Sweet teen with cute small pussy

Sweet teen with cute small pussy
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note: this is my very first story, please let me know what you think of it!

:) From the first time I saw her, I knew I had to have her. She was just laying out on my yard all afternoon, for my perverted eyes to stare at. "Dad," I ask my father, "who's that girl tanning in our backyard?" He got up and looked out the window. "Oh, that must be our new neighbors daughter." He informed me. "I think she's only 13 or 14, so it doesn't look like you've received a new friend. But from the way their lawn looks already, it seems we have received some trouble." He grumbled under his breath, while I looked out another window to see what he was complaining about.

It was true, their lawn was a mess. The grass was completely out of control, and the flowerbeds were overwhelmed with weeds. The mailbox looked overstuffed, and newspapers and trash littered the driveway and front porch. They had just moved in two weeks ago and it already looked terrible over there. Granted, the house had been abandoned and foreclosed for almost 3 years, and no one did any yard work in the time since then.

Still, if they just mowed it once, we wouldn't have this little girl in my backyard, completely oblivious to where she was, only caring about getting her skin just another tone darker. "I'm gonna go talk to her, be back later." I tell my dad, and run out the house. She was laying about 20 yards away from my back door, by our shed, but I had barely left the house when she looked and stared at me approaching her. She had on a yellow, tiny two-piece bathing suit that covered everything it needed to, and nothing more.

I didn't want to stare at anywhere but her eyes, to avoid her getting the first impression of me being a pervert, but I couldn't help but notice her incredibly curvy body and toned stomach. I didn't only but glance at it to realize she had a body much better than any of the girls in my grade, who were all at least 4 or 5 years older than her. "What?" she blurted out to me once I was in earshot.

Ha! As if I was bothering her, even though she was taking advantage of my property. "Well.um," I stuttered. "Seeing as your laying on our yard, I just wanted to come and introduce myself.

My name's George, and uh." "Oh my gosh, this is your yard! Wow, I am so sorry!" she interrupted me, her tone now completely different and apologetic. "I'll move right now." She quickly got up and started putting all her lotions onto her towel.

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"No! No, you are ok, I didn't mean it like that. It's just.well, you've been here for two weeks and I don't think we've met yet. There aren't many other kids who live out here in the middle of nowhere, and I was wondering if you wanted a new friend." She looked at me unconvinced, but started to take her stuff off her towel and sat back down.

"Well, my names Debbie, it's nice to meet you George. What grade are you in?" she inquired. "Oh, I'm going into 12th this year, I'm 18 right now." I told her. If she really is 13, she's going to run off now, I thought to myself. "Wow! You're old!" she giggled. "Just kidding, I'm only 13, going into 7th grade.

I guess you don't want to be friends with a little middle school nerd though, huh?" Wow, she really was only 13. She had a body and face of a much older teenager, and she seemed to be more mature than I remember most 7th graders being. I noticed her face going flush with red.

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"Oh no, I wouldn't mind. I can help you find your way around this little town, maybe take you somewhere uptown later, if you want. Considering there's not much else to do, unless you want to party with the rednecks." She got up, and we walked around the border of my 4-acre farm, with me doing most of the talking, informing her of all the happenings of our little area. I thought that was odd, she just smiled and nodded at me every time I looked at her.

Most girls her age would have loved to ramble on about nothing the entire time, but this little Debbie seemed pleased with just listening to me. Eventually, I became conscious about all my talking, and asked her if she wanted to talk about herself.

Of course, I should have known this would spark a talking frenzy. She went on and on about every aspect of her life, and this time I just smiled and nodded at her. She was just looking at the sky most of the time, so I took the opportunity to get a good look-over of her body. Her breasts were so cute looking, little developing A-cups jiggling around in her bikini.

They had a nice bounce to them, especially went she let out a little giggle from her stories. I trailed slightly to take a look at her butt, and it looked unimaginably great.

It was tight and firm looking, practically bouncing out of her bikini bottom. It also had a nice jiggle as she stepped, and my mind just went bonkers with each one of her strides. I felt like I was foaming at the mouth now, struggling to keep the front of my shorts flat, and keeping the little smile on my face without oogling.

I was also starting to realize I was staring at what I always secretly desired, ever since I read the classic novel of the same name: I now had my own Lolita. She had the mature, dazzling, and hypnotizing mind of a nymphet, and possessed the body of a Goddess. Of course, whether or not I could capture her sexually would be revealed as time went on. Eventually, we reached the end of our walk, and she went back home, and I to my room. I immediately tried to rub one out, and was successful within two minutes.

The eye candy I had just taken a walk with worked me up so much I shot one of the biggest loads in recent memory, all over my carpet. There was no way I was going to let her escape me next time. ~~~~~~~~~ A few weeks passed, and finally by late July, the peak of summer had rolled in. Debbie spent almost everyday out by my shed, suntanning, and most of the days I went out and talked with her.

In the beginning, we just chitted and chatted, simple conversations to get to know each other better.

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After a week or so of mindless small talk, we moved into more personal conversations, and after a week of that, Debbie pounced a surprise one on me: had I ever had sex before? Embarrassingly, I admitted I was a virgin, and Debbie confessed she was one too, although that was no surprise. We then proceeded to have surface-level sexual talks, although I made much more conservative statements.

Since I was 18 and she was a minor, I really wanted to avoid getting too comfortable, and then her trying to report me for sexual harassment, or worse.

However, I felt a lot of trust with Debbie. After all, I was her only friend out here, why would she try and betray me so quickly? Eventually, I opened up more with her, and we talked about different things: how big was my dick, how much hair did I have down there, and did I shave, etc.

Silly things that I felt were safe enough to talk about. After a while of similar talks as this, Debbie pushed me again into dangerous waters: would I be interested in being the first to be with her, sexually?


Of course this was what my mind always desired, but at first I played like it was the craziest thing I'd ever heard. I informed Debbie of the many reasons, why I was so reluctant, but she just smiled and seemed to play them off as nothing.

"Noooo, I promise I won't tell anyone!" She promised with a giggle. I never fully convinced myself that she understood just how heavy of a situation that was, and how much trouble I could get into, but eventually I agreed to participate in sexual endeavors with her. We made plans one day, for her to sneak out that night, and climb into my bedroom.

And so, I prepared myself for the ultimate test of morals. ~~~~~~~~~ Around 1 am that night, just as planned, she tapped on my window.

I opened it up and helped her in, sweating not from the heat, but from my nerves. She sat down on my bed and started analyzing my room, which she had never entered before. I sat down next to her, and wrapped my arm around her. She kissed my cheek, and I pecked back. This was a first experience for both of us, and I wanted to make it a good one. I grabbed her and laid her down on my bed, and I cuddled up beside her.

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She whispered something I didn't understand, and them we both started undressing each other. After a few moments, we were wrapped around each others bodies, completely naked.

Her nipples were cute little rosebuds planted directly in the middle of her developing bosoms. I looked down at her vagina, and saw a little triangle of pubic hair, just as she had told me was there. Her tight pussy was snuggled up a few inches below that. I reached around and grabbed two handfuls of her warm, tight buttocks. Her ass felt as firm as I had imagined it to be, just a pleasant mound of anatomical triumph. She looked at me and smiled, then shimmied down my body until her face was level with my 6" cock, which was completely lateral by this point.

I never had experienced an erection this strong before. She gave me one more look of devilish joy, then began sucking on my enlarged member. I nearly screamed out in overwhelming pleasure, wrenching and cringing from the sensations. Her pouty lips glazed up and down my dick, her warm tongue gliding all over my boner.

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I could feel every prickle on her tongue rubbing my shaft and head, while she pumped her head up and down, up and down. My balls contracted, and I felt the first wave of pre-cum arriving at the tip of my dick. She paused out of surprise of this new liquid, then looked at me approvingly, followed by a long and sensuous "mmmmmm", as she licked it all up. After a few more minutes of her bobbing up and down on my cock, I could take it no longer.


I warned her I was about to cum a full load all in her mouth, but she didn't pay any attention. She actually sped up! Finally, my hot shot of cum exploded out of my member, all into her tiny mouth. She lifted her head up as some cum spilled down her cheeks and chin. Her eyes were filled with blazing lust, and she gulped down everything in her mouth, then proceeded to lick up everything left on my dick. She wrapper her body around mine, while I stared up at the ceiling in unbelievable pleasure.

After a few minutes of recovery, Debbie informed me she was ready for penetration. I grabbed the condom from my night stand, and she unwrapped it over my once again hard dick. I grabbed some lube, and she lathered it generously all over my cock, then flipped over on her back next to me. Her eyes just screamed "put it in me!" I mounted her, and put myself in position, then gently pushed myself inside of her. At first I only stuck my head in, then pulled out.

Then I went a little deeper, then out again. With each increase in depth I went, Debbie's face twisted up a little more from the pleasure.and the pain. Finally I went in as a deep a stroke I could go, then started swaying my hips back and forth, my cock diving in and out of her. The look of pain on her face subtly went away, and a look of euphoria son took over her entire expression.

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She grabbed my back, clawed it and scratched it, dug her face into my neck and shoulder, bit me all over, grabbed me all over, and just took it like a pro. I was still getting deeper and deeper with each stroke, and I was going pretty quick now. Debbie's eyes seem to roll back in her head, and I focused as much as I could on not stopping or cumming too quick. She was quietly moaning in my ear now, calling my name, telling me to fuck her harder, harder, harder. At last, I could hold it no more.

I plunged in as deep as I could, Debbie uttered a small shriek, I went completely stiff, and my dick just shot out one, two, three squirts of cum into the condom. I flopped down on top of her, both of us panting. I buried my face into her breasts and just tried to catch my breath.

She ran her fingers through my hair, and told me how incredible that was. And she was right. That really was incredible.