Teen Lisey moans while being licked and banged hardcore

Teen Lisey moans while being licked and banged hardcore
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**This is the first story I've written… I have more in my head if it is enjoyed** Chapter 1 The young girl sat nervously in the office chair. Her long, brown hair falling down past her shoulders as she crosses and uncrosses her legs nervously while she waits for her name to be called. Her hands fumble with a magazine as she tries to calm her nerves.


This was not the first visit the nineteen year old had made to this doctor. But after each visit, she realized that she was more and more attracted to Dr.

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Connolly. He looked so distinguished in his crisp, white lab coat. She could feel her nipples start to harden slightly under her white lace bra as she thought about the good doctor. He looked to be in his 50's with white just beginning to show at the temples. His arms, thick with muscles, were clearly visible under his lab coat. She had always had a thing for older men. She, at nineteen, had dated quite a few men older than her.

She loved their strength and loved the way they looked at her, with such hunger. It was usually easy for her to meet men. She looked quite young for her age, and could easily pass for fourteen or fifteen.

Her big, round, green eyes, full lips and easy smile didn't hurt either.

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She loved how the men looked her, especially when they thought she was younger. Just like the last man she dated. Frank liked her to play fantasy games with him. She dressed up and did whatever he asked of her. She still had the costumes and panties that he bought for her.


The cheerleader outfit, the catholic schoolgirl uniform, many lacy panties and thongs, all stuffed under her bed. Frank introduced her to many new and exciting things sexually. Her already hard nipples tightened further as she thought about him. He introduced her to pain and brought out her submissive side. He would make her dress up for him, and then parade her around with no panties.

He liked to pretend that he was her daddy, which she also loved. Her lace covered pussy throbbed as she thought about the ways that he hurt her. Pinching her nipples, spanking her bottom, clamps… she was such a willing student. She loved making him happy and doing what he said made her pussy so very wet. She shook her head, clearing her thoughts. Unfortunately, Frank was transferred last month and he was no longer in the area. She did miss him, actually, the doctor kind of reminded her of Frank.

Finally, she heard the nurse call her name. "Alice…" then followed her back into the exam room.

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The nurse smiled at her as she asked Alice about her visit. She quickly took her blood pressure and vitals as she explained the need for a visit. "I have to get a physical because I am looking for a new job. I just finished my medical assistant certificate.

They told us at school it was important to have all of our medical information current before interviewing, so that's why I'm here". Alice looked down, blushing. She was also here because she thought the doctor was incredibly hot and had dreams about him fucking her on the table, but the nurse didn't need to know all of that.


The nurse reached under the cabinet and pulled out a thin gown. "You need to undress down to your bra and panties then wait for the doctor. He will be with you momentarily." Alice thanked her, and then waited as she closed the door behind her.

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She was alone in the room. She jumped down off the table and slid off her tennis shoes. Her feet were cold in just her thin white ankle socks. She slowly unbuttoned her jeans and slid them down her small hips. Her long legs were smooth and silky against the rough denim.

She bent over and pulled the leg of the jeans down past her feet. She heard a knock at the door and spun around as the door opened. She stood there, in her white t-shirt and panties. Her white lace bra and matching boy shorts were clearly visible under the thin fabric.

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"Ooh I'm sorry!" she spoke quickly as she pulled her jeans against her skin, trying to hide from the doctor's gaze. He smiled down at her.

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"It's all right, Alice, go ahead and finish and I'll start getting your information ready." She stood there, clutching her jeans to her naked legs, trying to hide from him. He sat on the stool in front of her and smiled at her as he shuffled papers on her chart.

"Now, Alice, be a good girl and put on the gown." His abrupt tone shocked her shaky legs back into working order. Her mind flashed back to Frank standing over her, "be a good girl, Alice, suck daddy's cock, baby." Her nipples were rock hard against her lace bra, rigid mounds clearly visible under her slight white tee shirt.

Her white lace panties clung to her slight curves as she bent and dropped the jeans to the floor. "Good girl, Alice. Now take off your shirt." He never looked up, just gave her instruction. She pulled the tee up over her head, mussing her long brown hair. "Tie the gown with the opening in the front, Alice".

Her shaking fingers fumbled as she tied the filmy gown around her neck, and then slid back and onto the exam table. "I'm ready doctor," her voice shaking slightly, still shy but more embarrassed that his few words had such an effect on her and made her so incredibly horny. Her breath came quick and fast…she was beyond ready for her exam.