Young teen kilt gay porn Preston Andrews has some new info to share

Young teen kilt gay porn Preston Andrews has some new info to share
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A Surprising Twist Here is my story about a surprising twist between some close friends and I, and one that I found to be very erotic and one that has been somewhat life changing for us all. Some time ago, I met this hot looking gal through a co-worker of mine. He had told me some stories about her that seemed rather far-fetched, or so I thought. Anyway, a few years ago she came to our work to visit my co-worker, since she and he were friends. He took me aside and told me that this was the gal he had been telling me about.

I looked up to see this supposed wild woman he had been talking about all this time, and in doing so, my eyes met deep into her lustful stare; a stare that moved me to my very core.

We were casually introduced before they went outside, but as she was leaving, she looked back at me with dark seductive eyes, and I could not help but feel her undressing me with her thoughts as she walked out the door.

She was hot, and she dressed in such a way to make sure that everyone noticed just how hot she was. I was no exception, and noticed plenty !!! Her hair was long and dark, her eyes were the most seductive eyes I have ever gazed into, her body was very curvy, and her outfit that she was wearing complimented every one of those gorgeous curves she was sporting around.

Her legs were thick, and very nicely shaped. She had these tits that were just huge, and were nearly falling out of her top&hellip. Even though I am sure that was her intention, I could not help but fall victim to her game, and simply lusted over them.

I watched each of those curves of hers moving out the door as she left, and her lustful and seductive stare that she left me with, complimented her body as she walked away, and I knew that she had intentionally left me with several lingering thoughts of how hot she would be in bed. When my co-worker came back in, he indicated that she had expressed interest in me. He also told me that she was hosting as a Halloween Party, and that she had instructed him to tell me that I was invited to attend.

My interest in her was growing by the minute, but there was only one problem, she was married. My co-worker told me that her husband was not a problem, and that I should go to the party anyway. He told me that her parties were a bit on the wild side, and that she and her husband had a reputation for some wild sexual antics that occurred at these parties.

He also added that I could use a nice distraction for a while. I was going through a divorce at the time, and I decided that he was right… I could use the distraction.

I went to the party that night with my co-worker, where there were a handful of guests there already. This gal was nicely dressed in a very seductive costume, one that had complimented her seductive curves in fine fashion, while she was hosting all of her guests. As we walked in, she looked up and greeted us, and asked what we would like to drink. We casually responded to our choices, and then my co-worker started introducing me to everyone at the party. I met her husband, who made me feel somewhat uneasy, since I was lusting after his wife, and there was no doubt in my mind that his wife was wanting me as well.

She brought us our choice of drinks, and as she handed me mine, she gave me another one of her lustful stairs while she was standing right next to her husband, which made me feel even more uneasy. As the night went on, we all shared casual conversation as we drank our drinks, and then the moment came when this gal invited me into her bedroom. It was all innocent of course, being that she was just showing me something on her computer, and our conversation was light, which made me feel a little bit better about things.

It also helped that her husband was busy drinking with their guests, and he had not noticed, or rather, so I thought that he had not noticed the two of us walking off together. The background party noise was rather loud, so she got up and closed the door, and then she gave me that wild and seductive look again, which made me nervous all over again. All I could think about was this hot gal seducing me in her bedroom, while her husband was in the other room, and the only thing that I could think of was, what would happen if he walked in on us !!!

She came up to me and started seductively kissing me, and oh she was a very good kisser too !!! She started wrapping her nice thick legs up around mine as she pressed her nice soft big tits into my chest, while pushing her tongue down my throat !!! My cock was instantly rock hard, and there was no hiding either, since it was pressing hard up against her leg. I could tell that she immediately noticed, and let me know that she approved as she gave me her lustful grin, and as she firmly began groping my long hard cock, I was sure that she liked every long hard inch of it.

It did not take long before she had me on fire with lust as she moved all over my body with her tongue, making me forget all about her husband in the other room. She began tearing off my cloths, as she rubbed her hot pussy up and down my leg&hellip. I could feel the heat from her pussy penetrating through my pants, as well as her hot flowing juices that was soaking my leg from her pussy !!! There were no misunderstandings as to what she wanted, and I was going to give her every long hard inch of it too !!!

She was the wildest gal that I had ever encountered !!! Her hands were aggressively rubbing all over my body as she groaned with lust&hellip. And her tongue was all over my body as well !!! I about jumped out of my skin when her mouth found my long hard cock !!! She was almost worshiping it as she ravished it with her mouth !!! Her hands were groping my balls and ass, as well as my cock as her mouth moved up and down my long hard shaft&hellip.

I thought that I was going to explode right then and there !!! But this gal was good… Very good !!! And allowing me to cum was not an option&hellip. She threw me back on her bed with a force that took me by surprise !!! And she told me that I was going to fuck her good and hard !!! And I was going to do it right then and there !!!

She tore off her clothes as she stood there before me as I laid on her bed in complete amazement !!! I knew that this was going to be wilder than what I had ever thought possible, and it was coming fast !!! She firmly gripped my legs with her hands as she moved her huge tits up my body&hellip.

The lust in her eyes was like a piercing fire !!! And I knew that I was in for the fuck of my life… I was so turned on by her lustful, aggressive seductive approach, that I just reached up and grabbed her and threw her over on her back !!! And my only thoughts were that this gal is going to get fucked good and hard !!! My opinion of the female gender was somewhat jaded anyways, and the only thing that I could think of, was that this gal was going to get all of my pent up frustrations and disappointments from every past relationship that I had ever had in each and every long hard thrust that I gave her as I rammed my cock in and out of her dripping wet pussy !!!

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And oh there have been many heartaches that woman have given me, and this gal was going to feel every one of them ramming through her pussy !!! As I knelt over her, she looked into my eyes and could see that my intensions were clear, and this bitch was nearly taunting me !!! Egging me on, she was !!! Demanding that I start fucking her !!!

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I thought, the nerve of this woman !!! Her body was HOT !!! And my cock was hard !!! As I was hearing her taunting me, and demanding me to fuck her, I without hesitation or thought reached up and slapped her face and told her to shut the fuck up !!! I was surprised of my reaction !!! And she could see it all over my face too&hellip.

But as I said, this gal was not only good, but very good !!! She leaned up and grabbed my head as she pulled me down into her, while biting my lip on the way down&hellip. I could hear her telling me to fuck her good and hard as she was nearly moaning with desire!!! I felt her other hand grabbing my long hard cock and guiding me into her pussy as she bucked upwards to greet the head of my cock&hellip.

I did not have time to think&hellip. Lust had taken over, and I followed her lead&hellip. I rammed every long hard inch of my cock as hard as I could into her hot dripping wet pussy !!!

I heard my balls slapping off of her ass as I buried every inch of my cock into the depths of her pussy&hellip.

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She let out a scream of pleasure !!! So I did it again !!! This time ramming her head into the headboard&hellip. And again hearing my balls slapping into her ass !!! She let out another scream of pleasure !!! But this time with her taunting words&hellip.

"fuck me harder !!!" She was nearly demanding it !!! I obliged her desire, and rammed my cock into her pussy with even more force than before !!! And with my great pleasure and satisfaction, I watched her head slamming into that headboard yet once again, but this time with even greater force than before !!!

I could feel my balls slamming into her ass, but the slap was buried in the noise of her head slamming into her headboard&hellip. "HARDER !!!" she demanded !!! "FUCKING HARDER !!!" she screamed !!! So I slammed my cock into her pussy even harder yet !!! And this time I could see that I was planting her head nearly through her headboard&hellip. Again she greeted my efforts wit the same attitude… "HARDER !!!" she demanded !!! "FUCKING HARDER !!!" she screamed even loader !!!

This time I grabbed her by the throat, and rammed my cock so fucking hard into her pussy, that I thought that my cock was going to break !!!


"How is that you fucking bitch…? !!!" I screamed !!! And then I rammed her pussy yet again before she had a chance to say anything !!! As I rammed her pussy with my long hard cock, I squeezed her throat even harder, and I ended up slamming her head into her headboard even harder than before&hellip.

So hard that the headboard slammed into the wall, and knocked some of her pictures on the floor !!! While she was looking up into my eyes with pleasure, and grinning with satisfaction, she bucked her pussy up into my cock… Indicating that she wanted more !!! I was so turned on by her display of passion, that I rammed her pussy even harder than before, and did it again and again !!!

I was fucking her so hard that her tits were slapping her in the face… I was liking this !!! I had never fucked a chick this hard before, and I had never even thought about treating one this way either, but I was so turned on by the way she like it, that I kept on fucking her with everything that I had !!! As I was catching my breath, I fell to her chest in exhaustion, which gave this chick a moment of control, and she quickly wrapped her legs around my waist and began to pull my cock deeper into her pussy as she began to whisper into my ear&hellip.

As I felt her legs firmly gripping around my waist, and pulling my cock deeper into her pussy, I felt something else behind me… it startled me, and she knew it. But she knew what it was… And whispered into my ear… "Fuck me harder baby&hellip. Fuck me harder&hellip." Her tongue was quickly in my ear, as she continued whispering&hellip.

"Come on, Fuck me harder baby&hellip. Fuck me harder&hellip." Her hips began to buck upwards into my cock… She was not going to wait any longer for me to catch my breath, nor was she going to let me worry about what it was that I felt behind me either !!! I started fucking her once again&hellip. A bit slower at first, since I was trying to catch my breath, but slower was not what she wanted&hellip. Her lustful eyes, and her bucking pussy indicated that she wanted me to fuck her hard and fast !!!

My pace quickened… And my thrusts became more and more forceful&hellip. I could hear my balls slapping off of her ass again… And she greeted the sensations of my balls slapping her ass with a pleasurable response, as she moaned in gratitude&hellip. Her huge tits were moving up into her chin with every new thrust&hellip. It felt so good to feel her pussy gripping tightly around my cock as I fucked her&hellip. I was falling in love with her more and more with each and every new thrust I gave her… This woman was out of this world !!!

A few minutes later I could see her looking at something behind me… Her face lit up with a grin&hellip. And then quickly looked back into my eyes with her lustful seductive look&hellip. Her eyes were almost intoxicating me with lust, desire, and passion… As she licked her lips, she moaned with pleasure&hellip. "Fuck me baby, fuck me&hellip." She was so fucking HOT !!! And this chick was the best piece of ass that I had ever had !!!

Her body looked and felt so good !!! And her pussy felt even better&hellip. I was exhausted, but I kept fucking her with everything that I had… I forced my cock deeper and deeper into her pussy&hellip.

I was Fucking her as hard as I could !!! I could see that she loved it !!! I made her cum over and over again !!! And each time I made her cum, she screamed with pleasure&hellip. I loved fucking her !!! My mind was so focused on enjoying fucking this hot and wild stranger, that I had forgot where I was, or who else was even there&hellip.

But soon I realized where I was, and who else was there&hellip. I was startled by the sensations of a hand running down my ass&hellip. It soon was rubbing and holding my balls… gently squeezing them… And then I felt this hand wrapping around the shaft of my cock as I was fucking this awesome pussy !!! My mind went into shock !!! What the fuck was going on !!!!

But this hot and wild stranger leaned up into my ear and gently pulled my head down into her tits, as she whispered&hellip. "just keep fucking me baby, just keep fucking me&hellip." She held my head so that I could not turn around to see who was behind me, and I was not able to pull away, because I was being pulled into her pussy by her thick and beautifully strong legs&hellip.

She was on fire with lust, and I knew it !!! And I could only think of pleasing her… So I kept on fucking her hot dripping wet pussy !!!

The hand kept on stroking my long hard cock with each and every new thrust&hellip. She whispered again&hellip. "relax&hellip.and enjoy it…" and then she asked&hellip. "does it feel good baby&hellip.?" I responded the only way I knew how&hellip. "oh yes&hellip. it feels so good&hellip." I groaned with pleasure&hellip. as I repeated myself&hellip. "oh yes&hellip. it feels so, so good&hellip." It was feeling so good that I was about to cum !!!


Explode in fact !!! And then I felt that something was hard pressing up against my ass… The hand was still stroking my pussy soaked cock, so my mind began to question&hellip. "What the fuck…? !!!" She could see my expression of confusion, and she was quick to whisper into my ear&hellip. "relax baby&hellip.and just enjoy it…" and then she moaned&hellip.

"come on baby, keep fucking me…" "your long hard cock feels so good inside me&hellip." "fuck me baby, fuck me…" "fuck me deeper…" "deeper&hellip." "relax baby&hellip." "relax&hellip." "fuck me deeper…" "come on baby, keep fucking me…" She squeezed her legs tighter around my waist&hellip.

And she started gripping my cock with her pussy&hellip. Gripping it and then letting go for a moment before she started gripping my cock again… It felt as though she was milking my cock with her pussy !!! Oh she felt so fucking good !!! And then she whispered again… "come on baby, keep fucking me…" So I did&hellip. I loved fucking this hot and wild stranger !!! And at this point, I started to relax&hellip.

What ever was going on behind me, was turning her on more and more, the longer it went on, and the more turned on she got, the hotter I got, and the more relaxed I became&hellip. I was enjoying the sensations of feeling my cock being stroked as I fucked this chick&hellip. And it felt so good having my ass rubbed as I fucked her too !!! Soon I found myself loving these sensations&hellip. And was groaning with pleasure as I fucked this hot and wild strangers pussy !!!

Then I felt it again… I had two hands on me&hellip. One on my hard cock, and the other on my ass&hellip. But… There was something else&hellip.

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It was hard… It was hot !!! And it was wet !!! And then I felt it sliding up the crack of my ass !!!! I then heard the groaning of a man behind me !!! And he said&hellip. "relax&hellip." As he started to dry hump his hard cock up against my ass&hellip.

And as I said before, this gal is not only good, but VERY good !!! And she wasted no time getting me to relax&hellip. She was so turned on with what was going on, that it was easy getting caught up in the heat of the moment !!!

Then I heard her groan with pleasure as she said&hellip. "Does my husbands hard cock feel good rubbing up against your ass baby&hellip.?" And then with a lust in ones eyes that I have never seen before, she said… "I want to watch him fuck you while you are fucking me&hellip." I could feel her husband's hard cock pulsating big time up against my ass, as he pressed it against me&hellip.

I knew that he was turned on, and so was she !!! He then said again&hellip. "relax&hellip." And then he asked&hellip.

"how do you like fucking my wife…?" and before he allowed me any time to respond, he said&hellip. "Do you like fucking her as much as have enjoyed watching you fuck her…?" and still not giving me time to respond, he said&hellip.

"I hope you have enjoyed fucking my wife as much as I am going to enjoy fucking you&hellip.!!!" And then she spoke up with a loud and lustful cry of passion&hellip. "Fuck him baby, fuck him good and hard !!!" "I want to feel you pushing his long hard cock deep into my pussy !!!" "and I want to feel you cumming deep into his ass, as you make him cum deep into my pussy !!!" She gripped her legs tightly around my waist, and grabbed my hair as she pulled my head into her huge tits as whispered into my ear with a lustful moan of pleasure&hellip.

"come on baby, keep fucking me…" "your long hard cock feels so good inside me&hellip." "fuck me baby, fuck me…" "fuck me deeper…" "deeper&hellip." "relax baby&hellip." "relax&hellip." "fuck me deeper…" "come on baby, keep fucking me…" "and let my husband fuck your ass good and hard for me, while you are fucking me !!!" And then I felt the head of his hard cock pressing up against my ass&hellip.

The head of his cock was wet with pre cum&hellip. He was gliding the head of his cock around my ass whole&hellip. I knew he was lubricating me up, so that he could begin fucking me&hellip. I felt his hand begin stroking my pussy soaked cock again&hellip. And he said… "my wife's cum feels good all over your cock !!!" "and I am going to enjoy having you all over mine !!!" the hot and wild strange woman groaned out with a lustful call to her husband… "Fuck him baby, fuck him good and hard !!!" "I want to feel you pushing his long hard cock deep into my pussy !!!" and without pause, she cried into my ear as she said&hellip.

"fuck me baby, fuck me !!! " My mind was in overload !!! This was the hottest piece of ass that I had ever had, and now I have her husband mounted up behind me, ready to say the same about me !!! His cock felt good up against my ass !!!

And I loved him stroking my cock while I was fucking his wife !!! I then leaned back into the head of his cock, and pushed into him… Inviting him to fuck me&hellip.

I could feel his wife bucking up against my cock, trying to fuck me on one end, while her husband was getting ready to fuck me on the other&hellip.

I then felt one of his hands gripping my ass, while I felt the other hand guiding his cock down into my ass&hellip. I felt the head of his hard cock pressing down through the skin of my ass whole, and entering my body&hellip. I could hear him groaning with pleasure… And hearing his wife returning the call of lust and passion to match her husbands as he pushed his cock into my ass !!! These were sensations that were new&hellip.

It hurt… Yet… I wanted more of him !!! I wanted his cock deeper !!! And deeper !!! I began pushing my long hard cock in and out this hot and wild strange pussy&hellip. Loving the feelings and sensations of her pussy milking my cock, while feeling her husbands hard cock pressing deeper and deeper into my ass !!! His groans grew loader and loader, as did hers !!!

Then he said… "how does it feel…?" "does my cock feel good in your ass…?" "Does my cock feel as good as my wife…?" and as my eyes rolled back in my head with pleasure&hellip. I responded by saying&hellip. "Your cock feels so good…" "fuck me deeper&hellip." "fuck me harder !!!" "I want to feel you cumming deep into my ass, while I am pumping your wife full of mine !!!

and then&hellip. I felt his thrusts getting harder and harder !!! It felt so fucking good !!! I too started fucking his wife harder and harder as well !!! We were all groaning with pleasure as we fucked each other&hellip. And then&hellip. It all happened&hellip.

I could feel his hands gripping my ass, as he rammed every long hard inch of his cock as deep into my ass as he could, with as much force as he could muster !!! And with a loud groan of pleasure, I could feel the heat from his cum as he pumped my ass full of his very last drop !!!

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It felt so fucking good, feeling his hard cock cumming deep in my ass, while feeling his body ramming my cock deep into his wife's hot dripping wet pussy, while feeling her cumming all over me as well, that I cum so fucking hard that I nearly passed out because it felt so fucking good !!! Now&hellip. Today we are best friends, living together&hellip.

and I so love fucking his hot looking wife while I enjoy his fine hard cock as he is fucking me !!! Don't get me wrong&hellip. I don't consider myself gay or anything. I am by no means attracted to guys, never really have been, and never before this night had ever touched another man in a sexual way, but&hellip. There is something about what the three of us have, that has changed us all, and oh it feels so fucking good too !!! From that moment on, my life has never been the same since&hellip.

Wow, what a surprising twist !!!