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The Pendant Chapter 1 Dan Saunders had always wanted to be an archaeologist since he was a young boy. Now at age 40 he was a professor at the local university and gave lectures on archaeology, and sometimes organised field trips for the students.

Today he was excavating in an area near an ancient abbey in the north of England. He had already uncovered roman treasures including coins and pottery. He was sweeping across the ground with his metal detector when is beeped loudly.

He pinpointed the exact spot under the detector and took out his small trowel and began to carefully dig.

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He soon saw what appeared to be a gold chain, and as he dug further he discovered that it was attached to some kind of pendant. He completely removed it from the ground and put it inside a plastic bag and labelled it.

Just then his phone rang. It was his wife Sarah asking him what time he would be home for dinner. He replied that he would be home within the hour. He put the pendant in his pocket and walked towards his car. As he drove home he wondered what the strange item of jewellery was.

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He would soon find out perhaps after he cleaned it up and could look at it closely. He arrived home to find his wife Sarah in the kitchen cooking dinner. "Hi darling", he said. "Oh hi dear. Did you find anything interesting today". "No, not really, just some coins and pottery".

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He didn't want to mention the pendant just yet. Sarah was an average height brunette who still had a great figure for her 35 years. She was wearing a tight fitting t-shirt which made her still firm breasts stick out. The light blue shorts she wore clung to her round firm ass and made her tanned legs look beautiful, long and slender.

He always liked looking at his wife when she dressed like that and he made his cock stir just watching her.

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He made his way to the living room where he found his beautiful 10 year old daughter Louise lying on the floor watching TV. "Hi baby, how is my favourite girl"? "Daddy, Daddy"!

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She jumped up from the floor and threw her arms around her father and hugged him tight. They shared a close bond and seeing as she was an only child, she was spoilt something rotten. She was wearing a pair of white shorts and a small tank top, both of which accentuated her firm young body. He squeezed her gently by holding her hips close to him.

She smelled very clean and knew she would have showered on her return home from school. Sarah then called out that dinner was ready and Dan and Louise went to the kitchen for dinner.

After dinner Dan excused himself and said he was going to his study to look and the coins and pottery which he had found. He entered his study and took out the pendant from the plastic bag. He looked at it under a magnifying glass but could not see clearly any markings on it. He placed it in a bowl of cleaning fluid along with the coins and returned to join his wife and daughter downstairs. They were both laying on the floor gently swinging their legs to and fro. Dan thought they could have been sisters if he didn't know better.

"Anything good on TV tonight", he asked. "We will watch our soaps and then there are a couple of movies on later. Failing that we could always watch a DVD" replied Sarah. "What is it with you girls and soaps"? he asked. "Daddy don't start that again, you always say it when we want to watch our soaps" said Louise. Dan resigned to watching what the girls wanted - for now, and sat down on the sofa behind his wife and daughter. Louise got up and asked her father is she could sit with him for a while.

He said she could and she snuggled up closely to her father and continued to watch TV.

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She was lying down with her head on his thigh and facing the TV. He stroked her arm gently and she let out a faint sigh.

The soaps over and a movie finished, Sarah told Louise it was time for bed. Louise got up and said goodnight to her father and kissed him gently on the lips.

He said goodnight and watched as his wife and daughter go upstairs. He decided to go to his study to see what the cleaning solution had revealed about the pendant. To his surprise he could see that there was an engraving on it.


He placed it under the magnifying glass and could clearly see the engraving was of a man and woman clearly in the act of having sex. He turned it over and could see some words but could not decipher any of them. It was a language he had never seen before. He decided to show the pendant to his wife.

He made his way to the bedroom, passing the bathroom on the way, which was slightly ajar. He stopped and could see Sarah in the shower. "Wow, what a body" he thought. He went to the bedroom and hung the pendant on the handle of the wardrobe. He undressed and sat on the bed watching TV. He would use the shower after Sarah had finished.


She walked into the bedroom completely naked and Dan was surprised at this but didn't complain. She kept her brown pussy hair finely trimmed and Dan would not have it any other way. Just then he noticed that the pendant began to swing from side to side as his wife dried herself in front of the wardrobe mirror. She moved away and the pendant stopped. He thought nothing of it and went to take his shower. He then decided to have a shave and while he was doing this he heard faint moaning coming from the bedroom.

He finished shaving and went back to join Sarah. He was totally stunned at what he saw. Sarah was on her back and was feverishly masturbating, shoving her fingers in and out of her wet pussy. "OH MY GOD WHAT'S HAPPENING TO ME"! Dan looked at the pendant and it was swinging wildly over the door handle.


Dan joined his wife of the bed and asked her what had happened. "FUCKED IF&hellip. I'M COMING, I'M COMING"!

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She took her fingers from her pussy and a gush of her cum sprayed all over the bed, some hitting Dan in the face. "Oh Jesus, what the fuck just happened"? she asked. I don't know I was in the bathroom" said Dan. "I went to the wardrobe to get my nightie and suddenly felt horny as hell and I couldn't wait to orgasm.

I just felt this sudden urge to masturbate". Dan glanced at the pendant. It was moving very slowly now and he noticed that it had stopped and suspected this strange object had something to do with his wife. Sarah got up and said she needed a shower again and went to the bathroom. Dan looked at it and it was completely still. He approached the wardrobe but still it remained motionless.

He then thought that the pendant would only move in the presence of a female. He decided to wait until his wife came back and see what happened. Sarah entered the bedroom and the pendant began to move again.

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That's it, Dan thought. He went to the wardrobe and removed the pendant, opened the door and placed it on the top shelf. He hoped his wife had not seen it. He got into bed and Dan noticed his wife had already drifted off to sleep.