Horny blondie fucks a guys ass hard

Horny blondie fucks a guys ass hard
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c Out at the Ranch It was a nice damn day, the middle of the summer and the breeze was gently blowing thru the back yard and in the little basement window.

It felt good. Middle of the afternoon and everyone was gone and it was quiet. Or so I thought. I was sitting there watching some porn on the computer, going to a website a friend told me about, a game site strangely, and there was porn pictures there that opened up automatically. Man were they dirty.

A pretty young girl and she had a penis suck in her mouth. It was so filthy it was acutally nice. I couldn't help but look and my bonar was growing in my pants as I looked at the computer screen, mesmerized.

I couldn't help it and I was ashamed at myself a grown man.

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She was real cutie and the guy had a fat cock absolutely suffin' her pretty mouth. Damn she sure looked good, I thought as I unzipped my pants so my rapidly stiffing peter would be more comfortable.

Damn cock was really hard. And before you know it I was downloading that pretty girl with the fat cock in her mouth and as I thought about it I started playing with my peter. And damn it felt good to stroke my stiff wienier. Damn filthy pictures though! I made sure I could find them later on the computer because they made me so horny to fuck her mouth just like the guy in the photos.

I couldn't believe how big fat my dick was. Damn big bonar it was. Damn little internet cocksucker. Damn, I was getting woozy from my woodie. I got to thinking about my friend that told me to go to URL. His name was John and he wasn't very old. All of a sudden he started talking to me about porn.

He was just 15. a tall slender kid and I wondered how he found his way thru the computers at the school library and computer lab. He bragged about how he could find porn all over the net, and by the bonar I had sticking out, he was right.

He must have looked at tons of pron at school. It made my rigid member even harder for some reason. Boing! I could just see him in the back room in the library, surfing the net for nasty dick suckin' girls like the ones he showed me. Dang it I had a fat bonar. I don't know why but the thought of that scene is the dimness of the back of the room.

Nasty women doing all kinds of perverted things. Boy, that one sure was good! I could picture him with his skinny penis pulled out of his troussers under the table. He had a magazine over his lap in case someone should walk by. He had his cock in one hand using the other on the keyboard, surfing thru cute little girls getting terrible things done to them.

Who knows what sites he had found. One that had the blonde with the fat black cock in her mouth, also had a guy in a pink and white bunny suit putting a big pink peter up against a bent over ladie's ass, I could picture John's teen spunk all over the keyboard, stick sperm on the keys that later young little girls would be running their fingers over.

Damn! I could picture the little junior high girls in their short little cheerleader outfits and my cock was throbbing like hell. I liked their hard muscular legs. I would stare at their legs when I dropped John off for school some mornings. I just imagined walking up behind some of them little girls with them skinny hard legs and dropping down behind them on my knees, whipping out my fat peter and rubbing it in the cracks behind their knees while I held a hard bony ass kneecap in each hand.

Well I had this bonar which was waving in the air after that bunch of pictures I downloaded so I decided to go to History and see where else he had been. I clicked on history and a long list of sites came up. I had been gone a few hours while he was on the computer. I told him not to go to nasty sites or where he knew he shouldn't go. He like to play games of all kinds, and all of the sites he had gone to were games. At first. When he went to one game site, the one I knew opened up the bouncing tit and suck pics, things changed.

There were a lot of one x rated site, over and over. Bunch of blow jobs and group sex where there were a bunch of guys on one fancy lady. Sticking cocks in their mouths and twisting their tits off! Wow, it was nasty and hot. My bonar was sticking straight up! Boy oh boy, that kid sure knew how to look up some good pornographic photographs! Then there were the deep throat sites he visted. A lot of cuties with big fat dicks filling their young mouths!

Wow! I noticed he had saved some to a file and when I look thru them I couldn't believe how good they were. I printed girl after girl sucking fat pricks.

Wow, I had them all over my room, on the bed and on the floor and I didn't even realize it but I was playing with my peter. Man these pics were good.

I had a big fat hard on. I needed to go to the airport for a pop but before I did I picked up the nasty pics and put them in a pile by the computer. And I surfed thru my porno and made a folder with John's name on it and put a shortcut to the desktop.

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I filled it with all kinds of porn. Pretty cuties with fat cocks stuck in their mouth. All kinds of peter eatin whores.

Here is one of my favorites I put in there. Damn cutie with some big fat hangin' tits. I would grab them fat knockers and twist em and honk the hell out of em for her. And then she has a damn fat prick hanging in her mouth.

Bit o penis stickin' in her face ! I printed out a copy and sat there jacking off as I looked a that dick sucker. Her mouth all packed full of wormy cock, oh my my my. Whackin' on my peter as it layed on the desk in front of me.

I made a couple of more copies ot that little lady sucking that dick and layed them on the desk too. The fuckin' big titted cock eater!

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I was jackin' off as I thought about pullin' on those fat tits and it turned me on to think about John looking at this peter-eater and pullin pud! I found it was turning me on even more. Now I wasn't gay and I didn't thing Jon was either. But the young man just getting turned on by tits and ass and seeing a little porn made me hornier for some reason.

I imagined us watching a porn video, I had a good one of this red head getting' force fed two cocks, and looking at internet pron the same time we were looking at some of my good porn magazines together My peter was as hard as a rock as I thought about us both sitting on the bed jacking off by the hour at nasty porn. Playing with our peters and I wa always getting another magazine full of cocksuckers or another web site full of pretty ladies taking some dicks!

I shut the computer down and grabbed the copies I made of that cute little cocksucker and put them in the drawer.

I hustled up to the airport for a soda quick cause I had a bonar and I wanted to get back and take care of it. I couldn't help thinking of that cock stuck in her mouth and her big fat tits hanging there. Eveb so it took most of an hour. When I got back I hurrried down to the room my dick throbbing. I opened the drawer where I put the photos and I saw they were upside down. I took them out and spread them out on the table. Funny they had been moved. Hmmmm.

So I opened the computer and looked in the history and saw all these sites that had been visited in the last 20 minutes. I opened a few of the pictures and man were they nasty. Young little cuties with fat dicks stuck in their mouths. Then I noticed the printer had been used and printed twenty copies of something. There in the second drawer was what got copied. More shots of cuties eating dicks. Damn they were hot. He had good taste cause every one made me hornier.

I just wanted to fuck them all in the mouth until I came. I had my cock hanging out and was jacking off as I looked at them. Damn good I say.

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I flipped thru the still warm stack. The first one was a cute little blonde girl. She had two fat pricks stuck thru her hands and the ends of the dicks waving in her face. Damn what a cute little girl and what nasty things the men were doing to her.

The next one was one of a girl I call Terri, because Terri came over by surprise once and when she came in there was this cutie on the computer screen with two fat dicks in her mouth. She started hollaring and whenever I see it I think of hwe much Terri looked like that bitch. And I pull my cock extra hard when I jack off over it. Damn it made me horny just looking at it and to think that John liked it too, enough to make a copy of it. I could picture him looking at it there on the desk as the copier whirred making more porno pics as he pulled on his skinny peter.

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As I looked closer I saw a few fresh flecks of cum on the chair cushion. The little geek had got off while I was gone. Damn it. I would have liked to have seen it!

I flipped over the next one, and it was this little blonde cutie with a short fat dick in her mouth. Man was it good ! I just twisted on my dick, pulling on it as I looked at that picture ! I just couldn't believe that kid had pulled up all this porno. Next was a young little cheerleader. She had some hard muscular legs and John had drawn some pricks rubbing up against them.

Nice pricks actually wiping on that girl's nice legs. And there were little trails and puddles of cum. Then there were a few more leg picture that he had added peters and captions too. Then there were some that reminded me of his sister Amber.

He had found those and opened them up and jacked his dick over them too. Then I got to some from the pay site I went to. Little cutie pies with skinny legs and he ahd drawn peters over every one of them.

Monsters with big dicks hanging out wiping on those pretty legs. There was sweetie after sweetie with fat pricks in their faces. Sucking on big fat wieniers one after another. When I flipped over another one it was one I had in Terri's file. She was tied to a chair and I had drawn peters whappin' on her hard round knees. Using my picture progam I could take a cock off of a guy and stick it in her legs.

I had peckers whacking on her shoes. Man what a hot picture! Damn Terri! Thinking of her and looking at that photo made me jack off even harder! Man I was having fun looking at the pictures John had discovered and the more I thought of him playing with his peter while he looked at them made me dizzy!

I fipped over the next one my cock hard as a rock. It was another modified one from the Terri file. She was squatting on a stone table outside a mall and this guy was standing beside her whapping his hard cock on her round bony kneecap. Whang! Holy dang that was a nice picture. Boy John must have been beatin' off the beat the band right about now! Pullin' on his skinny white cock.

Man it was good. She was in jean shorts and white tennis shoes with round hard bent kneecaps and he was just a rattlin' away on em with his penis.

What a damn nasty picture. Rapin' her skinny knee cap off her! Damn bony knees. Whackity, whackity. Right there in front of the mall.

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Getting her legs peter whacked! I could just imagine John masterbating over this picture on the monitor. I flipped over the next one and it was one from a pay porn site. A little blonde on her knees with her mouth just packed full of cock! So packed full of wienier you could not believe it.

Damn nice skinny legs too. Then another and another. Picture after picture from my computer while I was gone. Damn. The something flashed. I noticed the webcam was still going so I rewound the tape to when I left for the airport. For awhile nothing happened. Then Jon came into the room looking about. He sat right down at the computer in in a few moments was looking at a set of photos of this little brunette.

She had a fat cock stuffed in her nice mouth, all wrinkled pud clear up to his balls hanging there. He looked at a few in the series and then looked around and pulled out his skinny white peter. He started staring at the little cocksucker whacking on his wienier! He was pulling on it faster and faster as the pictures got dirtier.

First his prick was in the little cutie's face then wiping on her cheek then her lips and teeth then whang! Down her throat! Damn dick eaters! "Oh, oh my," he said as he jerked on his peter rapidly getting hard. "My oh my," he said as he looked at the pictures!"Damn it ," he said, "those are some cute girls!". He turned it onto and screen show and the cuties started flipping by. First a maid sucking a fat dick. "Dang it, dang it, dang it," John said as he pulled on his dick.

One after the other whackin' away on his penis. "Damn I'm a little peter puller," he laughed as he jacked off looking at the porno photos. "Damn dick eaters, I'd stick my peter in their damn mouths ," John whailed. He squirted some baby lontion into his hand and began slapping his dick and he hollared, "Yeahthat's it you little cutie dick eaters!" He was pullin' away on his skinny white wienier and laughing as he watched the cuties sucking dicks.

"Mouth full of damn dick," he squealed at some little brunette cutie on her knees giving some guy some head!"Damn wienie eaters!," he stammered then "Oh, ohoh, " and he shot cum on the chair and floor.

He grabbed his dick and beat it off and splatted sperm all over the table and the pictures. "Oh my oh my " he said as he pulled on his rapidly softening peter. "Oh my I made a mess. I have to get it cleaned up,:" he said as he relized what he had done.

Quickly he grabbed some paper towels and wiped the spunk up. Except for the bit on the chair I had seen! He looked around and hustled out of the room. Seeing him there on the video beating off to that good porn really turned me on!

I imagined showing him porn on the computer while we sat there and jacked each other off. Whang whang whang! All of a sudden I looked up and there was John looking in the slit in the side of the basement room window. He had been watching me beat my wienier and stare at the pictures. He smiled at me.

I motioned beside me on the bed and the face dissappeared. I heard the sound of footsteps coming down the stairs towards my room.When the door opened he walked in and I just sat there with my peter hanging out. I just left it out floppin there and he stared at it.

He sat down on the bed beside me and watched my long wiener jerk as I pulled on it. You could tell he wanted to feel my prick and I jerked just thinking about someone else pulling on it! I put a picture up on the screen of a lady with her dress pulled down to her waist and her big fat tits hanging out. The lady was a cutie and the best part was there was a big fat cock stuffed in her open mouth. Boy it was good! I told John I'd like to pull her tits and to whip it out if her wanted to jack off with me.


A jerk off party over the internet porn wouldn't be bad at all I told him as he stared at my fat prick. "Here, feel it," I told John as I wiggled my wienier at him. I grabbed his thin wrist and pulled his hand over and laid it on my thick prick. His long thing fingers wrapped around it and he started jerking it for me. Slowly and feeling up the rapidly thickening peter as I pulled up the next photo. I opened up one of Darma off of Darma and Greg and she had a big fat penis stuffed in her pretty mouth.

Gobbling cock like a champ. "Holy shit," John said as he grabbed me by the wienier.


He looked at his hand as he pulled on my peter. "Does that feel good?" he said as he felt my peter, jacking it. "It sure does," I said as I hunched into his hand. "Get yours out here," I told him. He reached down and fished out his peter and I grabbed his dick and started jacking him off as he jerked me off.

I flipped to a set of pics of a little blond slut getting two guys sticking cocks in her mouth. "Holy crap," he said as he watched the photos as the slide show progressed shoving first one cock and then the other down her little throat.

Damn it. I blew off in John's jerking hand right before he came in mine. "Yeow," we both hollared as we spurted cum down each others hands.

What a fun time it was jerking each others peters off. It felt way better than jacking your own peter and we came and came watching internet porn sites.

Once in a while we would take the bikes out to a big lake and ride around to the back side of it to the little wildlife view station. We would push our bikes up the long wooden walkway out to the little house in the marsh. I would have a stack of prono magazines and we would leaf thru them and take turns jacking ourselves off and each other. It was great!

Every couple of weeks we would take a few new mags I bought at the nearby truck stop and smoke a few joints and have a damn cum party. There was cum all over the view station as we must have gone out there a hundred times as well as the little duck blinds along the lakes. We would sneak down in the duck blinds and jerk off to the porn mags by the hour. What fun we had. John always stares at my peter when he is jacking me off and I think by the way he licks his lips he is about to lean over one day and suck on it for me.

And we'll take turns giving blow jobs in the duck blinds. Damn cum fun!