Teen ladyboy Cara anal fucking in bed

Teen ladyboy Cara anal fucking in bed
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I had a paper route in a amall town while growing up. There were two papers delivered in the community and one day I got a call from a potential new client.

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It seems they wanted to change papers and wanted me to begin delivering to them. The first time I went to collect, the lady asked it it was possible for me to collect on Saturday morning instead of Friday after school as I did my other customers. I told her that as long as I could get to the bank to make my deposit before noon, it would be OK with me.

It meant that I would not be able to go hunting on Saturdays with my dad but that would not be a problem since I was planning on quitting the paper route when I got my drivers license in a few months. The first Saturday that I went to collect, I was pleasantly surprised by the way the lady was dressed when she answered the door. She was in her bathrobe and I had a great view of the top of her breasts.

In those days that was a bit unusual and I really liked what I saw. I could almost see her nipples and that made it hard for me to concentrate on getting the ticket off of the pad and hand it to her.

When she reached for her purse, which was on the floor beside the kitchen table, I got even a better view of her lovely breasts and actually saw my first nipple. Needless to say, I was really excited and when I left I ducked into their garage and pulled out my throbbing hard on.

I had only jerked it a few seconds before erupting all over the garage floor and some even flew onto the top of clothes in a basket beside the washing machine. This lady had been the object of many of my recent jerk off sessions ever since I discovered that she and the neighborhood mechanic had a liaison. I didn't have any proof. However, I had seen her enter his garage and then found the doors locked.

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(This was the same mechanic who a couple years earlier had let me look at his little porno comic books and tricked me into jerking him off as he pretended to be sleeping.) She was raised on a farm and had all the right curves in the right places. She was in her late thirties at the time and her and her hubby had no children.

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She had a riding horse and a big dog. The next Saturday when I collected I was treated to even more of her lovely breasts. The top of her robe was open enough that I could see the tops of nipples even before she reached down for her purse.

I could see her navel and a line of dark curly hair beneath it.

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Needless to sayI once again ducked into the garage and released my sperm. This time, all shot onto the top of the dirty clothes in the basket beside the washing machine. when I looked at the clothes I had ejaculated on, I noticed a pair of ladies underpants on top.

I had never had the opportunity to smell a ladies pussy at that time and was curious. I was some what taken back by the rather pungent smell. The first thing it brought to mind was the strange aroma that my Mothers' fingers had at times.( I now realize that my Mother must have been into masturbating with her fingers at times).

At any rate, the aroma along with the few hairs in the damp crotch of those underpants had the effect of keeping me hard and excited and I started once again jerking off. It took a bit linger but the result was another strong eruption that shot clear across the clothes basket onto the side of the washing machine.

This was an old twin tub washing machine (before automatic washers were popular). I took a towel from the basket and wiped my sperm off the washer and tucked the towel and underpants back into the basket and took off for the bank to make my deposit. The next Saturday when I got there she had on a very thin light garment that was almost transparent. The first thing she did was to ask me to come over to the sink because she wanted to show me something.

I was excited because I could plainly see her erect nipples poking out. I could also see the dark patch of pubic hair at her crotch. At this time I was so excited that I nearly came in my Jockeys. However, when I got to the sink I saw that there was a window there that looked into the attached garage where the washing machine was plainly visible.

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This shocked me so that my excitement was overcome by shame. I was no longer excited but afraid that she would tell some one what I had done the previous two Saturday mornings in their garage. The window was located in such a manner that it was almost impossible to see it from the garage. However, if you looked and had all of your faculties working properly (not an excited horny young teenager) you could see it. It was the result of the way the attached garage had been added to the older home.

When I ducked into the garage, I had no idea that it was even connected to the house. And the only view into the gatage was from a field across the street. I assumed I had complete privacy except for the few cows in the pasture across the street. The lady then handed me the towel that I had used to clean my sperm off the side of the washing machine and asked me if I remembered it. I nodded.


Then she put it to her mouth and said "the next time I want it direct instead of second hand if it is ok with you". This rather shook me up.

Then she handed me the underpants I had sniffed the week before and said "if you want more personal pleasures just follow me" and took my hand in hers and led me to the living room. By this time I was no longer scared and began to feel my arousal coming back. I also noticed her very sexy perfume. When we got into the living room she reached down and started caressing my growing member.

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As she did she took my hand and placed it on her right breast and asked me if I liked how it felt. I asked her if she meant her nipple or her hand on my cock. She said "take your pick". I told her they both felt awesome. Then she pulled her right breast over the top of her gown and pulled my head to her hard nipple. I began to lick and suck it and was in teenage heaven.

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I had never had anything to wonderful in my mouth since being weaned from my Mothers' lovely breasts. She held my head in her hands and pulled me closer. I was on the verge of coming in my jockeys and she was aware of it. She had stopped caressing me through my jeans when she pulled my head closer to her breast. She then unbuckled my belt, unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans and pulled them down to my cowboy boots. Then she got on her knees and pulled my jockeys down. When my cock sprang forward whe took it in her hand and pulled my foreskin back and began licking my very sensitive cock head.

She said that she wanted if direct this time and wanted it now. She just barely got my cock in her mouth and I lost everything in my balls into her hot mouth. She swallowed as fast as I shot it into her mouth.


She kept licking and sucking until I could not stand it any more because of the sensitivity. She thanked me for what I had given her and said it was now my turn.

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She had me sit on an ottoman and walked up to me with her pussy in front of my face. I had really not acquired a taste for pussy yet at that time but my excitement took over and I began to explore her hairy nether region with my tongue. I was surprised that there was no entrance at the top as I had been led to believe.


She evidently recognized my naivety and started to give me instructions. She told me when I was doing it right and when I was off base. She guided my head and spread her legs and used her fingers to spread her outer lips to give me better access. She helped me identify her clit and asked me to gently suck on it. She then laid me down on the sofa and got on top of me with her pussy above my face.

By this time my sensitivity was gone and she began to lick and kiss my cock and balls again. I was looking up at her hairy pussy and although the aroma and sight were foreign to me I soon had the desire to explore again. She once again gave me instructions between licks to my cock. I think the aroma actually became more intense and more intoxicating as I was exploring with my fingers, lips, tongue and nose.

Soon I was feasting on the most wonderful scents and textures that I had ever feasted on. Soon her legs began to tremble and her whole body began to shake and she began to moan around my cock. As she continued to shake and moan I felt her finger pressing against my pucker. Just the pressure triggered my groin to ejaculate once again into her hot sucking moaning mouth.

When she calmed down and I did as well she asked me if I had any more time. I looked at the clock and said I had to go in order to be at the bank before it closed. She suggested I wash up a bit but I didn't have time.She helped me get dressed and I just barely made it to the bank before they closed.

When I was making my deposit, the clerk kept looking at me in a very strange way and smiling with a strange look on her face. Looking back, I think I had the ladies aroma well coating my face.

We had a wonderful two months before I quit my paper route. She taught me so many wonderful ways to please one another. I think her hubby knew we were meeting. I think they wanted her to get PG but that never happened. All of the above people are gone now. Therefore I can tell what happened without hurting anyone. If you would like to read more of what we did those two months please leave a comment. .