Young teens fingering on cam dutch football player romped by photographer

Young teens fingering on cam dutch football player romped by photographer
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I have been married to April for over twelve years and our sex life has been like a roller coaster. Sometimes it's really hot, and other times I swear my wife is an ice queen. We have talked about having a threesome a few times but she just couldn't do it. I pressed the issue because I really wanted to fuck a different pussy with her blessing, but she said she wouldn't feel right about it.

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I think I pressed it too much because she challenged my arguments for doing it by saying that I was too jealous to ever let her fuck another man so she shouldn't let me fuck another woman. I hate being backed into a corner, and I told her that it wouldn't bother me, and that I'd even like to watch. Before I knew it we were actually contemplating the scenario!

In my wildest dreams I couldn't imagine April going through with it but she seemed genuinely turned on by the idea as we talked about the possibilities. We considered choosing one of our friends, but when I suggested the Internet things really heated up.

We went online, found Adult Friend Finder and had a date set up within an hour. We made it for the following day, and with a good-looking college guy named Steve.

"You can't be serious." The tone of her voice sounded a little desperate. I said I was and that if she fucked this guy she would have to agree to let me do the same to another woman. My cock got rock hard when she gave me an evil smile and said she would do it but that I was going to be sorry. The next day as she got ready she kept asking me again and again if I was OK with all of this and I reassured her I would always love her no matter what- and that I wanted her to do it.

The plan was to bring him back to our house and fuck him in our bedroom where I would be hiding in the closet. We had sliding doors and I removed a bunch of clothes and put a bar stool inside so I could sit up high and get a good view while remaining quite hidden and quiet.


She kissed me goodbye and told me to remember that this was all my idea. I had a hard time concentrating on anything while she was gone. I was trying to imagine what they were saying at dinner, and what was going to happen.

When I heard her car pull up I ran up the stairs as fast as I could and got into position. I heard her put her key in the front door, and I heard her talking to a man with a low voice. I was actually shaking I was so filled with anticipation when they starting coming up the stairs. Steve turned out to be very good looking. He hadn't lied at all.

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He was fifteen years younger than me and it was obvious that he couldn't wait to get in my wife's pants. Through the crack in the closet I watched them embrace and April helped him out of his shirt as he sat down on the bed. He then leaned on his elbows and instead of pulling his pants off she started a mini strip show for him (and me). She got right into it and even bent over and spread her pussy lips apart with her fingers to give him a perfect view of her snatch. He stripped down while he watched the show and when she got into the bed he was completely naked.

She went for his cock right away and wrapped her hand around the shaft while lowering her head to lick the length of it up and down a few times before engulfing almost the whole thing into her mouth.

From what I could tell his cock was longer than mine, but it looked thinner. Steve was obviously enjoying the blowjob and he starting praising her talents.

April swung her ass around to his face to put them in a 69 position. It was at that moment the phone beside the bed started ringing and the sudden noise made me jump.

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I nearly blew my cover. They didn't notice though and she stopped sucking his cock to answer it- but she didn't get off of his face. It was one of her friends and she started having a conversation while getting her pussy licked.

After about ten minutes of talking she was obviously very distracted by Steve's tongue and I heard her say she had to go because something was burning on the stove. About twenty seconds after putting the receiver down she came. Steve then helped her to get on all fours and he got in position to mount her from behind. I was fascinated as I watched my wife arch her back and prepare to be fucked by another man. She looked in my direction and our eyes locked as he put a condom on and entered her.

After a couple of slow deliberate strokes he increased the tempo until he was frantically pumping away and making slapping sounds as his hips smacked her ass.

I lost eye contact with her as she rocked back and forth with every thrust. He pulled out before he came and rolled on his back, pulling April on top of him in a swift motion. As she lined up his cock to put it in her pussy he started playing with her ass. I can't say I blame him, April has a really nice ass and he massaged her cheeks and inserted a finger into her anus as she bounced up and down on his tool.

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I waited for her to protest and I was shocked when she stopped and asked him if he wanted to fuck her in the ass. April doesn't do greek- at least not with me.

My cock was so hard it was hurting as I watched my wife get our lubricant from the drawer and once again get on all fours for him. Nothing could have kept me from watching this total stranger probe her puckered anus with a finger covered in lubricant and I think it's the hottest thing I've ever seen. As he started stroking it a bit, it was obvious she was quite uncomfortable by the look on her face, but she didn't tell him to stop.

She only resisted when he tried to get two fingers in and told him that one was enough and she was ready for his cock. When he moved behind her we locked eyes again before he entered her ass.

She had a slight smile on her face and when the head of his cock penetrated her sphincter she closed them and let out a little yelp.

He stopped for a fraction of a second, then eased the rest of his cock into her tight ass and held it there for a few seconds before pulling it back.

We had not discussed that she was going to do anything anal. I felt really snubbed as he sawed through her nether regions a little faster and she started moaning that she loved the feel of his cock in her ass and that he was a much better lover than her husband.

There was even a moment when I had to force myself to look as close as I could at her to make sure it was really my wife. It just wasn't like April to be saying and doing the things she was doing.

She started encouraging him to fuck her ass harder and told him that when he was going to come to pull it out because she wanted it on her face. He did as he was told, and he lasted about ten strokes after her supreme display of wanton lust before yanking his condom off and firing cum shots all over her face as she turned towards him. The first one got her on the chin, and she seemed a little startled and closed her eyes.

The rest completely covered her face; he got it all over her cheeks and on her slightly parted lips. She wiped it off on our sheets while she reached out and started stroking his cock with her hands. It didn't end there though. She started giving him head again and soon they were fucking harder than ever.


This time it was with her legs pinned over her head and she made loud grunting noises as his cock moved like a piston straight up and down into her pussy.

When he came the second time he pulled out and covered her tits with his seed. She smeared it over her breasts and licked her fingers while telling him it was the best fuck of her life. I was jealous, and I was mad. Not only did she beg this guy to fuck her in the ass (she hasn't let me do that in ten years), she let him come on her face and told him he was the best lover she's ever had- all with full knowledge that I was able to see and hear everything.

It was weird. After he left I came out of my hiding place and I tried having sex with her. She brushed me off and said she was too sore. She was upset about something. She showered and went to bed right away, saying she didn't want to talk to me.

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When I tried to seduce her once more she reminded me that she had told me I would be sorry I got her to do this, and that was all she would say. I was very confused, but still very horny and I masturbated almost the entire night on the couch. In the morning everything seemed back to normal, including my wife's resistance to a threesome with me, deal or no deal. She said that when she had sex with Steve she felt like a whore, and that she behaved like one to try to make me regret talking her into it (is it me or does that not make any sense?).

I fought with her for quite a while and we even separated for a month, but we've made up since then. I don't know, I can sort of understand not doing the threesome thing, but it really bothers me that she still hasn't let me fuck her in the ass.