, softly let the spit drip from his mouth and onto the head of my cock.

I thought I would lose it right there! He stroked that spit in a couple of times, spit on the head again, then lifted a leg across me as he held the wet base of my wet, throbbing hard on. I knew what was coming, and it felt like my heart stopped while I watched him do it, even though it was racing. His back to me, I watched him lower his ass towards my awaiting cock.

The view! That perfectly shaped ass spread in the sunlight, my cock in his hand, the spit still shining on the tip, and that overall muscular body that I craved. I placed my hands on his hips, not guiding, just wanting them there on that body, as I focused on that target, that pink, perfect asshole that was now making contact with the tip of my dick.

I held my breath as he started to lower himself onto it. Again the words, "Easy, easy" as he slid down my pole little by little. I watched that hot ass swallow my cock slowly, pausing occasionally as he waited to take it in, sliding all the way until it disappeared fully inside of him. I was buried to the hilt!

He paused there, moaning, and rocking gently. Then I watched in thrill as my cock reappeared, then disappeared, reappeared. My hands on his hips, I now firmed my grip and pulled him into me eagerly. He began to slide faster, bottoming out with each bounce. There was no way I could go back as rather that ass as I fucked it, I was now watching that ass fuck my dick!

Mike found a nice, steady pace and it was working perfect for mw. My eyes rolled back, my toes stretched, and my back arched as I knew it was coming on. I couldn't take my eyes off of his ass, I loved that ass and the sight of my cock being enveloped by that hungry love tunnel.

I squeezed Mikes hips tighter now, my breathing quickened. With each bounce I tried to bury it deeper in him even though it was already as deep as it could go. "Oh fuck I'm going to cum bud" I announced. With that, Mike took a few more bounces until he felt me tense up. He moved off of me…of the sight of my cock slipping entirely from that ass and seeing the gaping hole I had opened.

I was already starting to shoot when Mike reached down and pumped every string of cum out of my cock with his hand. Rope after rope, my eyes fixed on that ass that was now pointed right at my face as he stroked me. When he was finished, he moved to work himself so orgasm but there's no way I would let him after he fucked me so wonderfully like that. I moved down without a word and sucked that gorgeous cock, a finger buried in his ass while I did until he shot that hot, salty load down my throat again.

All in the daylight. Perfect, just perfect. The summer had just opened a new chapter in the book. And I can't wait to share the winter with you next time.