Blonde Babe Masturbating In The Tub

Blonde Babe Masturbating In The Tub
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The fight had been going on for the better part of an hour with Batgirl trading punches and kicks with the East Side Rangers, a well organized group of gang members led by a woman who called herself The Mask.

Driving a particularly hard punch to the side of her second's woman, Batgirl finished off the young girl only to have a blow land at the base of her skull that literally threw Batgirl into the water fountain with a large splash, before she was grabbed by The Mask and had her head pushed under the water's surface. The Mask shoved Batgirl's head into the steaming water of the fountain as she brought her forearm down into the small of the caped woman's back trying to force all of the air out of her ample chest.

Holding Batgirl by the neck she intended to drown the woman as she delived yet another solid blow to her back and then kicked Batgirrl in the back of the knees. own Dazed by the hard blow, Batgirl landed in the fountain and then sank as The Mask pressed her own body down on Batgirl's.

Her cowl's life support system activating the second her face went under the surface, Batgirl scrambled to find purchase but with the water and her gloves made of latex it was all but the only thing she could do was to make it look like she had the bubbles slipped from her lips.many to a few to none, with Batgirl struggling less and less before her body went still.

The Mask held Batgirl in place as the struggling had stopped, she raised a knee and brought it down on the small of the woman's back to make sure she had finished her off. Seeing no air bubbles or any thrashing at all the Mask grabbed a hold of Batgirl's long hair and pulled her up and out of the water. She looked the now dead woman up and down as the water poured out of her mouth the tell tale sign that her lungs had indeed filled with water.

She pulled out her cell phone and hit record and handed it off to the only other female gang member that was still barely standing. The mask then grabbed a hold of Batgirl's water logged mask and started to pull up. It was the chance she had been waiting for as The Mask pulled her out of the water and held her there only to start making a grab for her mask. Acting quickly, Batgirl drove the point of her bat-a-rang directly into The Mask's tender groin before she drove a hard back handed punch directly into the woman's nose, crushing it upon impact which forced the woman to let go of the mask.


Twisting before The Mask could recover, Batgirl drove a kick to her stomach to knock the wind out of her, only to feel the pain of a perfectly aimed upper cut to her chin that snapped Batgirl's head clean off the back of her shoulders before driving her body onto the two foot wide ledge that surrounded the fountain. The henchwoman had acted fast as she had seen her leader go down. The hard upper cut was perfectly placed, she watched as the gorgeous woman's head nearly came off her shoulders as her body arched.

But what happened next was the slamming of Batgirl's body into the two foot ledge, leaving the woman's hanging lower body in the fountain, the small of her back on the ledge and head hanging over was just to sexy.

The woman was on her, with a stomp right to Batgirl's cunt. As she brought both fists down into Batgirl's breasts as she grabbed a hold of her breasts upon contact.

For long seconds, Batgirl's body hung in the balance as she had not seen the upper cut coming until it was too late.

Moving slowly, she had just begun to twist her body to get back up when her pussy screamed out in unholy terror from a well placed, steel-toe reinforced boot, nearly crushing her cunt in the process. The pain was unbearable but not nearly as much as the pain to her ample breasts as the henchwoman drove two brass-knuckled fists into her breasts, all but flattening them in an instant and driving the air from Batgirl's lungs.

Stunned by the multiple blows, Batgirl tried to stay awake past the pain only to have her head grabbed and driven back into the stone wall of the fountain once - twice - three times, before she received another upper cut that all but finished Batgirl for the moment. "Freeze - - - - BITCH, don't move a muscle., don't twitch, don't even breath wrong or I'll blow your fucking head clean off.

Now get back away from Batwoman." Renee Montoya had been hurt that Katherine Kane had chosen batwoman over her, it had built up so much bile and near hate for the woman that Renee hated seeing her mentioned anywhere but this assualt on her former lover had gone on to long. Renee wouldn't see Kate hurt by anyone.she whistled as two officers came and arressed the Mask and her henchwoman as back up was called in to pick up the rest.

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Renee moved over to Batwoman, and lended down, picking her up in her arms she carefully moved her to the nearby ground, and then realize it wasn't Kate. Renee's eyes went over the gorgeous much wounger woman's body before her befre she came to her sense, and started to check vitals.

When she found out she was alive, Renee got out some smelling salts and brought them up to the young woman's nose whom was now in her arms. Batgirl came alive with a jerk as the potent smelling salts flooded her senses, but before she could rejoin the fight she felt a hand on her left breast, holding her down while a soft voice told her to stay still.

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Her eyes focusing quickly enough, Batgirl realized it was the detective from Vice of the Gotham City Police, and though they should not have been enemies, Batgirl had heard the woman despised masked vigilantes with a passion, making her wary of this supposed protection. Still, the hand upon her breast didn't feel threatening any more than the eyes that were looking down into her masked face at the moment, making Batgirl wonder if what she had heard might have been in error. watching Montoya's face intently as she ordered the other officers to round up the unconscious perps, Batgirl didn't fail to notice how the Lieutenants' hand slid down to her stomach and stated to almost caress her costume, forcing Batgirl to touch her wrist and pull it off her well tone, wet-looking body, as the humidity forced the water to bead up and shimmer in the lamplight.

"I'm not Batwoman, Lieutenant, I'm Batgirl., but thanks for the save. Am I under arrest?" Renee watched as Batgirls eyes met her own, the girl or actually woman was stunning, beautiful what with her black latex suit completely glistening from the humidity. she barely noticed herself as she had been cupping batgirls breast it had been done out of protection though she found her hand now roaming slightly since they were alone.

her eyes went over batgirls body as a trickle of sweat rolled down her own neck and into her cleavage as batgirl lifted away her hand and corrected her, and asked if she was under arrest.

seeing the look on batgirls face, she saw the worry, the contempt, kate got to this one, the bitch. "Depends, have you broken any laws lately? I mean I could cuff you for disruption of the peace but that would be very very light. so tell you what you do not get up too fast let me help you, tell me what the look on your face is for, and your age, some nice convo.and i will not arrest you." Renee smirked at the young woman.

"I suppose I'm breaking a law just by dressing up like this and slapping on a mask, Lieutenant, as my kind are somewhat outside the law? As for getting up too fast, that is not in my current line of thinking., as I need to rest. Body took a few hits in sensitive places." Batgirl had caught the look Montoya ad given her when she asked about being arrested, the sense of near hatred that had boiled up in her for a second, only vanish moments later as if nothing had been wrong.

The hand that had been on her breast had felt good though why Batgirl had thought of that was beyond her. But the other things, like her age was odd, though it wouldn't bother Batgirl if they could talk, as she seldom got a chance to talk while in costume, unless it was banter during the fight. "I'm, twenty-four, and I'd like a nice quiet talk if it didn't have to happen down town. As for the look I gave you, everyone wearing a mask and fighting crime gets concerned when we deal with a cop that has us at their mercy., though it's nothing personal, Lieutenant." Renee nodded to Batgirl softly, she took notice of how the woman had looked at her hand when it had been over Batgirl's breast.

"I would have thought you might have been a bit older, and let's just say for arguements sake you came from a oh a costume party and were attacked, I saved you. Took your statement after we chatted, had a nice dinner, found out you were really the real Batgirl moments after you disappeared, from my loft." Renee placed both hands on Batgirl's shapely hips. "Up, carefully with me now." She told the woman, "I'm 22 by the way," Renee muttered the rest, "though your body took some hits it still looks great." Almost to herself, "Well let's see about getting you somewhere safe where I can take a look at your body." Renee had helped Batgirl to her feet and held her still while she steadied herself, though Renee was not letting go.

"Let's head back to my car, my loft is not to far away." "Is age a requirement for donning a mask and cape, Lieutenant? If so you might have to arrest me now." Saying it with a smirk on her face, Batgirl let Renee help her up only to then almost fall into her, the only thing stopping the fall being Renee's hand back on her left breast, and this time Batgirl didn't move to remove it so fast, though she noticed Renee finally started to slide her hand around her breast as if trying to gauge the size.

Thanking her for the second save, Batgirl wandered off a few steps and then fell against a tree to steady herself, as yet another wave of dizziness flooded her mind that threatened to overwhelm her at any moment. "Sorry., I'm not normally like this., dizzy.just need to rest a few minutes, then we can go somewhere." Dazed more than she thought she had been, Batgirl slowly turned her body so the tree was behind her while she rested.

The blows to her breasts with the brass knuckles had hurt like hell as did the two uppercuts, but it was her womanhood, barely concealed under the thin latex, that had been kicked and kicked hard, and that was what was hurting her now.

Renee had helped Batgirl to her feet, a smile crossed her face, "Maybe I'll cuff you sometime then." She winked at her slightly, catching Batgirl just as she fell, her hand wrapped aound Batgirl's left breast.

Renee lightly squeezed it, not too hard though, just a small feel as she steadied her yet again. Renee's eyes followed Batgirl as she barely walked a few steps ahead of her. "Your welcome yet again Batgirl." Renee stood next to Batgirl, placing her hands on both of the girl's shoulders. "Rest with me, your not taking another step unless my arms are around you?

Understand?" She could see that Batgirl was in pain, she wanted to help the woman, "Tell me, what did they do to you Batgirl?

I know first aid, I can help." Renee knew they wouldn't get to far unless she helped the masked woman, as she brought her hands down from her shoulders to gently rub Batgirl's upper arms.

"I'm not., I'm not going anywhere for awhile, Montoya., too dizzy. Caught two brass knuckles in my breasts and two damn good upper cuts to my chin.

Why it isn't broken.?" Laying against the tree, Batgirl fought to stay standing up, her mind so consumed that she had forgotten about the hand on her breast which had continued to roam all around it. Breathing heavily from the pain, exertion, and now the arousing affect of the soft caresses to her breast, Batgirl finally closed her eyes for a moment and continued, telling Montoya where the most painful hit had connected, though a part of her wondered why she was talking to the detective at all.

"Main hit was a steel-toed boot to my center, it nearly ended the fight before it had really started. Now I have a question for you., why did you give me a look of hatred back there when I asked if I'd be arrested?" Renee just listened as Batgirl explained that her breasts were smashed nearly into her body, The detective slowly gently massaged Batgirl's left breast, gently kneading it, then circling the large orb with her fingers as she moved her hand down Batgirl's body just gently rubbing the woman, making her feel better.

Then the question was now in her lap. "Well. .I was hurt by one of your 'sisters' you could say a long time ago.and I guess what she did clouded my opinion of you all Batgirl." Renee continued to cirle Batgirl's breast softly as she rubbed the woman's side bringing her hand finally back up to rub the other breast for her injured comrade.

"A.a sister? Who., mmmmmmmm, who was.uuuhhhhhh, it?" It might have been the fact she was tired or the length of the fight, the fact that her body was simmering under the costume, maybe even the humidity that kept the light mist beading up on her costume, but whatever it was, batgirl was feeling relaxed, almost drugged. The hands roaming her body were slowly driving her mad with excitement, excitement Batgirl had no way of knowing how to control, as her head rolled ever so gently on her shoulders.

Getting aroused by the continued attention to her latex covered very slippery breasts, Batgirl was soon in no condition to fight anyone, let alone Montoya, as a soft moan slipped past her lips, telling the detective she was slowly breaking Batgirl's resolve. "Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm." Renee heard the moan escape Batgirl's lips, a moan of complete pleasure, it sent a shiver through Renee's body, hardening her nipples almost immediately.

"ssshhhhh, that's not important now Batgirl, only you are, we need to get you feeling better." Renee kept circling Batgirl's breasts with her fingers softly, as she leaned down seeing Batgirl's errect nipples, she blew on one slightly as she wrapped her lips around Batgirl's left nipple, starting to suck on it.

She moved her hands down to Batgirl's hips and slid her fingers over her wet catsuit. "mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm." Renee was lost in the moment of wanting to help this woman, lost in wanting this woman.

Her eyes shot open as she let go of Batgirl's nipple and looked around. As she got to her feet, "Sorry, shit, oh sorry Im sorry." She placed her hands on the sides of Batgirl's breasts instinctively and cupped them still.

"I'm sorry Batgirl, but I think we should go to the cafe, you sit next to me until your ready to move better.then we go to my loft and get you cleaned up??" She had been enjoying the attention, her nipples getting harder by the minute as her womanhood heated up. The tongue action was feeling so wonderful Batgirl started to think she might be in heaven until everything stopped all at once with Montoya apologizing to her as if she had done something wrong.

One look to her left nipple told her Renee had been licking it at best or maybe sucking on it, which ever, which half alarmed Batgirl as she never thought of herself as a les. Collecting herself quickly, Batgirl reached for a bat-energy pill and popped it into her mouth before she took a couple of steps back from the detective and looked at her, an expression of shock on Batgirl's face.

"I'll meet you at the café of your choosingLieutenant. I have my bike, then we'll sit across from each other., and this idea about a loft.I'm not sure that is strictly departmental policy., but you would know that wouldn't you? Now tell me about this so called sister of mine, and tell me now." Renee composed herself further as Batgirl steadied herself, and looked to her body.

Renee had seen that look many times on many women's faces and it was excitement and curiousity. SHe smirked slightly as Batgirl made some good points. She only nodded, "Take your bike, I'll take my car." She watched Batgirl as she took a step aweay, watching as the droplets of sweat and humidity beaded off her body. As Batgirl popped a pill into her mouth Renee nodded in agreement. "Maybe a nice cup of coffee in a nice air conditioned cafe will do ius both good Batgirl.

I'll tell you about the other woman there." See you there." She smiled at the woman and climbed into her car, after giving Batgirl the name of the cafe. Her mind on the feelings she stirred within herself and those she knew she brought out of Batgirl, it made Renee wet just thinking of the feeling of the woman's nipple in her mouth. Renee had parked her car, gotten out as it started to rain, she made her way inside and took a back more private booth, as she sdlipped off her boots and waited for the Dark Angel to arrive.

Arriving at the determined cafe, Batgirl pulled the jet-black predator cycle up to the building and turned off the key, before she swung her right leg off the seat, not realizing she was giving Montoya a perfect view of her latex covered core as she did. Initiating the lock down procedure that would keep her ride safe, she waited for the detective to join her and then walked into the shop every eye on her as she walked toward the back of the room, some eyes friendly, some not, some belonging to people Batgirl knew she had busted at one point or another.

Finding a booth where she'd be able to see everyone and where no one could get in behind her, Batgirl sat down and then slid across the bench seat, before she placed her right foot on the cushion so she could view everyone, only to then look into Renee's eyes.

"Has anyone ever told you, you have beautiful eyes, Lieutenant? Renee had enjoyed the view that Batgirl had given her moments ago, of her pussy, still trapped within her latex suit, the latex still crammed up inside as much as it had been before. Her eyes like everyone else on the beauty in latex as she joined her.

What came next stunned the Detective for a moment. "Why thank you Batgirl, I love yours as well, such an alluring color. One could get lost in them." Renee placed a foot up across her oto Batgirl's seat, just resting it there, as the waitress brought them two coffees and the picture.

"So, tell me about this gang that had nearly ended you tonight??" She took a small sip of her coffee as she poured one for Batgirl. Batgirl fought the blush that would have colored her cheeks and then dove into the debriefing, telling Renee about the gang, their suspected activities, how they were believed to be connected to other darker organizations in Gotham and everything else she knew.

The Mask though she knew little about though she was suspected to be from the same island in the Caribbean as Bane, and quite possibly related to him in some way, though that had not yet been proven, the foot on her seat ignored. "The gang is a part of the larger East Side Bowlers, but this one specializes in the protection racket. Batwoman and I had almost gotten them under control before this new woman, the one calling herself The Mask, stepped in and reorganized the group.

Details are "sketchy, but we think she's from the same Caribbean island as Bane, and from the way she fights, and hits, they could very well be related." Batgirl sat in her seat and watched Renee, "so what can you tell me about this other woman?" Renee Smiled at Batgirl as she asked about Batwoman, "Well, this other woman, your 'sister' as I put here.

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Is Batwoman." "Batwoman., how did you two have a bad time?" Batgirl asked as she continued to sit across from Renee. Renee smirked at Batgirl as she continued telling the sexy woman, "yes Batwoman.

Well.we were lovers. Once upon a time." Batgirl turned in the booth to lean in closer so others would not hear what she had to say. "Lovers., that explains you coming on to me back at the park." Renee watched as Batgirl turned in her seat slightly and moved closer to her, to which Renee leaned closer to the Dark Angel, thier faces inches apart. "Yes lovers, as in between the sheets clawing each others back, all of it.and I came onto you Batgirl.because you are that sexy.and a very attractive woman." Renee slid her toe between Batgirl's legs and started to rub her pussy lips.

Batgirl's eyes go wide for a second as she feels Renee's toe against her latex covered pussy, making Batgirl bite her lower lip. Batgirl glanced around them knowing if she were to act weakened it may attract others so she fought the sensations and tried to regain her composure. "Batwoman., she's older that you, way order., she's a bitch too." Renee watched as Batgirl bit her lower lip seeing her fighting with herself as Batgirl looked around.

Renee ground her toe into Batgirl's pussy pressing the latex deeper into her core with her toe sreading Batgirl's lips. She smiled at Batgirl.


"No shit, she's a bitch, you should see her out of the latex, you think she is horrible as Batwoman." Renee continued to rub Batgirl's pussy lips as she slid her hand underneath the table to rub Batgirl's left inner thigh. Batgirl tried fight the growing sensations between her legs but gave up knowing it was just impossible. Having denied her body for so long and having never never made it with a man - let alone a woman. her pussy was damp within minutes, Batgirl lowered her head before pulling it back up to calm down just in time to see the waiter turned to come their direction again for a coffee refill.

"She doesn't wear latex, its leather if I rememebr right. I think'm the only one that wears this kind of costume. Why did you both .no, I know why, you're both dominant aren't you?" Renee watched as Batgirl submited to her touches in a matter of moments, she smiled at Batgirl as she looked down to try to regain composure and to look back up at Renee as the waiter came and went.

Renee lifted a hand gently to touch Batgirl's chin softly, and rub it. "Leather, yes, I havent sopoken to her in a long time. And yes that's why, it made for a very tough relationship.that felt good didnt it Batgirl??" Despite herself Batgirl nodded her head yes as she quickly added cream to the coffee. Knowing full well that the situation was getting out of hand and that they shouldn't be doing this, not at all in public though a part of her started to want the exploration to go on, just as a part of her wondered if Renee realize that Batgirl was am a submissive which since she was in costume was a contradicton to her being Batgirl.

"Renee, we're in public, we need to stick to the facts of the case, least I think we do. Can we talk about something else?" "No.we will talk about what needs to be talked about and that is you." Renee smiled as Batgirl had just admited it felt good, she continued to rub her toe into Batgirl's pussy, as she rubbed the Dark Knight Damsels inner thigh. She popped her toe out of Batgirl's pussy and slid over next to her, wrapping one arm around the Caped wopman's waist holding her close as she continued rubbing Batgirl's inner thigh.

"Tell me, are you a virgin?" She speaks quietly into the cowl, right where Batgirl's ear would be. Batgirl pushed back from Renee and got up, deciding this has gone on long enough. She tossed a couple of dollars on the table to pay for the coffee's as she turned and walked for the front doors, knowing Renee wouldn't let this end that way, not if she was the dominant that Batgirl thought that she was.

Batgirl made it the the bike before Renee caught up to her and drove a hard back-handed slap across Batgirl's face to the embarrassment back inside, and though Batgirl knew that she could take Renee, she choose not to, not here, maybe not ever. "That was your one hit detective., don't try another. I am not lesbian, no matter what you may think. I'll finish the report in your office tomorrow." After striking Batgirl across the face she just stared at the woman as she said she would finish the report back at the office as the rain fell down upon them.

"Straight, lesbian, Batgirl it does not matter I still brought you off.that much has to force you to think about yourself." She started towards Batgirl, and grabbed a hold of the latex between her breasts and pulled Batgirl hard away from the cycle and into the alley way.

Thrown into the alley, Batgirl stumbled toward a collection of trash cans but managed to keep from falling into them. Waiting Renee's approach, she swiftly spun and drove a very hard scissor kick to the woman's face, before she moved in and drove another blow to her kidneys, only to then knock the gun from Renee's hand just as she begin to go for it. "I told you, you had one hit, lieutanent, and I don't like beating on cops.

I have no idea what you and Batwoman went through but i'm not Batwoman., maybe you should lean to treat others with respect." Shaking Renee off, Batgirl let her fall to the alley floor and then went back to her bike, before she started it and raced away, thinking she had seen the last of Montoya for the night. Renee Montoya crumpled to the ground like a rookie after the scissor kick and blow to her kidneys, she held on to herwrist as she glared at Batgirl. A smirk came to her face as she watched Batgirl leave on her bike as she got up to her feet.

After seeing it in Batgirl's eyes when she had brought the masked woman off, how she carried herself with her, Renee had given Batgirl the opening to attack her fully.

But saw that Batgirl didnt truely have it in her to do it. She then walked to her car and got inside and followed Batgirl, as she rub various spots as she continued to tail Batgirl. "Good little Batgirl, you put up a small fight, but its over for you tonight.

Your mine." Renee followed Batgirl to the heroine's safe house. Batgirl walked to the door of the safe house only to be grabbed by the left shoulder and spun around and then slammed into the wall behind her. Though she struggled, her breasts jiggling in the thin latex, she was quickly overpowered as Renee grabbed her wrists and pinned them up to either side of Batgirl's head. Batgirl still struggled weakly though until Renee pressed in close, their breasts touching with each deep breath, nipples crushed together, before Renee's lips brushed Batgirl's own and then attack.

Batgirl knew she had to fight this, resist what Montoya was doing to her, to her body, she tried - - - she failed - - - she gave in - - - Batgirl returned the hot kiss, surrendering to Renee even as the woman's thigh presseed against Batgirl's hot pussy.


"Mmmmmmmmmmmmfffffffffffffffffffffffffffffhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh." Renee forced Batgirl against the wall crushing theirr bodies into each other, she felt her nipples as they pressed into Batgirl's as she began to grind her thigh into the thin latex, knowing Batgirl's pussy lips would be stretched back and forth with every little tug. Renee Broke the kiss and looked into her eyes. "Your mine now Batgirl, understand?" She then kissed Batgirl again as she moved her breasts over Batgirls own.

Batgirl's hands having been freed, she lets them come down ever so slowy as Renee's hands moved to her breasts, touching and squeezing them while the kiss deepens. Batgirl returned the hot hungry kiss, she felt Renee's left hand slide down her sides before Renee slapped Batgirl on her ass which brought a gasp from her lips, before Renee's hand snakes down to Batgirl's hot pussy where she patted it gently telling Batgirl that she had no choice but to submit.

"Good girl, just submit to me." Renee keeps patting Batgirl's pussy as she started to rub it, As she felt the heat trapped inside, as She slapped Batgirl's ass again and shoved in two fingers. She kissed Batgirl and slapped her ass harder as she ground her fingers into Batgirl's pussy stretching and pulling on her lips as she slid in and out of her.

Parting lips she looked into Batgirl's eyes. "Now cum for me Batgirl.submit to me." "No." Though her body was hot, close to orgasm, Batgirl resisted the orders, making Renee prove she was the dominant here. In seconds Batgirl saw Renee back up and pull the gun and then motion for Batgirl to raise her hands. Batgirl did as she was told raising her arms as Renee shoved her into the safe house and then pushed Batgirl hard into the room where she fell onto the bed, only to get back to her feet but Renee awnd was as expecting the move there to drive a hard back hand across Batgirl's face dropping her back to the bed again.

Before Batgirl could get back up Renee tossed the gun aside and climbed on top of the bed, straddling Batgirl's deliciously hot body and then slapped her breasts back and forth to daze her, the final slaps came from bottom to top that all but ends Batgirl as a threat for the night. Dazed, Batgirl watched Renee grab the buckle for the utility belt and unfasten it, only to then pull it from under her and throw it away too.her fingers then going back to Batgirl's pussy.

Renee Montoya straddled Batgirl's body after the sucession of hard slaps to her breasts and face over and over and over again making her senseless, the unfasting of the utility belt and disgarding of the gun. Then she began to slap Batgirl starting at herr pussy all the way up Batgirl's hot steaming body, stomach, legs, breasts numerous times, then her face, back and forth again and again.

Then Renee's fingers, she starts thumbing Batgirl's nipples first the right then the left back and forth over and over again as she slid not one. not two, but three fingers into Batgirl's abused sopping wet pussy, as her thumb and forefinger find Batgirl's clit and start pinching it as her fingers shove the latex deep into Batgirl's folds then out then back in over and over as her eyes stare up at Batigrl's face as she's writhing back and forth.

"Submit to me now Batgirl.become my subbie.Batbitch." The hard slaps and punches dazed Batgirl in no time but Renee showed no mercy, asshe continued to slap Batgirl senseless until she offered no resistance what so ever. Moaning softly when Renee's done, Batgirl suddenly arches her back when her nipples are flicked sending erotic feelings into her brain instantly and just as she started to come down again Renee's fingers ram into Batgirl again, strecthing the already tight latex deep into her cunt only to expose her sensitive nub so Renee can exploit it.

Batgirl tried to fight it but couldn't, especially as Renee's free hand clamped down on Batgirl's right breast and began to squeeze it gently, forcing Batgirl to submit to Renee's sexual dominance in no time. "Must.fight this.resist., can't let you. uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhh., mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm,,uuuuuuuuuuuuu,aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa . mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm., uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,, can't.can't fight this.fight you., too weak.aroused." Renee continud to squeeze Batgirl's breast as her thumb and finger pinch and twisted her nub, seeing Batgirl submit hearing Batgirl fade entirely, She keeps shoving, forcing her fingers into Batgirl.

Harder and harder as she leaned down and bit Batgirl's free nipple and stretched it, holding it as she let go of Batgirl's breast and then let the latex go. "SUBMIT TO ME NOW me by my proper title." Renee Kept up her assualt on Batgirl's body forcing her beyond the point of no return. Batgirl couldn't stand it any longer and orgasmed hard as wave after wave of heated passion flowed from her pussy, heating Renee's fingers that were wrapped by Batgirl's costume, her body jerking violently for several minutes before she started to relax., coming down to finally collapse.

Batgirl's body floated in the feelings of afterglow, as she writhed in pleasure before she finally relax completely, her eyes glazed over from the strain of the hot sex and the earlier fight that was even now catching up to her.

Moaning with each touch, Batgirl could do nothing as first her boots were removed, then her gloves, all four to be added with the utility belt that was then placed in a drawer ad locked away, before Batgirl was repositioned on the bed, face down and spread eagle, her wrists and ankles shackled loosely to the four corners of the queen-sized bed, allowing her to move about six inches though not more.

Fingered to yet another orgasm once more to make Batgirl could not regain her strength anytime soon, Montoya left the safe house to do her errands.hide the bat-cycle, erase the tire marks, secure the building and lights, before she left.

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After she had ran her errands and picked up a few toys and having called in sick Renee returned to see Batgirl still bound to the bed.

She set the bag down by the bed as she leaned down on the bed. Renee placed her hands on Batgirl's thighs, and began to rub Batgirl as as she ran her tongue up Batgirl's still hot pussy lips.

Sliding her hand into the bag she pulled out a dildo/viberator, Batgirl heard the hum as she turned it on, and gently moved it over Batgirl's inner thighs as she continued to eat Batgirl out.

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Batgirl's head snapped back the instant she felt Renee's hand on her inner thigh, she waited in anticipation to what would happen next as she could not turn around much, though the feeling of Renee's hot tongue on her costume told her everything.

In moments Batgirl heard the distinct sounds of a vibrator in the room and though she struggled to get free of the bonds, it was hopeless as was fighting what Renee's tongue was doing to her sex with each lick Renee drovve up her slit. Renee pulled her lips from Batgirl's pussy as she felt her reacting. She ran the viberator over Batgirl's slit. "You like this don't you Batgirl." Renee ran her free hand over Batgirl's right thigh, "tell me.your weaknesses." She continued to run the viberator over Batgirl's opening spreading her lips a little.

Biting her lower lip as the vibrator slid across her wanting pussy, Batgirl let out a soft moan, as she was fully unable to fight this any longer.

Her pussy was still aroused from the earlier finger fucks. Hearing the question though gave Batgirl pause.telling a policewoman her secrets was not in the play book, any more than telling her who she really was behind the mask, which she could easily discover as Batgirl could do nothing to stop her right now. "My weaknesses?" "Yes your weaknesses, everything about you Batgirl.right now." Renee pressed the head of the viberator into Batgirl's pussy a little and smiled.

"Your a virgin too aren't you?" She licks her lips getting even hotter, hornier at the thought of being Batgirl's first. "Tell me, have you even been with a woman, enjoyed this, and still are, arent you?" The groan when it came couldn't be helped as the sensations to Batgirl's nether region were beginning to drive her crazy, as her heavier breathing was probably telling Montoya even now.

Desperate to stop what was about to happen to her again, Batgirl tried to close her legs but the shackles had been placed just right, allowing her to move her legs, her hip, but not enough to close them, and Batgirl knew it was too late.

She had to find some way to control this, no, scratch that, control her feelings, her emotions, hell her sexual drive again. It had been done before through a discipline of sorts, one that cleaned the mind and one inner peace to allow them greater control of their life, their body, their very being, but this was different, and the same.

Still, if Renee managed to break her, the woman could get anything from her, any secret, any weakness, her secret identity even, and that, Batgirl could not allow. "Yesssssssssss, uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, I'm a virgin., never made it with.uuughhhhhh, anyone." Renee groaned as she ran her hand over Batgirl's inner thigh bringing her lips down as she kissed Batgirl's leg snaking her tonuge out, as she licked Batgirl's latex covered skin as the bound woman tried to close her legs.

She puled the head of the viberator out of Batgirl's over sexed screamiing pussy. "A virgin, you've never even screwed yourself.your loving this i know it." She spoke between kisses and licks that kept Batgirl over the edge. Her mouth traveled to Batgirl's inner thigh as she slowly licked the entire thigh right first, moaning and groaning as she moved the humming viberator around Batgirl's lips the scent of the Dark Angels hot cum mixed with both women's sweat was so intoxicating.

The sight of Batgirl as she struggled helplessly as Renee moved to the other thigh and continued to kiss and lick. "So beautiful so sexy, I am Glad you gave yourself to me mmmmmm." Renee moved and wrapped her mouth over Batgirl's pussy and with her hot steaming breath she began to lap away at Batgirl, long slow agonizing sensual licks, kisses, moans and sucking Batgirl's pussy into her mouth.

Confused and disoriented, Batgirl tried to resist to resist, fight what Renee was doing to her, to her sensitive inner thighs but there was no way she could. She completely under Renee's control and her body was over powering Batgirl's usually sharp mind to the point that her sex was running the show now, as beit had beeen so long denied attention. Batgirl moaned deeply as Renee's tongue slid up and around her inner right thigh making Batgirl so wet from the anticipation of the eventual target her tongue was striving for and then as she got close to Batgirl's pussy she held her breath.only to be denied the release when Renee merely crossed over to the other thigh.

Disappointed, Batgirl started to lay her head down when Renee planted her entire mouth on Batgirl's extremely hot and so wet cunt to start licking and sucking away at the latex, Renee's actions made the latex act as a sucking mechanism that constantly pulled then snapped back against her lips, driving Batgirl well over the edge toward a powerful, mind shattering orgasm.

With her mouth wrapped around Batgirl's pussy, she continued to lick and suck away at Batgirl's defenseless body, sucking her pussy further into her mouth. "Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm." Renee's lips gently caressed Batgirl's as her tongue swirled into her virgin cunt. Renee's hands massaged Batgirl's inner thighs as she continued with the vibrator, she felt Batgirl fall completely under her control, "You are mine fully." She moved her left hand up to the small of Batgirl's back and started to rub her fingers over it back and forth as her mouth continued to rock Batgirl's body through several mind shattering orgasms.

Renee felt Batgirl's hot juices strike her tongue as she burried it as deep as possible into Batgirl's body. Renee pulled her mouth away as she licked her lips, "Now Batgirl, answer my questions, your weakenesses, what gets you hot, I know your a virgin, but now I know your a submissive. How am I making you feel?" Renee asked Batgirl as she ran a finger over her pussy going back and forth from Batgirl's thighs to her sex, keeping her over the edge and not coming down at all.

As she begins to question Batgirl, wanting to know everything about her. "Batgirl I am loving this, I can tell you are as well, mmmmmmmm." Renee planted a kiss on Batgirl's left ass cheek nextand brought her hand down to it off the small of Batgirl's back and rub it, as her mouth moved back to Batgirl's pussy she ran her tongue around Batgirl's cunt as she slid her fingers inside, but not too deep as she wanted to save that for later.