Monster black dick for a delicious hussy

Monster black dick for a delicious hussy
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Note: ——I am NOT the author! There are several authors actually, I'm not so certain that any one of them is the creator, but I know it's not me. I am simply sharing this lovely story with all of you because I have not seen it on here. Now originally it was all going to be 9 parts, but… Someone said the first one was too long, so I've decided to split all of these up into smaller posts.

I thought I'd try a different look and sentence structure for this chapter, please let me know how you guys like it. ENJOY——— Tim, the Teenage Part Eighteen By: Rass Senip +++ Chapter V: 9th Grade, Spring 1986 - The North Mansion Part 5 - Sex Goddess I Call Mom (oral mF) Joey, Suzi and I were getting ready to go to bed in a third room. It was identical to the first room, except it didn't have a waterbed or the paintings, but had something our room didn't.

"Holy Shit," Joey exclaimed when opening a drawer of the additional cabinet. "It's a drawer full of those things Sandi had. Except they don't look like they vibrate. Hey Tim, what did they call them?" he asked holding up the plastic penis. "Dildo, dummy," Suzi answered instead. "What? Don't you think girls know about them?

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Who do you think uses them?" She walked up and picked out a black one and said, "Hey. I think I'll take a couple of these home. It'll come in handy for our three ways." Joey and I exchanged glances again, but then Joey closed the drawer and opened another.

"Maybe you would rather have one that has a vibrator built in," he said, turning on the one he picked up on.

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He held it in his hand to feel its affect, then a light bulb came on in his head. "Don't even try IITTT!" Suzi said too late as he poked and prodded her clothed crotch. I was sitting on the bed, watching them play. I wasn't really interested in the sex toys right then. I couldn't keep my mother's nude image out of my head.

"WOW! Look at these!" Joey said, holding a double ended dildo. "I bet the twins could use a couple of these!" "Joey? Can I try doing you up the butt?" Suzi asked pulling out a strapon. "Only if there's one smaller than that. That thing is bigger than an elephant's," Joey remarked before he stuck the vibrator down the front of his shorts. "Hey Tim. You should try this. It feels good!" "Tim, don't you want to see what's in the toy box?" Suzi said.

"Nah. Maybe I'll look tomorrow," I replied. This time Suzi and Joey exchanged glances. "Shit, Tim. What is it now? You upset your parents are getting it on in our bed?" Joey asked, walking over with three vibrators going in his shorts. "Nah. Just sometimes this stuff happens too fast for me to accept, that's all." "Oh. Here," he said, pulling out on of his vibrators to hand to me. "Try one." "That's okay. I hear they make your sperm real dizzy." "Ha ha," Joey said, putting the plastic penis in my hands.

I held it, then examined it to figure out how to turn it on and off. While I was fiddling with that, I said, "I wonder how old she is." "Who?" "My mom." "You don't know?" "She is supposed to be thirty-eight.

But." "Yeah, she don't look like no thirty-eight. Twenty-eight, maybe." "I've never seen her naked like that before.

The nearest I ever saw her like that was that time at the pool. And then it was in a one piece suit." "Yeah, I remember. I also remember getting a woody. And that was before I knew what they were for." "I've never thought my mom as a woman before. Especially not sexually before." "Uhh, Tim? Are you saying what I think you're saying?

Cause if you are." "What." "Can I?" "Do what." "Never mind." "You know what?" "What?" "This does feel pretty good." "Yeah. Here try a second one. It's even better." "Hey, Joey?" "Yeah?" "If we do, I get the backdoor.

K?" "Deal. Uhm, Tim?" "Yeah?" "Does Suzi have what I think she has?" "What, the thing in her mouth?" "No. The thing she has in her hands." "Uhm Joey?" "Yeah?" "I think we better run." "Way ahead of you partner," Joey said as he sprinted for the door.

"Well, that worked like a charm," Suzi said as she put the strange male organ torture device back in its drawer. She sat down next to me, and pulled one of the vibrators out of my shorts. "Hey, Suzi?" "Hmmm?" she said, vibrator in her mouth. "Do you think I'm losing it?" She pulled it out with a pop and said, "Why do you say that?" "Well, I kinda, like, want to do my mom." "Oh, Timmy.

You would be losing it if you didn't want to. Who wouldn't?" "I just can't get it out of my head, though. My mom. She's like. a sex goddess or something. I mean. You know." "I know. Her body is. perfect." "She even looks better than the twins." "She even looks better than me." "But why would she wait all this time just to do it with my dad?" "Maybe she loves him." "Yeah, right," I said sarcastically.

"Face it Tim. Your dad isn't all that bad of a guy. I can't believe I just said that, but you know what I mean." "Yeah, I know. And I can see why my dad likes her. Where do I fit in? I mean. I don't know. I guess I just have to leave it alone until I can talk to them. I'm tired. Here. Have another. I'm turning in," I handed her the other vibrator, and started to take my clothes off, leaving my underpants on. Joey finally peeked in, checking to see if Suzi had laid down her weapon.

"Tim? You gonna sleep in you shorts?" he asked, walking in. "Yeah. I don't feel like screwin' around anymore tonight. You guys can play. I'm gonna sleep." Joey started to strip, and was nude in a flash.

He crawled under the sheets, and slipped his body behind me. "Tim? Are you mad at me?" "Huh?" I said turning over to face him. "No, why?" "Uhm, for what I said in the limo, and all the other shit I said.

And for. letting your dad get in my head like that." "Joey? You were right about a lot of things. I was playing God. You had the guts to call it as you saw it. You and Suzi keep me sane. Don't ever stop doing what you did today okay?" "But.

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I still like. Slaves and all, you know? I want to have some, kinda. You know what I mean." "Yeah. I know. And you know what? I do to. And we will." "We will? But I thought. I mean after all this." "We will have slaves, but they have to agree to be one first, and then they will always have the option to quit.

I'm just not ready for it yet, that's all. But some day I will. And then you and I will really have some fun. Okay?" "What about Suzi?" "I've already talked to her.

She's okay with it, as long as we don't get too carried away." "How come you're just telling me now?" "It was supposed to be your birthday present. Your very first slave." "Whoa." "Joey?" "Yeah?" "Can I go to sleep now?" "Wait for Suzi. She'll wanna snuggle up to ya.

And so do I, so roll back on your side 'cause here she is." We fell asleep in each others arms. Early the next morning, I was woken up by a warm feeling of happiness. I had to look around a moment before I remembered were I was. Joey was sleeping on his back, and Suzi was on her tummy.

I spotted the twins looking in the door, and I smiled and motioned them over. After exchanging good morning empathic feelings, they crawled in the bed with us and soon were asleep again. I laid there letting my mind wander over memories, then started to let it wander in minds around me.

Finding everything peaceful, I searched for someone who was already up and about. I found Fanny busily tending some flowers, and peeked in her mind to see who and what she was. She was the only living family member from an East Germany neighborhood.

When she was sixteen, she escaped to the Western side, and found few opportunities that were honest.

My father met her there in a hospital at the age of 18. She had overdosed on drugs attempting to kill herself. My father enslaved her, thinking she would be happier with him. Unfortunately, he probably was right. Her dreams of meeting a boy that would love her and marry her were still within her. But nothing mattered but the pleasuring my father now.

She was his. I fell asleep thinking about this, but forgot about it when I awoke. A pair of lips were busily bringing me to full attention. Joey noticed I was awake, and covered my eyes with his arm. He said, "Guess whose lips they are, Tim." "Let's see. It can't be Joy or Honey, cause they wouldn't be working so fast." I frowned, then said, "But it doesn't feel like Suzi either.

Too much tongue work. Uhm, it couldn't be grandma because she would have taken her teeth out, and Carol and Vicki are at the other mansion. I give up. Who is it?" "Just don't freak out okay?" Joey whispered as he removed his arm.

I opened my eyes and looked. "MOM! WHAT! WHY! HOW! HUH! UHHHHHHH!" I said as I awoke cumming. "Mom?!" Joey said. "Suzi, he called you mom!" "Shit," I said laying back down. "Thank you, dear. Now go clean your room," Suzi said before licking off the spot she missed. "Shit. Hey, where are the twins?" I asked. "I think they went to see if your mom and dad were awake yet," Joey answered. "Don't call them that like that." "Huh? I don't understand." "Don't call them my mom and dad.

Mom and father, mother and father, but not mom and dad." "Uhm, okay. I don't see what the difference is though." "Your parents are your mom and dad. My parents are not a set. They're. separate. You get what I mean?" "Well I don't know if you will be calling them separate much longer. They were acting like a couple of love birds," Suzi said. "Please. I don't want to talk about it. I need to talk to my mom alone. Until then, just don't remind me, okay?" "Hrmph, most kids would like to see their parents get back together," Joey muttered.

"I'm not saying I don't. But. Oh, let's just drop the subject. I'm hungry lets go eat." I pulled my underwear the rest of the way off, and walked out to the hall. "Shit. I think he flipped. He's going to breakfast naked," I heard Joey say behind me. "Heh," I said to myself. I figured what's the use. Everyone here has seen me naked, seen me having sex, and seen my virginities taken either live or in a painting. What was left to be modest about? I was the first to the table, and my jaw dropped when I saw my mother's image on the wall formed by the crystal ceiling.

She looked slightly younger, but it could have just been the hair. The only word I could think of was. magnificent. I took the seat that faced the image square on. My pancakes were brought out to me, and I was so involved in my food and the image, I didn't hear anyone approach. "She's quite beautiful, isn't she?" my father said, placing his hand on my shoulder. I almost choked, but I managed to cover it up. I said, "Magnificent," then took another mouthful of pancakes.

"Thank you, dear," my mother said as he bent down to kiss my cheek. Her bare breast made contact with my bare back. I choked for real that time. Partially because of the hardon. "I told you, you should have worn a robe," my robed father said taking his seat at the head of the table. "I'm sorry Tim. I forgot you were still uncomfortable about this. I'll go put a robe on." she said turning. "Mom, wait." I sputtered.

"I need to talk to you, now, please?" She looked at me, then glanced at my father, who was reading the paper. I said, "I don't care if he hears.

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It isn't anything he hasn't. It just doesn't matter," I said, blushing again from her figure, and trying not to draw attention to my dick which was standing straight up. "Okay, but I wish you would stop blushing. I'll be doing it next." "I'll try." not mentioning what I was trying the hardest to control. My mother sat down in the chair next to me. Her leg brushed mine, making me shiver.

"How old were you there?" I said, nodding towards the image, trying to divert her eyes from the general location of my plainly visible woody. "Nineteen, two years before you were born." "Mom, are you and father going to. you know. Get together or something?" "Yes Samantha. Are we going to get hitched or something?" "Well, it's a bit too soon to answer that.

Let's just take it one day at a time, shall we?" "What about. uhm. Well, are we going to move in or something? I think I'd rather stay at home during the week. I don't want to ." "Tim, I've been meaning to talk to you about that.

My job pays enough that I was wanting to get a nicer place. But I know you don't want to leave your school and your friends, so I was looking for someplace around the area.

No, I don't think we will move into you father's mansions, but we may stay in them on the weekends." "Oh, now Sam. If he wants to stay at his school, he could always ride in the limo ." "It's a thirty-five minute drive from your south mansion. Isn't that a little long?" "Hey Mom? It isn't much longer than waiting for the bus and the bus ride itself, but that's not what I wanted to talk about." "Then what dear.

Get to the point." "Why didn't you tell me you were bfhfl," I said, turning red. At least my other problem was finally giving me a break. "What dear?" she said, putting her hand on my thigh. This was actually a normal thing for her to do. Unfortunately, this made dick swell again. My face really began to burn, and I couldn't help but glance down to her hand. Naturally she followed my gaze, and saw my problem. "It's okay, Tim. I understand," she said, sliding her hand up my thigh.

"But." I said nervously. "Tim, there isn't anything to be embarrassed about. It's quite natural for you to find me attractive. I think I can help you." "Sam, are you going blow him, or just talk about it," my father said, not looking from behind the paper. "Look, I, uhm, I. I gotta go." I said as I slid out from underneath my mother's hand.

"Timmy," she said getting up and catching me by the arm. "We need to talk. Alone," she said, more to my father than to me.

She took my hand and we walked in silence down the hall to a room nearby which not surprisingly I had never been in. The room was dim, and it took a minute for my eyes to adjust. It was almost pitch black compared to the dining room's incredible lighting. The room was some kind of portrait gallery, with under fifty paintings hanging on the walls.

We sat down on a red velvet bench, sitting in front of a portrait of a man and woman, holding a baby. It appeared to have just recently been placed here, the wall behind it having a distinct outline of a differently shaped frame. "Tim, do you know who they are?" "Uhm, no.

But I would guess the baby is you, and that's your mom and dad." "You're right. The painting was the last gift my father gave my mother before she died. He had it painted, using his own and mom's memories. I've always wanted one made of me holding you. Now maybe it will happen.

But that isn't what we are here to talk about.

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"Timmy, I love you. You're my son. Having these powers tends to make your sex drive go into overdrive. All these years as I watched you grow, especially recently, I have had to resist. seducing my own son. I thought that all I needed was to let some of it out, and that was one of the reasons I wanted to spend a weekend with your father.

But last night, seeing you nude just amplified all my desires. I jumped on your father to keep myself from jumping on you. "And now I know you are having the same problems. I know it doesn't help seeing me in the nude, but I think the time has come for me to stop hiding my true colors.

I love going nude. I always have. "But the point is, for us to do it, it is just plain wrong." "Mom? Did you and your dad." "No. Never. I think he wanted to after mom died, but he loved my mother too much. And I would never have forgiven him if he had. Would you like to know how I have been able to resist all these years?" "Yeah. How?" "I just think back to when you were a baby. Sweet, and innocent. It is the purest form any of us ever have. Every time I feel my desires begin to cloud my thinking, I just slip back in time and imagine holding you in my arms.

That's what you should do. Look at me as the baby in my mother's arms. Remember who I was, and who I am. I'm your mother. We can never let it happen." "Mom? I love you too, you know. Okay. I guess if you can do it, I can do it. But. It would help if you weren't so." "Sexy?

Thank you baby. You don't know how sexy you are yourself. But that is the limit of it. Look. Don't touch." "Yeah. I just hope I don't have any more dreams about you, that's all." "Timmy, you've been in my dreams since you were two years old.

I don't think you can even hope not to." "Uhm, mom? What about Joey? He kinda has had a crush on you since. Well since he knew you. And he kinda. you know. Wants to too." "Really? Hmmm. Like I didn't already know that, I suppose. I've had many a fantasy with you and him both. But what do you think? He's your friend and lover. I wouldn't do anything that might upset you." "Really? No. Go for it. If I can't, at least let him. Please?" As we walked out of the room back into the hall, Suzi and Joey just happened to be ten steps ahead of us when they reached the dinning room.

"Holy sh. Holy cow." Joey exclaimed as Suzi gasped. I looked up at my mom and smiled. I indicated a little plan to her, and she agreed. As the two clothed teens stood there agasp, they were suddenly attacked from behind. "ACCCCCKKKK!" Joey announced as he felt my mother's nude body wrap itself around him. Suzi had squirmed and giggled, but Joey was scared stiff.

Well, most of him was stiff from fright, the rest. well, you know. I turned Suzi around and started to undress her. She was turning red, but she permitted me to continue. My mom started to undress Joey, and that made his face drain of color.

But moments later, it was red, along with ever other part of his body. My mom had stuck her hand in his drawers and pulled his hardening tool out.

"Joey? Tim and I have had a little talk. We wanted to know who gives better head. Suzi or me. We've agreed that since he and I are family, we shouldn't. So he elected you. So how about being the judge.

Are you game?" "Huh?" He squeaked looking at me. "Joey, its okay with me. She's been hot for you as long as you've been for her." "Longer actually, but that doesn't matter." Joey swallowed hard.

Then he squeaked, "Okay?" Suzi's hand went straight to my dick, and mine found its way to her naked crotch too. We stood there masturbating each other while my mother licked and swirled her tongue about Joey's head.

Joey was moaning and quivering as my mother teased and teased his throbbing prick. Then without warning, she engulfed it and started sucking with incredible force. Her cheeks were dented in, while Joey's closed eyes popped wide open. "Shit!" he said as my mother's incredible mouth continued its vacuum. Joey's eyes slammed shut again as he began his shutters and shakes while he came. Three minutes after she had started, my mother slipped the softening digit out of her mouth and said, "There's nothing like fresh boy cum in the morning to get yourself going." Then she held Joey like a child, laying his head against her shoulder, mothering his helpless form.

"A very well executed number thirty two," my father said.

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"Although I think you've gotten rusty Sam. It took you a whole thirty seconds of suction before he came. You use to suck it out of me like I was a straw." My mother's mothering of Joey brought Suzi's and my mutual fondling to an end.

I almost had thrown Suzi to the floor and fucked her on the spot if it hadn't been for the image of my mother as a baby popping up in my head. "Charles, I wanted to savor it a little longer. It's been too long since I had my morning teen cum. Whatever happened to those boys." "I traded them and several others for the twins. Old Gladius probably made a lot of money off of them." I was getting sick.

"You two sound like you're talking about those stupid goblets with Suzi's dad! Every time I start thinking I can like this, you go and.

and. prove me wrong! ARGGG!" I yelled, pulling Suzi down the hall with me. "Tim! Come back here!" my mother demanded. I stopped. She didn't use that tone of voice with me very often, and I knew better than to ignore her.

I didn't go to her, but I didn't go any further down the hall either. "Tim, those boys did not have a life like you and all your friends have. They were born and raised something like the twins, but not with the love and tenderness your father gave to Joy and Honey. Those boys could have never been more than tools or toys for people like me at the time.

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Your father did them a service by not keeping them. They couldn't have been freed to live a normal life, because they had no life to begin with. Now come back here and sit with us while Joey and Suzi eat." I looked at Suzi, who shrugged her shoulders and said, "Maybe he isn't as bad of a person we have taken him for.

Maybe he was, but has changed since your mother made him a slave. I don't know Timmy. Maybe when he tried to turn you into someone else, he thought he was making life easier or better for you. If you give him a chance, maybe you could help him become more like you instead. I think that's what your mother wants to happen." I kissed her, and then held her to me. After a long hug, I just picked her up and carried her giggling body to her seat.

"Darn!" I said, noticing my mother's image was distorted. "It only lasts an hour, dear. But there will be another at noon on that wall over there," my mother said, pointing to the northern wall. "Oh yeah? What does that one look like?" Joey said between shovels of flap jacks. "Be here at noon and you will see for yourself," my mother said mysteriously. "Will we need sunglasses then too?" I asked, jokingly. "Is it too bright in here?" she said seriously. "It is supposed to always stay at the same brightness.

Even when it's dark outside, the chandelier." "Oh. Nah, it's okay. I was only kidding about the sunglasses," I said, awed at the complexity of the room. Then I remembered what we wanted to do that day. "Uhm, er, dad?" "Did you hear that Sam? I never thought I would hear him say that in front of you. It sent a shiver down me. Yeah, Tim." "Uhm, sorry about what I said." "What.

Oh that. Sorry I was, er, insensitive, as your mother puts it. I'll try and not be so crude. But I am who I am, and what I did in the past can't be changed. So if I try and.

be more sensitive, can you be a little more. forgiving of my deeds?" "I guess that would be fair," I said, feeling a little guilty. But even so, "Uhm, we were talking yesterday. and were wondering if." "Look out, Charles. He was trying to butter you up," my mother quickly assessed. "Huh? No I wasn't. Okay maybe I was a little, but I didn't say anything I didn't mean, and I." "I know you meant it Tim," my father said. "If there is one thing I learned about you, you're always trying to be fair, just like your mother.

Go ahead, ask what you wanted to ask." "We were kinda like, uhm. Wanting to go shopping for stuff," I said, rushing the end.

"Oh, so you're asking your old man for some dough, eh? Well, I suppose this is as good as a time to try this old phrase out. Ask your mother," he said grinning at her. "No, Charles. I've been the parent all this time. You can try it for once. Especially if you're still wanting to. you know." "Huh?" I said. "Wanting to what?" "Let's just stick with the topic at hand," my father said sternly. "What are you shopping for?" We told them of our plans for the room at school, and even added a few things we hadn't discussed with each other before.

Like me, Suzi and Joey had thought of a few things since we talked about it, but the best idea I had thought of had to wait until I could ask my father in private. I wanted to surprise Suzi and Joey with my ring idea. "Well, as long as you don't have any problems with it, Samantha," my father said. "Well, I don't know about taking the sex toys to school.

But apart from that, the rest is fine. I'm sure the cost is not a problem." "Never has been in the past, you know. Okay. After lunch, you can take convertible limo if you like and." "Convertible?" I asked. "You mean like, the top comes down?" Joey said hopefully. "Just the rear section," my father said. "The driver is still enclosed.

Unless you would rather take one of the others." "Er, how many limos do you have, anyway?" I asked. "Hmmm, I would have to count them. But at this estate I believe there are five, and another six at the south. Does that sound right Sherman?" "Yes, Master." Sherman said from the corner of the room.

None of us had even noticed him standing there. Suzi nudged me and said, "What about the twins." "Oh yeah. We were kind of hoping we could take the twins shopping for clothes. But if you don't want." "The Twins? Wear clothes?" my father stuttered. "You should have seen them last night, dad. They were beautiful in those dresses. I almost fainted when." "In their.


their. baby blue dresses?" he said in complete shock. "Yeah, and hats, and stockings and everything," Joey said. "I can't believe it. I could never get them to wear those without ordering them too, and then they looked so.


miserable in them. But they. put them on? Willingly?. Excuse me," he said, getting up. "I wonder where he is going in such a hurry," my mother said. "The twins are still sleeping, and I wouldn't think." "Probably to check out the latest additions to the family album," Joey said, amused.

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Then he sobered up and asked "Hey Tim, do you think we could get a copy made of one? Suzi and I checked them out, and there's one with everybody's clothes on." "Yeah, that would be cool. But first, I think the painters have a special portrait to paint.

Huh, mom." "I think I'll start that right now," my mother said, getting up. "Now, where did he. There he is. Thank you dear." The three of us watched her nude figure gracefully flow down the hall in the direction my father had gone.

"So Joey." Suzi started. "Huh?" Joey said still following my mother with his eyes. "Who does give better head?"